Pregnant In Hollywood: 15 Pics Of The Best Baby Bumps In 2018

Being pregnant is one of the most magical times in a woman's life. There is so much to celebrate and enjoy, from all the planning that comes with a new baby to a woman's ever changing body.

There's something about a baby bump that we just can't get enough of, especially when it's a celebrity baby bump! Celebs are always such trendsetters when it comes to all aspects of their lives, so it's that much more exciting when they get pregnant! We love to see how celebrities decorate their nurseries and how they choose their baby names and of course, how much they show off their bumps!

Celebs are just like us when it comes to being pregnant. From Kim Kardashian to Blake Lively to Jessica Alba, we love seeing how pregnant celebs rock their bumps and celebrate their changing bodies. Its always so much fun to see celebrities embracing their growing bodies and especially taking style inspiration from them.

There seems to be a pretty big baby boom happening in Hollywood in 2018. From having three Kardashian sisters expecting babies at the same time to having stars like Eva Longoria expecting her first, there are a lot of amazing celeb baby bumps to enjoy.

Check out these 15 must see celeb baby bumps and let us know who you're most excited for!

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15 Khloe Kardashian

Khloe Kardashian https://www.instagram.com/p/BdjdofkFGUq/?taken-by=khloekardashian Credit: Khloe Kardashian/Instagram

Credit: Khloe Kardashian/Instagram[/caption]

Whether you love or hate the Kardashians, you have to love how much Khloe Kardashian is embracing her ever-changing pregnant body! While her other two sisters, Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner, have already welcomed daughters this year, Khloe still has a few weeks left before her little girl arrives.

Khloe is making the most of being pregnant and isn't afraid to show off her lovely baby bump and recently posed for a maternity photo shoot and posted some of the pictures on social media. Khloe took to her website to share how much she's enjoyed being pregnant.

“Being pregnant has always been a dream of mine,” she wrote. “Even though nine months feels like a lifetime while I’m awaiting the arrival of my baby girl, it’s really a blink in the grand scheme of life.”

“I know I’m going to miss my belly so much once she’s here, I had to capture the beautiful process that is pregnancy so I can always look back at this time,” she added.

We're so happy she did capture this special time because she looks stunning!

14 Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria may be expecting her first baby at the age of 42, but she's not letting that slow her down at all! Even though she felt awful during her first few months of pregnancy, telling US Weekly, “I was so nauseous and tired,” the former Desperate Housewife is thrilled to be expecting a baby boy with husband Jose Baston.

While she's excited to be pregnant and enjoying showing us all her growing baby bump as she documents her changing body on social media, Longoria is one busy lady. In between directing and producing projects, she's also creating her own clothing line for HSN although she says her style right now is “stretchy clothes.” We've all been there, Eva!

We're so excited for Eva as she's expecting her first child and we love that she loves to show off her adorable bump!

13 Ayesha Curry


Celebrity chef and cookbook author and wife of NBA star Steph Curry, Ayesha Curry recently revealed she is expecting baby #3! The couple are already parents to two beautiful daughters, two and a half year old Ryan and five and a half year old Riley.

Unfortunately, poor Ayesha has been suffering a bit through this pregnancy. Like Kate Middleton, Curry was also diagnosed with hyperemesis gravidarum so she has been dealing with a lot of morning sickness, but that did not stop her from snapping this totally adorable pic of her two daughters giving her baby bump a sweet kiss.

Here's hoping Curry starts to feel better so she can share more of those adorable bump shots! We love you!

12 Chrissy Teigen

Is there a celeb mom we love more than Chrissy Teigen? The pregnant model, married to sexy singer John Legend, has never shied away from getting real about all things pregnancy with her fans. She shares her cravings and her mood swings and even pictures of her stretch marks.

