15 Pics Of Jinger Duggar Breaking Her Family's Rules

Much of Jinger Duggar’s life has been shown to the world by various TV programs. Her family is well known for the amount of children they have had and their strict Christian values, which seem at odds with the modern world.

From 2015 Jinger appeared in Counting On, and this show has charted her relationship with her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, a born again Christian pastor according to Wikipedia.

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar raised their nineteen children in Arkansas and are devout Baptists. They instilled their strong moral values upon their children and raised them according to their beliefs.

Jinger has been seen as something of a rebel. It may seem tame to most modern women, but she bucked the trend of her family by touching and hugging her husband and by moving away from the clothes that her parents had encouraged her to wear.

In the Duggar household, the father dictates what happens and what his daughters do. When Jinger married, that mantle passed to her husband and he seems to have a much more lenient view of Jinger’s appropriate behavior and attire.

This has led Jinger to break many of the rules that her parents set for her.

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15 When She Wore Pants

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It may seem like no big deal, but for Jinger Duggar to wear pants is totally against the rules of her upbringing. Her parents, devout Christians, have strict rules that they expect their children to follow. These include not wearing pants. Her parents believe it is a sin for women to wear pants, in case it tempts men according to The Hollywood Gossip.

However, Jinger has defied these rules and has been photographed wearing the banned clothing. She posted several pictures of herself on social media in the two-legged garments, and since her marriage to Pastor Jeremy Vuolo, her fashion sense has positively rocketed.

The Duggar family have strict views about men having the final word on their women’s wardrobe. Since Jinger and Jeremy married, it is reported that her husband doesn’t mind seeing his wife in trousers. He still believes a woman can dress modestly in a skirt or trousers. Lucky for Jinger. However, he doesn’t agree in overtly sexual clothing for women, so Jinger had better take note.

There is a belief system among the Duggar family, which dictates that the father controls his daughters, then passes to their husbands when the girls marry. Presumably, Jeremy has more lenient views that Jinger’s father on a lady’s attire.

14 And Put On A Pair Of Shorts!

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So wearing trousers is one thing, but shock, horror, Jinger Duggar even wear shorts. Marriage has certainly liberated Jinger’s wardrobe, and she has been seen, out and about with her husband, in shorts. They were hardly hot pants, but still, considering the upbringing Jinger had, it’s a pretty rebellious move.

Jinger’s mother believes it is appropriate for her daughters to wear feminine clothes. She has been quoted as saying that The Lord has told her this is the right thing to do.

Her parents are undoubtedly strict and conservative when it comes to bringing up children. Jinger seems to be doing things her way, especially since her marriage to Jeremy.

Jinger’s life is now supposedly ‘ruled’ by her husband. According to the principles her parents adhere to, if Jeremy says shorts are ok, then shorts are ok.

Jinger’s parents did not believe that a woman should wear a two-legged garment. They see it as immodest and inappropriate for their daughters to wear anything other than skirts or dresses.

Jinger moved to Texas with her husband. The temperatures there can be very hot, so shorts seem like a practical option. However, it must have taken a lot of thought and consideration for Jinger to break out and wear even knee length shorts.

13 When She Got A Tattoo

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When Jinger got together with Jeremy, it seemed like a perfect match. The clean living pastor was an ideal choice for Christian devotee Jinger, surely? However, it has been revealed that Jeremy has a somewhat murky past compared to his wife. Whilst Jinger has adhered to her parents’ strict Christian rules for most of her life, Jeremy admits to drinking in his past life. He even got arrested once.

Shockingly, Jeremy has a tattoo on his arm. It is reported to be a Bible verse, but even so, it is very much opposed to the rules of the Duggar household. Jeremy did have a somewhat wild past, but since his rebirth into the Christian faith, he has become a new man according to In Touch Weekly. Other members of the Duggar family have admitted to having tattoos, albeit religiously inspired. There is speculation that Jinger herself has succumbed to the permanent ink, and has a tattoo of her own.

Apparently, the Duggar family’s opposition to tattoos or body piercing stems from a Biblical verse.

There is a passage in the Bible that they believe should be taken literally. This says that no permanent mark or tattoo should be made on the body.

