15 Pics Celeb Dad Ben Affleck Will Never Want His Daughters To See


There is an argument among the majority of people between whether an individual with an addictive personalities can't hang or won't change. No matter which side of the fence you choose to fall, one thing is for certain, which is that there are many people in Hollywood possessing addictive personalities.

In fact, there are a number of everyday Joes like you and me who struggle with addiction and things of that nature.

Sadly, the hunk Ben Affleck is one of them. His addictions aren't all he's made up of, though. He's also a very talented actor who has worn many hats in his career. From Shakespeare in Love to Pearl Harbor and his most recent, Batman vs. Superman.

Needless to say, he's a hot commodity in Tinseltown. A few scandals and allegations prove just how "wanted" he is, too. All of this attention is great for a man living it up in Hollywood, but what about when that man has daughters of his own.

Does having daughters change the way Affleck looks at his past behavior or even the way he's behaving currently? I guess we can argue over that, too, because everyone has a different opinion.

What we have for you today is a compilation of 15 pictures that we're guessing he really doesn't want his daughters to see. Whether these pictures represent a negative situation, throw him under the bus, or simply put him in a negative light, he probably wants them off the radar.

Here are 15 pics celeb dad Ben Affleck will never want his daughters to see. Enjoy!

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15 Gambling Ben


Like mentioned earlier, an addictive personality is a tough one to change. A person struggling with addiction gets "hooked" on activities very quickly. The case of Ben Affleck is no different. He's a known gambler and sometimes it goes a little too far.

With a net worth of $75 million, he's definitely not in it for the money. He just loves the adrenaline rush. His game of choice is blackjack. He all but cleaned out the Hard Rock Casino in Vegas. Later, he was banned from this casino for counting cards.

While he was still engaged to Jennifer Lopez, Affleck hosted an A-lister poker night on a regular basis. Evidently, his fiancé (at the time) would call numerous times looking for Affleck. He was too engulfed in conquering poker to pay attention. Rumor has it, his addiction played an enormous role in the downfall of his marriage to Jennifer Garner.

Needless to say, this is not a trait he'd want to pass down to his children, so hide the proof.

14 Not Relationship Material


Back in 1997, a willowy blonde name Gwyneth Paltrow broke up from the handsome Brad Pitt and started dating the man of our hour Ben Affleck. They dated until 2000, so it wasn't just a fling.

Both were very young and Paltrow admitted that she sort of stunk at the whole relationship thing. Her opinion on herself in regard to relationships is, "I'm actually a pretty good friend, and a good sister and daughter and mother, but I'm at my potentially most vulnerable and f***ed up in the romantic slice of the pie."

So, it's no surprise they didn't last. Paltrow described Affleck as "super intelligent" but not boyfriend material. In her opinion, he wasn't ready for a relationship in any way, shape, or form. In fact, she reportedly said that he’d be "better off dating a Scores stripper."

This isn't exactly something you'd want to boast about...or let your daughter's know about either. As a dad, you want to set the standard for any man your own daughters date, not exemplify a romantic dud.

13 Doesn't Change His Ways For Anyone


Like many other addicts, Ben Affleck has tried and tried to change his ways but to no avail. In each of his serious relationships, his addictions have gotten the best of him. He's known to be a smart, kind, and funny, but without self control.

Sadly, when his marriage with Jennifer Garner dissolved, rumors ran rampant. As I'm no fly on the wall in their house, I was left guessing if it was the nanny affair, the drinking, the gambling, or if it was some big secret that he refused to disclose.

One thing is for certain, he and Jennifer tried to work it out. Whether it was marriage counseling or rehab, they both gave it a shot. Who knows what was going on behind the scenes, but it's obvious that Affleck just can't shake the addictions and bad habits.

Again, his inability not to change or better himself for the sake of his marriage or family is not something he's going to willingly reveal to his own daughters.

12 Loves His Alcohol


Whether they are true or completely and utterly made up, nearly every tabloid dishes on how Affleck's drinking is wrecking his life. Not only his life, but it's wreaking havoc in the lives of those around him.

In his defense, he was raised by a man who struggled with alcoholism. His dad eventually sobered up, but it wasn't until much later in his life. A feat with which even Affleck's is incredibly impressed.

