15 Pics Of How Jay Z And Beyonce Treat Their Kids

Beyonce and Jay-Z are easily a power couple. Absolutely everyone knows who they are. They are in the spotlight as two of the biggest artists in the world. The pair has three children, Blue Ivy, age 6, and twins, a boy and a girl, Sir and Rumi, who will turn one in June (can you believe it, they are almost one?!).

Clearly, these two Grammy award-winning singers have their hands full. But, we are all left to wonder, how do these celebrities treat their little ones? When it comes to Beyonce and Jay-Z, they are not ashamed to show their devotion as parents. They have even brought Blue Ivy to award shows. It seems this couple may be a bit more involved in their kids’ lives than other similar celebrity parents.

Let’s face it, Beyonce and Jay-Z can really do whatever they want. They have the power and the monetary means to really raise their kids any way they want. However, pictures show us that Beyonce and Jay-Z truly enjoy being parents, and spend some really good quality time with their kids. It looks like they do treat their kids quite well, and that this well-known family of five seems quite happy, too.

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15 All About Flower Power

If there is one thing about Beyonce, it appears that she really does enjoy being a mom. We often see her out with her first-born daughter, Blue Ivy. Do we see lots of nannies and assistants and stuff traveling around?

While they are likely around to help, we do not seem to see Blue Ivy hanging with a nanny all the time. She seems to really spend lots of time, and quality time at that, with her mama.

Beyonce is such a superstar, there is no denying that. It is nice to see that she bonds with her daughter, instead of just throwing her kids to a nanny. Beyonce’s eyes are always glowing when she is with Blue Ivy. Just like this photo, they are clearly having some flower power fun while truly bonding as mother and daughter. They must be at some kind of event, maybe even a fancy event.

One major thing about Beyonce as a mom is that she is not afraid or embarrassed to bring her daughter to events that she attends, whether they are award shows or anything, really, which we think is quite awesome. It does not matter to mama B if there are no other kids there or not, if she wants Blue Ivy there, Blue Ivy gets to be there.

14 Playing With Daddy

Via: Popsugar

Just like his award-winning wife, Beyonce, Jay-Z also seems to really enjoy being a parent. Who would have guessed that Beyonce and Jay-Z would end up with an adorable little family who they just adore- and are also very involved with?! You do not see that quite often with celebrities, especially celebrities like these two singers and superstars who are staying in the spotlight. It is incredible, Beyonce and Jay-Z really can do it all.

It is so nice to see Jay-Z bonding with his daughter. You can tell too that he is not doing it just for the camera or just to make it seem like he is a devoted dad. He really is. He loves his kids with all his heart. Any picture you see with him and Blue Ivy has him giving her his full attention. He has a smile on his face that shows it all, Jay-Z, the singer/rapper, really loves playing the role of daddy. This candid shot shows it all. He is enjoying some quality playtime with his sweet daughter, as he bends down to let her run into her arms. All little girls know, there is really nothing better than that.

13 Capturing That Incredible Bond

Lots of mamas love nothing more than to see the father of their children having incredible bonding moments with their children. To see an interactive dad who wants to be in the life of his child is so wonderful and so important. It is very clear that Jay-Z falls into this category of being a seriously devoted dad to his three children, Blue Ivy, who is six years old, and his twins, Rumi and Sir, who are almost one.

This photo captures so much: we see Jay-Z taking Blue Ivy down to the water, as Beyonce looks on. First of all, they look like they are in paradise. But, perhaps more importantly, we see firsthand how incredible Beyonce and Jay-Z are as parents. Jay-Z is ready and willing to share so much with his daughter, it is so sweet and amazing. And Beyonce is clearly in heaven watching her husband and child bond together, as we see her attempting to capture those sweet moments on film.

Hey, they even take their own photos.

Beyonce and Jay-Z are certainly parents who are all in when it comes to their kids. They are raising their own kids and are making lots of memories as a family.

12 Happiest Mom In The World

Many of us have been fans of Beyonce for as long as we can remember. We have grown up listening to her sing with Destiny’s Child and then go for her own solo career, which has put her at the top of the charts for a long time. Beyonce has grown along with many of us. From performing as a single lady (pun intended) to now a married mom with three children, she is like us in so many ways. Of course, obviously, she is not like us in lots of ways, since most of us aren’t famous artists with Grammy awards lining our shelves. But, you get it. Beyonce is living, well, a family life while also maintaining a career. That is lots of mothers out there, are we right or what?

It is clear that Beyonce really loves being a mom. You can just tell by the look on her face. Sure, she is a lady who knows how to work the camera, we all know that. But, you can really tell when a smile is genuine or not. And with this photo, Beyonce has the same smile we all have when we are overjoyed to be a mama.

11 All About The Fun

We know what you are thinking: we wish we could play in the yard with our kids in that outfit too -- let's face it, she does have an amazing mom bod! Laughing or crying aside, the look on Beyonce’s face is better than any written word. Go ahead, look at her face.

Her entire face is lit up. That is a mama who is having fun with her child. Like, real fun.