12 When She Gave Jeremy A Front Hug Before Marriage

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So, it’s established that the Duggars have very strict courtship rules. Couples need to be chaperoned on dates (and phone calls), and no physical contact is allowed, apart from a side hug or chaste hand holding.

Jinger Duggar and her fiancé, Jeremy Vuolo, ignored this rule. Jeremy commented that the couple were affectionate people, and that they often made spontaneous physical gestures towards each other. They hugged, they touched, and Jeremy asserted that as long as it didn’t lead to anything ‘impure’ it was fine with them.

Jeremy said on camera that he and Jinger planned to save the ‘physical’ aspects of a couple’s relationship until marriage. Jinger added that they had their own rules and would see how things developed in a natural way.

Although this may seem completely normal for an average couple, this free spirited thinking is totally opposite to her parents’ beliefs, which state that no physical contact should occur, other than the side hugging and hand holding. It seems that Jinger and Jeremy are forging their own path here too.

They were photographed giving each other a full front hug, and appeared on television doing the same. Jinger’s father seemed very concerned that this might have happened. The couple were seen hugging and with their arms around each other in many poses. It seems Jinger is now looking to Jeremy as to what is appropriate in courtship.

11 When She Wore High Heels

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Jinger and Jeremy celebrated their first Christmas together in his native Texas. They released a beautiful photo on social media to show their happiness at the festive season. However, Jinger was wearing high heels in the picture. She looked delightful, and modest by any other standards, but by Duggar standards, it was shocking in the extreme.

Jinger also wore the banned items when she flew to a Christian conference with her husband. She wore a delightful maternity outfit and teamed it with some gorgeous heels.

Jinger delighted fans by sporting high heels on other pregnancy outings too. Her husband posted pictures of the couple on social media with Jinger looking happy and pregnant in trousers and some conservative heels. Jeremy seemed to endorse his wife’s choice of footwear completely, as he posed with his arm round her looking proud as punch.

Fans even compared Jinger’s stylish look to that of the style icon, Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, according to Inquisitr.com. Jinger has loved a pair of pregnancy heels. When she and her husband had a gender reveal party to announce that they were expecting a girl, Jinger wore a polka dot maternity dress teamed with some stylish high heeled shoes.

10 And A Short-Sleeved Top

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As already mentioned, Jinger’s upbringing involved a strict code on dress. She was brought up to wear modest, feminine dresses and skirts and to cover as much flesh as possible to avoid tempting men. Long sleeves were the norm and shoes were kept flat.

However, since leaving the family fold and marrying pastor Jeremy, Jinger has loosened the rules on her wardrobe. She has been seen wearing a much wider range of clothes, including short sleeved tops.

She has worn short-sleeved dresses and tops in many of the photos that she and her husband have posted on social media. As Jeremey now has the final say on what his wife wears, it appears that he does not have a problem with the world seeing his wife’s arms.

It might seem ridiculous to those of us who have had no major wardrobe rules in our lives. However, to Jinger, it represents a breaking out of her parents’ hold and a statement of freedom and of adherence to a new set of codes. Although she is still, in theory, bound by what her husband believes appropriate, Jinger appears to be conservatively bucking the family trend and the world loves it.

9 When She Got Intimate Before Marriage

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The Duggar family rules surrounding courtship are strict by modern standards. Couples who are courting should be chaperoned, and no physical contact should occur other than a chaste side hug. Jinger’s mother even accompanied her daughter on the date when Jeremy proposed.

Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo took a slightly more modern approach to their courtship. On the TV series which chronicles the Duggar’s life, Jinger’s mother hinted that she thought Jinger and Jeremy had more than a side hug, according to The Hollywood Gossip. Michelle Duggar was asked if she thought that more than hand holding had gone on and she seemed to indicate that she thought it had. However, with the strictness of the Duggar rules being what they are, this could have been a front hug rather than a side hug!

Jinger herself seemed to confirm that nothing too untoward had gone on. She was quoted as saying she wanted to save her first kiss for the wedding day. She said that she and Jeremy were developing other aspects of their relationship until marriage and that she seemed happy to do so. Jeremy seemed to concur, at least on camera.

