15 Pics Of Sofia Vergara That Will Make You Forget She's A Mom

Sofia Vergara took the audience by surprise when she showed up with her 26-year-old son, Manolo Gonzalez-Vergara, on the Emmy ceremony this year. And of course people rushed on Twitter to express their feelings:

“Hey @SofiaVergara is your son single? I'm preparing to go to law school next year, i'm trilingual & i'm cute, so obviously we should date”, Tweeted a fan. “Can we take a moment and admire how fine Sofia Vergara's son Manolo Gonzalez is”, posted another one.

Manolo was born in Colombia during her brief marriage to her high-school sweetheart, Joe. They were married from 1991 to 1993. Without a shadow of a doubt, Sofia Vergara is one of the most gorgeous women in show business: perfect face, body, well dressed and has a playful personality. She is also the highest paid actress on television. According to Forbes, she is worth more than US$41 million. If you aren't impressed yet, Sofia is also an entrepreneur, so she is much more than a pretty face.

But we often forget that Sofia is a mother, perhaps because her son is not in the spotlight. In fact, there is so much going on in the life of the Colombian actress that many people don't know about Manolo. We selected 15 pics of Sofia that make us forget she's a mom.

15 When She Posted A Makeup-Free Selfie

Let’s be honest: it is easy to look good when you have the best make up artists, hairdressers, and stylists available. Many celebrities look completely different without makeup and avoid to be seen with their natural looks. However, Sofia Vergara often posts pictures of her makeup-free face. And, what a surprise, she looks great.

Hm..I just realized that 102 fever gives u the perfect shades of pink I need this colors”, captioned the actress in this picture she posted on Instagram. Of course, she got many compliments and some followers claimed she looked younger without makeup.

Of course, she pays a lot of attention to her skin. “I have used Crème de la Mer since before I was supposed to; I believe in prevention. Because once your skin is sagging, it's sagging”, said in an interview.

14 Her Son Or Her Brother?

Even when she poses next to her son is hard to believe she is a mother of a grown up. We all knew that Sofia Vergara had a grown-up son, but since he is not under the spotlight we often forget about him. But when Manolo Gonzalez-Ripoll Vergara was his mother date on Emmy’s, the public was very surprised that the 26-year-old young man was Sofia’s son. When they were posing together on the red carpet Sofia and Manolo looked like siblings and not as mother and son. And Manolo looked very proud of his mother while she was posing for the photographers.

Indeed Beauty runs in the family’s DNA, but so does a sense of humor. ‘It’s amazing,’ Manolo told about being at the Emmys ‘She invites me when Joe’s busy, so…”, joked.

‘Joe is shooting a movie in New York. So I’m like, “Manolo, you wanna come?”, said Sofia.

13 When She Redefined The Term "Mom Jeans"

When you go out to have lunch with a friend or just pick up the children for school, probably you choose a casual look: jeans, flats and a basic t-shirt. Well, Sofia is not as most of us. Every time she is spotted on streets, the actress is looking like a million bucks: always on heels, wearing a tight dress or jeans, hair and makeup done.

Of course stepping out of home knowing that you will be followed by some paparazzi, might motivate you to dress up a little bit more. But she makes looking drop dead gorgeous so easy!

“I am Latin. We grow up taking care of ourselves. I remember my whole life watching my mom getting ready to take us to school wearing rollers and putting her lipstick on. It is part of my culture, to dress like a woman and to be like a woman”, said Vergara once.

12 When She Wore A One-Piece Like A Boss

When we look Sofia Vergara’s pictures and think she is already 45-year-old is hard to believe that she already has a 25-year-old son. As we all know, she has a perfect body and is not afraid of showing it with revealing dresses or swimming suits. She is often seen enjoying the sunny weather on a tropical beach, in Italy, Greece, Australia, Miami ( and the list goes on…) wearing tiny bikinis or elegant one-piece suits.

In fact, a couple of years ago some pictures of a young Sofia Vergara posing topless were releases. The images were taken in 1997 when she was still a model.

Sofia Vergara is very comfortable on her skin and in some interviews, she talks about how important is to accept your own body and the changes it faces with pregnancy and age.

11 Every Time She Steps Out On The Red Carpet

When Sofia Vergara walks the red carpet, she always looks amazing and all eyes (and cameras) are on her. So it is impossible to choose just one picture of her slaying the red carpet. This actress is very aware of what works for her body, and who looks at her confidence and perfect looks, can’t imagine that it doesn’t come as easy as it seems.

"I know my body. It's very voluptuous, and I've got the boobs of a stripper. They're a 32DDD and because they're real, they're everywhere, so I need my dresses to have structure. And under armor," said. "There is so much going on under my dresses that I bleed at the end of award ceremonies."

10 Even Her Ugly Face Makes Men Drool

If there is one thing we love more than her hair, makeup, and clothes, it's Sofia's wild sense of humor (and her accent... that comes in a close second). Sofia has been making people laugh on and off the screen since she made herself known in Hollywood (one facial expression at a time). Seriously, we're not kidding. If you search "Sofia funny" in google, you will get a long list of images to scroll through. But this is what makes the 45-year-old mama that much more attractive. The Modern Family star isn't scared to look (or act) silly in front of the cameras, which is quite refreshing since we're living in the Kim Kardashian "cant-smile-because-wrinkles" era. We can't imagine what goes on inside her home - it must be a riot.

9 When She Was On Bridesmaid Duty (And Ate The Cake)

The bride is supposed to be the star of the wedding... Unless you invite Sofia Vergara to be your bridesmaid. Vergara wore a strapless pastel-yellow chiffon dress along with diamond earrings when she was the bridesmaid at her best friend's wedding. In fact, Sofia looked so good that she almost outshined the bride.

