15 Pics Of Teen Mom Kailyn Lowry

In case you didn’t know, Kailyn Lowry is the adorable blonde with two full sleeve tattoos from ’16 and Pregnant’. She has three boys from three different baby daddies and you can watch all her life dramas unfold on MTV's ‘Teen Mom 2’. The twenty-five year old has documented it all as a reality TV star since 2010 and in her books ‘Hustle and Heart’ and ‘Pride Over Pity’.

Her life seems like a dream now, and even her Instagram is full of perfect snapshots of her and her three sons. Yet, the Internet is also full of not so adorable pics of her and her adorable three sons. You see bad pics come with the territory of being famous.

No star, however big or small is able to escape the searing lens of the paparazzi to catch every zit, frown, or overzealous lip injection. And, if you’re on reality TV, you’re bound to have a few ugly crying faces or twenty of you on the Internet. Yet, not to worry, Kailyn is still enjoying life these days and has even posted a few unflattering pics of herself just to show how far she has come in her journey towards achieving perfectly curled hair and fit looking abs.

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15 Off To Bed?

All we can say is that no one looks good when they’re on a long car trip, headed to the airport, or going wherever it is that they need a travel pillow. We’re not sure where Kailyn is off to, but she looks more like she’s getting ready for bed. The sweats and baggy t-shirt combo is fit for a hitting the pillow and not the outfit you put on when you want (or know) you’re going to be photographed. We guess that not all reality stars can look perfect 24/7 like the Kardashians, but it is rumored that Kim has a 4 am wake up just to be able to make sure that she looks good when the cameras arrive. We’re also pretty sure that she probably has her sweatpants tailored to perfectly fit her curves, whereas Kailyn obviously forgot to have her athleisure wear tailored.

14 Throwing Shade

This picture is a still from a very emotional interview with MTV where the teen mom opened up about the pain after a recent miscarriage. She also spoke about the end of her marriage to her ex Javi Marroquin. So, It’s not surprising that the teen mom didn’t take a flattering pic that day. In this picture it looks like Kailyn is on the verge of tears and not impressed with what is being said about her. She’s kind of throwing shade and sad face at the same time. The picture also leaves many fans to wonder about her beyond-full lips. Did she fill them in just for the interview or was a doctor’s office the reason behind her new look? Her lips were perfectly beautiful (albeit thin) before, but they’ll noticeably different.

13 You'll Never See This On Her Instagram

Here is a pic of Kailyn’s lips before injections, in case you forgot. It’s also yet another pic of the cameras catching her crying and talking with her mouth wide open. Considering that the teen mom has had a lot of ups and downs with her personal relationships over the years, it’s easy to understand why she is caught crying in so many different images. Unfortunately, all of the pictures are super unflattering. We’re guessing that she doesn’t post any of these pics on her Instagram account. She saves that for the cute pictures of her and her sons. These mid-tear photos are probably the kind of pictures that she’s secretly working with her publicist and manager to have permanently removed from the Internet. Although, with so many pics to hunt down, how can you get rid of them all?

12 Even Her Son Hates This Look

You’re a mom, you’re busy, and you don’t have time to comb your hair properly, do your makeup, and worry about your clothes. And, that doesn’t change even when you know that the paparazzi are going to take a snap of you. Yet, somehow you might have time to slip on a pretty headband. Maybe her featured accessory of the day should have been sunglasses? After seeing this pic, we understand why some celebs are never photographed without their sunglasses, even when it’s a cloudy day. It hides the fact that your face is puffy and tired looking. A pair of sunglasses would have given Kailyn a better chance at taking a good photo. Even her little one could have done with having a pair of sunglasses to cover his less than flattering facial expression.

11 Did I Do That?

What’s with the face? We can’t even tell you what we think is on Kailyn’s mind in this pic. The ‘Teen Mom’ star looks like she was caught in the middle of saying something that leaves her with a photo that she’ll regret for the rest of her life. Her mouth has literally taken on the form of a marionette doll. Putting her face aside, the outfit isn’t doing much for her either. Someone should really tell the teen mom that you’ll never take a good photo in sweats. Okay, the exception is Rihanna, who can practically make a trash bag look good. Then again, unlike this TV celeb, Rihanna will always have her makeup perfectly done. Remember, mascara and sunglasses go a long way when it comes to being photographed, Kailyn.

10 Forty-Year-Old Mom Or Teen Mom?

In this photo, the ‘Teen Mom’ star looks more like a 40-year-old mom. Again, do we have to stress how great sunglasses are for when you’re famous and running errands. Maybe least then you could deny that it was you in the unflattering photo. At least Kailyn lost the sweatpants, well partially because she still had to put on a hoodie. Unfortunately, she swapped the sweatpants for the most unflattering shorts ever. They don’t even look comfortable and appear to be giving her a wedgie, which could explain the look on her face. Or, it could just be that Kailyn knows that her look will only result in another bad photo of her circulating the web. We know that you’re a mom and all, but are there no flattering shorts or leggings to wear after pregnancy?

9 The Hairstyle She Wants Us All To Forget

It’s almost laughable to think that the ‘Teen Mom’ star thought that she’d look cute in a hairstyle like faux dreadlocks. She doesn’t and we’re left wondering how many comments followed her snapshot where people labeled the look as inappropriate. The pic itself shows just how adorable she is with big eyes and adorable checks. Unfortunately, it also shows one of the worst hairstyles in reality TV history. At least Snooki’s do never offended a culture and Kim Kardashian West’s Dutch braids were a precursor to learning to braid her daughter’s hair. Kailyns’ braids are ‘cultural appropriation’. Sorry, you’re not Zendaya or Bob Marley. You’re Kailyn, a cute blonde reality TV star. We’re honestly not even sure why Kailyn decided to go with this hairstyle. Thankfully, this look did not last long.

