15 Pics Of Moms Breastfeeding In The Weirdest Places

Breastfeeding can be one of the most important things a mom does. It has a ton of nutritional benefits and the bond it creates is indescribable. A lot of moms, while they are pregnant, aspire to be able to breastfeed their babies. For some it is an amazing journey and for others it is more of a struggle.

As wonderful as breastfeeding is, it has its downsides. Cracked and sore bits are part of the package, especially in the beginning. Then comes the constant cluster feeing. Babies who are breastfed are almost impossible to place on a schedule because it is hard to predict when they will want to nurse and for how long. Some babies have frequent, short nursing periods while others will stay there for hours. Mom never knows what the day will bring her.

This means that moms are at the beck and call of their little ones to provide food whenever and wherever the baby needs it. When the baby is hungry, the baby must eat, and they don’t care if mom is at home or in the middle of an important meeting. For a mom who exclusively breastfeeds and either doesn’t use or respond to a pump this can lead to some odd breastfeeding spots.

We found 15 pictures of moms who breastfed in very odd places, and we are in awe of their dedication to feeding their child and their ‘I don’t care” attitude. This will all aid in helping end the stigma attached to nursing the baby in public.

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15 That’s What You Call Food-To-Go!

Now, I am a mom who exclusively breastfed her child, and I am in awe of some of the talents of these moms. I could barely manage to nurse and eat at the same time, so what they are able to accomplish is outstanding. This super mom feed her baby on the go. She appears to be riding a scooter or electric bike of sorts while breastfeeding her child.

Some may say that this is extremely dangerous, and it is. It would be much better to pull over and feed your baby on the side of the road. However, we are lacking context to this picture, and it is also unclear what country this is in and what their rules and customs are regarding child safety while in or on a motorized vehicle. Either way, this is amazing!

14 Errands Still Need To Get Done!

“Anytime. Anywhere. You can stare. I don’t care. I’ll feed my hungry child, here or there, if you don’t like my boob I still don’t care.” That is what the caption on this photograph says and it is very powerful. Moms are busy people and we still have a ton of errands to run and we can’t let breastfeeding get in our way or we may never get anything done.

Like we said earlier, babies don’t really care about anything you have to get done, when they want some of mom’s milk, whether for food or comfort, mom needs to drop everything and attend to their needs. This leads to a lot of mom’s not really getting anything done or feeling like they can’t. Other moms shrug it off and continue to go about their daily lives while nursing their baby.

13 Weirdest Of All

Considering this is a situation that nursing moms know too well, it is the weirdest place that they could be breastfeeding. Here we have a mom who has chosen to breastfeed her baby in a washroom stall as she sits on the toilet. This is what a lot of moms choose to do, and it is weird.

No mom should have to go into a washroom to feed her child.

Nursing in public can take a lot of courage from a mom. There are a lot of people out there who don’t believe that women should be nursing in public, that it is something that is not modest and should be kept behind closed and private doors. We won’t open that can of worms here, but it is this fear of being judged that has left women to needlessly retreat to a washroom to nurse their baby.

12 Oral Hygiene Is Important Too!

Those first few days and weeks (and sometimes months) after a baby is born can be pretty hectic. A lot of mom’s have a lot to worry about, and their own needs fall on the back burner. There are days that go by before she realizes that she has not washer her hair or even brushed her teeth. This is all normal.

This mom decided to be the ultimate multitasker and make sure her personal hygiene is tended too while nursing her baby. Good for her!

If you have ever nursed a child, then you may have noticed that you get really tired. You probably just thought it was from the lack of sleep that is normal when taking care of a newborn. There is also something else going on. Lactation releases the hormone oxytocin, which causes a relaxing sensation. It is completely normal to feel very tired when nursing, and have the feeling pass when the session is over.

11 Professional Multitasker

Have we mentioned earlier how amazing moms are at multitasking? Well, we are going to say it again; they are amazing. These moms were at their local Walmart to protest for woman's rights to breastfeed their babies anywhere they need too. They were probably getting some shopping done in the process, but what they were doing was truly amazing and uplifting to all mom's out there who are struggling with nursing in public.

Women in the UK were once encouraged to drink a pint of Guinness to boost their milk supple. The barley in the beer may increase prolactin (the hormone that causes lactation), the alcohol can counteract this and make a woman not lactate. It is best to wait two hours after a drink before you nurse your baby.

10 We Warned You About Oral Hygiene

It is important to have good oral hygiene, and this means that mom’s need to go to the dentist too.

This mom is just trying to get a simple cleaning, but her little one decided that was the time to get in a quick nursing session.

You don’t see a mom nursing her baby in a dentist’s chair very often, so this definitely qualifies as a weird place.

A big worry among women who are pregnant is if they will be able to breastfeed once their baby is born. There is still a worry that if a woman has a smaller cup size, that she will be unable to breastfeed. The good news is, the size of a woman’s bra has absolutely nothing to do with her ability to breastfeed. Hormones are what triggers the mammary glands to secrete milk. The glands are there no matter how small or large the girls are.

9 Celeb Moms Need To Do It Too!

As many times as, we need to say that celebrity moms are just like us, sometimes we need to see photographic proof before we really believe it.

This is a glorious picture of model Gisele Bundchen nursing her child while she is in the middle of getting some prep done.

Celebrity moms all over are nursing their babies and they face a lot of the same struggles we do.

However, the difference is when Gisele posts a picture like this she is often made into a hero and a role-model for all women out there. This attitude needs to apply to every woman who chooses to nurse without care wherever they need too. Gisele won’t be the only mom you see on this list who has to nurse her baby while she is working, although she may be the only one to have the most glorious job out there.