8 And Didn’t Get Pregnant Despite Being Married For A Year

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One element of the Duggar family’s conservative beliefs, steers their children away from contraception. Jinger and Jeremy were married for more than a year before they announced they were expecting a baby. This led some to assume that the couple were defying the Duggars’ rules and were using birth control.

Jinger’s mother, who famously has nineteen children, has been quoted as saying that she believes that the decision as to how many children a couple will have should be left to God. The family, therefore, opposes any contraception.

Could it be that Jinger and Jeremy have ignored this rule and chosen to plan their family in their own way? During the early months of their marriage, it was clear that the couple shared many romantic moments and enjoyed their newfound closeness.

Premarital sex is scorned in the Duggar household, and for modern couples, this is a rarity. However, there have been rumors that some of Jinger Duggar’s relatives have flouted this rule. Other Duggar clan members have conceived babies quickly after marriage. However, Jinger and Jeremy seem to be the exception to that rule.

While it is clearly none of our business what Jinger and Jeremy got up to in their early months together, the fact that Jinger’s pregnancy was not announced until fourteen months after their marriage, led to some speculation.

7 When She Relocated Away From Her Family

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While the Duggars grew up and live in Arkansas, Jinger has rebelled from her family by moving away from the family homestead. Most of her siblings stayed close to the nest when they married, but when Jeremy had the chance of a ministry in Texas, he took it and Jinger went too.

Jinger had spoken on TV about her desire to live in a city and to move away from her childhood home. Her dream became reality after her marriage, when she and Jeremy moved to Laredo, Texas.

Jinger’s parents seemed to tolerate rather than endorse the move. After all, in Duggar land the husband takes over ‘control’ of his wife once the father has relinquished her to marriage.

Jeremy’s career seems to dominate the couple’s movements. They moved to Texas so that Jeremy could take a job there. He shared on social media how his dream job was in Scotland. Recently he was accepted to study at a theological college in Los Angeles. Could California be the next home for the Duggar-Vuolos?

Jinger seems to be happy wherever Jeremy is and Jeremy is reported to be a fan of the west coast of America.

6 When She Wore Leggings

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Trousers and shorts are forbidden by the Duggar household. Women are meant to dress in a modest and feminine way. Jinger has broken this rule by wearing trousers and shorts and since her marriage and move to Texas, she has even been seen wearing leggings.

During a surprise visit by her sister and her family, Jinger shocked fans by posing for a photograph in the close fitting two legged garments. She wore a chaste dark dress over the top, but even so, this is something that would have been unthinkable before her marriage.

Further shocks were in store. Jinger and Jeremy frolicked in snowy Texas over their first married Christmas and shared pictures with their social media followers. Jinger looked carefree and happy as she romped around the snow in another pair of leggings.

A few months after their marriage, Jeremy posted a picture of his wife looking beautiful on a bench. Nothing shocking there. However, UK News Yahoo! reported that Jinger was wearing a purple floral dress over what looked suspiciously like jeggings! Oh, the horror!

Fans adored Jinger’s look and praised her for her bravery in breaking away from her parents’ reins. They admired her look and commented on how happy and relaxed she appeared to be.

5 Mini Skirts On Mini Skirts

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Jinger’s relationship with her husband has revolutionised her wardrobe. She is now seen regularly in trousers, short sleeved tops and even short skirts. Her dress sense may seem demure by conventional standards, but each little deviation from her family’s strict guidelines, shows Jinger and Jeremy making a new set of rules for themselves.

The happy couple walked hand in hand to a game of tennis, with Jinger wearing a short black skirt. While she lived with her parents, Jinger was bound by their sartorial rules, and had to wear long skirts or dresses. It seems her husband has no such qualms about his wife’s legs being seen by the public. Jinger even wore the shocking item on her TV show, and Jeremy has preached about the suitability of a variety of clothing for married ladies.

Once Jinger announced her pregnancy, her hemlines got shorter. She was seen in a variety of delightful maternity outfits, and some of them had knee length hemlines or shorter. The Ashleys Celebrity Round Up commented on how stylish Jinger looked. Other followers of Jinger’s social media posts focused on how happy the pregnant Jinger seemed. Her hemlines may have risen, but so has her mood it would seem.

