15 Pics Of Baby Showers From The Country

Gretchen Wilson boasted about her redneck tendencies in the hit song “Redneck Woman.” According to her, redneck women drink beer, know the words to every country song and shop at Walmart instead of fancier stores. Pop culture generally refers to rednecks as southern people who are relatively uneducated. They hunt and drink constantly while saying “y’all” and “heehaw” on a regular basis. Generally, spelling and math are not their forte, but turning nothing into something is their specialty. These people wear camouflage as a part of everyday fashion and enjoy the simple things in life. When a redneck woman gets pregnant, she becomes a walking target for every comedian’s jokes.

While people are quick to judge people that identify as rednecks, some try to give them the benefit of the doubt. Then, pictures like these are found.

Redneck mothers and fathers everywhere are having their dreams fulfilled. Who knew that redneck baby showers were so prominent today? Whether baby is a future redneck woman or a future member of the Dukes of Hazzard, these baby showers are fit for redneck royalty. From the themes to the food choices, it is hard to deny that these people are rednecks through and through. We have a feeling you will not be playing the standard baby shower games here.

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15 Only The Finest Foods For This Shower

Via: The Barn At Twin Oaks Ranch

Baby showers are generally food-based. Guests are able to enjoy a play on words for most foods, such as baby carrots and baby corn, while also enjoying standard party foods. Redneck showers are a little different. They stray away from the norm and get to enjoy foods like spray cheese and crackers.

While this may induce cringes from the “fancy” folk, rednecks get a kick out of this. They even refer to it as the fancy cheese. What better screams baby shower than cheese from an aerosol can? Not only do they get to enjoy this fine delicacy, but they also get to eat canned chili and beans. Why heat it up and serve it in a nice bowl when you can just take a plastic utensil to it and go to town?

14 Who Needs Onesies When You Have Wife Beaters?

Via: The Barn At Twin Oaks Ranch

Some standard décor at baby showers includes onesies hanging from a clothesline, diapers to decorate and baby bottles. At this shower, all of that went right out the window in favor of a staple redneck apparel item. Wife beaters were hung from a clothesline at this shower. There was no sign of a baby in sight at this shower. It looked as though there was a clothing line outside of a trailer or a broken-down house.

Wife beaters have become a standard clothing item for men who consider themselves redneck. While some people consider these undershirts, rednecks wear them on their fanciest of days. What better way to welcome a baby? The fact that they do not make wife beaters for babies is a travesty that someone needs to call Walmart about.

13 Beer Bongs And Babies

Via: Chron

Baby shower games are generally cute games that involve clothespins and baby dolls. This is not true for redneck baby showers, though. For the television show Redneck Island, a cast member called Tank found out his girlfriend was turning into his baby mama.

To celebrate his upcoming child, the cast threw him a baby shower. This baby shower featured beer bongs and funnels as their party games instead of any other cutesy ideas. Here, you see Tank holding two baby dolls while funneling a beer. Naturally, he did so shirtless, while the people in the background were either shirtless or donning wife beaters in true redneck form. He must be preparing for fatherhood. At least it does not appear that he dropped the babies while funneling his alcohol of choice.

12 Solo Cup Spangled Banner

Via: Baby Center

Decorating for a baby shower can be a lot of work. Some partiers plan based on the baby’s gender, while others plan based on the theme of the baby’s nursery. Then, there are rednecks. When planning a redneck baby shower, every element of the shower must be truly redneck, no matter how small the detail may seem.

Instead of getting a pennant banner with the baby-to-be’s name on it for this shower, the planner took a bunch of red solo cups and put the baby’s name on them and strung them from a window. Red solo cups have become synonymous with alcohol, for both college students and rednecks. We have to admit that this is a clever form of bunting that the party attendees must have gotten a kick out of.

11 Dress Code

Via: Baby Center

Some baby showers are afternoon teas that require fancy dresses and hats. The general assumption is that people should look presentable to welcome a new baby into the world. Then, there are the rednecks and their ways.

For this baby shower, a dress code was sent out to all of the attendees. Guests were expected to wear camouflage, plaid shirts with the arms cut off, anything with the American flag, trucker hats and overalls.

The dress code collage even included a picture of redneck comedian Larry the Cable Guy. If you have ever wondered why stores sell camo dresses, this is why. While non-redneck people may shudder, rednecks brought out their best camo and flag apparel to celebrate this new baby. Nothing says “’Merica” like red, white, blue and camouflage.

10 The Queen’s Cup

Via: Creative in Color

Every new mother and mother-to-be deserves to be treated like a queen. A baby shower is a perfect place to do this. Mom and baby get showered with love, attention, and presents. Some new moms get tiaras or sashes to wear during their baby shower. Rednecks do things a little different. This new mom was presented with a queen’s goblet of her own. It was a solo cup attached to a glass candlestick.

Nothing says fancy royalty like a solo cup goblet. It was a homemade gift as well. While the sentiment was there, we have so many questions. Is this reusable? And if so, how do you wash it? This redneck mom-to-be was able to live her day like the true rednecks do. We can only anticipate that the baby’s first bottle will be a modified solo cup as well.

9 Mason Jar Central

Via: The Vintage Texan

Mason jars are getting used more and more frequently in everyday life. Some people can redo them in very tasteful ways for weddings and showers. They have become incredibly trendy. However, they are a true redneck classic. This redneck shower decided to use as many mason jars as possible and put them down on wrinkled bandanas as décor. We can almost hear the banjos playing and smell the moonshine.

