15 Pics Channing Tatum Doesn't Want His Daughter To See

In Channing's career (and even his life before fame and fortune), he has done some things that he may not exactly been proud of

Channing Tatum has been married to his Step Up co-star, Jenna Dewan, for over eight years. In that time, they've had a daughter, Everly Tatum. This year, Everly turned four, which is an age that indicates the advancement from selfish and unaware toddler to clever and insightful child. As Everly grows and starts to discover new things about the world, she's also bound to learn of the details of her parents lives, including their careers, hobbies, and interests. While asking all of those "why" questions to parents Channing and Jenna, she might even stumble upon a few relics from mommy and daddy's past, which might also require a little explaining.

Before having children, it's easy to let the idea that "someday our children might see this" slip our minds when we're making decisions inspired by fun and lack of consequence, and not responsibly and censorship. In Channing's career (and even his life before fame and fortune), he has done some things that he may not exactly been proud of, or at least thought was acceptable before having children. But now that little Everly is growing up, he's probably looking back on some of his moments that have been forever cemented in digital and printed media and feeling a little ashamed.

While many of the images don't make his fans think twice about the content (heck, most of them are pretty hot if you ask us), there are just some things you don't want your daughter to ever see, or even know that you've done in the first place. The visual evidence is just a reminder that you're a parent who has to protect their child from everything life throws at them, even if that includes shocking and embarrassing images of daddy's past.

15Channing Is Taking His "O" Face For A Ride

We're not sure about other fathers, but we're pretty sure that they wouldn't want their daughter to see pics of them riding the public transportation system, shirtless, while looking sweaty and out of breath. There's something slightly erotic (or even illegal) going on here, and no daughter should have to bear witness to an image of their dad panting like he literally just put on his jeans after an underground gang-bang. Of course, that's probably not what happened here, but given the look that Channing has on his face, one can only assume that he was just in the throes of passion. Add the fact that his abs are on full, sexy display, and we're convinced that he'd want to shield his daughter's eyes from such rock-hard pecs and save her friends from gossiping about how much of a DILF her father is.

14When Daddy Grinds, It's Time To Run & Hide

Another one that will surely send chills down your spine – but probably in a much different way than what his daughter would experience – is this image of Channing grinding his hips on stage, wearing nothing but a pair of pants, a cap, and some bandana that we're convinced would be used on some female victim in a playful, scandalous manner. While it's not exactly a secret that Channing has got some serious moves under his belt, thanks to the Magic Mike movies and a pre-acting resume that includes shedding layers while dancing for eager women, it may all still be a mystery to his dear old daughter. The last thing any young lady would want to see is her personal hero adopting this position and fuelling a flurry of images and thoughts in her head that she is way too young to imagine.

13Put That Finger Away, You're A Dad Now!

Channing is certainly a fan of goofing around, which was made extremely obvious by his choice of comedy flicks to star in and appearances on talk shows, but his odd antics became next-level when he starred alongside his wife in Lip Sync Battle and chose to channel his inner Beyonce. Instead of merely mouthing along to Beyonce's lyrics, Channing took it as an opportunity to play around with cross-dressing and seriously worked an outfit worthy of any pop diva, including a long blonde wig! We wore makeup and busted some moves that no child should ever have to see their father do, which is why this image is one that Channing would probably want burned alongside the rest of this image collection. Not only would he cause his daughter to question his gender preference, but his stance and gesture is hella provocative and is not something that is very PG.

12His Accessory Is Leaving Little To The Imagination

Channing has certainly had his share of roles that require him to bare his chest, and while we're all not complaining (and neither would his wife!), we're sure that Channing Jr. would get tired of it. She probably doesn't know about his past as a real life exotic dancer, and even if she did, she definitely doesn't want to be reminded of it. This image would be the one to stir up that background story faster than daddy can remove those velcro-fastened pants. Wearing a police cap, it's no secret that Channing had adopted one of the most popular outfit choices for strippers across the nation, so it wouldn't take long for his daughter to put the pieces together. Daddy is obviously nude and performing in front of other ladies, who are not mommy, which is so not cool. And if Channing hasn't shared his little secret from the past with his daughter, then this pic would totally give it away.

