15 Pics Of Kylie Jenner Rocking Motherhood Better Than Her Sisters

The notorious Kardashian sisters are known for rocking all sorts of things. They rule the tabloids, own the fashion world, and rock various business realms.  In recent years the ladies have extended their rule into the wonderful world of parenthood. Yep! Aside from Kendall all of the Kardashian ladies can now add "mother" to their ever-growing resume.

Little Kylie recently welcomed her first daughter into the famous clan along with her rap-tastic boyfriend Travis Scott. After nine long months of playing a little "is she or isn't she" with the universe, we all were let in on the little secret that Kylie and her family had been keeping all to themselves.

The 20-year-old mogul is in fact a mother now and from the looks of things she has taken to parenthood much like she has taken to everything else in her life. Kylie is absolutely slaying this motherhood thing. While all of her older sisters are mothers too, it is Kylie who seems to be moving through this new chapter of life effortless and flawlessly. She looks amazing, is in a stable relationship and continues to watch her mega businesses bloom. Congrats to Kylie.

Go on with your bad self little Mama!

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15 Celebrating Stormi's One Month Anniversary

Kylie let us all in on sharing baby Stormi's "one month on this planet" anniversary. She is such a giver that Kylie. Both her and Travis look so at peace with their new roles as mom and dad and while the majority of us are walking around like drunken zombies during those first few weeks, Ky and Trav are nothing short of serene. It's truly like they were destined for parenthood. They celebrated the momentous occasion with a sweet tweet and even sweeter words.

According to E Online, Kylie captioned this image, "My angel baby." Travis made sure to express his joy and love by titling his, "My lil' mama is one month old today. Wearing her favorite unit of course." (Baby Stormi was wearing an adorable sweater with her fav guy's title on it...Daddy of course!)

Kylie followed this image up with a Snapchat video of the flowers her baby daddy sent her to show his love and appreciation for his woman and the four weeks that they had been through thus far. Sources close to the young mommy say that this time with her baby is truly the happiest time in Kylie's life and being a mother is what she is truly meant to do with her life.

14 Life Really Is A Beach

Kylie and her man are wasting no time making some quality family memories together with their new baby girl. The pair whisked Baby S. off to the Bahamas for some rest and relaxation in the sun and surf for Travis's 26th birthday. While these two could have easily jetted off to some remote location, like Bora Bora, or a turned up place like Las Vegas, they instead sprung for a more family oriented trip with their tiny princess and a few close friends.

Honestly if Kylie and Travis every want to consider adopting a 36-year-old woman as an addition to their family, I would be happy to volunteer. Of course, Kylie made sure to flaunt her killer post-baby body while on their trip and make us all more than a bit jealous with how wondrously curvaceous she has managed to become in a few short months. (Just for comparison-sake my oldest child is 11 and I am still not back down to my pre-pregnancy size.) These young parents seem to have their priorities on point, regardless of what the haters might have to say about them.

They are successful in their own right, devoted to their family and enjoying this parenting journey!

13 Mom And Dad Are Stronger Than Ever

Kylie and her boyfriend Travis Scott have certainly had a whirlwind relationship, especially when compared to the long-term relationship that she had with her ex-boyfriend Tyga. The pair has been together for only 13 months, so they truly never made it past the initial getting-to-know-one-another stage before Kylie fell preggers. Normally this type of relationship is pretty much destined to fail and the deck is definitely stacked against these new parents.

They are young, they both have massive careers pulling them in different directions, they are battling sleep deprivation, emotional highs and lows and living life in the public eye. Somehow even with all of these factors that seem destined to tear the couple down, they appear to be only thriving.

Sources claim that the two new parents are better than ever and feel bonded for life.

Travis is proving to be a doting dad, helping out during the nights and making sure he spoils his baby's mama whenever he can. Kylie is thankful for his help and his love and is completely over the moon for this family that they built in the blink of an eye. Of course, the couple has a long way to go and will surely weather some serious storms in the future, but thus far they seem to be beating the odds.