Not just trying to have fun when you really want to just sit and have a cup of coffee or a glass of wine. Hmm, maybe that’s why she has such an amazing mom bod?

Blue Ivy, seen at the bottom of the pic, was younger when this photo was taken, maybe she was around three or four, which proves that Beyonce has always had a ton of fun being a mom. No matter what photo she is in, if she is playing with Blue Ivy, she has a smile on her face. We know how much kids love bubbles, and this photo makes it look like mom is having more fun than the kid. Makes you want to get a bubble gun and run outside on a hot summer day, huh?

10 Going On Lots Of Adventures

Let’s face it, when you are a power couple like Jay-Z and Beyonce, you can really do whatever it is that you want to. Want to go on vacation? No problem, you can. Want to go on a vacation far away in a private jet and take along some people who can help out? Sure, that is easy for the likes of Jay-Z and Beyonce. Their life may be vastly different than ours in so many ways, yet, it might also be vastly similar in lots of ways, especially when it comes to being devoted parents.

Celebrities often cruise around on extravagant trips with a boatload of people in their entourage. Our favorite Grammy-winning singer duo are likely no different. However, now that they have three kids, it seems like they might be slightly different than their celebrity counterparts. Jay-Z and Beyonce seem to really take control of this thing called parenting, and although they likely, and can easily afford, lots of help in the form of nannies and babysitters, we see that the pair work as a mom and dad just like the rest of us. On fun trips (or even business trips.) they are right by their kids’ sides.

9 Proud To Be A Family

These photos were obviously taken without Beyonce’s knowledge, but in a way, they show us a glimpse into the private life of the fabulously famous singer. Here she is, with no makeup on, her hair up, holding her newborn baby. While, of course, we all wish we could look like Beyonce after having a baby, it is a bit comforting to know that she, well, kind of looks like some of us. She has tired eyes, and do we see a non-flat, typical Beyonce belly there, too? Maybe. Just maybe.

We also see that Beyonce is like so many of us in that her mom comes to help with the baby, or in this case, babies, since it is Beyonce’s twins, Rumi and Sir who are in these photographs.

Remember how desperate we were all acting to see just a quick peek at those twins? Mama bear Beyonce is fiercely protective over her young ones, just like so many of us. And they all are bonding as three generations. It is nice that Beyonce opts to have her family help her out, instead of hiring lots of help to do it all for her. We bet Grandma is having so much fun with those cutie pies, and gives Beyonce some much needed breaks.

8 The Best Big Sis

Via: Just Jared

Beyonce and Jay-Z seem to be doing this parenting thing a-okay. They may in fact be a great set of a mommy and daddy, as we see with Blue Ivy. Is Blue Ivy, who is six years old now, ever seen having a meltdown or crazy temper tantrum? No, not really. Sure, she might be photographed looking like she is in a bad mood, such as the ultra funny Grammy situation that made headlines not long ago. But, Blue Ivy is kept away from the public eye for the most part. Beyonce and Jay-Z do like to have some semblance of privacy it appears, and good for them.

Blue Ivy is a big sister, going on almost a year now. She is a big sis to a little brother and a little sister, with her twin siblings, Rumi and Sir. Those two are also kept away from the public’s view as much as possible. She seems like a sweet little girl who is also full of talent. Well, with parents like superstars Jay-Z and Beyonce, you are definitely going to get some good genes. Did you know that Blue Ivy as guest sung on some of her mom’s songs? She has.

7 Like Mommy, Like Daughter

Blue Ivy and mama Beyonce are like two peas in a pod. They are best friends. The apple does not fall far from the tree when it comes to Blue Ivy. Beyonce has even stated, along with her mother, Tina Knowles, that Blue Ivy really is a spitting image of Beyonce when she was young. Not only are they basically twinsies, but Blue Ivy has inherited some true talent from both of her parents, which is obviously no surprise.

Blue Ivy loves to perform, even though she often appears a bit reserved and shy when out in public in front of all that paparazzi (well, who wouldn’t feel that way?).

However, Blue Ivy can sing, and she can dance. She has added to some of her mom’s tracks, such as the song Blue, you can hear her cute toddler voice at the end of the song. Blue Ivy also starred in the music video for that song as well. She also lent her voice to the beginning of her dad’s song, Legacy, where she is heard saying, “Daddy, what’s a will?” You can certainly bet that as Blue Ivy gets older, we are going to hear a lot more of her beautiful voice.

6 Super Awesome Halloween

You might have thought you had a great idea for Halloween, and then you saw what the Carter family came up with on everyone’s favorite dress up holiday. Beyonce, Jay-Z, and their cutie pie daughter, Blue Ivy, designed a truly awesome Halloween costume, which, let’s face it, puts our ideas to shame. While many may think that dressing up as a Barbie or Ken doll on Halloween is lame, Beyonce and her family totally slayed this idea and made it actually really cool and awesome.