11Biker Boys Will Be Bad Boys

While there's nothing scandalous going on in this image (clothing-wise) for once, it is a photo that is promoting a little hobby that is both dangerous and reckless. Riding a motorcycle is one of those things that most fathers try to prevent their daughters from ever doing. A daughter getting on the back of some crotch-rocket is not only terrifying for any parent, it stirs up awful images of something going wrong and her getting hurt. Not only that, but the driver is almost always a male who is a little bit edgy and is likely going to break her heart. If Channing's daughter were to see this photo, there would be little he could do to prevent her from riding on a two-wheeler in her young adult life. Once she sees that daddy is no stranger to the open-concept vehicle, she'll quickly adopt a rebellious manner and try to see out a similar experience with her bad*ss boy toy.

10Chan-Chan And His Gang Of Men

Here we go again. Channing. Half naked. His daughter has probably been exposed to way too many sexy images of him looking like a fine piece of meat that she's SO over it, but this one is much worse for daddy's sake. Channing wouldn't want his young daughter to catch a glimpse of him rocking a six-pack, but he definitely wouldn't want her checking out the ripped men who are flanked on either side of him. While he could probably assume that looking at sexy pics of him would probably just gross her out, who knows what she's going to feel after looking at these hella fine hunks? His presence in this pic will quickly fade away as she takes in the pecs and guns of his former co-stars. And since any daddy would love to keep their daughters as shielded away from men as possible, Channing probably wouldn't want to jumpstart that fascination much earlier than nature intended.

9Hey, That's Not Mommy!

As Channing's daughter became more and more aware of mommy and daddy's relationship, she probably grew to learn that the two of them are a consistent item. Two peas in a pod who are forever destined to be each other's people. She also likely understands by now the concept of monogamy and how being with another person is a big no-no when it comes to family and relationships. However, she might not be old enough to distinguish between reality and acting. So seeing an image like this – daddy being intimate and romantic with his female co-star, Rachel McAdams – would most likely stir up a whole lot of questions. Even as his daughter grew older and she knew of Channing's career, seeing this image still probably wouldn't be pleasant to look at since it's confusing. She'll want to be offended by the would-be kiss, but knows that it's not exactly what it seems, making her just feel uneasy.

8Daddy Is Looking Like A Washed-Up Russian Model

There are not very many images of Channing that make us uncomfortable, but this one is on that list. And if it makes us cringe, then we're sure that it's making Channing and his wife cringe. He probably resents that this image was even taken, let alone living in the cyber universe for anyone to stumble upon. While there's not much he can do to prevent his daughter finding this picture one day, he surely won't be busting it out for her to view willingly. Frankly, this image is just awful in every way. For one, that jacket is horrendous. Faux leather and matted fur that's been belted at the hip, paired with a shaven head and chunky bling? No thank you. His expression suggests that he spent the previous night drinking shots of vodka and slept it off in an alley or a crowded hostel. He's trying to adopt a model expression, but instead he just looks hungover and angry at life. To save his daughter from seeing him in such dark and pitiful circumstances, we're guessing he'll deny that was even him.

7"Do I Have Two Mommies Now?"

During a guest appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Channing agreed to play along in Jimmy's recurring skit, "Ew!" He played Susie Callahan and dressed the part by wearing a dress, pantyhose, and a brown-haired wig adorned with a flowery head band. Aside from dressing up like a chick, he also adopted a high-pitched, Valley-girl-esque voice that was almost too well done. While it got more than a few laughs from the audience and social media users alike, we're not quite sure what his daughter would think after seeing this image of daddy. To say it's confusing would be an understatement, since she is almost certainly not used to seeing her father dressed in items from her mother's closet. Needless to say, Channing might not exactly be proud to share his bang-on feminine side with his daughter, especially if it means having to do it again and again at home to entertain her during playtime.

6There Are Just Some Faces That Haunt You

When screenshots are taken of anyone during a pause in a video, the consequences can be hilarious, but also disturbing. When you take the exact right moment out of a clip, there are not many people who would want to see the image themselves, let alone allow anyone else to witness the absurd expression that was captured. When it comes to this picture, Channing is probably cursing whoever caught this horrible still of him. It's noticeably unattractive and makes him looks almost like a cartoon character. It also is a little hard to tell that it's even him at all, since his face is so misshapen. While it's kind of funny to look at and see Channing's face squished up in that manner, he's probably hating the fact that it exists and probably wouldn't want any of his family or friends to see it, his daughter included.