While Teigen seems to be having a bit of a rougher go this time around, we love that she shares it all with her fans. "This baby is sucking the life from me," she tweeted about her current pregnancy. "Drinking my water, making me dry. Eating my food, making me hungry. Taking my health, making me sick. Why do we create these monsters they want us dead."

Pretty sure every woman who has ever been pregnant, and especially those who currently are pregnant can totally relate. We love Chrissy and her adorable baby bump!

11 America Ferrera


Talk about being born into a sisterhood! We were absolutely thrilled when actress America Ferrera announced with her husband Ryan Piers Williams on New Year's Eve that they were expecting their very first child. Her fans were also just as excited to hear the baby news!

The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants star has been documenting her growing pregnancy on social media ever since the announcement, where she has shared the most adorable pictures of her baby bump alongside her friends and family. It seems she's loving every minute of her pregnancy.

We love that Ameria Ferrera is clearly overcome with joy about being a mom and we love even more that she is embracing her growing baby bump!

10 Joanna Gaines


So many of us were devastated when Chip and Joanna Gaines announced that the current season of their hit HGTV show, Fixer Upper, would be its last. That devastation quickly turned to excitement when the couple announced the reason for them taking some time off was because they were expanding their family!

The couple, who already have four children thrilled fans when they announced they would be adding to their family. In true Chip style, he posted a sweet bump photo of Jo alongside his very own sympathy baby bump.

"Gaines party of 7.. (If you’re still confused.. WE ARE PREGNANT)," he wrote alongside the bump pic on Instagram. We can't wait to see more of Jo's baby bump and hopefully the family of 7 will return to our television sets sooner than later!

9 Jinger Duggar Vuolo


While it's never surprising to see a Duggar family member pregnant, fans were overjoyed when Jinger Duggar Vuolo finally announced she was expecting! While most Duggar daughters seem to be announcing their pregnancy a hot minute after they get married, Jinger and husband Jeremy Vuolo were different.

The couple were married just over a year before they announced they would be adding to their family, causing many to speculate they were actually using birth control. Fans were thrilled the newlyweds seemed to take some time to enjoy life as a married couple before adding children in to the mix and we love that we can finally follow along as Jinger documents her growing baby bump.

While Jinger is super excited to be a mom, she's a little nervous now that sister Joy-Anna recently delivered her own bundle of joy. “I wasn’t super nervous until Joy had her baby and then I thought, ‘Oh my. What if I have a 10-pounder?’” she told Us Weekly. “That’s probably the only thing that makes me nervous, is just thinking of the size of the baby and going through labor, but at this point, I’m trying not to think about that. I’m trying to just enjoy the pregnancy and I know that when that baby comes I’m going to be super excited to see it.”

And we can't wait for all these pregnant celebs to share more bump photos until it's time to share baby pics! What pregnant celeb are you most excited for this year?

8 Kate Middleton


Being a Royal means there are no revealing maternity photo shoots, but that doesn't mean we can appreciate the Duchess of Cambridge's baby bump any less.

Kate and husband Prince William revealed they were expecting their third child last September. Sadly, poor Kate was once again reported to be suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum, a rather severe form of morning sickness. Thankfully the Duchess seems to have been feeling better over the past few months because we've been treated to a few pics of her growing baby bump as she attended official functions.

Now Kate is reported to be officially on maternity leave, which means it shouldn't be long before there's another royal baby in the family!

7 Bethany Hamilton


There's a soul surfer baby on the way! Pro surfer Bethany Hamilton, who famously survived a shark attack as a teen, is soon going to be a mom of two! Hamilton and her husband Adam Dirks enlisted the help of their two-year-old son Tobias to help share the news with Hamilton's followers on Instagram.

Hamilton also has a new documentary titled 'Unstoppable' about her journey to become one of the leading pro surfers in the world coming out this year too. Thankfully she has taken the time to show off her growing baby bump and share her adorable pictures with her fans.

Looks like it won't be long before Bethany and Adam are parents of two, and we're sure it won't be long before Bethany is hitting the waves once again!

