15 Pics Of Kylie Jenner Rocking The Baby Bump Better Than Her Sisters

By now, almost everyone has heard of Kylie Jenner and probably knows all the intimate details of her life. She has been all over the news in recent months because of the pregnancy that she tried to hide from the world. We believe this was a good decision because it allowed her time to focus on her growing baby in order to have the healthiest pregnancy that she could.

After her baby girl, Stormi was born, she was featured in the media even more than before. But we have to admit, we still like seeing pictures of her pregnant. Especially after she put out her YouTube video, “To Our Daughter,” which showcased some of her best pictures and video clips of her pregnancy. Don’t worry, if you didn’t get to see that video you will be able to see most of the pictures from it below!

One thing that we have to agree on was that she definitely rocked the baby bump better than her sisters. While Kim, Kourtney, and Khloé still looked fabulous, there was something that we just can’t explain that makes us say, “Kylie did it better!”

We have compiled 15 pics of Kylie that will prove she rocked it better! It doesn’t even matter if she was dressed up or relaxing in sweats; she nailed it! Continue reading to see all the proof you need!

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15 34 Weeks And Counting

Kylie looks amazing for being 34 weeks pregnant in this picture - which happens to be a screenshot from her video. She looks like she is positively glowing! She is most definitely rocking that fantastic baby Stormi bump in this pic. She is gently and lovingly touching her belly; showing her daughter love way before she was introduced to all of us. If her thumbs would be closer together, it would really resemble a heart shape. Could it be that the heart isn’t complete because she didn’t get to greet her little girl, yet? I suppose that is looking too deep into the picture, but wouldn’t it be nice to think about; how an expecting first-time mom’s world isn’t complete until the day she welcomes her child into this world?

14 Shining Bright By The Pool

Look at her radiant pregnancy glow! The sun is kissing her skin making it look like she is a beam of glistening light. Kylie is soaking up every ray of sunshine she can while enjoying her “me time.” This picture really makes pregnancy look amazing on her! The sun is hitting at such a great angle; her beauty is also highlighted very well. She is always showing us what Rocking that baby bump is all about! Basking in the sun with some drinks at hand with a sun-kissed glow sounds like a perfect weather change for me, a warm weathered vacation seems like a fantastic idea. Bring on the sun! We really cannot believe how perfect Kylie looks in this picture. It probably made a few moms a tad bit envious!

13 The Famous Desert Shoot

Her sassy stance tells you that she has quite the attitude even though she is rocking that bump! Even in the desert, she looks like a million bucks. If pictures could tell a thousand words, I would say Kylie is showing the world what true elegance looks like in the middle of the drylands. Who decides where her photo shoots should be anyway? Is this close to where she lives or did she have to travel somewhere? And did she really walk around without her shoes on? Hopefully, she has a pair in her car or somewhere nearby because being pregnant is hard enough on the feet as is; imagine being in the desert and stepping on all those rocks. Ouch! In an ideal world, we would all love to look like she does when we are pregnant, but most of us are not so lucky.

12 We See You, Kylie

I completely love this dress on Kylie; she looks fabulous! The red vibrantly stands out, and she looks gorgeous in it! You can see perfectly well that she is rocking that dress, and the baby bump beautifully. You don’t often see pregnant women being able to pull off something so seductive, but Ky nailed it head on! You are also able to see that she is video recording herself in her “To Our Daughter” video on YouTube. Most likely to show Stormi how her mommy looked while she was pregnant with her. Kylie definitely looks stunning even though you cannot see her face since the camera is blocking it. She is showing off her daughter already as her hand sacredly rounds her belly, she is really good at taking these sassy shots.

11 Twinning!

Here is yet another picture of this joyous occasion celebrating the much-anticipated birth of Kylie’s baby girl Stormi. It looks like a Polaroid of some type that is sitting on top of a fluffy rug. She is pictured here with the same friend from a few of her other pictures that are on this list. She looks very proud and happy like she just can't wait to meet her little girl for the first time. It’s hard to tell exactly how far was when this picture was captured, or what date the baby shower took place. These two girls look like they have been trying to compare baby bumps within all the pictures we have seen of them. Their hands are positioned like they could be sizing them up to see who has the bigger bump.

10 The Little Bump

Kylie really looks fabulous in this picture. She is rocking her small baby bump, her skin is glowing under the sunlight, and she looks like a young, beautiful princess all at the same time. Here, she is pictured with her bestie Jordyn and a giraffe. We're assuming Kylie was enjoying a day outside with the animals after TMZ first reported that she was pregnant with Travis Scott's baby. That's right! This picture was taken before Kylie revealed she was pregnant! When the pic was posted, fans everywhere began speculating whether or not Kylie was touching her stomach because she was hinting to the world that she really was a mom-to-be. Well, fast forward a few months later and Eureka! Kylie Jenner was in fact pregnant.

9 The KarJenner Bumps

This is a rare pic of both Kylie Jenner and Khloe Kardashian showing off their baby bumps. These two look fabulous together in their cut-off sweatshirts and underwear. Khloe looks great as always, but Kylie definitely stole the show (or stole the shine in this picture at least). The image above is not in high resolution, but you can still see Kylie's beautiful pregnancy glow, her wavy blonde hair, and her pregnant belly. She rocked that bump very well - and this photo is all the proof we need. You can't really see what is going on in the background or where this picture was taken but the filter used is everything pink; which is the perfect theme for Kylie's little baby girl.