Vergara posted several pictures of the wedding (she was flawless in all of them, of course). Sofia also proved that she can forget about her diet and enjoy the food at a special occasion. "It's bad luck if you don't eat wedding cake”, she tagged in a picture.

Joe Magliano was her date at the wedding and she announced they would get married in the near future since they were already engaged. And they did. Lucky him!

8 Who Said You Can't Look Good At The Gym?

Good genetics probably play a great role on Sofia Vergara looks, but she does her part as well and works out at least three times a week. And even working out she looks pretty - although she doesn’t enjoy doing it at all.

“For me it’s punishment. It’s not like, ‘Oh, let me relax and go to the gym.’ It’s not my ‘me time’ or my fun time. No. It’s my torture time”, said during an interview on New York Times in 2013. “So of course I try to avoid it or make excuses every time. But I do try to do it at least three times a week if I’m not shooting. I wish I loved it. Believe me, I wish.”

Well, but the results we see are great.

7 She Always Vacations In Style

Sofia Vergara posted this picture on her Instagram during her vacation in Bora Bora during the holiday season. The TV megastar rang in her birthday by the ocean, along with her hubby Joe, her son Manolo, and other members of her family. As if this vacation picture doesn't make us jealous enough (we'll be crying as we get up for work tomorrow), look how jaw-dropping Sofia looks?! She actually outshines the view, and has all eyes on her and that banging outfit. Not only does her body look fabulous, but are you not in love with that dress? The long, white-pink dress screams classy and with those gold shoes? She shows us you don't need to bare skin to look and feel sexy. Sometimes, less is more. Yup, we completely forgot she's a mom... until we look to left and are reminded her son was 24 here!

6 When She Gave The Emmys Something To Look At

It is hard to look at this picture and not remember the polemic it brought up. Sofia wore a gorgeous white gown, but it wasn't exactly her looks that triggered the problem. The actress stood on a rotating pedestal while Bruce Rosenblum, Television Arts and Sciences Presidente, pointed at her body saying that television gave people something to look at.

"Our Academy is more diverse than ever before, both in front of and behind the camera," Rosenblum said after Vergara accepted his invitation to just be quiet during his “speech”. The joke was not welcomed by the public and people involved were accused of objectifying women.

Sofia didn’t agree with the critics. "It means that somebody can be hot and also be funny and make fun of herself," she said.

5 Moms Can Be The Life Of The Party

While most celebrities are worried about looking good during all the party, Sofia is more focused on enjoying it at most. The Modern Family actress is the soul of the party and we can often see her having a blast. Sofia never holds back and is always dancing and laughing.

Although there were rumors that her partying life was causing problems in her relationship, Joe seems to enjoy himself at the parties and is almost always having fun with Sofia. In fact, the couple seems to never turn down an invitation to a party. The Colombian actress love to post pictures of herself on parties dancing with friends, making fun of herself and posing next to her husband.

Might be a joy to party with them.

4 When She Dressed Up As Shrek's Wife

If you ever thought about which princess Sofia Vergara would be, probably “Fiona” wouldn’t be on the top of the list. However, it was the choice of Modern Family producers for the show Halloween episode. And here Is Sofia Vergara as Shrek's beloved wife - and she looks great with freckles.

Of course, Sofia added a little cleavage on the dress and her curves don’t go unnoticed. She also wore a red wig that was all braided until her waist and a tiara the princess was in her royal gown.

That is the ultimate proof that Sofia looks stunning in anything she is wearing. Joe Magliano followed the shooting of the episode and couldn’t take his eyes off the Latin princess. Can you blame him?

3 How To Celebrate Your 45th Birthday In Style

Celebrity or not, all that we want on a birthday is to celebrate surrounded by friends and people we love. Sofia Vergara, who is already well known for her party personality, loves to throw amazing parties on her birthday.

This year the party was deeply documented on Instagram and it showed a very happy Sofia celebrating together with Joe, her son, her niece, and friends. Party guests sipped on festive cocktails and ate sushi burritos. The cake also looked amazing.

She also received special wishes in Spanish from her husband: 'Feliz Cumpleaños mi amor! Eres mi vida.' That in English means 'Happy birthday my love! You are my life.'

Sofia Vergara turned 45-year-old on July, but her energy and great looks would make many 20-year-old people jealous.

2 When She Surprised Us At The Grammys

Last year Sofia Vergara made a surprise appearance during the 2014 Grammys and joined the singer Pitbull on stage while he was playing El Taxi at Staples Center.No one expected she showing up and for a few minutes the audience went crazy seeing Sofia dancing next to Pitbull while he sang his new song that seems like it was made to Sofia: "I'm talking Caribbean Queen you a bronze Jamaican / and Colombians you guessed it in Queens". And by the picture, we can see they had a blast!

Sofia first appeared wearing a Taxi costume and under it she had a yellow sparkling dress, quite similar to the one Jennifer Lopez wore are the same night ( and who also sang with Pitbull).

1 The Perfect Bride

If Sofia Vergara was a gorgeous  bridesmaid then there is no doubt she would look even better as the bride.

“Personally, I know that I don’t like the natural look that some brides do. I’m 43, I don’t really need to look like a virgin getting married,” Vergara told People. “I want to look sexy. I want to look great. I want to look good and wear something that I know is going to look good in pictures. I know I’m going to do something that will make me feel pretty and well put together, like a bold lip and this foundation.”

She indeed looked sexy. The Modern Family actress chose a Zuhair Murad Couture exclusive dress and he made the perfect dress for Sofia Vergara.

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