Interestingly enough, these mason jars did not seem to serve a purpose except to sit there empty. There were no flowers or lights in the mason jars that were used as centerpieces for this shower. Some of the jars even look like they were found out in the yard and feature a bit of wear and tear. Some call it rustic, we call it redneck.

8 Beer Baby Bottles

Via: Buzzfeed

More and more people are having their baby shower guests drink out of baby bottles. Some people find this to be cutesy and a great way of incorporating baby items into the décor of the shower. Generally, these are non-alcoholic drinks so the mom-to-be does not feel left out.

Rednecks do this a little differently. Rednecks have found a way to connect their beer to a baby bottle. They then have chugging contests to see who can finish their beer from a bottle the fastest.

The winner may get a prize, but they will definitely be a little buzzed. Beer and babies do not seem like a great combination, but rednecks are having fun with it. Why drink juice or water from the bottle when you can turn a baby shower into a drinking game tournament?

7 Oh, Deer Sweet Baby

Via: Pinterest

Gender reveal parties are becoming more and more popular with young parents. Some parents will wait until the baby shower to do the gender reveal. Some people reveal their baby’s gender with balloons or cake colors, while others come up with more quirky ways to introduce the new baby to the world.

Rednecks keep similar trends but add their own flair to it. Instead of having a cake that questions if the baby is a boy or a girl, they rephrased it to be buck or doe, the terms for male and female deer, respectively. The cake features camouflage on one side and pink flowers on the other. Whether the inside was pink or blue or camouflage is unknown. This little buck or doe is in for a real surprise once they are born.

6 ATVs Versus ABCs

Via: The Barn At Twin Oaks Ranch

The ABCs are associated with English-speaking babies from before they are born until they are children. It is considered an important part of their life and development into high-functioning adults. Rednecks may not practice the ABCs as often, but they do ride ATVs and tractors. This baby shower featured pictures of the pregnant mother looking down at her friends sitting on a tractor and friends riding ATVs around the camp.

These were not sparkling new pieces of equipment but worn down country-like vehicles used exclusively to add to the shower. Many country- and redneck-based songs boast about their tractors, trucks, and ATVs, making this a great addition to any redneck baby shower. These all tie back into farms, country, and hunting, which are all vital parts of redneck life.

5 Duck Dynasty... And Poop, Too!

Via: PTC

Pink and blue, pastel baby showers are considered way too normal for rednecks. Rednecks go big or go home and stick to their themes as close as they stick to religion. This lucky family had a Duck Dynasty baby shower, based on the hit television series. The shower featured a backdrop for people to take photos in front of as well as images of the cast of the television show.

Photo booths and picture backdrops are becoming a major trend in parties and are a way for the friends and family to help commemorate the event. There was a lot of camouflage, bandanas, duck corpses and beards at this baby shower. We can only hope that the longer the beard, the more luck for baby. Apparently, it’s on like Donkey Kong.

4 Toilet Games

Via: My Big Day

Games are a huge part of showers. They keep guests entertained while making the shower go by a little faster. Rednecks are professionals at coming up with unique games to keep guests entertained. At some showers, the main event is White Trash Horseshoes.

While traditional horseshoes use actual horseshoes, the redneck version is a little different. They use toilet seats, like the ones you see in public restrooms, in lieu of horseshoes. This game seems to get a lot of laughs, proving that even rednecks do not take themselves too seriously.

Hopefully, these toilet seats are all brand new. Guests do get competitive and want to be the best they can be, toilet seat and all. Winning is important, as bragging rights do not get old with rednecks.

3 The Conception Game

Via: Cooking With Jilly

This game looked like it was fake until we did research and saw it was a common redneck baby shower game. It is called The Conception Game, also known as How The Baby Was Made game. In this game, the party guests break up into teams of two.

One person gets a plunger to go between their legs, while the other gets a roll of toilet paper. Teams start off an equal distance away from each other and run towards their partner when they are told to go. The object of the game is to get the plunger handle into the roll of toilet paper. The first team to get the plunger into the roll conceives the baby first and wins. This game is one giant innuendo.

2 A Baby And Bacardi

Via: Confessions Of A SAHM

Go shorty, it’s your “birth day,” we gon’ sip Bacardi like it’s your “birth day.” Who knew 50 Cent lyrics were still so relevant? Alcohol and pregnancy do not mix for a variety of reasons. Everything that mom consumes, baby gets. This mom-to-be dressed in her finest attire, including a wife beater, and posed with a bottle of Bacardi at her baby shower. We hope that she saved the Bacardi for after she birthed the baby, also known as the birth day.

Although, the bottle did appear to be a little emptier after some of the photos were taken. The man in the diaper in the background adds an additional redneck, yet comical, factor to these pictures. This seemed to be the ultimate redneck shower. Even the friend is holding a beer.

1 Having A Baby Is A Hoot

Via: YouTube

Baby showers are primarily seen as a way to celebrate the mom-to-be and help make sure she is ready for the baby. Dads often feel left out of this shower and most males are not invited. Hooters decided to help solve this issue by allowing people to host diaper showers for dads-to-be at their restaurant.

Not only do all of the men get to stare at their waitresses, but they drink a lot of beer and play dumb games. Some rednecks even get the waitress involved and have them sign their diapers or play a bigger role in the shower. These showers can get really raunchy. Occasionally, the mom-to-be will join in on the fun. It does not get more redneck than Hooters. Reminds us of the scene from Big Daddy.

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