15 Pics Of Teen Mom Amber Portwood

Amber Portwood is recognizable thanks to her long-running role on Teen Mom OG. The star rose to fame after giving birth to her daughter Leah, who she shares with her ex-fiancée Gary Shirley, at the young age of 17. Even before she gave birth, Amber signed on to have the MTV cameras document her pregnancy, which eventually led to the decade-long reality show.

Amber has been in the media countless times over the years for the drama surrounding her personal life, including a stint in jail for substance use and failed romances, all of which has been documented on screen for fans to see. Most recently, Amber was in the headlines following her break-up from her fiancée Matt Baier after three years together. He was allegedly unfaithful and had been spending Amber’s money without her permission.

We all thought the notorious on-again, off-again couple would eventually get back together, but that’s when Amber shocked us all by revealing her new BF Andrew last fall. It wasn’t before long that the new couple also announced Amber’s pregnancy, meaning they’d been together less than a month before getting pregnant. While we’re certainly happy over Amber’s good news, some fans have been critical of her second pregnancy, especially considering that Amber doesn’t have full custody of her first child. Check out these reasons why some fans think Amber isn’t in the best position to be having another little one.

15 Her Pregnancy Was Planned After Only 1 Month Of Dating

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Believe it or not, but Amber and her baby daddy Andrew were only dating a month before she got knocked up. But even more surprisingly, Amber has admitted that the pregnancy was planned after she decided to stop taking birth control.

“I don’t think it was a surprise, we weren’t surprised, no,” Amber said during a scene on Teen Mom. “Were you not using birth control?” one of the producers asked, to which Amber shook her head no. “And I always do,” Amber replied, insinuating that she had made the decision beforehand to go off birth control.

Um, so does that mean Amber wanted to get pregnant with a guy she’d known for less than 4 weeks? We’re talking about the same woman who said she’d never get pregnant again since she’d have to go off her bipolar meds. Oh, how things change in such a short period of time.

14 Her Baby Daddy Has A History

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Amber seems oblivious to the fact that her baby daddy Andrew has been in trouble for domestic abuse in the past. In both 2013 and 2015, two separate girlfriends filed restraining orders against Andrew. Both women claim Andrew had been stalking them at their homes and work.

“I have three sisters and would never consider stalking nor harassing any women,” Andrew has said in response to the controversy. “In hindsight, I should have contested the first [restraining order filed against me].” Amber has not hesitated to defend her new man in the media.

This situation is eerily similar to when, during Amber’s previous relationship with Matt, she refused to believe her BF had lied about the number of kids he had. She still denied it even when Gary served her with court papers documenting all the women suing Matt for child support. At least this isn’t as bad as learning your BF has a violent temper against his girlfriends…

13 She’s Also Had Domestic Issues

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Amber has been in trouble with the law over domestic abuse multiple times in the year she’s been on Teen Mom. First, in 2010, she was charged with domestic battery and neglect after she was caught on camera going after her baby daddy Gary in front of their daughter Leah.

She once again was accused of getting physical with a BF after her now-ex Matt posted photos showing scratches on his cheek and nose. Fans were quick to assume they were the result of Amber. Neither Matt nor Amber responded to the drama.

But a recent teaser from the former couple’s stint on Marriage Bootcamp shows Amber allegedly accusing Matt of abusing her. It sounds like many of Amber’s relationships get physical.

12 She Goes Months Without Seeing Her Daughter

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In the new season of Teen Mom, Amber’s first baby daddy Gary has been pointing out just how absent she was from their daughter’s life following her break-up from Matt. She evidently didn’t see her daughter for over a month while she was trying to get over the break-up. But what no one understands is how she was dating different guys during a time where she claims she was too depressed to see her daughter.

Fans were shocked during a recent scene of the reality show where Amber first introduces Leah to Andrew (note: this was evidently one of the first time seeing her daughter since breaking up with her fiancé). Leah can then be seen going up to her step-mom and asking why her mom had time to hang out with Andrew, but not her. Gary says he wishes Amber would’ve focused on spending more time with their daughter rather than getting pregnant.

“Make sure when your suicidal that you always have your kid right next to you the whole time! It’s very healthy for them!! Idiots,” Amber sarcastically tweeted in response to the criticism. “Andrew is the reason I was able to pull myself together! He showed me that life was worth living! I’m thankful to have him because now I will be ALIVE for my daughter and family!”

