15 Pics Kate Middleton Doesn’t Want Us To See From Before She Was A Mom

When Kate Middleton decided to attend the University of St. Andrews in Scotland, she probably thought she’d get a degree, enhance her job prospects, better herself, and have a bit of fun in the process.

She certainly bettered herself alright, but probably not in the way she envisaged. Imagine going off to uni as a teenager, your first time away from home, embarking on a journey of self-discovery, and meeting the future king of England, and not only meeting him, being romantically involved with him!

Prince William took a shine to Kate, and after a long relationship, with a rocky patch in between, they tied the knot, making her the Duchess of Cambridge, and the future Queen of England. When they married in 2011, normal girl Kate suddenly had to get used to leading a very different life and adopt a more conservative nature, even more so after her first child was born a couple of years later, and then subsequently after her daughter was born.

As a mom you’ve got to behave very differently, but as a mom and future queen…well, you’ve got to be ultra-conservative. Becoming a member of the royal family and then having kids was understandably a massive change for Kate. Before becoming royalty, she was actually a bit of a wild girl, a party animal, a girl who loved to have fun and paint the town red so to speak. She’s therefore been caught in plenty of uncompromising situations over the years, and there are many pictures out there, pictures that she, and I’m sure the royals wouldn’t want you to see, instances she’d like you to forget. These are 15 pictures that don’t show the future queen, and mommy to little George and Charlotte, in the best light.

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16 With Boyfriends


Old boyfriend pictures are never great when they resurface and you’re a mom, and are married, and are a royal of course. This is a pic that I’m sure the Royal Family went to extreme lengths to try and have removed from every source possible, but even for the royals, that’s an impossible task, and so this pic’s going to remain in Kate’s archive of embarrassing pics, cringeworthy moments. You can just imagine it; Kate and Wills with their kids in tow sitting in their royal headquarters at the Palace of Westminster, going through photo albums, when this pic comes up, and you can hear the shriek of the queen in the background! It’s a pic of Kate with a former boyfriend, and by the looks of things, they’d been doing more than hugging and holding hands and posing for a snap. Where did that smooch mark come from young chap?!

15 Kate Takes A Tumble


At the time this pic was taken, she wasn’t yet engaged to Wills. In fact, they may not have even been together, because this coincided with that rocky patch in their relationship, when they decided to split up, but that didn’t stop the paparazzi following her every move. Since she wasn’t the future Queen of England at this point, she was allowed to do pretty much whatever she wanted, go out on the town in whatever garments she wanted to go out in and do whatever she wanted to do. But now, now she’s in the position she’s in, she’d certainly want these pics eradicated from the world-wide web.

It was a party, a charity event organised by Richard Branson’s daughter, Holly Branson, and plenty of influential people were in attendance, including a couple of princesses, and a host of other celebs. That meant lots of cameras, and they were all on hand to capture this incident, of Kate taking a tumble on her roller skates, and her friend Sam Waley-Cohen helping the damsel in distress to her feet.

14 Letting Her Hair Down


A drunken dance in a nightclub – it’s little wonder Kate wants you to forget about this pic. It’s not the best look for any mother, let alone a royal.

If you didn’t know by now, Kate was a bit of a party animal. She was a regular in all the capital’s hotspots and since being associated with Wills in 2001, has been the paparazzi’s dream girl because of her antics, because of antics like this. There are no shortage of photo ops when Kate’s around, because she certainly knows how to let loose, how to let her hair down. Once again, she looks fabulous in this pic, but it’s not really the look of a good and proper princess, dancing with some random guy in a nightclub in the early hours of the morning. She wouldn’t want her little princess Charlotte behaving like this when she’s all grown up and getting the attention of boys!

13 Drunken Kate 


Drunk pics obviously aren’t going to go down well with the royal family – such pics are ones that the royals would’ve done their best to get taken down from all corners of the world-wide web when Kate got hitched to Wills, but the web’s a big place and so inevitably this pic’s still going to appear when you search for embarrassing pics of Kate Middleton. The royals wouldn’t want you to see this pic, but now that she’s a mom, neither would Kate; all you moms out there would surely agree, you don’t really want your kids to see you in a drunken state, and start asking questions – it’s embarrassing and sets a bad example, especially as a royal, where it’s deemed to be improper conduct.

