15 Pic Fails Of Dads Dressing Their Daughters

For our purposes here, let’s all assume that these well-meaning fathers had the best interests of their daughters at heart. That being said, what in the world is going on here?? Yes, we all understand that little girls are not always the most cooperative when it comes to getting dressed, but these examples have a tendency to shine the crazy spotlight on the daddies.

The idea of a father taking the time to choose an outfit for his little girl is truly heartwarming, in practice however, they may still have a long way to go in helping to create the world’s next fashionista. Trends and name brand labels to the side, some of the dads in the next several pages are seriously lacking in the common sense department.

Generally speaking, pants are not optional when sending one’s little girl to daycare. Guess what? Shirts are kind of mandatory too. So as long as we’re on the subject, well fitted, soft, and comfortable clothing is kind of the norm when it comes to dressing one’s daughter, be it infant, toddler, preschooler, or beyond.

In any case, sit back and enjoy the hilarious images over the next several pages, and when the offer comes from the daddy to dress the baby girl for the day, have cameras in hand. Wouldn’t want to pass up this amusing opportunity.

15 Oh No…

Love to see Mom’s reaction to this little darling showing up at daycare with NO SHIRT ON!! Bahahaha! Seriously, Dad? You didn’t notice that “the thing” she had on didn’t cover some very important parts? I can’t imagine that you didn’t think it was an odd outfit!

Mom’s text is just hilarious. She’s not exactly mad, but she really does make him think for a minute. She directly asks him if he sent their darling daughter to daycare with no shirt on. Of course he doesn’t think that he did at first, because he put “that thing” on her. OMG. So funny!

Overalls, Daddy. They are called overalls for a reason. The main reason is that they are to be worn OVER another article of clothing. Mainly…a SHIRT you silly silly man!! Unless you are sending your baby daughter off to be in some type of farming/body building extravaganza, make sure she is well covered.

14 May The Force Be With You…

Awww…Hello, sweet girl. I have to say you are rocking that cute little outfit. Is your daddy a big Star Wars fan? I’m gonna guess that he is. I’m loving the t-shirt that he put you in, and I’m guessing that the pink dress underneath was his way of “girling it up” for you so you wouldn’t protest. Maybe?

Daddies are funny sometimes. I’m digging the star-spangled tights too, kiddo. Perhaps Daddy was afraid that the dress may not keep you warm enough. Nice job, Pops! Did he do your hair too? Looks like maybe you have a few different things going on up there. Princess Lea has nothing on you!

Your jewelry is pretty fabulous too. I would say that this outfit looks like a wonderful team effort between Daddy and daughter. Way to go you guys!! I can’t wait to see what happens the next time Daddy is in charge of getting you dressed. Always an adventure!

13 Where Did Her Pants Go?

Okay, Daddy…thanks for getting me dressed and everything, and I am super excited to go to play today. There’s just one little problem, Daddy. I’m not wearing any pants!! You see, these are not leggings, dear sweet father of mine. They are tights!! Tights go UNDER a dress or something. On no planet are tights considered the same as pants. They can see my diaper!!!

Has this ever happened to you, mamas? You rush around all morning, quickly get dressed, get to work, and realize that you are only wearing tights or pantyhose and have no other bottom to your outfit?? I am going to venture a guess and say no…OF COURSE NOT!!

This is not a likely scenario for anyone but a dad of a daughter. As sweet as it is, this poor little one may have had a bit of a chill while she was out and about for the day.

12 Patterns On Patterns

Wowza!! This very special outfit is something for the eyes!! I have to say though, at least this dad had the right idea about the actual articles of clothing. This little one may be a bit of a mismatched mess, but at least she has a onesie and a pair of pants. Nothing is hanging out weird or anything like that.

This tiny princess is sure to be the envy of all of her little friends when her daddy drops her off this morning. He certainly is something special! Did he actually look at the two patterns and decide that they went well together? Or do you suppose that baby’s room is very dark and he just thought they were the same?