After filming Good Will Hunting with his good friend Matt Damon, he stopped drinking. He was only 24 at the time.

Since then, he has admitted to having struggled with the temptation. Alcoholism is another addictive trait that you don't want to pass on to your children. So, I'm sure that if he could, Affleck would remove it from his life if he could.

11 In And Out Of Rehab

Celebrity Sightings In Los Angeles - November 04, 2016

Along those same lines - the alcoholism struggle, that is - Affleck has attempted to curb his insatiable appetite for the hard stuff many many times.

Between his relationship with Paltrow and Lopez, Affleck had an especially hard night of partying. After that night, he was driven to Promises (rehab center) in Malibu by his friend Charlie Sheen. He stayed there 30 days.

Affleck was unhappy with the man he was when he drank. Like most of us, he had no inhibitions and he made really bad choices. While this is all really common for a person in their 20s, the rotten thing is that he made all these choices in the public eye. I suppose this is the curse of the famous.

One of his greatest angels was Jennifer Garner. She helped him to settle down for most of the relationship. His alcohol demons returned right before the pair split in June 2015.

Rehab is not exactly a history of which to be proud and yet it is. It's proof that you have a disease, but it's also proof that you're trying to help yourself.

10 He Keeps Tabs


Admittedly, this isn't exactly true, but the infamous paparazzi can turn a harmless picture into anything but benign. This particular picture was taken as Affleck was driving by an uber ritzy get-together for his almost ex-wife Jennifer Garner.

While he chose not to attend the event, it apparently peaked his interest, because here he is. Thankfully, he's toting a Coca-Cola Zero rather than anything more intense.

The truth is that he doesn't keep tabs on his exes. He's not a stalker. In fact, one of the worst things Jennifer Garner said of her ex-husband was, "When his sun shines on you, you feel it. But when the sun is shining elsewhere, it’s cold. He can cast quite a shadow."

He'll probably try to keep his "stalking photos" out of the line of view for his daughters...which is cool, because the pics are complete nonsense.

9 The Harry Potter Scandal


Oh my gosh, a celebrity reading Harry Potter...unheard of! NOT! Like many celebrities and  regular Joes, Harry Potter is the series to read. Apparently, this upset hard core Harry Potter fans.

The particular book in hand for this picture is Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, which is the sixth book in J.K. Rowlings' series. Personally, I feel like the Harry Potter series gets darker and darker the further you get in the series - books and movies.

With that being said, I'm not surprised to see the grim look on Affleck's face as he reads this book. Well, it was the look on his face that upset the hard core Harry Potter fans. Evidently, they either didn't like the fact that it was him reading the book or didn't appreciate his reaction.

Why would his daughter's need to stay clear of this pic? Pretty much because it's so subjective...thanks again, paparazzi.

8 Steamy J.Lo #1


Ben Affleck is no stranger to the lime light and this is also true when it comes to who he chooses to date. You might remember that he's actually had three serious relationships with other celebrities.

The first was with Gwyneth Paltrow from 1997 - 2000 after her notorious split from Brad Pitt, but we'll talk about that later. Right now, it's time to steam things up and explore what was once known as "Bennifer."

From 2002-2004 Jennifer Lopez dated Ben Affleck. The two were the hottest couple in Hollywood. Many thought that Affleck wouldn't be able to handle the high-profile of Lopez, but he gave it a fair shot.

One thing can be said of these two is that they weren't incredibly shy when it came to PDA. I'm thinking photos like this are probably not kept in Affleck's family album.

7 Steamy J.Lo #2


Yes, this relationship is far too hot and heavy for just one post. It had to be two! It all started out when their 2002 film Gigli flopped. They later starred in Jersey Girl and of course, you can't forget about the Jenny From the Block music video. After that they got engaged.

Both reflect back on the relationship with fondness claiming that there was indeed genuine love involved. Perhaps just the wrong time of life or maybe they were just at different places in their careers. Whatever the reason, the power couple didn't stand the test of time.

One thing can be said of this hot couple and that is that they were a very, very handsome couple. Lopez increased Affleck's style standards and the two did nothing but shine together. Maybe this isn't the kind of stuff that he'd want his kiddos to see, though.