This is a pic of a young Kate, after she’d already been associated with Wills, in the back of a London taxi cab. She’s obviously been out for a night on the town and didn’t take too kindly to the paparazzi shoving cameras in her face. So, in her drunken state, she decided to reprimand them, tell them to get lost, but with her speech slurred, those droopy eyes and her cognitive impairment, there was no way they were going to put their cameras down; they got more of a show than they’d bargained for, and it’s definitely a moment, a picture that Kate herself would want to forget about and would want you to forget about too.

12 Not The Most Glamorous Look


This is a pretty old pic from Kate’s younger days, and you can see she’s having a bit of fun larking around, during a fun night in with her girlfriends. It’s refreshing to see a royal who can actually let their hair down, although the Queen and her royal subjects would probably be shaking their heads at this pic – even though it was taken before Kate was a royal – because it’s not the good and proper mannerisms you’d expect from a member of the royal family.

But aside from the disparagement of the royal family, Kate, although she’s a pretty chilled out relaxed woman, would probably be cringing at this pic too, not only because she’s a royal, but because now she’s a mom too. It’s obviously a pic depicting her having a bit of fun, making some funny faces, but I’m sure even she’d agree that it’s not the most glamorous look.

11 Bikini Pics


If you’re associated with a royal, you just can’t go anywhere without the prying eyes of the paparazzi getting in some snaps. This pic was taken in 2006, on a holiday to Ibiza. Kate and Wills had been together, on and off – although because they were holidaying together, we can safely say that they were on at this point – for five years now, throughout university, and so this was a trip to mark the end of their studies, so they could let their hair down and relax for a bit before entering the world of work. Kate was there, as was her younger sister Pippa, Wills, and a number of other friends. They’d rented a boat in Ibiza, and were soaking in the sun when this pic was taken. Although Kate’s got a stunning figure, now that she’s a mom and a future queen, she wouldn’t really want people ogling at these bikini pics; she wouldn’t have wanted people ogling back then either, but the paparazzi had to get a few shots.

10 A Bit Of A Windy Day


Ahhh, this must be every royal’s worst nightmare, although it’s something she couldn’t do a whole lot about anyway. It’s probably the only downside to wearing a beautiful dress, but by the looks of things, Kate forget to wear her knickers on this visit.

It’s a pic taken as she and Wills got off the plane upon their visit to Canada. It was a pretty big deal, a massive visit at the time and the paparazzi were taking more interest than usual, because it was one of their first assignments, first appearances as husband and wife. It’s from their 2011 visit, and Kate must have been horrified when she later discovered that she’d been upskirted. Although this pic doesn’t show this, a few seconds later they met some cadets, and they just couldn’t keep straight faces as the wind continued to blow, much to Kate’s dismay – wrong choice of dress on this occasion.


8 That Skirt’s A Little Too Short


There are a ton of these pictures where the paparazzi have gotten a hold of her when she’s been in the back of a taxi cab commuting to one of her fancy soirees. She’s constantly flitting about the place, it’s the only time they can really get up close and personal with Kate, much to her displeasure. In this pic, she’s all dressed up and is about to go to one of her fancy dos, but as always, the paparazzi were lying in wait, waiting for the cab to stop and for Kate to make an appearance. They got more than they bargained for on this occasion, as Kate was probably admonishing herself for wearing such a short and skimpy skirt. There wasn’t much to that outfit at all, Kate knew it, and so was ready, using her handbag to cover up the important area. Again, Kate wouldn’t want Charlotte, or George for that matter, seeing pics of their mom in such outfits, showing a bit too much skin.

7 Another Moment In The Back Of A Cab


Another back of a cab moment Kate would love to eradicate from all of your, and her, memories. This time, she wasn’t alone, and was accompanied by friends as she went out and had fun on the town. They must have known that Kate would get some sort of attention, but they probably weren’t expecting such media intrusion. Kate though, certainly was, as she’d been used to it all by now, and so when those first cameras appeared, she was ready for them, ready for the paparazzi with a few remarks of her own. She’s evidently drunk in this pic – she seems to have had quite a number of embarrassing drunk moments over the years – and it seemed to have fuelled something inside of her to come out and berate those stationed strategically by the cab with their cameras. A drunken shouting match is never a good idea, never a good look, as is evident by this pic.

