15The NICU In The Early 1950s

early 1950s preemies

Here is a baby nursery at a hospital in the early 1950s, or the NICU, as it was called. You can see right here how the nurses were treating the preemies, and all the preemies had to immediately be kept in incubators, being monitored carefully by nurses, like you see happening

right here. This was mostly used to administer large amounts of oxygen to preemies in order to help their lungs develop as well as to keep them warm and clean.

However, by the end of the 1950s, it was discovered that there was a tie to blindness and heavy oxygen therapy. Too much oxygen caused retinopathy which led to blindness. An example of this happening was the fact that Stevie Wonder was born at 34 weeks in 1950, and that is why he is blind. This treatment ended up stopping by then and they had found that premature babies were doing well on smaller amounts of oxygen without it leading to blindness. Thankfully, technology has come a long way because this kind of issue rarely happens nowadays with other amazing types of therapy around to treat preemies.

early 1950s
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