11 She’s $100K Behind On Child Support

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You shouldn’t be having baby no.2 if you can’t pay for baby no. 1! It’s become a very well known fact that Amber is behind on paying child support to her ex Gary for their daughter Leah. Thanks to her successful reality show and multiple side hustles, Amber has been raking in some great dough the past few years. On the show, she’s not afraid to show off her Corvette and lavish house. Too bad it seems none of that money goes to her daughter, who lives primarily with her dad.

“She owes me $96,000,” Gary said on-camera during an episode of Teen Mom in January. “Amber is not there. She is a come and go kind of mom. I don’t think her head is in kid mode.” Radar Online also says the star owes $134,919 in back taxes, though she seemingly has no intention of paying what she owes. Her new boyfriend, Andrew, is also reportedly $9,600 in debt. They better start budgeting since baby no.2 is only a few months away from arriving!

10 She Met Her Baby Daddy While Still With Her Ex

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For fans of Teen Mom who don’t know, Amber actually met her current baby daddy Andrew while she was still with her recent ex, Matt. Amber and Matt were filming for Marriage Bootcamp and trying to work out their relationship issues when she was introduced to her current BF, who was working as a production assistant on the reality show. Amber sure moves on fast!

Many fans have accused the star of not completely being over her ex. Some also suggest that she should’ve taken more than one month in between relationships, especially given how insane her last relationship was (hint: it involved substance use, infidelity, financial issues and more).

A recent teaser for Marriage Bootcamp showed just how crazy things were between Amber and Matt when she first began hooking up with Andrew. In the clip, “Shut the [eff] up before I flip this G** damn table against your [effing] head!” Amber is seen yelling. “Why do you think I’m so angry?” she directs at Matt. “Because you HIT ME!” Maybe this is a sign she did move on to the next man way too fast.

9 Then She Had Him Move In After A Month Of Dating

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To say that Amber moves fast in relationships would be an understatement. The star has been engaged more times than we can count, and she doesn’t take long before she decides to move in with a beau. But the celeb set a new record when she had her current baby daddy Andrew move in with her after only a month of dating (and up until then, they’d been doing primarily long distance dating).

It’s unclear if Andrew moved in before or after finding out Amber was pregnant. But the media has reported that he did quit his cinematography job and make the move from Malibu to Indianapolis to be with his famous GF. Fans saw on an episode of Teen Mom when Andrew came to Amber’s hometown for his first visit, and the two were already talking about moving in.

“Did he really go for a visit and never went back home just like Matt?” one fan asked Amber via Twitter. “No? He had a whole life and career in LA,” she replied. “He couldn’t just up and leave his family. It was a big decision on his part to move to Indiana and it’s been a great decision.”

8 She May Have Gotten Pregnant To Snag Her Own Show

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There’s a wild theory going around in the Teen Mom fan base that suggests Amber only got pregnant to stay relevant. It’s quite the stretch, but there has been some talk that the star is interested in doing her own spin-off reality show now that she’s expecting baby no. 2.

Some fans remain convinced that her intention in getting pregnant was to further her career, not just expand her family. “Amber is very interested in having cameras following her pregnancy journey and is very eager to have the entire birth filmed as well,” an insider dished to Hollywood Life. “She wants her own thing and her own money and her own show that would show her pregnancy,” they went on. “She is talking to her people about the possibility of making it happen.”

Amber even teased the possibility of spin-off recently! “I have a lot of future plans already set — in progress actually!” she said during an interview when asked about the rumors. So after Teen Mom, you’re definitely going to see me. This will not be the end of me. And hopefully it will be something a lot further along.”

7 Amber And Andrew Are Both Recovering

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Most professionals say it isn’t a wise idea for recovering addicts to enter into relationships together. But here we have Amber and Andrew.

Amber’s battle with substance use has been welcomed documented on Teen Mom, and even landed her in jail briefly, though she claims to be sober ever since. But since revealing her pregnancy, court documents have been exposed that show her baby daddy has also had run-ins with the law for possession.

In April 2009, Andrew was found to be in possession of several illicit substances and was also under the influence himself. He served three years of probation, which he ended up breaking in July 2010 due to possession of a weapon. He was also arrested for a DUI in 2014. Maybe Amber should have gotten to know Andrew a little bit better before deciding to expand her family!

6 She’s Never Really Been Single

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Amber has become notorious for bouncing from relationship to relationship. She’s proudly boasted on Teen Mom that she’s been engaged around 8 times (though she’s yet to make it down the alter). It seems like there’s never been a moment that the reality star has really been single, sans for those few months she spent in jail.