6 Playboy Bunny


This is the kind of thing that people do at uni, get dressed up in all manner of things in order to have some fun. Kate did plenty of that during her time in Scotland, but after finishing her studies, these antics didn’t stop. After finishing her university education, the paparazzi began following Kate around everywhere she went, and she did go to some very glamorous events, places where only the rich and famous get an invite to in the capital. Nowadays, when Kate goes to an event opening, she graces such occasions in a very classic style. But before she was a royal and a mom, her outfits were a bit more risqué. This is a pic of her attending the Rabbit Fever release party at the famous Kitts nightclub in London, and she decided to attend wearing those iconic Playboy bunny ears. At this point in her life, her and Wills weren’t together, they’d split, and sources revealed that Kate was very eager to get some male attention that night, and was working the room, cosying up to plenty of people donning that Playboy bunny headgear.

5 Covered In Shaving Foam And Lipstick


This is a pic from way back in her university days. This is the type of thing students get up to – as all of you who’ve gone to uni and have stayed on campus would probably know – and it looks like on this occasion, things got pretty wild. It’s party time at St Andrews, and Kate, being the popular girl, party animal she is, was right in the thick of it. Spraying around shaving foam and getting painted in lipstick isn’t everyone’s idea of a good time, but Kate just loves to let her hair down and get stuck in, and she got stuck in alright on this occasion. Wills was probably there too, somewhere in the background, enjoying the most of his time before he’d be expected to behave like a good and proper lad and start his royal duties. This isn’t a bad pic at all, just students doing what students do, just Kate having some good old fashioned fun, but being a mom and royal, it’s a not a pic she’d want people to see, as certain sections of society would have a lot to say after seeing pics of Kate behaving in such a manner and looking the way she does.

4 On Stage For All To See


Ok, so now this is a really racy pic, one that neither Kate or Wills would want you to see. There are pictures on this list of Kate in her bikini, taken from a distance, but on this occasion, she wanted to get photographed, she knew she was going to get photographed, and thought nothing of stripping down to her bare essentials and getting on stage. It’s not that she just loves to get her kit off or anything like that. It was for a charity fashion show, and she was one of the models, much to Will’s delight.

This pic was taken in 2002 at university, a year after she and Wills first met. They hadn’t begun dating at that stage, but it’s clear why Wills started getting the hots for her. Apparently, the prince was in the audience when Kate got on stage, and he would’ve definitely felt more than a tad uncomfortable, even though the whole thing was for charity.

Wearing barely any clothes, looking sensually into a male model’s eyes while Will watches on from the audience; not really something she’d want her kids knowing about, not a pic she’d want them to see.

3 Drinking With Wills


Here’s another pic of Kate in the back of a cab, but this time she’s not alone, it seems as if she had a drinking companion for the evening. The paparazzi loved getting snaps of Kate as she went on one of her nightly escapades, but imagine their surprise when they discovered that the prince was in tow. There aren’t too many pics out there of Wills getting up to these kind of shenanigans – that’s more Harry’s thing – but even the prince let’s his hair down now and again.

They were on again and off again whilst at university, and this is clearly a pic when they’re very much on. It was taken during the summer time, when they both left Scotland for the nightlife of London, and were enjoying a cab ride after a night out. Kate looks rather worse for wear, as does the dishevelled Prince who appears to be more than a tad intoxicated – some summer time madness.

2 Frolicking With Her Future Hubby


Kate seems to like playing around and getting up to all sorts with lipstick. We’ve seen her painted in the stuff and covered in shaving foam in one of the previous entries, and here she’s at it again, another day at St Andrews Uni with that red lipstick in hand. But this time, instead of painting her own face in that shade of red, she decided to do some lipstick painting on her future hubby, Prince William. The two seem very fond of each other in this pic, and were obviously together – not on one of their many breaks. Wills is grabbing Kates arms in a sexy embrace, in order to restrain her and stop her getting up to more mischief with that lipstick. They both found Kate’s antics hilarious, but when that image got out, needless to say the royals did their utmost to try and cover it up, and Kate probably wants you to forget about it too now that she’s a mom.

1 Pass Me The Sick Bucket


This is a truly horrible pic that the royals, and definitely Kate and Wills, wish had never surfaced. Here we go again, it’s yet another pic of them in the back of a taxi cab, having just had – by the looks of it – a pretty raucous night that was spent lashing it down. Now that the night’s activities were over, they’re feeling more than a little worse for wear, and really didn’t want the cameras being shoved in their faces, they really really didn’t. That’s probably because Kate feels like she’s about to heave up the insides of her stomach, and Wills looks nonplussed, dazed and somewhat amused by the whole situation. Obviously, the royals didn’t want this pic getting out for the sake of their public image. Wills wouldn’t want his kids seeing him in that state, and Kate wouldn’t want them seeing her about to be sick in the back of a cab; the perils of alcohol people!

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