Okay, so it certainly helps that Beyonce has a Barbie kind of body (maybe even better than Barbie’s body.). They really went the extra mile by putting themselves in boxes and posing as if they were truly the dolls themselves. You can certainly guess that Blue Ivy is a huge fan of Barbie, and that is why her parents wanted to make that Halloween one of a kind. All we know is that we would totally buy that Beyonce Barbie any day. And maybe Ken too, sure, why not? We just wish we could see the look on Blue Ivy’s face when she saw her mommy and daddy all dressed up in their Halloween costumes, that reaction must have been priceless.

5 Quality Time But In Style

Jay-Z and Beyonce want their kids to be very well rounded. They should have a good education but also be involved with the arts and sports, too. This is why they see no harm or problem with bringing Blue Ivy to some professional basketball games. From what we have seen of Blue Ivy, she is a very well behaved little girl. She takes interest in her surroundings and behaves quite nicely in any situation she is put in. That’s not easily said for other kids her age. You really have to attribute many of Blue Ivy’s traits to the way her parents are raising her. Beyonce and Jay-Z should be, and likely are, very proud of the young lady Blue Ivy is becoming.

We love this photo of the family of three. They are all very engaged in what is happening in the game. It even appears as if Beyonce is explaining what is going on to Blue Ivy.

Blue Ivy just seems totally mesmerized, as well, she is having a great time, well, who wouldn’t, right? Now, we are sure Blue Ivy might be thinking, hey, guys (or gals, it might have been a WNBA game), pass me the ball.

4 The Sweetest Relationship

What an adorable photo of Blue Ivy with her dad, Jay-Z. He really seems to enjoy being a dad, and Blue Ivy is his world. His eyes glisten whenever he is with her, playing and just having those vital father-daughter moments. Blue Ivy is one lucky girl that is for sure. Of course, she may feel differently when she becomes a teenager, we can bet that Jay-Z is going to be one very overprotective kind of dad.

The Carter family was attending some kind of formal event when this photo was captured. Blue Ivy was a bit younger than she is today, and from the look on her face, she may have been a little bit overwhelmed with the festivities. Lucky for her, her dear old dad stepped in to make her feel better, and you can tell she is loving the attention she is receiving from him as they do a little dance on the dance floor. Blue Ivy does not have to worry when her daddy is around, Jay-Z will always take care of that sweet little girl of his. Just look how absolutely cute Blue Ivy is all dressed up with a bun on her hair -- simply adorable!

3 Having Great Friends

When you are the likes of a superstar like Beyonce, you know lots of famous people. Beyonce may keep as private of a life as she is able to, but that does not stop her from mingling with fellow singers, such as the one and only Mariah Carey. Beyonce and Mariah have a few things in common, including being mamas to some totally adorable kiddos. They certainly have bonded over that, as we see in this pic, those kids are likely having lots of fun as their moms discuss everything from Grammy awards to bedtime routines to celeb guy crushes and everything in between.

Mariah Carey’s cutie pie twins, named Moroccan and Monroe, are just about the same age as Blue Ivy. No wonder these two celeb moms like to hang out together.

They can gossip about other moms as the kids play together. Who knew that Beyonce and Mariah would end up mom friends? Of course, this photo looks like it was taken at some sort of event. Unless Mariah usually dresses that way on play dates, you never know. All those kids, along with another little girl, are just so cute.

2 Working As A Team

When it comes to raising kids, it is not easy to do it alone. So many moms do, though, that is for sure. Luckily for Beyonce, her husband, Jay-Z, is super involved with his kids, from the very beginning too. Jay-Z has been a devoted dad since day one, and continues to give all three of his adorable children tons of love and attention.

The family chooses to remain out of the spotlight as much as possible. They do not flaunt their children. They like their privacy, as much as they can get anyway. They cannot always get away from the cameras. The thing is, Beyonce and Jay-Z are often photographed being like real parents. They are seen, such as in these pics, carrying their kids, feeding their kids, playing with them, buying kid stuff, and just being present in their lives. They could have hired a team of nannies to do all of that, but they wanted to do it themselves. These two really wanted to be parents and actually do the job of it. We think they are doing a pretty good job too. No one could have imagined the kind of parents Jay-Z and Beyonce would become, and really, they are like a model mom and dad in all the things they do with and for their cool kids.

1 A Family In Heaven - And They Love To Show It Off

We’ve said it before- Beyonce and Jay-Z truly enjoy being parents. Beyonce is over the moon being a mom and Jay-Z is beyond thrilled to be a dad. They bring their daughter Blue Ivy to many events, never excluding her or leaving her with a nanny. They want to spend time with her and expose her to the life that they know, even if it includes bringing her to award shows and other events that nobody ever brings their kids to.

That doesn’t bother them though, they know how precious and well behaved Blue Ivy is, and no one can argue against that.

You see the looks on their face and the light in their eyes when they are with their kids. They are really and truly happy. Because of this, because they had kids because they wanted to, not just because they thought they should, they are good parents. They are not like other celebrities who just pop out a few kids and immediately hand them over to a nanny. Nope, not mama Beyonce and dada Jay-Z, those two are in it to win it. So, what do you think? Do you think they change diapers too? We bet they do.

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