Most fans agree she should have taken some time after ending her relationship with Matt in the summer before getting involved with someone else. Given that she and Matt were together for 3 years, she probably needed more than a month to get over him. But she didn’t wait any longer than that before finding her new boo. Some fans are convinced that Amber got pregnant as a rebound move, which is never a good reason to have another kid.

5 Does She Let Her BF Get Too Close To Her Daughter?

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Amber has been criticized on numerous occasions recently for letting her new boyfriend, Andrew, get too close to her daughter, Leah. The reality star posted several photos around the holidays that put fans in a frenzy.

One pic on Christmas Day showed Andrew with his arm around Leah as they sat on the couch opening presents. Fans said this wasn’t appropriate, since Leah had only known him for less than a month. Another pic Amber posted on New Year's day showed Leah and Andrew sitting side by side in bed. Once again, many fans thought it was too close to comfort.

“Anybody saying this is weird needs to look at themselves,” Amber wrote on Instagram in response to the controversy. “You are [effing] disgusting if your head goes straight to filth. We are a happy and loving family. We don’t need ignorant people commenting on our pictures.”

4 Amber Is Convinced Everyone Is Out To Get Her

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Fans have always accused Amber of being the type who’s unable to own up to her mistakes and take responsibility. Instead, it often seems like the reality star likes to lay blame on the other people in her life, while she plays the victim. Fans cringed hard when the reality star went on a Twitter rant against her first baby daddy, Gary Shirley, and MTV for allegedly making a mockery of her new pregnancy.

“I’ve been on this show for 10 years. I’ve been through hell!” Amber tweeted. “MTV has turned my pregnancy and this relationship into a joke in one of the happiest times of my life.” The celeb’s online rant came after a Teen Mom episode was aired in which Gary and his wife, Kristina, say they don’t think Amber has been involved in her daughter Leah’s life as she should be. They also said the timing of her pregnancy was bad, and they also weren’t sure if the baby daddy was Andrew or Matt.

“Make sure to watch Gary and Kristina tonight talking s**t about me! It must be hard making money off of me! Being such a bad mom and all. Where would they be? Amber added.

3 She’s Been Considering Doing A Movie

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Just this past summer, the headlines blew up after it was confirmed that Amber and her then-boyfriend Matt were considering making an adult movie… which is very similar to what her Teen Mom co-star Farrah Abraham did (and gets so much hate for!). The couple confirmed they had met with Vivid Entertainment about the possibility of doing a tape for the right price.

However, shortly afterward the couple’s relationship began crumbling, and it’s been assumed that the deal went down the drain along with it. A few weeks after, Amber confirmed during an Instagram live session that she was not going to be making a tape in the future. She also confirmed she was done with Matt for good. However, many TM fans say that it seems like Amber doesn’t totally have her life together if this was her plan only a few months ago, so a baby doesn’t seem like a great idea, either.

2 She Lashes Out At Her Fans Online

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While this may not have a direct impact on her newest pregnant, this is a sign that Amber isn’t as mature or responsible as she could be. The celeb has gotten quite the reputation for lashing out at haters online, and she never holds back when it comes to saying savage things.

Late last January, Amber went on a rant against fans of Teen Mom who accused her of not spending enough time with her daughter. “Some of you are absolutely horrible people! I was in boot camp for 3 weeks during Leah's summer break making more money than some of you s**t talkers dream of!! My kid has college funds because of me!” Amber tweeted, arguing that her making a ton of money justifies being away from her daughter for long periods. Do you agree?

1 MTV May Have Paid Her To Get Pregnant

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In harmony with many of her co-stars, Amber has long expressed her dissatisfaction with how some of the things are run on Teen Mom. She’s even gone so far as to say she may leave before the show officially ends. The reality star was reportedly close to quitting at the end of last season when her engagement to Matt blew up.

But sources say she was able to come to a nice financial arrangement with MTV that made her stay on board. “I left for about a month and a half and did some back and forth with MTV and other people. There were just a couple things that needed to be changed in order for me to feel comfortable coming back,” Amber explained afterward. But now some fans theorize the show may have agreed to pay her more if she got pregnant.

Tons of the cast mates have been getting knocked up coincidentally at the same time, and many fans think the stars get a bonus for having more babies since it’s good for ratings. Do you think Amber’s pregnancy is all about getting a bigger paycheck?

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