15 Pics Of Brie Bella Pregnant

Can Brie Bella exist without Nikki Bella? The Bella Twins couldn't be more different from each other and although Nikki is the older twin by 16 minutes, Brie is actually the first to get married and have a child.

Despite initially not making the 2006 WWE Diva Search cut, the Bella Twins developed a unique storyline tailored around their identical appearances. While Brie made her official debut in the ring with a rivalry against Victoria and Natalya, she would roll under the ring towards the middle of the math when she would get hurt, only to have Nikki re-appear and start kicking butt. A few matches later, both Victoria and Natalya tried to pull Brie from under the ring, only to pull both twins out, revealing their secret.

The Bella Twins are iconic to the world of WWE and although they have briefly returned for the 25th anniversary of Raw recently, they both announced that they would be taking a break from wrestling, but it likely won't be long until their both back. It's almost for certain that both of their hiatuses are motivated by their desires to start a family. While Nikki has been engaged to John Cena since April 2017, Brie married  Bryan Danielson in April 2014 and gave birth to their first child in May 2017.

Talking about motherhood, Brie Bella has said: "It has always been a dream of mine to become a mother. Now that it is finally real, it fills me up with so much happiness.”

Here are 15 pictures of Brie Bella pregnant (and five bonus ones) because we just can't get over how great she looked!

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15 Already 10lbs Gained At 13 Weeks

It's hard to believe that looking as fantastic as she does pregnant, Brie would have gained 10lbs at just 13 weeks. Women who have already been pregnant once or multiple times before usually start showing very quickly, so it's definitely a little rarer for a first-time mom like Brie to have already gained 10lbs. Anything is possible though and it especially goes to show that whether you were already fit or not beforehand is not a predictor towards the size of the belly.

A couple of weeks later, 19-weeks pregnant Brie posted a video entitled: "99 problems and Brie Bella's belly is one (fashion dilemma!)". She lamented that the really hard thing about being pregnant is: "your clothes!" More specifically, that "everything stops fitting", especially with her breasts getting bigger, leaving her shirts sitting higher up and her belly exposed. She even revealed a space in her closet where she has been throwing clothes that don't fit into anymore. That's a brilliant idea given how upsetting it can be to try to find something that fits to wear. At least by storing it away, it helps to have it out of sight, out of mind.

14 Peek-A-Boo Belly

To celebrate 100,000 subscribers on YouTube, Brie thanked their Bella Army in a very unique way. After a couple of words about the Bella Twins' gratefulness towards their fans, Brie said: "Honestly, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. And you know actually, the bottom of my heart, that kind of means the top of my belly, which means there's no better way to say thank you, than wait for it..."

Proceeding to undo her bathrobe, she added: "Don't worry I'm not naked", revealing the words: "Thank You" written on her belly. She concluded: "From my pregnant belly to all of you, thank you."

What's interesting to note is that they had created their YouTube channel just eight days before that! Brie's pregnancy probably spurred fans to subscribe quicker, especially given that they had already posted over 30 videos between the two of them in that short time frame.

13 They Got To Find Out Early

If you look closely at the picture, right by Brie and Bryan's, there are tons of tiny golden and pink sparkles, which she had used to reveal the gender! The funny part is that although they seemingly did a gender reveal and even posted a video about it, they definitively knew as early as 12 weeks, since she even said something about it in an earlier video when they thought that they would get a fourth ultrasound, only to end up being disappointed that it was just a regular check-up. It's possible that since they found out very early, that they just wanted to make sure later on as well.

On finding out the gender, Brie said: "When I found out it was a girl I actually got really emotional," Brie tells E! News. "I have such an amazing relationship with my mom and I think, wow, I'm going to have that with my daughter. Also as a woman I now have my own blood to follow my legacy. It's such a special feeling! My mini me!"

Bryan also added: "I'm so excited we're having a little girl. I'm sure that, just like her mother, she's going to steal my heart." Awh, definite #relationshipgoals! ?

12 Fitness Freak Throughout

All throughout her pregnancy, Brie stayed very active, even posting a video of herself climbing a mountain at 17 weeks pregnant... okay, it was actually hiking, but she did caption the video as "Brie climbs a mountain"! As she walked, she commented that with hiking "you really burn a lot of calories and it feels so good and it's the best way to start your day." She's absolutely right about that, but realistically, thinking about calories should have been the least of her worries during her pregnancy. By the time she reached halfway up the mountain, she was already very out of breath, which is another major pregnancy symptom that always needs to get factored in when doing any sort of physical activity during pregnancy. Some women can hardly walk around a grocery store without having to sit down a couple of times!