12 Date Nights Are A Must

While Kylie and Travis Scott seem happiest when they are home enjoying life with Baby Stormi, the two seem to also recognize that making time for one another is also pretty important in a relationship. The young parents never had a lot of time to publicly enjoy each other's company before Kylie got pregnant. Once they realized a baby was on its way they made sure to stay far from the public eye. This meant no more romantic meals at upscale restaurants, romantic getaways or attending their beloved basketball games.

Now that Stormi is a few months old though the two have occasionally been spotted out and about. Here they attended a Houston Rockets game in Travis's hometown of Houston. They also made it a point to check out the Coachella Festival prior to hanging courtside. On May 7th they pair got really jazzed up to attend the infamous MET Gala hand in hand. Kylie and Travis looked happy and healthy as they donned all black to make their first red carpet appearance together since welcoming their daughter into the world. People can hate on Kylie all they want, but I'm just going to say it: her little family is adorable as can be.

11 Handling Mom-Haters Like A Boss

All of the Kardashians, Kylie included, are pretty accustomed to the sad world of mom-shaming. For every great parenting move that they make, there are at least one hundred minor parenting blips that the public catches and publicly shames them over. Normally these fairly common "mom fails" are things we all do every day, but women like Kim, Khloe, Kourtney and now Kylie, get put through the ringer by haters everywhere.

Kylie seems to be handling Haterville with nothing but strength, grace, and class. This is no small feat for a new mother to have to conquer, especially with those hormones surging through one's body. RHONJ's Dina Manzo took to Twitter to mom shame the heck out of Kylie for choosing to be a young mother, and yes I said "Choose."

Duh, not every 20 year old out there will have the privileged pregnancy and ample emotional and financial support that Kylie has been blessed with, but if that isn't common sense to people then that is the true problem here, not Kylie's decision to be a 20-year-old mother. The lady is young, but she is an adult, she is in a committed relationship with a financially stable man and she is a mogul in her own right. We think Kylie has made a decision that suits her best and thus far she is handling this transition in life like a true boss lady.

10 All Hail The Bounce Back Queen

Shortly after little Stormi was born Kylie took to her trusty Instagram account and snapped this steamy selfie in honor of Women's Day. According to PopCulture, Kylie purposely looked plain as a Kardashian can, and let it all hang out in very little (yet completely flawless) face make up and a simple white tee shirt. Kylie is already serving as an example for her very young daughter that they female is a powerful force by celebrating a day that is designed to honor women's accomplishments and strive for better equality measures.

Her little girl will grow up watching her mother make oodles of money by running her own business and brand. While there were plenty of haters out there that voiced their opinions on Kylie's picture, saying that she should be doing a lot more than selling make up to support women's issues, plenty of people were fans of the image.

In fact, within only 20 minutes the picture rounded up over one million likes.

Regardless of your feelings about Kylie and her famous-for-little-reason sisters, the kid has managed to build one heck of an empire all before she can legally pop that champagne and celebrate. Kylie is reportedly worth a whopping fifty million dollars, according to Time.

9 Getting Fit And Fab

Oh to be a young mother. Kylie doesn't know how good she has it. She is youthful enough to bounce back from pregnancy like a boss and rich enough to pay a trainer to help her shave off the last of the baby weight. Kylie doesn't seem to have the same issues with losing the baby weight as her older sister Kim did after carrying Nori. Kylie reportedly only gained thirty-five to forty pounds during her pregnancy with Stormi and is already well on her way back to her rocking bod.

The new mommy has been following a strict diet laid out by sister Kim, who knows a thing or two about this whole weight dropping thing. With new eating habits and big sister acting as coach, Kylie managed to lose 25 of those forty pounds all within the first 10 days post birth, this according to OK Magazine! Thinking back to my first pregnancy I think I lost seven pounds during those first few weeks and six of those belonged to the actual baby!

