15 Pics Of Celebs Still Hot AF While Pregnant

Being pregnant is a lot of hard work and most of the time, it isn’t very enjoyable. First of all there is the most obvious change, gaining weight. Normal weight gain is around 20-30 lbs but sometimes people can gain up to 80 lbs while they’re pregnant. Then there is the constant need to pee, the heartburn, appendages in the ribs, morning sickness, and the list can literally go on and on.

Needless to say, pregnancy doesn’t always make a person feel like they look amazing. But sometimes there are those people that just look amazing while they’re pregnant. It usually makes everyone wonder how they can look that good while they are growing another life inside of them!

However, these pictures are all of celebrities. And it’s no secret that celebrities can afford to have other people dote on them hand and foot. They have people to help them do their hair and makeup. They have people to help them workout during their entire pregnancy. They even have people to pick out clothes for them. Although they are growing a baby inside of them like every other pregnant woman so they should probably be cut a little slack. It doesn’t matter if you are a celebrity or not if you look that good while pregnant.

15 Mila Jovovich - Retouched Or Not

15 Celeb Pics That Make You Question How It Is Even Possible To Look That Good While Pregnant

Mila Jovovich is a famous celebrity and mom of two children. She is most known for her action movies and science fiction films. She has appeared in movies such as “The Fifth Element”, “The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc”, as well all seven of the “Resident Evil” movies, with the last one being released in 2017. According to Forbes, she was even the highest paid model in the world in 2014.

She is one of those natural beauties, and pregnancy was no different for her. When looking at her from the neck up, you can’t tell she’s pregnant at all. It seems as though all the weight has gone to the growing baby. Although this picture might be photoshopped, okay it most definitely has been retouched, she still looks amazing and seems so happy during her pregnancy.

14 Scarlett Johansson - Still Hollywood's Sexiest

15 Celeb Pics That Make You Question How It Is Even Possible To Look That Good While Pregnant

Scarlett Johansson is known for being one of Hollywood’s sexiest celebrities. She is an amazing actress. Some of her movies include “The Island”, “The Prestige”, “He's Just Not That Into You”, “Lucy”, and “The Jungle Book”. She is also known as portraying the Marvel Comics character, Black Widow, since 2008. And these are only a few of her accomplishments as the list goes on and on.

Most importantly, she is a mom to a little girl. Pregnancy definitely suits her well, and it appears as though she hasn’t lost her title of one of Hollywood’s sexiest celebrities. When I was pregnant, I feel like the only things that got bigger were the things I didn’t want to grow! On the other hand, it seems as though Scarlett Johansson is only bigger in her belly and her boobs.

13 Mila Kunis - Hot And Sweaty Baseball Game

celebs that make you wonder how it's possible to look that good pregnant

Mila Kunis has two children with her husband, Ashton Kutcher. Her first major role was in the television series “That 70’s Show” as Jackie Burkhart. Since then she has appeared in many movies including “Forgetting Sarah Marshall”, “Max Payne”, “Friends with Benefits”, “Oz the Great and Powerful”, and “Black Swan”. On top of being an actress, she is a mom who talks openly about the ups and downs of motherhood.

She is also gorgeous. Have you ever been to a baseball game? It’s usually hot and sweaty and games usually last at least three hours. I don’t even look that good at a baseball game when I’m not pregnant. And Mila Kunis looks amazing and surprisingly happy despite being hot and sitting on those hard chairs. I would be uncomfortable, sweaty, and my hair would definitely be put up in a very messy bun, but not in the cute way.

12 Kelly Rowland - Must Be The Meditation

15 Celeb Pics That Make You Question How It Is Even Possible To Look That Good While Pregnant

Kelly Rowland is a mom to one son. She even released her first book, “Whoa, Baby!: A Guide for New Moms Who Feel Overwhelmed and Freaked Out.” However, you may know her most because of her role in the popular band, Destiny’s child. Yup, the one that also included Beyonce. Destiny’s Child is actually one of the world’s best selling girl groups, ever. But she wasn’t part of that group forever. She eventually went out on her own and produced a couple solo albums. One of her popular songs include “Dilemma” which she sang with Nelly. She even did a little acting and was part of a couple movies including “Freddy vs Jason” and “The Seat Filler”.

Here is a picture of Kelly Rowland working out, while pregnant. I barely managed to get myself up in the morning, let alone work out. And seriously how does she look that good working out? I don’t even look that good when I’m not pregnant and working out. Keep up with the meditation, Kelly. It’s working for you.