4 Not Using A Car Seat For Her Nephew

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In the Duggar household, there are always plenty of children around. Michelle Duggar and her husband Jim-Bob have nineteen of them, as their TV show proudly announces. No surprise then, that siblings are expected to help out around the home and with the youngsters.

This seems to be a theme that has continued into the next generation. As the Duggar girls reproduce, their sisters help out when they can.

Jinger offered support to her brother Josh and his wife Anna, when their son Michael needed a ride. She accompanied her nephew on a shopping trip, and he had enough and fell asleep. Jinger put him to sleep in the back seat of her car and posted it on social media.

However, Jinger fell into a nest of vipers, as commenters were quick to point out that she was flouting Arkansas law.

Children under 60 lbs. and under five need to be fully restrained in a car seat to comply with local legislation. We didn’t see a picture of Jinger driving the car while her nephew, Michael was unrestrained, but it didn’t stop social media from going into meltdown over the incident.

3 When She Chose Fitted Maternity Wear

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Pregnancy seemed to suit Jinger Duggar. She looked radiant and beautiful in the photos she shared on social media, as she prepared for the birth of her baby girl.

She flew in the face of Duggar convention by sporting short sleeves, and knee length skirts and her maternity wardrobe was positively racy by Duggar standards, especially as she dared to wear high heels!

However, the new arbiter of her wardrobe, husband Jeremy, seemed delighted with how his wife looked. Jinger beamed with confidence as she wore a tight fitting maternity dress on social media. She sported a number of knee length maternity dresses, notably a lacy number teamed with high heels.

Fans praised her look, saying that she was brave to break away from the traditional long flowing garments that categorized her youth.

During her pregnancy, she made cute references to the baby’s size, referencing fruit and vegetables. Pictures on social media showed her standing next to a chalkboard cataloging the number of weeks’ gestation and a picture of the relevant food stuff. In these pictures, Jinger is seen wearing close fitting garments that would no doubt have her mother reaching for the smelling salts.

2 She’s Become More Independent

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There seems to be little doubt that marriage and pregnancy suit Jinger Duggar-Vuolo. She seems confident, happy and radiant in the pictures and films of her and her husband.

However, the footage of Mrs. Vuolo is in sharp contrast to the upbringing she had in her Arkansas childhood home, as Pop Culture reminds us. The long skirts and dresses have been replaced by short skirts, trousers and short sleeves. She is wearing make up and voicing her opinion more.

She has moved away from the family to Texas with her husband. She seems to be delighted to follow him wherever he goes.

In contrast to her siblings who have remained mostly close to the Duggar home, Jinger has spoken about her desire to study and to live in a city. Since her wedding, she seems much more like a ‘normal,’ albeit somewhat conservative girl of her generation.

She and Jeremy had fourteen months of married bliss before Jinger became pregnant. While this may have been due to nature, debate raged as to whether or not the couple had ‘chosen’ to remain childless for this time to enjoy precious moments together as a duo. It really isn’t anyone’s business, but if they used birth control it contradicts her parent’s beliefs.

1 When She Wore Sports Gear While Playing Tennis

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Jinger Duggar had the strictest, most conservative of upbringings. Her family of nineteen siblings were ruled by her parents’ conventions. What she wore, who she saw and what she did were closely regulated.

No wonder then, that marriage to a more lenient man than her father, has allowed Jinger to blossom. Coming from a home where swimming costumes were regarded as inappropriate, Jinger must have felt like a child in a candy store when she was ‘allowed’ to express herself more through her dress.

Her skirt lengths rose, she wore trousers and she even showed her arms.

On a trip to play tennis with her husband, Jinger showed her new freedom in a short sleeved top and short tennis skirt. Her parents would not have approved, but Jinger’s husband and her fans thought she looked amazing, according to The Stir Café Mom.com. In an episode of her show, Counting On, Jinger was happy to let the world see her knees as she prepared to get sporty with her husband. Her choice of clothes may seem completely sensible to most women, but her parents would not have allowed that outfit while she was under their roof.

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