6 Kimberly Van Der Beek


We don't often hear of celebs whose last name isn't 'Duggar' having large families, but former Dawson's Creek star James Van Der Beek and his wife Kimberly recently announced they were adding to their already large brood.

The couple announced, along with a sweet bump pic on Instagram, that they were happily expecting baby #5 in a few short months!

“Thrilled beyond belief to announce that we are once again adding to our family,” Van Der Beek captioned the adorable shot of all four kids with their hands resting on their soon to be sibling. “And I say ‘beyond belief’ because some people are probably wondering if we’re out of our minds,” he jokled. “Which we might very well be … but I couldn’t be more excited. Or grateful. Or in awe of @vanderkimberly."

Awwwww! And we couldn't be more excited for them. Keep those bump pics coming!

5 Catherine Lowe


Who says you can't find true love on a reality show? While there have been more breakups than success stories that have come out of ABC's hit reality show The Bachelor, Sean and Catherine Lowe are one of those rare couples who actually found lasting love.

Catherine received the final rose from Sean on his season of The Bachelor and now the happy couple are excitedly expecting their second baby! Thanks to a very dedicated work out regimen after she delivered her first son, Samuel, Catherine has been loving showing off her growing baby bump on Instagram.

The expectant mama is about 31 weeks along and looking fabulous and we can't wait for her to post more pics of that super cute baby bump!

4 Hilaria Baldwin


Hilaria Baldwin is currently expecting her fourth child with husband Alec Baldwin, but that doesn't mean she's taking it easy. Between rangling her three little ones all under five and expecting her fourth, the fitness guru is still taking time to stay fit and healthy and post adorable baby bump pics on Instagram.

Despite having four kids in such a short time frame, Hilaria isn't ruling out baby #5 just yet, especially since this will be her third son and oldest daughter Carmen was really hoping for a sister.

“I’ve had so many [kids] because I really like them and we have such fun times" she told PEOPLE. "I’m going to have four kids in a little over four years and it’s just one of those things where I’m going to let life lead me in that direction.”

3 Jordin Sparks


Singer Jordin Sparks is showing off her baby bump all while complaining of those aches and pains that every woman can relate to! In a post on her Instagram page the former American Idol contestant showed off her bare bump as she stretched on an exercise ball. "This little boy wants to be on my literal nerves today. The bottom of my rib cage is numb & I have some shooting pain down my right leg so I'm stretching on my exercise ball," she wrote.

Sparks and husband Dana Isaiah surprised everyone when they revealed that not only were they married, but expecting their first baby. Sparks seems to be fully enjoying her pregnancy and even took a much needed baby moon before their little one arrives.

2 Miranda Kerr


There ain't no baby bump like a supermodel baby bump! How adorable is Victoria's Secret model Miranda Kerr and her overall clad baby bump?

The model's unborn baby is almost guaranteed to have their very own Snapchat account the minute they're born, thanks to the fact that the daddy is none other than Kerr's husband, Snapchat creator Evan Spiegel.

This will be the second baby for Kerr, who shares 6 year old son Flynn with former husband Orlando Bloom. The model has been posting adorable pics of her ever growing baby bump on social media but we can't wait to see how socially savvy this little one is going to be!

1 Caitlin McHugh


Finally Uncle Jesse is going to be a dad! While many of us thought that John Stamos had happily taken over the 'Hollywood's most eligible bachelor' title from George Clooney, it seems he was thrilled to hand it in.

The 54 year old actor married 31 year old Caitlin McHugh in February of 2018 and the couple are excitedly expecting their first child. The actor, who told PEOPLE, “I always wanted to be a dad," is now getting his wish.

Model McHugh seems to be thoroughly enjoying her pregnancy as well and is sharing lots of pics of her very sweet baby bump on Instagram. We can't wait to meet their new addition!

Sources: US Weekly, PEOPLE Magazine, Instagram

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