Still, we can definitely commend her for sticking to her workout regime. It was undoubtedly altered, but it's still amazing that she didn't lose focus. In fact, she kept hitting the trail well past 20 weeks pregnant.

11 One Sweet Mama-To-Be

But what would Brie eat on a typical day of pregnancy? In a YouTube video, she confided that since she dropped drinking coffee, she would start off every morning having an entire banana instead. She would then follow up with either an egg burrito or yogurt and granola, but from the way she talks about her meals, it's clear that even during pregnancy, she was still very nutritionally minded. With regards to the granola, she explained to viewers that she would also add yogurt and flaxseed, ensuring that she'd have lots of protein throughout the day. However, she also added: "I definitely indulge and cheat and have some fun meals, but overall I try to be very healthy."

For lunch, she would have a rice bowl with tofu and broccoli, followed by a healthy protein bar as her afternoon snack. For dinner, she showed off a huge plate of edamame pasta, reminding fans again that she was mindful of her protein intake. Her food choices are definitely a great inspiration, especially since it's clear that they worked for her!

10 The Other Pics Are NSFW

How pretty does Brie look in her maternity picture? Admittedly, she looks stunning in every single picture taken of her, but there is something particularly special about this cute moment between her and hubby while showcasing the belly. From this same photo shoot, there were actually a few more very NSFW pictures. These can easily be found online, but let's just say that the white bra is gone in those pics and she's barely managing to cover her breasts, but they're all iconic maternity pictures.

Just a couple of weeks prior to their photo shoot, Brie and Bryan had shared their top favorite baby names from a list that included quite a few weird possibilities: Brooklyn, Bella-Rose, Blanche, Blyth, Bry-Line, Brigitte, Bryn, Briella, Belissa, Bolona, Brayden, Branche, Basil, Bailey, Birdie, Briyana, Bria and Bali. Ultimately, they ended up going with the name Birdie Joe Danielson.

9 Throwback To Her Mommy

It pays to have good genetics! If it weren't for the older-looking picture, it would have been easy to mistake the picture on the right as being Brie, but it's actually her mom! Despite taken a couple of decades apart, the two's bellies look absolutely identical.

Speaking of identical, it can be easy to forget given that they are two different people after all, but their mom would have indeed been carrying both Brie and Nikki in that picture. Even more impressive when you consider the fact that there are twins in there, isn't it? For her part, Brie was only carrying one little baby girl, but the pictures had to have been taken at different stages of their respective pregnancies. Twins or not, there is no denying that both bellies look incredible.

Here's another "before and after" sort of pic...?

8 Not Always The Best Maternity Fashion Choices

Even as early as 14 weeks, Brie confided that her twin sister Nikki was very ashamed of her maternity clothes. "I had to go shopping, so my sister would approve of my London clothes." The London reference was because the twins were in London at the moment, with Brie adding that Nikki had looked up London clothes for pregnant women. As for Nikki's response to Brie's woes, she sarcastically replied: "Oh my gosh, poor Brie."

Hate to say it, but Brie should have probably enlisted her sister's help in fashion more regularly during her pregnancy. Shopping for maternity clothes is never easy, but she could have for sure opted for better dresses than those ones. The left one was the one she chose to wore to her baby showers, while the green one on the right was from a quick picture at 38 weeks. Her fashion choices weren't too terrible all in all, but these two, along with a couple of other bohemian dresses that she wore in her third trimester should have definitely stayed on the rack back at the store.

7 Can You Touch Your Toes?

She even went skating at about 21 weeks, so it's clear that she doesn't let anything get in the way of what she wants to do. At the time of her ice skating trip, she had even admitted: "I'm pregnant and I probably shouldn't be on the rink". That's very true indeed because no matter how experienced you are, anything can happen. Luckily all went well and not too surprisingly, she was even still doing pre-natal yoga at 38 weeks!

The funny part is that the day that they got their 20-week ultrasound to measure the baby and check that everything was alright, she was apparently in a "yoga pose when [they] first looked at her" or as Bryan added "in a Jujitsu pose". Brie also chuckled: "she's already wrestling in the womb" -- not too surprising given that both of them are wrestlers!