8 Too Much Plastic Surgery

This pic clearly shows Kailyn’s journey to pillowy lips. The MTV-reality star is shown without makeup and her lips are on full display. There’s no hiding behind lip liner being the reason for fuller lips here, as some other reality TV stars have been known to do. Apparently, Kailyn was honest and later posted on Twitter that she had a bad ‘reaction’ to the lip fillers. She also agreed that she was going to take a break from fixing her flesh to work on fixing her heart and soul. While we agree with that statement, we also hope that Kailyn won’t completely stop working on her looks. Maybe, not with fillers, but with products that will work with her to control her teenage skin issues. Or, who knows maybe breakouts are also an unfortunate side effect of lips fillers?

7 Crying Again

The lesson learned from this photo is to be weary of cameras catching you while you’re crying and talking on your phone. Few women can manage to look pretty when crying. Even fewer manage to look pretty when they’re caught with their mouths hanging open while talking on the phone. Even a pretty application of makeup won’t save you from an unflattering pic. Also, you might want to avoid cameras (and probably people too) while your lips are adjusting to their new fullness after a trip to the doctor’s office. Kailyn’s skin looks stretched and her lips inflated. It’s the tattletale sign that she had work done, but not in a good way. The reaction we have from this photo is more of ‘what did you do to your face!’

6 Where Are Her Pants?

Where are Kailyn’s shorts in this photo? Did she have to take them off? Do short-shorts now come in lingerie-inspired sizes? We have a lot of questions about Kate in this pic. Yes, she looks absolutely adorable in the pic to the right. Yet, the behind-the-scenes picture of her getting injections makes us wonder why in the world anyone needs to show that much leg when you’re not on the beach or shooting for Victoria’s Secret. Also, why would you want photos of you getting injections on the web? It will be another one of the interesting stories that she’ll have to explain to her children about her famous TV days. We wonder if she’ll finally explain to children about her lack of interest in pants or shorts.

5 Wardrobe Malfunction

Underboob should never have been a thing. Yes, we know that after pregnancy the body changes and the chest grows. Yet, if something doesn’t fit, then that’s the time to get rid of it or shove it to the back of the closet. Kailyn would have done better hitting up a Walmart for bathing suit shopping before hitting the beach. Any type of bathing suit that at least fits her girls would have been more flattering than this bikini top which has us worried that the girls might spill out from the bottom. Underboob only works on photo shoots or Emily Ratajkowski’s Instagram (which are basically photo shoots). In real life we all hold our breath wondering if there will be a nip slip. Not to mention that it’s just super unflattering.

4 Flab To Fit

Now, this is how a bathing suit is supposed to fit! Also, good job to Kailyn for packing on a nice four-pack. The reality star has admitted that in the past she has had issues with her body. She once suffered from an eating disorder. Yet, recently the teen mom has undergone a body transformation to get healthy and feel better in her skin. She’s motivated. So much so, because she wasn’t shy to show off her progress by posting an unflattering pic of her less than active days. And, in typical reality TV fashion, Kailyn wasn’t shy about showing it all. A t-shirt and jeans could have gotten the point across, but Kailyn wanted us all to know hat her thighs once touched and that she had a chubby belly. But, look at her now!

3 Now, What?

Oh no! Kailyn forgot that you can’t hide you lip injections when you’re on reality TV! Her pouty lips get all the attention in this picture that shows the teen mom with very little makeup on and noticeably different lips. When we’re not noticing her lips, we’re noticing how undone she appears. Clearly she just woke up, right? Maybe she had time to swipe on a dash of mascara when she remembered that she would be filmed today. Honestly, for a girl who makes a living off of being on camera on a regular basis we’re surprised that she doesn’t have a glamour squad ringing her at 4am for makeup and hair. We would at least brush our hair and maybe avoid all poses that make us look like we’re slapping our head saying, ‘oh no!’

2 Still Too Much Plastic Surgery

We know that we’ve spoken about the lip injections a lot. Yet, Kailyn really did go a little overboard and it makes her look so different! Just so we won’t bore you, we’ll talk about the time that Kailyn was not ‘fab for fit’. The reality star is known these days for her oh-so-adorable Instagram photos and for promoting flat tummy teas and ‘fab for fit’. Yet, prior to the ‘new Kailyn’ was the ‘old Kailyn’ who wasn’t in particularly good shape. It’s kind of what makes her such a good spokesperson for products promoting a fit and healthy lifestyle. There are tons of unflattering shots of her clearly out of shape like this one online. And, if Kailyn - a mom of three- can get in shape, so can anyone else.

1 I Still Don't Know How To Take A Good Photo!

It’s good to know that Kailyn knows how to wear pants and doesn’t solely rely on sweatpants and shorter-than-short-shorts. She even owns shoes other than flip flips! However, a well-put together look doesn’t always mean that you’ll take a nice photo. It means that your outfit will look put together, and that Kailyn should still take a cue from other celebs and refrain from stepping outdoors without sunglasses. Natural sunlight and no makeup can make even the prettiest girls look tired, pale, and puffy faced. Unfortunately, she looks like all three. And, then there is also this weird face she’s making. On a brighter note, she does look like the ever-dutiful mom and star dedicated to her social media fans. Seriously, whenever she’s carrying a child she always seems to have her phone on hand too.

Source: RadarOnline.com

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