14Another Nursery In The 1950s

early 1950s

This baby nursery was at the Saint Joseph Hospital in Burbank, California in the 1950s. It is not known when in the 1950s this picture was taken, but you can see how much things have changed. The style of the bassinets was most definitely different, and very likely unsafe by

today's standards. These babies were receiving plenty of great care from these nurses who made sure that they wore masks at all times.

It is hard to know how large this nursery really is since this picture was taken in one section, however, my impression is that this nursery was small and was probably meant for babies that were born without complications or who have improved if they were born with complications or if they were premature. There are no incubators seen in this area. It is a strange thought to think that one of your parents (or even grandparents) was in a setting just like this!

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