6 Growing Troubles

Just one week prior, she had modeled her latest "maternity" outfit in a YouTube video. Saying she wasn't "too big on maternity clothes", so she grabbed some regular bell-bottom pants, undid the top and made them into maternity pants.

Given that she wasn't too big on maternity clothes, then there's a good chance that she simply threw her old pre-pregnancy pajamas on for the picture. We're certainly not complaining, especially since Brie looks absolutely amazing, whether pregnant or not. When posting the picture, she added the caption: "Love seeing my belly button starting to stick out!!" Her comment certainly shows just how comfortable she was with her pregnant body since most pregnant women worry a lot about their belly buttons popping out. It's totally normal, but it's enough to make even the most self-confident woman feel self-conscious. Funnily enough, her twin sister Nikki was actually completely grossed out by her popped out belly button when the third trimester came.

5 Getting Into The Holiday Cheer

She explained in a video that she and Bryan love both Christmas and Santa, centering their tree's decoration son all of their favorite things. If you look closer, you can indeed see a couple of Santa ornaments, along with picture ornaments of the two of them together.

Another one of Brie Bella's every year traditions is to donate toys to a child in need through Christmas Angel Trees at the mall. Shortly after, she posted another video describing the surreal moment that her baby started kicking, that it was just "wow, mind-blowing." Already at 20 weeks, she was saying that she couldn’t believe how big she had gotten and at that point, she was only halfway through! Naturally, she did indeed get even bigger and shared some pretty awesome pictures of her “big” belly…

4 Ready To Go

Torn between doing something "really cute" or "neutral", it looks like she eventually settled on the latter. The print above her head in the picture on the left read "In a field of roses, she is a wildflower", which is quite fitting since they ended up going with the name Birdie for their little one.

Wonder if she used any mascara on her hair for this picture? A couple of weeks into her second trimester, Brie had shared her favorite life hack to getting rid of grey hairs. Since she didn't want to dye her hair while pregnant, she resorted instead to a brilliant beauty secret shared with her by wrestler Mark Henry: "mascara on the greys". All things considered, her greys were barely even visible on video, but she nonetheless showed how she uses mascara to covering them up before running errands. She also shared the funny story that "one time Bryan kissed [her] kissed mascara and had it all over his face."

3 She Removed The Top After

Wouldn't you be glowing if you had just taken a Babymoon nearly exactly a month ago and are just a couple of weeks away from 40 weeks? At the time of taking this beautiful picture, Brie would have already been a couple of weeks into her third trimester and although she initially felt slightly self-conscious at showing off her bare bump, she embraced it in all its glory by about 22 weeks.

Turns out that her Christmas pic with her exposed belly was her first full-fledged bare belly pic. Prior to that, all of her pictures consisted of a covered up belly or a barely showing any skin belly. This picture in particular though is particularly beautiful. She’s wearing a top in this one, but there is also another pic on her Instagram where she took off her top.

Top or no top, there’s no denying that the woman is on fire in all of her pics! ?

2 Defying Gravity

Giving fans major pregnant belly envy, Brie shared these pictures of herself, where she clearly looked absolutely incredible even while heavily pregnant.

Maybe her amazing-looking baby bump can be attributed to how she and Bryan cure themselves when they're feeling under the weather. At 22 weeks pregnant, she had posted a video of the two of them visiting a doctor to "get d up". Slightly controversial for sure, but she explained: "getting my vitamins and minerals put in me, I'm feeling a lot better today but this will make me feel really good." She just getting the mineral IV treatment, but Bryan had been getting a different treatment where his blood was taken "put in a pouch" and then oxygen was added to it, passed through an ultraviolet machine and then put back in his body.

1 Baby Envy At 41 Weeks

It's hard enough to patiently get to 36 weeks, but to then have to wonder every single minute of every single day if "today is going to be the day" makes the wait until 40 weeks feel even more agonizingly long than it truly is. With that said, being overdue is tenfold worse as evidenced by this pic that she took just one week before finally giving birth. She had caption it: "Best distraction to make the day go by fast!!! We are both rooting her cousin Birdie on to come this weekend!!"

Speaking of kisses, Brie and Bryan had reminisced in a video about their first kiss a couple of years before: "We had our first kiss outside my sister's condo in San Diego after a Smackdown show". It's kind of really sweet that it happened right outside her twin sister's place!

After 21 hours of labor and one week late, Birdie Joe Joe Danielson was finally born on May 9, 2017.

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