In any case, this adorable tot couldn’t look bad if she tried. And hat’s off to you dad, for keeping your sweet girl comfy and cozy, regardless of your apparent disregard for all that is common knowledge in the world of mismatched clothing.

11 Do You Like My Hat?

So Dad, you’re in a hurry, trying to get your darling ready for the babysitter first thing in the morning. It’s a little bit cold outside, and you think you grab your little one a sweatshirt and a hat, and you head out to the garage. It’s already a half an hour later than it’s supposed to be, when you notice that you forgot the sweatshirt, and all you have is the cute little hat.

Moving right along, you hastily place the sweet little hat on your daughter’s head, and start the car to finally make your exit out of the garage. As you look in the rearview mirror, waiting to see your sweet angel’s face looking back at you, you realize that the cute little hat that you had hastily put on your daughter’s head was actually a pair of undies. In your defense, her little head is indeed nice and warm (well at least where it’s not catching a draft through the leg hole), and both of you will be on time to your morning commitments.

10 Like My Shorts?

This pic really makes me giggle. Check out the expression on this poor little girl’s face. If she could talk, she would most likely be asking her daddy to correct his fashion mistake ASAP. Too funny!

What is going on with the shorts? It’s one thing if the top of a onesie is showing with a pair of pants on a cold day…then it looks like a shirt. No problem there. But this? This is jammies with shorts!! That is quite a look for this little one to pull off.

Come on, Dad. Even you had to see that this looked a little bit funny, right? Would you ever wear long underwear under a pair of shorts? Maybe you would, but it probably wouldn’t be your best look either. If we ever do a daughters dressing daddies article, I may just come looking for you!!

9 Like Father Like Daughter

Looks like Dad went out of his way for this special little ensemble. How sweet is this pic?! Looks like somebody is ready for a very special date with her daddy! This dad had to actually plan in advance for his precious angel.

Maybe they have a dance to go to? Or perhaps a special date to the movies? Who knows? It could even be somebody’s birthday or some other special event. Whatever the case, this dad gets huge thumbs up for giving that extra effort to make a special event even more special for his daughter,

I do wonder what the back story is on the tie idea. I guess there was not a chance that they could wear matching dresses, so this very well may be the next best thing. Good job, Dad! She’ll remember this moment forever.

8 Can I Get A Little Help Here?

The look on that little baby’s face is almost as amusing as the entire ensemble! What the heck is going on here? Did Dad come up with a new outfit called “The Swaddler”? Not even a bad idea, Pops, but by the look on her little confused face, your little girl does not appear to be very amused. In fact, she doesn’t even look like a willing partner in your shenanigans.

I have to wonder if this was an afterthought, or a planned fashion statement. Seriously? What is this poor kiddo supposed to do with herself? She does look like a good sport, but you have to wonder when the protest is going to start. Can’t be very long at all.

Maybe she’s wondering where her mom is. Hopefully Dad didn’t help mom get dressed this morning too. She may be stuck somewhere, trying to pull her arms out of her very overstretched pants!!

7 But I Don’t Wanna!

I love how the dad’s big old shoes are in the bottom of the picture. Looks like this little girl is sporting a pair of her daddy’s socks too. So funny! Stripes on her pants, flowers on her shirt, and a sad little look on her beautiful little face.

Looks like Daddy was trying to get his little angel dressed and out of the house in a bit of a hurry. It does not appear as if everything is going according to plan! Looks more like the universe has decided that it is not yet time to leave.

In any case, perhaps little missy needs something to eat or drink before she is ready to let Daddy get her dressed today? Such a little cutie pie. Maybe it’s getting close to nap time? That outfit would definitely make for some comfy PJ’s.

6 Too Fabulous For Words

Look at all of those Elsa’s!! The big one in the middle kind of looks more like an Elvis than an Elsa, but I absolutely love his enthusiasm. This dad has got it going on! Surrounded by a bunch of beautiful young ladies, there is certainly no lack of sportsmanship in this photo!