Aside from sticking to around 1500 calories a day and nixing all carbs and sugary snacks, Kylie has the luxury of a trainer to help her safely work out so soon after giving birth. Geez. I thought I was a bada** managing to waddle down to the mailbox during my first weeks of motherhood!

8 A Hands-On Approach

Since Stormi came home with momma and papa, sources claim that Kylie Jenner is all about being a hands-on mommy. Her primary focus since Stormi's birth has been to be a loving, hands-on mother to Stormi, and she is enjoying every moment of is. When she was initially photographed stepping out minus baby after giving birth, it was only to get to the office where she runs her make up empire, and then right back home to be with her baby.

Kris has reportedly been a huge support in helping to take care of baby Stormi and spends as much time as possible with her daughter and the new edition. While Kylie was adamant in her pregnancy that she would not be hiring any outside help to care for Stormi, she has since changed her tune. Newborns are a heaping load of work and nights are nothing if not exhausting. Kylie did end up hiring a nighttime nurse to help with those 3 am wake up calls. She and her man Travis are full time working folks and Kylie certainly needs to catch up on some shut-eye if she is going to juggle motherhood as well as a million dollar business.

7 Keeping A Low Profile

The Kardashian ladies love to be the center of attention. Kim, Khloe and Kourtney never let motherhood get in the way of what they were always best at, which is making headlines and being photographed out and about. Kylie seems to be paving a very different path through during her first few months of parenthood.

We are so used to seeing this girl blowing up social media with countless selfies and stepping out to be photographed at various events in town, but now that she is a mommy she seems to have turned over a new priority leaf. No longer is it important for Kylie to be seen by everyone and anyone, her daughter's privacy has trumped all of that. This 20-year-old new parent stayed super mum throughout her pregnancy and is continuing to lay low for the time being.

Here she was photographed making a quick Starbucks run with her best gal pal Jordyn Woods, which was only the second time the world caught a peek of her after delivering Baby Stormi.

Unlike her sisters, Kylie is keeping this chapter of her life as private as possible.

This is her and Travis's journey and they aren't interested in over-exposing their little family.

6 But Always Rolling In Style... Of Course!

If this image doesn't scream "Slaying motherhood so freaking hard" then I don't know what does. The picture that Jenner snapped and uploaded to Instagram for us all to gaze upon looks more like something that you would see in a high end fashion magazine as opposed to real life, but real life it is...Kylie Jenner's real life!

Mama Kylie took her little darling out for a stroll through L.A. and was looking nothing but fresh and Fendi-fab. While we all rock the Grayco strollers and some Old Navy sweats in those initial months of motherhood, Kylie dressed from her head to toe in the designer Fendi duds with a matching Fendi stroller to boot. Some might roll their eyes at the young mom claiming that she is outrageous and over the top with her mom-style, but let's remember that the 20 year old is literally rolling in the dough.

The girl can afford to be decked out in Fendi if she wants to do so. Kylie's successful make up biz has made her a mogul worth an incredible fifty million bucks, so this stroller and outfit are merely a couple of drop in the bucket. Do you Kylie Jenner and never change.

5 Sleep Little Baby Stormi

It is essential for new babies to get plenty of shut-eye. Sleep literally makes the world go round for kids and a lack of sleep for little ones can directly affect both their mental and physical growth and development, according to Sleep Foundation. Newborns especially need a whopping dose of the snooze and should sleep somewhere between 10.5 and 18 hours each.

From the looks of Kylie's social media accounts, it seems that Baby Stormi is getting plenty of beauty rest. Good for Kylie for making sure that her little girl gets what she needs to grow up strong. Often times new and young mothers miss the mark on some of the essentials that their babies need, but not Mama Kylie. She might live a very fast paced life in the public eye, but Stormi seems to be missing a whole lot of that Kardashian hullabaloo as she establishes herself as Queen of the Nap!