5Put That Away, You're A Father!

I mean, Channing is attractive and everything, but no matter how hot a man is, they cannot pull off a face like this. It's making us quiver up and tuck our lady bits away from such sights. All we can think is "yuck". Aside from the gross factor, Channing is probably not likely to show his daughter this screenshot from his movie, 22 Jump Street. It's pretty icky and also pretty offensive, given its suggestive nature. It's also pretty immature and gives the impression that daddy is a horndog looking to score some adult time with this sloppy gesture. Looking at this image would also be pretty shocking for his daughter, since it would likely be met with mixed emotions. Confusion, disgust, contempt. Channing pulled off this face during a scene in which he was reacting to an accidental dose of illegal substances, and while the scene was entertaining, he probably never thought that someone would capture a still of the scene, making him regret he ever took on that role.

4His Inner Madonna Can't Stay Hidden Forever

For some reason, Channing just loves to flaunt his feminine side. Whether he's dressing up in women's clothing, donning wigs and flamboyant voices, or adopting moves that have long been owned by Madonna, it's all enough to make us – including his wife – question his true identity. Maybe all of Channing's days of being a buff stud has caught up to him and now he's trying to obtain a balance in his life? After all, that much masculinity has got to do something to a man's ego. While it's for the best to ensure that daddy knows how to treat a lady, and his daughter, it can be difficult to explain to a young girl as to why daddy is so often behaving like a drama queen. With moves as pristine as his, we all speculate as to what kind of man he is in the sack, but for Channing's daughter, it might make her wonder if daddy will one day become another mommy.

3The Grungy Hipster Look Makes Daddy Look Homeless

Channing has long been the object of many women's hearts and affections, adopting many different looks throughout his career (most of which include him being topless and ripped). But in recent years, Channing has undergone a drastic change. He's evolved from hunk to hipster, adopting a dad bod, beanie, and underdeveloped stache. Many female fans have fallen off of the Channing bandwagon and have turned their fantasies towards other Hollywood heartthrobs like Ryan Reynolds and Chris Hemsworth. As this photo clearly shows, it's not without good reason. Channing looks like he's struggling to make ends meet while he sits at home and watches Wheel of Fortune while partaking in some bong hits. He not only looks like he's trying too hard to be young, but he's doing an awful job at it. Instead, he's coming off as creepy. To his daughter, she'd just shake her head in embarrassment.

2Eyes Off Daddy's Goods!

There is nothing PG about THIS photo. It's no surprise that this picture is one that Channing's wife is probably keeping in her private stash, never to be viewed by their daughter, like EVER. While their daughter has probably seen her father shirtless on many occasions – lounging around the house, swimming at the beach, in his less scandalous movies – she definitely hasn't seen him shirtless like this. For one obvious reason being that you can totally see the outline of his junk. Any father would probably cringe to know that their daughter was exposed to something this offensive. While little is left to the imagination, it's made even more erotic by the fact that his briefs are super low-rise, bringing every woman's fantasy to life by revealing that sexy hip-bone and toned V-shape that points directly to his... joystick. Overall, this image barely needs to be explained as to why Channing would want to keep this forever hidden from his daughter's eyes.

1Get Your Mouth Away From Daddy!

In another image showing daddy macking on another woman, this still from his role in The Dilemma shows Channing in an open-mouthed kiss with his co-star Winona Ryder. Not only is Winona nearly ten years his senior, but she looks like she's hella enjoying her time with Channing, acting or not. Her scene may of required her to kiss Channing, but it doesn't look like she's regretting it, which is quite obvious. Channing's daughter would certainly be able to see the pleasure that Winona is getting from her father, so seeing this image would stir up a lot of anger for Ms. Ryder, but also towards daddy (even if she doesn't understand why). While Channing would think it was best to not ever let his daughter see it in the first place, he's probably thinking it's a good idea to shield his wife from it, too. No one can deny what is really being said with Winona's expression.

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