15 Pics Of Blac Chyna

I am going to give a shot at explaining WHO Blac Chyna is and why the heck she is even remotely famous.  Sit down and take notes..this will make your brain hurt.

Blac Chyna's real name is Angela Renee White.  Before she was all over our radar for her intertwining with the famous Kardashian clan, she was working the pole and doing some urban modeling.  She went on to star in rap videos when she landed an appearance in Tyga's Rack City.  It was here that she started down the rabbit hole that is everything Kardashian connected.

Here is your way weird Rise To Fame timeline:

Blac and rapper Tyga become a thing after meeting on set for his super classy video Rack City.

Blac and Kim become BFFs (this will cause some seriously awkwardness down the twisty road.)

Tyga and Blac have a baby and then break up.

Tyga and Kylie Jenner get all hot and heavy playing house...probably making it really weird for Kim K.

Blac and model Amber Rose decide to be new besties..which is really weird since Kim K. marries and pawns with Amber's ex boyfriend, rapper Kanye West.

Finally, Blac gets knocked up by Rob Kardashian because she literally can not stand not being part of Reality Royalty family.  They have the weirdest, rockiest, most jacked up union on television and finally break up after Blac gives birth to Dream Kardashian.  Yeah.  No one saw that break up coming.


Now everyone hates eachother...sometimes..,not really.  Who knows.

Here are fifteen images and backstories about Blac Chyna that the Kardashians really don't want the public seeing.  Kind of hard though when you thrive on putting your life on television guys.

15 How Does She Feed Her Kids?

There is no shortage of raunchy gossip surrounding the famed Kardashians. Just turn the pages of any entertainment magazine and you will find at least one Kardashian is possibly preggers, one has a new boy toy, one is getting divorced or breaking up with someone and one is transitioning to becoming a woman. They make a lot of noise those Kardashians, but you never hear about them stripping and shaking their stuff to the ground on sleazy rap videos. It kind of hurts to say good things about them because guys...I am no fan, but they are kind of squeaky clean compared to Blac Chyna. Blac falls right in line with the doozies that the Kardashians keep choosing as their partners. Scott is an immature drunk, Lamar is an addict and Blac was a stripping video vixen. It's hard to forget your terrible partner choices when you all can't seem to break the pattern.

14 The Endless Mug Shots

Here is one gem that the Kardashians would rather not be associated with... Blac Chyna's mug shot and police report. That's right, before she was procreating with celebs she was narrowly escaping a jail sentence. Back in 2008 Chyna got herself wrapped up in a fraud ring that scammed nearly 41k from a Maryland credit union. Angela withdrew large sums of money from various bank accounts, got caught and was charged with fraud. Although she didn't spend any time in the slammer, she did have to pay back fourteen thousand dollars in restitution. According to the police report Chyna went a bit batty when approached by officers, flailing and waving her arms around, screaming at the policemen and even trying to kick them. The Kardashians are no angels, but they also aren't the rowdy, law breaking kind of folks. This kind of behavior isn't exactly their jam.

13 Her Love-Hate Relationship With Aunt Kylie

The female Kardashians clearly aren't grudge holders and neither is Mama Chyna. So all hell broke loose when Chyna's ex, Tyga, got serious with little Kylie Listen, I can not blame the girl if she wanted to tear the extensions from the youngest Kardashian-Jenner's head. I would lose my mind if the father of my girls ran off with my friend's little sis. So clearly Blac was pissed over the whole thing. I mean this was HER pretend family first. She worked so hard to get in good with Kim and then this sh*t hits the fan! There was shade...big time shade. Kylie hated Blac, Blac hated everyone, everyone hates Kardashians, lots of hate going on. In the midst of the betrayal Tyga's gals post this pic to Instagram. What in the actual... Fast forward to the Blac/Rob drama and we are supposed to hate Chyna because she is clearly a fame-wh*re...but it's kinda hard to believe you all are on the outs when you snap these pics. These people. I need a nap.