11 Camilla Luddington - Little Black Dress

Pregnant or not, Camilla Luddington looks absolutely amazing in this picture. I wouldn’t be caught dead in anything tight and black, especially when I’m pregnant. Yet Camilla is rocking it and looking drop dead gorgeous as ever. Hey, if I looked at good as she did while wearing it, I would be sporting a little black outfit every day of pregnancy. Keep looking amazing Camilla.

Camilla Luddington is an actress. She was the voice of Lara Croft for the video game Tomb Raider in 2013 and she also was the voice of Lara Croft in the sequel, Rise of the Tomb Raider, in 2015. However, she is probably most know as Jo Wilson from the ABC drama Grey’s Anatomy. Other roles include Catherine Middleton in the Lifetime film William & Kate: The Movie.

10 Angelina Jolie - She Does It All

Angeline Jolie is one of those actresses who does it all. She acts and produces. She has received both an Academy Award and several Golden Globe Awards. She has even been noted as one of Hollywood’s highest paid actresses. On top of all of that, she is also known for her humanitarian efforts. Some of her movies include "Girl Interrupted", "Lara Croft: Tomb Raider", "Mr. & Mrs. Smith", "Wanted", "Salt", and "Changeling".

Even being as busy as she is, Jolie still has the time for her six children. Three of her children were adopted internationally. She is also known for being exceptionally beautiful, and it seems as though pregnancy only enhances that reputation. Her boobs are bigger, her lips are bigger and she looks absolutely amazing. I know she has stylists to help her, but Jolie still has a natural beauty that is hard to deny.

9 Kourtney Kardashian - All Natural

15 Celeb Pics That Make You Question How It Is Even Possible To Look That Good While Pregnant

Kourtney Kardashian is one of those celebrities who dabbles in a lot of different areas. It’s hard to figure out why she became so famous in the first place. She is a business woman, model, and television personality. She has several clothing collections and fragrances and has even written a book. She is probably most known for her reality TV shows, "Keeping Up with the Kardashians", "Kourtney and Khloé Take Miami" and "Kourtney and Kim Take New York".

Another thing Kourtney is known for is for being beautiful. And being pregnant doesn’t change that fact at all. She currently has three children, but doesn't look like she's had any! Kourtney likes to eat clean which includes being gluten free and eating only organic foods. Maybe that’s why she always looks so amazing!

8 Jenna Dewan Tatum - Hanging Out With A Panda

15 Celeb Pics That Make You Question How It Is Even Possible To Look That Good While Pregnant

Jenna Dewan Tatum started off as a professional dancer. She first appeared in Janet Jackson’s music video which then led to further opportunities to work with other dancers including Pink, Missy Elliott, and Christina Aguilera. Jenna then stepped into acting. She is most known for her role on the movie "Step Up", where she was able to combine her dancing and acting skills. Most recently she was announced as the host for the TV show, World of Dance which includes judge Jennifer Lopez.

It was on the set of Step Up where she met her husband, Channing Tatum. They now have one daughter together. Jenna is one of those women who seriously looked even better when she was pregnant. How perfect is this picture? She’s just hanging out on the couch, playing with a stuffed panda bear and she looks amazing!

7 Kate Hudson - Rocking The Midriff

Kate Hudson always looks so free and as if she’s just having the time of her life. She’s gorgeous and pretty much perfect. And seriously, who else could rock this outfit while pregnant? She is looking amazing while rocking the midriff and on me it would seem as though I was wearing something too small for me. Like I’m trying to make it through my pregnancy without buying any extra clothes. However she looks absolutely amazing.

She is also an extremely talented actress. She has won a Golden Globe Award and has been nominated for an Academy Award. Some of her films include "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days", "Raising Helen", "The Skeleton Key", "You, Me and Dupree", "Fool's Gold", and "Bride Wars". Keep looking amazing Kate Hudson.

6 Beyonce - She Can Pull It Off

15 Celeb Pics That Make You Question How It Is Even Possible To Look That Good While Pregnant

I mean how could we have this list and not include the Queen, Beyonce. I’m not sure that anyone has ever seen a bad picture of Beyonce, and being pregnant didn’t change that. While I will admit that Beyonce looks amazing pretty much all the time, who else could pull off this look? The crown thing she is wearing would look good on absolutely no one else, and yet she looks amazing. It definitely makes me wonder how anyone can look that good while pregnant.