One dad with 5 little girls…all dressed up to the fullest degree. Not sure if they are all his, but if they aren’t, this guy certainly wins the coolest dad in the neighborhood award. Maybe it’s a Halloween party? Perhaps Mom is dressed as Elsa as well. Oh…maybe there’s a room full of Olafs across the house. You never know!!

In any case, this dad sure knows how to make a little girl (or 5) happy, and for that, he certainly gets a big stamp of approval in the fashion department. Nice job, Dad!!

5 My Daddy Is The Best

Obviously, this Daddy-O takes his job very seriously. There’s a whole lot going on in the father/daughter moment. Besides the toy clutter from some serious play time, this girl’s outfit is truly spectacular. Check out the mismatched shoes, the crazy rainbow sock, the sports t-shirt, and the foofy pink little girl skirt. I couldn’t have put together a more precious outfit myself.

Take a look at the determination on Dad’s face to get his little sweetheart’s hair done just the way she likes it. Her face says it all, doesn’t it? She has total confidence in her daddy’s abilities, and is just patiently waiting for him to work his magic on her head. So sweet!

Nice job, Daddy! The most important part of any day with your girl is keeping her happy and safe. Looks like you get an A+ on both of those!

4 The Middle Part

Well, little girl…you are looking quite fantastic next to your proud papa. Honestly, this little sweetheart looks like she could be her Daddy’s twin. Totally a “mini-me”. Perhaps Dad wanted to take the opportunity to showcase their similarities in a photo, or maybe he dresses his little girl like this all the time, either way, pretty adorable.

With her hair slicked back, the overalls with no shirt, and the sweet smiles, these two are a force to be reckoned with. Sometimes as parents, we just have to seize the moment, and capture it for posterity sake.

Good call on this photo op, Dad. When your little princess gets a bit older, she may or may not still be interested in looking like her dear old dad. Gotta get while the getting is good. Besides, parents deserve bragging rights to their little creations, and this adorable little lady is no exception.

3 Taking Turns

Fair is fair right? Looks like this little girl has made quite a deal with her daddy. It appears that she was willing to let him get her dressed if he was willing to let her do the same for him. Too funny!! Kudos to you Dad, letting your little one treat you like a princess. To her, there is nothing more special on this earth.

Looks like you know your way around a blow dryer and brush pretty well yourself. She’s not crying, so you’re not pulling the tangles or burning her head…both very good signs of an extremely capable parent. Just absolutely adorable on both ends.

Maybe when Mom gets home she can get a little bit of a spa treatment too. You may have just inadvertently stumbled on to the key to a happy family (full of girls).

2 I Want Mommy!

Looks like dear old dad may be trying to bribe his little one to get dressed in this darling little pic. She does not look happy at all. Maybe he’s offering candy? Perhaps it’s money? Either way, it looks like this daddy may have his work cut out for him.

When routines change for our kiddos, they may not always react the way we expect them to. If your little princess is used to getting dressed with Mom every day, and suddenly Dad steps in to do her job, it is not unlikely that there may be some trouble.

No worries though, proud papa, with a little coaxing and experience, dressing your little girl can be a fun bonding experience for both of you. Once the novelty of it wears off, you can both get comfortable and get the job done successfully.

1 Look, Daddy

A picture can truly say 1000 words. This one certainly does. Little darlingl has decided to help her poor Daddy out by getting things started on her own. No doubt Mommy would be proud. Well, proud but not so crazy about the fact that her baby girl is sitting inside of her drawer while she’s getting dressed.

The look on this little angel’s face makes me wonder how many things Dad has already attempted to put on this sweet little one without much success. She has decided to take matters into her own hands, and she can see that her Dad is pretty impressed with her mad fashion skills.

Anyway, I would love to hear her sweet little words, but we’ll just have to use our imaginations. Somehow I imagine it would sound something like. “Good job, Daddy!”

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