12 Public Battle With Baby Daddy #1

Here we have rapper Tyga and Blac Chyna posing together back in the day. These two lovebirds made a happy little family along with their son King Cairo...but it didn't last for very long. Tyga wasn't sleeping alone for more than a second because underage Kylie Jenner was more than happy to warm his sheets. So much is wrong here. The Kardashian name will forever be associated with the strange love triangle that is Blac-Tyga -Kylie. I am imagining Kim's urgent text's now, "Hey sis, can you stop dating my best friend's baby daddy? It's super weird when we work out and then get our spray tans. Thanks!" Or "Hey Blac. Super sorry my teenage sister is playing house with the father of your son." Kylie and Tyga didn't stand the test of time, but had both them and Rob and Chyna made it that would have made for the ultimate Kardashian Christmas Card.

11 Yes... This Is Grandma

You see this lady? THIS my friends, is Blac Chyna's mom, the grandmother of the only baby with the Kardashian name. Now Kris Jenner is kind of an ass. The fame hungry mom-ager can grate on your nerves likes no other, but she is Mother-freaking-Teresa compared to Blac's mom. Get this, her name is Toyko Toni and she lives for making people want to scratch their eyes out at her countless scantily clad images and raw and accusatory interviews. Basically this chick is scum capitalizing on her B list celebrity daughter's fame. Can we all please imagine this woman and Kris Jenner and hell, maybe Caitlyn Jenner all sitting around having tea and then shopping on Rodeo drive. It's funny right? Look. This was never going to work out. Case and point: Grandma Toyko.

10 Public Battle With Baby Daddy #2

Last summer the only Kardashian bro went on a Twitter and Instagram rage exposing all sorts of nude photos and vile claims regarding his baby's mama. Chyna hiked it over to court and claimed that Rob had been both verbally and physically abusive towards her and that she feared for her safety. After hearing the mountain of drama surrounding these two gems the judge granted mama Blac a temporary restraining order against her ex. Needless to say this is not the type of attention the reality moguls want to be attracting. The Kardashians do a lot of unsavory things, but assault is not on their repertoire and it is definitely not good for their brand building empire. I bet Mama Kris swore a blue streak over this one.

9 Teaching Her Kids Good Values About Body Image

I'm not trying to shame the girl. She is thick, beautiful and has birthed two human beings. I don't want to slam her for her body. It is a hell of a lot more banging than mine is! Now with that said...this is not a Kardashian butt. I wonder if the famous fam has some kind of disclaimer saying that you can not even dream of becoming one of them unless you butt is on fleek. It wouldn't surprise me in the least. Anyways this is a family that has built an empire on butts. Kim's bottom is legendary. Kylie, Khloe and Kourtney all have derrieres that are perfectly round and don't sag a centimeter. Blac...girl...you can not be flaunting that butt as a Kardashian. Your butt is eating your bathing suit.

8 Did She Get Pregnant For Fame?

What the first family of reality would give not to be associated with the ex-stripper that has brought such chaos and drama to their family. Before Blac was almost Tyga's wife and then almost Rob's wife, she was an exotic dancer. In fact, that is how she met the Rack City singer, Tyga. She was dancing in a club and her giant back-end must have caught his attention. Soon after the two started making their rounds and going public as an item she fell in with the famous Kardashian clan and the rest is history. No matter what Blac does in the future, she will always be the ex-stripper who hooked up with the right rap star at the right time. I mean that is great luck Blac, but it's only going to take you so far in the long run. Your best chance at long term prosperity was to marry Rob, but you blew that up.

7 Stirring The Pot With Her Gal Pal Amber

The Kardashian clan most definitely doesn't want the public recalling this sleazy duo of exs. Yeah, that is Blac Chyna with her gal pal, model Amber Rose. These days Kim Kardashian only wants you remembering her as Kanye West's lady, she would much rather no one recall that back in the day her hubby used to get it on with this classless fool. Every time the paparazzi snaps some pics of these two ladies strutting down the street in clothes small enough to fit my kid's Barbie dolls, Kim and the public are reminded of Kanye's wilder days. That has to sting a little. I wouldn't want a constant social media reminder of my man's ex-lover running around town with my ex-best friend-turned family-member-by-baby. That said, I am sure Blac and Amber have LOTS to discuss.