8 Mom And Baby’s Day Out

Moms deserve a vacation too, and when their motherly duties don’t just stop when they take a break. Here we have a mom who is enjoying her time in San Francisco when her baby decided she wanted a little snack.

A lot or nursing mothers choose to baby wear and that is because it is so easy to nurse when travelling around.

Here is a question. Has anyone ever tasted breastmilk? A lot of women will taste their own breastmilk, just out of curiosity as to what it tastes like. I never tasted mine, but I am still curious. According to those who have tasted their own breastmilk, it tastes very similar to cow’s milk. However, it is nuttier, sweeter and almost vanilla-like. Hindmilk, the milk that comes at the end of a nursing session, is creamier and thicker like condensed milk. Sounds pretty good!

7 Canada’s Favourite Past Time

This is a picture that has recently gone viral, and being a Canadian, it touches a very special place in my heart. Here is a mom who is just enjoying her favourite past time, hockey. Between periods, she noticed that she was engorged, and she needed to feed her baby. So, she did what any mom would do, she fed her baby.

What makes this picture even more powerful is that the other women are completely not bothered by it.

This is the attitude that everyone should have when it comes to seeing a mom nurse her baby.

Here is an interesting Canadian statistic. 90% of Canadian women report that they did breastfeeding. 51% of these women stopped nursing at the 4-month mark, and 14% stopped at 6-months. Extended breastfeeding is just as beneficial, so hopefully we will see these numbers change and have more women breastfeeding longer.

6 Government Moms Do It Too!

The story behind this photograph is that this mom was in court and was fighting for woman’s rights to nurse their babies in public. In a moment of perfect irony, her baby decided that he wanted to nurse, so she did not hesitate to pull him onto her lap and start feeding her little one.

More and more women are standing up for the rights of breastfeeding moms and it is enough to warm your heart.

There are a lot of studies being done all over the world on any number of things. There was a study done to show any difference between breastfeeding little girls and boys. They have found that on average, baby boys nurse more than girls do. So, there is now scientific proof to why your little boy seems to always want to be nursed. Freud would have a field day with this one.

5 A Lot Of Them …

Here is another picture of a mom in a political position not afraid to nurse her baby in public. This seems like a weird place to nurse your baby, or at least not a place you would expect. You expect to see moms nursing at the park on a bench or even in a restaurant.

You do not expect to see them in parliament or other positions within the government.

Unfortunately, in the United States, women do not get much leave for maternity leave after their baby is born. Some returning as soon as 6-weeks after giving birth. This means that it can compromise your breastfeeding relationship with your baby. This mom’s baby is clearly very young, and she is working hard to make sure that she is able to breastfeed her baby as long as possible. Again, I love the relaxed reaction from her fellow workers.

4 Personal Space Is Also Important

If this picture does not encompass all it means to be a mom, I don’t know which one will. Moms find it very hard to go to the bathroom alone. As soon as mom tries to creep away, her baby has a sensor that goes off that assumes mom must need them to be with them.

All this (poor) mom wanted was to go to the bathroom, but her little one decided that was the moment she wanted to nurse.

So, mom did what any good mom would do and nursed her little one.

Our bodies are really amazing, and when we really stop to think about what they can do we are astonished. A nursing mom can leak at just the sound of her baby crying or whimpering. It also doesn’t just have to be her baby; any baby will do. This means that mom could be at the grocery store and hear a baby start crying and suddenly, she has a big problem. It is always a good idea to wear nursing pads when out in public.

3 They Will Pick The Worst Time

Babies have a sixth sense about when the absolute worst time is to want to nurse, and this baby is no different. We don’t know where this mom was heading on public transportation, but wherever she was going the baby was not going to wait until they got there.

This happens a lot to breastfeeding moms, and the need could come at any moment.

Here is an interesting fact about our bodies. No one’s body is perfectly symmetrical. That means that one side is always going to be slightly bigger than the other. The difference is normally so minimal that no one even notices the difference. When a woman is breastfeeding, this difference can be much more visible. This happens if the baby prefers one side to the other, the preferred breast will produce more milk and will look fuller than the other, giving mom a lopsided look.

2 Well, That’s Not Safe!

Here is one that is incredibly weird and totally unsafe. It appears that mom is driving while nursing her baby. Again, we are missing context, so there is a chance that this mom is staging the photograph and was in a stopped car while she nursed her baby. At first glance it is enough to make any mom freak out at the thought of nursing while operating a motor vehicle.

As dangerous as this is, breastmilk has healing powers. It contains antibodies that defend your baby against infections. It takes a while for a baby’s immune system to start working so it is important that baby has something in them that is going to help them fight off any colds or flus. Breastmilk can even help eye infections, rashes and ease pain from a sore throat. The uses for breastmilk seem to be endless, and I guess that is why they call it liquid gold.

1 He’s Gotta Eat When He’s Gotta Eat

If you thought breastfeeding with one child was hard, try breastfeeding a newborn when you have more older children hanging around. These other children may be older, but they have just as much needs and wants as your little one. Sometimes, they have lessons or ball games that they must attend, and as a nursing mom you go with the flow and bring your baby along with you. This means that you will most likely be nursing in some pretty weird places; like the local swimming pool.

If a woman needed any more of an incentive to breastfeed, than we have one for you. For every year a mother breastfeeds, her risk of developing breast cancer is reduced by six percent. Longer breastfeeding has also been linked to a reduction in ovarian cancer. The benefits of breastfeeding are not just for the baby, it helps mom immensely as well.

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