8 Rocking The Mirror Selfies

In this picture, Kylie was showing off what a beautiful pregnant body she had while Stormi was still growing inside of her belly. She doesn’t look like she is too far along yet. She is wearing black bottoms and a top, which look flattering on her tiny frame. She is showing all of herself here. This picture happens to be from the, “To Our Daughter,” video. It looks like she is taking a selfie in a giant mirror with her cell phone and you can see her white robe hanging next to her on the left. She is most likely part of the reason that some men learn toward finding pregnant women the most attractive. At this point in her pregnancy, it doesn’t seem like she packed on the pounds. Which sadly happens to some moms.

7 With Her Besties

Here is a really nice picture of two beautiful ladies at the baby shower. They are standing in front of the now infamous wall of pink roses. Kylie looks stunning and very happy to have the perfect photo opportunity with her best friend. Jordyn is standing behind Ky with her arms wrapped around that fabulous baby bump that only Kylie would be able to rock so well. Some random woman is standing in the right-hand corner snapping pics of the two girls. You can never have enough pictures for a special occasion, and this would definitely be considered one of them. You can see the big happy grin on her face. I wonder if she is happy because she is with her best friend or if it has something to do with the miraculous life growing inside of her?

6 In Sweats - And Still Looks Fabulous!

In this picture, Kylie is at an appointment where she just had an ultrasound done. She is talking to the doctor about questions and concerns. You can see her best friend, Jordyn Woods, sitting in the chair by the examination table, listening intently to what the doctor is saying. She kind of has on an amused expression like she wants just to blurt right out and say, “Are you for real right now?” Of course, you would expect her to be right there with her best friend for support; after all, she was said to be in the bathroom with Kylie when she found out that she (Ky) was pregnant. Jordyn claimed to have not even realized that Ky was actually there taking a pregnancy test. But how to do you miss something like that? Regardless of everything, Ky looks amazing rocking her baby bump!

5 Filming Her Pregnancy Journey

Here is another screenshot from her video, as you can tell since you can see the reflection in the mirror of Kylie holding the video camera in one hand. She looks beautiful even though you can’t really see her face. They say that on video, it adds at least 10 pounds on how a person looks physically. I am not quite sure how accurate that is, but if it even has some semblance of truth - you can see that Kylie is rocking that bump with ease and that she looks great doing it! It appears that Kylie is wearing the same flattering black dress that she wore in the desert picture that is on this list as well. Personally, I am in love with that dress! It seems like Ky knows just what to wear to look fantastic during pregnancy!

4 Travis Giving Kylie's Bump Some Love

There is nothing more amazing then when a new dad shows that they truly want to be involved in their baby’s little moments - even before birth; Not to mention, it’s super sexy too! In this picture, Travis is proving his love for his precious baby girl, as well as showing Kylie’s bump some loving attention! He’s spending time with her; getting to feel each movement and flutter seems to make their relationship bloom. It shows her laughing at the fact that he is nuzzling at her belly. She may be thinking how he could turn out to be an amazing dad after all the rumors that he wasn’t around much during her pregnancy. Right here, she’s rocking the belly, and Trav can be the proof! Although, in the of our minds we may still be wondering if Stormi is actually Travis’ baby.

3 With Travis’ Family

Even in a baggy sweatshirt, we can tell that Kylie is rocking that gorgeous baby bump! She still looks great dressed comfortably. Throughout her pregnancy, if you haven’t noticed already, Ky wore lots and lots of baggy clothing every day she did have to be out and about. But it was all out of love for her growing baby girl! Here, she is seen standing with Travis’s family, and she is showing them her ultrasound picture. Every mom-to-be, when the pregnancy isn’t highly unwanted, loves to show off their ultrasound pictures. Usually, because they are proud of the life that they have created that is developing inside their womb; which is something so exciting and beautiful. Kylie has her signature long hair flowing down her back, and just looks happy in general!

2 The Ultrasound

You can hardly see that beautiful baby bump of hers, but if you look in the right bottom corner, you can see a little part of her tummy and part of the ultrasound probe wire. The look on her face is much very comparable to any of us who have had children. She has to be thinking, “What am I looking at? I hope everything’s okay,” the whole time her doctor is making sure that her precious little one is just fine and growing strong. Even here she is rocking the bump. Baby Stormi truly has an amazing and beautiful mother. I am sure some of us had doubts about the kind of mother she would be. But after realizing that she was not withholding her pregnancy from the world just to make some big bucks for some kind of amazing reveal and that she truly wanted to take it as easy as she could during her pregnancy - we now know that she will be a great mother to her daughter.

1 Even In A Group, She Stands Out

Here is another wonderful picture of Kylie’s amazing baby shower, with everything done up in a lovely pink color. However, it is a bit hard to tell in this photo due to a slight filter. Ky is the one sitting on the lounge chair all the way on the right. She is seen here with a bunch of her friends and involved in another gorgeous photo opportunity. Who wouldn’t want to document with this fabulous event and freeze this moment in time? This will always be a picture she can look back on and remember what a great day it was. Even sitting down Kylie is rocking that baby bump! She looks very elegant and precious even in silk pajamas. She is sitting up straight and looks very beautiful and proud to be a mom-to-be. We are so happy for her!

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