6 Her Long List Of Potential Daddies

It has to be hard for Rob to see his ex-fiance getting cozy with a new man. Dream was barely out of the womb before her and Rob went to hell in a hand basket and Blac flew the golden coup, landing in the arms of singer Mechie. She made sure to post plenty of footage of the new couple in bed together and even let the good world of social media know that her new beau had tattooed her initials on his body. For a guy like Rob, who seemed desperately in love with Chyna, and who barely sees his only child post separation, and struggles with clinical depression already, this has to sting. I'm sure the Kardashians would pay big time just to make images like this disappear. No one wants to see their loved ones in pain.

5 The Never Ending Fashion Fails

It has to be physically painful for the first family of fashion to look at some of of Blac's clothing choices. Kardashian Incorporated prides itself on being at the forefront of fashion. They run their own lines of clothing, accessories and makeup, one is a fashion model, they own boutiques all across the United States and there is not a week that goes by where one of them doesn't land on the cover of a magazine. Being dressed to the nines is so important to Kim's hubby Kanye that he made sure her closet got an entire overhaul when he entered the picture. He practically begged Anna Wintour to out his then-fiance Kim on the cover of Vogue magazine. So all of this hard work to establish themselves as a family of fashion and here comes Blac.

4 Happier Times With Aunt Kimmie

Before Rob was procreating with Chyna and before Kylie was shacking up with Tyga, Kim and Chyna were the ultimate couple. These two besties couldn't get enough of each other for awhile there. They used to hit the gym together, take selfies of themselves around town and share pics on Instagram of their matching booties. Ah the good old days where all we had to talk about when it came to Kardashians was butts and whether they were fake or the real deal. I am sure the family would rather forget that famous Kim was ever linked to Blac. Once Kanye came along he tried to do a massive overhaul on his wifey's whole look and that look did not include associates like ex-strippers. Sorry Kimmy, you can't get rid of Blac that easily. She is like a case of Kardashian genital warts. She might go into remission, but she will pop back up when you least expect it.

3 Painful Reminders Of The Damage Done To Rob

So here is the bottom line: Robert Kardashian is a mess. Kim, Kourtney and Khloe are worth millions and all have successful brands and ventures to their names, Kendall is a sought after model, traveling the world and banking mad cash, and Kylie has her appearances, her cosmetics and whatever other sweet deals her mom-ager scores for her. Rob has a failing sock line, a weight problem and depression. I think it's safe to say that Rob got the short end of the golden, diamond-encrusted Kardashian stick. I am sure the clan would love to have the universe hate on the woman who helped bring even more bad publicity to their bro, but it's hard when the internet is full of images of happier times. Google Rob and Blac and countless pictures will appear of the two of them looking totally in love. Pictures like this make it hard for us all to hate on her.

2 The Good And Bad Times

It wasn't so long ago Blac and the gang were as thick as a Kardashian bootie. Here is an image of her and her built in family cutting loose and hanging out. Now clearing life has gone south for Blac and I am sure her ex's family would like nothing less than to forget times like this even existed. The thing is B. Chyna was really intertwined with Rob, Kim and the clan and it makes it hard for us all hate on her. The girl might be a gold digger but seriously...like you all didn't know that before she got a baby on your bro. Remember mama Kris and company, it wasn't so long ago that you were all chillin', snapping cute pics like this and playing one big happy family. The gal just isn't gonna lie down and die guys. She is a scrapper and I doubt there is anyone else on the planet who wants to be a Kardashian more than this gal.

1 The Ultimate Violation

Following Rob's alleged social media "revenge porn" against his ex-fiance, Blac and her lawyer went on air with their side of things doing an ABC interview. Oh how the Kardashians must have just loved that one. While Blac made sure to play the victim as best she could, it didn't go unnoticed by the ABC correspondent that B. Chyna most likely violated a non-disclosure agreement put in place by her ex's famous family. Apparently to appear on any Kardashian related television shows, Angela had to sign off swearing that she “[Chyna] shall not at any time disclose, publicly or privately, any information which is in any way, fashion or manner related to, associated with or connected to the Kardashian family/Jenner family/Disick family/West family and/or their personal relationships, their business activities, plans, operations, finances or employees,” Oh boy.

Honourable Mention: The Tattoo She Instantly Regretted

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