Beyonce may as well be the one of the celebrities that literally everyone knows. She was once in the band Destiny’s Child and eventually went on to do her own solo work. Some of her songs include “Baby Boy", "Irreplaceable", and of course no one can ever forget, “Single Ladies.”

5 Emily Blunt - Sophisticated Beauty

15 Celeb Pics That Make You Question How It Is Even Possible To Look That Good While Pregnant

Emily Blunt always looks so sophisticated and relaxed in photos. She is a British actress who has been in quite a few movies that you probably recognize. Some of them include "The Young Victoria", "The Adjustment Bureau", "Edge of Tomorrow", "The Huntsman: Winter's War", and "The Girl on the Train". And then there is my personal favorite, "The Devil Wears Prada".

Emily is married to actor John Krasinski and together they have two daughters. I love listening to Emily talk about motherhood as it seems she is down to earth and tries to make light of difficult situations. This picture of Emily Blunt is absolutely amazing, and I can’t even believe she’s pregnant. She probably has photoshop and professional makeup artists working with her, but I still think she is such a beautiful pregnant woman!

4 Blake Lively - C'mon Really?

15 Celeb Pics That Make You Question How It Is Even Possible To Look That Good While Pregnant

This list would obviously not be complete without Blake Lively. Her fashion is always on point and she looks perfect in every photograph. Her most famous role was probably that of Serena Van Der Woodsen in the CW series "Gossip Girl" for over five years. Although she is also very well known for her role in "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants". Some of her other films include "Accepted", "The Private Lives of Pippa Lee", "The Town", "Green Lantern", "The Age of Adaline", and "The Shallows".

Every time I see a picture of Blake Lively I utter something along the lines of, “c'mon, really??!!” But when she is super pregnant and still as beautiful as ever, I can’t help but wonder how she does it. I wouldn’t have been caught dead in a tiny black dress when I was pregnant, but I didn’t look as good as Blake did.

3 Olivia Wilde - Free Spirit

15 Celeb Pics That Make You Question How It Is Even Possible To Look That Good While Pregnant

If you don’t who Olivia Wilde is, she is probably best known for her role as Thirteen on the TV series "House" for five years. Some of her other films include "Alpha Dog", "Tron: Legacy", "Cowboys & Aliens", "Her", "Drinking Buddies", and "Rush". She is in a relationship with actor Jason Sudeikis and they have two children together.

I don’t know Olivia Wilde personally, obviously, but sometimes there are things you can tell from pictures. She seems like she is a little bit of a free spirit. Maybe that’s why I love this picture so much and thinks she looks absolutely amazing. This picture makes her seem so free and happy. Let’s not forget the part of the pictures where she is wearing a bikini while pregnant and looking absolutely amazing.

2 Kim Kardashian - Curvy In All The Right Places

15 Celeb Pics That Make You Question How It Is Even Possible To Look That Good While Pregnant

Of course Kim Kardashian had to make this list. Whether you love her or hate her, she sure has hired some great people to make her look amazing. She is the star of the long time running E! Network reality TV show, "Keeping Up With The Kardashians". That show has led her to countless other opportunities and she now dabbles in a little bit of everything. She is the epitome of being famous for being famous. No one really know why exactly she’s famous but she keeps gaining fame as the years go on.

She is also the mother of two children, and rumors of a third on the way via surrogate. Kim is naturally a curvy woman, and she just got curvier as her pregnancy progressed. Lucky for her, those curves were in all the right places — her boobs and butt.

1 Chrissy Teigen - It's Literally Her Job

15 Celeb Pics That Make You Question How It Is Even Possible To Look That Good While Pregnant

Topping off this list is Chrissy Teigen, another celebrity that people love to hate. Teigen started off as a model, and now does a couple different things. After marrying John Legend, she became more of a household name. They currently have one daughter together.

Teigen has to be one of Hollywood’s most criticized moms. People just love to talk about her. It’s usually anything from her using IVF to conceive or how she bounced back so quickly after pregnancy. She also looked absolutely amazing while pregnant. I mean who has the energy to make homemade cinnamon rolls while they’re pregnant, let alone looking amazing doing it? While Chrissy looked amazing during her whole pregnancy and did bounce back incredibly fast, she likes to remind people that it’s her job. People always look at celebrities and think they need to look like them, but it’s a good reminder to everyone that looking good is literally their job, and they have a lot of help doing it.

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