15Off To Bed?

All we can say is that no one looks good when they’re on a long car trip, headed to the airport, or going wherever it is that they need a travel pillow. We’re not sure where Kailyn is off to, but she looks more like she’s getting ready for bed.

The sweats and baggy t-shirt combo is fit for a hitting the pillow and not the outfit you put on when you want (or know) you’re going to be photographed. We guess that not all reality stars can look perfect 24/7 like the Kardashians, but it is rumored that Kim has a 4 am wake up just to be able to make sure that she looks good when the cameras arrive. We’re also pretty sure that she probably has her sweatpants tailored to perfectly fit her curves, whereas Kailyn obviously forgot to have her athleisure wear tailored.

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