6 The Embarrassing Parent

The shirt. Rumor has it that Ben Affleck lives and breathes in this particular shirt. While it it a really cool shirt featuring the Sirius Black character from the Harry Potter Prisoner of Askaban book, I hope he takes it off to wash it.

Maybe the reason that he's glued to this particular shirt is because of the paparazzi bologna mentioned in the above post. Perhaps he's proving that he is indeed a Harry Potter fan and not just a poser...or whatever he was supposed to have been.

The only reason that his daughters should be kept from the thousand and one pictures of their dad in this shirt is because - well, c'mon Dad, change clothes already!

Sometimes even celebrities aren't all good or all bad. Sometimes they're just embarrassing parents like us normal people.

5 Cheated With The Nanny


THIS picture and every other picture with Ben Affleck and the former nanny Christine Ouzounian should be shielded from his children's eyes. Jennifer Garner said that these pictures and accusations are the very reason she had to have conversations about what the word "scandal" meant.

Here's what Garner had to say about it in a candid interview with Vanity Fair, "Let me just tell you something," Garner says. "We had been separated for months before I ever heard about the nanny. She had nothing to with our decision to divorce. She was not a part of the equation."

It's a shame that these photos can't be deleted from the past, because they exemplify exactly the kind of behavior Affleck wouldn't want his own daughter's to experience - from any angel.

4 Once Upon A Time...


Garner has said of Affleck that he is the "love of her life" and always will be. I strongly dislike hearing words like this because of the fact that they aren't still together. It's bittersweet and it's heartbreaking to see such a power couple go up in smoke.

Honestly, looking at pictures of how amazing they were together would be hard for me if I was one of their daughters. I would long for that to be a part of my present life not just a memory in the past.

This may seem like an odd things for which his daughter's eyes to avoid, but it made the list primarily because of the bittersweet feelings that arise.

One the flip side, maybe looking at these lovely pictures of "back when" might inspire his daughter's to have what their parents once had. Who knows?

3 He Has A Lot Of Secrets

Cannes/Festival Weinstein & Affleck

By now, you're well aware of the sex scandals surrounding Harvey Weinstein. Well, what you probably didn't know is that both the men of Hollywood and everyday Joes are having a hard time approaching the subject.

Most Hollywooders are taking the "I had no idea" stance, but not a lot of people are buying it. Most believe that male celebrities are falling on this side of the fence because they don't want their own skeletons escaping their closets.

This might be true, because for every celeb that opens his mouth, an opposing comment from a female counterpart is released, as well.

For instance, Affleck was called out by Rose McGowan on Twitter saying that he was a liar.

Of course Affleck doesn't want his daughters to know of his skeletons in the closet, especially is they surround knowing about one of his "friends" harassing or even raping women.

2 His Harassment Allegations #1

Ben Affleck makeup artist tweet

Back to his drinking days, Affleck admitted that he disliked who he was as a drunk. He made bad decisions because he had no inhibitions and sometimes no recollection of the event. Take in case the situation with Annamarie Tendler.

On Twitter she wrote, "I would also love to get an apology from Ben Affleck who grabbed my a** at the Golden Globes party in 2014."

She went on to explain that Affleck walked by her, cupped her behind, and pressed his finger into her crack. He shrugged it off by saying he missed her lower back and got her butt instead according to Tendler.

As far as I know, he's not issued any form of apology, so the truth is up for debate. Still, this is not an accusation you'd want glaring in your daughter's face.

1 His Harassment Allegations #2


Unlike the situation with Annamarie Tendler, Affleck did issue a formal apology to Hilarie Burton who accused him of groping her breast. It wasn't but a few hours after the Harvey Weinstein scandal was made public that Hilarie spoke up.

As the story goes, she was very young at the time (so was Affleck). During an MTV interview and off camera, Burton says that Affleck wrapped his arms around her. While doing so, he grabbed her left breast exclaiming that some girls like a good tweak now and then.

His apology on October 11, 2017 via Twitter went as follows, "I acted inappropriately towards Ms. Burton and I sincerely apologize."

So, it was true but he fessed up to his mistake. While the fessing up is honorable, the initial act is not something he'd want his daughter's reminiscing about.

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