Even though Stormi is often times sleeping, that isn't stopping her mommy from snapping and sharing tons of adorable images of her sweet kiddo as life goes on all around her. Someday you are gonna miss those naps Stormi so soak them up!

4 Setting An Example

Kylie gets a lot of slack from the public who think that she should be doing a whole lot more with her time and fortune than creating makeup kits, but the truth is that she is already engaging in a bit of philanthropy. Last year, pre-mama mode, Kylie hiked it down to Lima, Peru to visit children who had recently undergone surgery for cleft palate reconstruction.

Kylie was not just randomly making a quick trip down south just for the heck of it though. The kids she popped in to see had undergone surgery that was funded by Kylie's work with SmileTrain. This nonprofit group provides support and surgical options to children in underdeveloped countries who are born with the birth condition. In support of the cause close to Kylie's heart, Kylie previously launched a special edition lip kit in collaboration with SmileTrain and donated 100% of the profits to the organization.

Her generosity gifted 1,800 kids with the surgical procedures needed to correct their cleft palate and lip. Kylie is certainly making sure that her little girl not only sees the successful business side of her, but also the side that gives back to less fortunate people of the world.

3 Practice Makes Perfect

Perhaps one of the main reasons that Kylie is totally rocking this whole motherhood thing so hard is because she has a ton of practice when it comes to caring for little ones. Being the youngest of the Kardashian siblings, she has seen her three sisters and her bro become parents multiple times over.

Kylie currently has 8 nieces and nephews that have always been the apples of her eye. Her eldest sister Kourtney of course has three kids with her ex-partner Scott Disick, Kim and Kanye how have three little ones running around their million dollar mansion too. Brother Rob Kardashian has a little girl named Dream with ex-fiance Blac Chyna and Khloe too has joined Club Parent, having recently given birth to daughter True. Thompson.

Here she is seen cradling her little newborn niece Chicago West back when she still had a bun in the oven.

Often times new mothers can be slightly awkward handling newborns and unsure of themselves, but Kylie clearly knows what she is doing. The Kardashians have established themselves as breeding machines over the past few years, so there has been no shortage of little ones around for Kylie to practice her mothering skills on.

2 Privacy For Stormi

Young Kylie seems to be doing a lot of things very different than her older sisters when it comes to motherhood. Kourtney, Kim and Khloe all documented their various pregnancies on social media. We couldn't turn the pages of a celebrity magazine without seeing Kim and Kourt flaunting a big old baby belly for years! Khloe kept things mum for a heck of a lot longer than her older sisters did, but once she let the cat out of the bag she let the bump hang out for the entire world to see.

Speculation regarding Kylie's pregnancy broke way back in September, but Kylie never once confirmed what everyone suspected. After years of letting the world in on every single fiber and detail of her being, she decided to keep the most precious happening locked up tight. Then a few days before Kylie went into labor she announced that a baby was certainly a comin'!

Kardashians are a lot of things, private is not one of them. They are reality television stars after all and have built careers on letting the world know what is up in their lives. From the look of things it seems like Kylie has made sure to out her baby first from the very start.

1 Like Mother, Like Daughter

Parenthood is the ultimate commitment. Once that baby comes into the world you are solely responsible for them for at least the next eighteen years. Financial, emotional and every possible support in between falls upon the mighty mom and dad's shoulders and an undertaking like that can be daunting, intimidating and downright terrifying. Throw in the task of trying to build and nurture a budding relationship as a couple of young people in love and you have a mountain of work ahead of you.

Almost half of all teens who marry before age 18 end up divorced within ten years. That rate drops to 24% if couples wait until after age 24 to tie the knot. Kylie is 20 and Travis just turned 26, so they fall somewhere in that stat, or would if they married.

While the odds seem quite stacked against them statistically speaking so far Kylie and Travis look like they might just make it. The two seem to be only growing stronger after becoming young parents and according to various sources this new and often times a stressful phase of life has only brought out the best in them. It looks like Kylie AND Travis will be there to hold Stormi's hand for many years to come.

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