15 Pics Of The Biggest Baby Bumps

Let me start off by saying this, I have been pregnant three times, the last of which was a twin pregnancy, I am not about to body shame a pregnant woman. I have been there. I've been where I can no longer drive because I no longer fit behind the wheel. I've had to only wear dresses because my gut hung out of every shirt I owned. I've outgrown maternity pants. It was ugly.

Having said that, there is something absolutely mesmerizing about an enormous pregnant belly. It's completely baffling that flesh can stretch in that way -- and what is going on internally?

Many of us have stared at pictures of a pregnant Kate Gosselin who had sextuplets and, rumors have it, measured a whopping five feet around. I can't imagine she got a lot of sleep at night. The mere weight of that belly had to make it impossible to rollover in bed.

We look at these mothers and those of us who've been heavily pregnant take a deep breath, thankful for no longer having an infant squished against our lungs, and say, you are doing something magical and no matter what size belly you have, you're beautiful and doing some extremely hard work. One day the belly will be gone and you'll be feeling a little lighter on your feet. We promise.

Here are 15 of the biggest pregnant bellies we've ever seen and let's all just give these ladies a major round of applause.

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The Octomom's Painfully Stretched Belly
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15 The Octomom's Painfully Stretched Belly

The Octomom's Painfully Stretched Belly

Nadya "Octomom" Suleman blew on the scene in 2009 when America sat in disbelief as she successfully carried octuplets she conceived via IVF.

Given the eye-popping stretch of her stomach, one would think Nadya's body never snapped back after delivering her babies. But, Nadya said her body was back to normal in no time, which shocked her.

"I just pinged back into shape like a rubber band after the kids, I don’t know how I did it. I eat like a horse, don’t count calories and have never owned a set of scales," Nadya said.

The seasoned mother came under fire by sanctimommies everywhere when they learned Nadya was a single mother who already had six children.

Nadya clapped back at haters by going into the adult film industry. However, the weight of her decision was too much and Nadya and her tribe of children dropped out of the media's eye.

14 Quintuplet Pregnancies Look Like A Nightmare

Quintuplet Pregnancies Look Like A Nightmare

This is a Czech mother who gave birth to the country's first naturally conceive quintuplets. While, I'm sure she's thrilled about this miracle -- her face shows she was less than thrilled about the enormous weight of her baby bump.

Alexandra Kinova gave birth to four sons and one daughter via cesarean. The 23 year old didn't even know she was having quintuplets until a month before they were born -- doctors had previously though she was having quadruplets since they could only ever count four at a given time.

"When we finally found a fifth head, I started to cry," Kinova said.

The babies names are Deniel, Michael, Alex and Martin and the girl is Terezka. Mom and Dad didn't know all of the sexes until the babies were born since two were hidden in all the ultrasounds.

The birth, thankfully, went off without complications, though mom and babies needed some time in the Intensive Care Unit after the birth.

13 Jenna Jameson Looks Unrecognizable Pregnant

Jenna Jameson Looks Unrecognizable Pregnant

It took me way too long to figure out who this pregnant celebrity was -- but she is none other than porn star Jenna Jameson, looking large and in charge during her pregnancy.

Jameson is rocking probably the only outfit that fit her: a gray unitard, some serious camel toe, what look like slippers and a floor length gray cardigan. Her unitard is about to have a nip slip as it stretches to cover her glorious baby bump.

She did look absolutely glowing in the picture where she is carrying her third child and hand-in-hand with her husband-to-be.

Jameson definitely wasn't used to this big of a belly since her previous twin pregnancy didn't last as long as this one. She had hopes things would slow down in the growing department.

"I thought my belly had leveled off last week... I was wrong," Jameson wrote on Instagram.


11 Kate Gosselin Carrying Half A Dozen Babies In Her Belly

Kate Gosselin Carrying Half A Dozen Babies In Her Belly

Kate Gosselin already had a pair of twins when she decided to try for one more baby via IVF. She definitely got not just one more baby, but six more babies.

She is one of the world's most famous moms of multiples due to her reality shows, but back before that she was just a young mom, resting her stretched-to-capacity stomach on the counter so her back doesn't give out.

The sextuplets just turned 13 and a lot has changed in their lives. From the divorce of Kate and her husband John to her son Aidan needing to live in a special facility to fulfill his needs -- things are much different but I can guarantee Kate can remember every painful moment of the glorious miracle that was her octuplet pregnancy.

10 Mom's Enormous Belly Covered In Bruises From 5 Babies

Mom's Enormous Belly Covered In Bruises From 5 Babies

No, this mother-to-be didn't fall down the stairs, but she is bruised merely from the stress of carrying five babies inside her mammoth baby bump.

Guillermina suffered from bruising due to the strain on her body from carrying so many babies. That's not all for this poor mother, though. She also had severe pre-eclampsia. According to her doctors, however, this beaten woman did not complain a single time.

Guillermina delivered her five babies at 31 weeks gestation, which is seven weeks shorter than the average single pregnancy, but four weeks longer than an average quintuplet pregnancy.

Thanks to the team of doctors and a dozen nurses, this mom was able to go home with three little girls and two baby boys named Esmeralda, Fatima, Marissa, Fernando, and Jordan.

Shockingly, this highly risky delivery went off without a hitch.

9 Mom-To-Be Is More Belly Than Body

When you're only two feet tall, any size baby bump looks like a monstrosity compared to your slight frame. That was the case for Stacey Herald who is the world's smallest woman to give birth -- and she's done it three times.

You think you have a hard time moving around? Stacey needed to be wheeled around in a wheelchair during her pregnancy. I have no idea how she did it with her baby bump consuming was appears to be 50% of her frame.

The 35 year old suffers from Osteogenesis Imperfecta which causes brittle bones and underdeveloped lungs, obviously on huge health risk for someone suffering from this is pregnancy, but Stacey was determined.

Most days, Stacey is bedridden during this pregnancy due to the aches and pains of her baby bump.

By the time her baby is one year old, he will tower over his mother.

8 This Baby Belly Might Actually Be A Mountain


This is a triplet pregnancy. It's not a cute little round basketball. It's a beautiful, misshapen, mountain of a stomach that, I'm sure, left this mother barely able to breathe and constantly hungry and full at the same time.

Just look at her belly button. It's nearly completely flat just trying to make an extra inch or two in her abdomen for the three nuggets trying to grow inside.

Unlike twins, triplets tend to run in the family. Since most triplets are not identical, they are conceived due to hyper-ovulation (since three separate eggs need to be fertilized) which is a trait passed through the generations.

However, if they are identical, that is merely luck of the draw and has nothing to do with your genetic makeup, it is merely spontaneous separating of an egg.

So, the next time you're eyeballs jump out at the sight of a heaving baby bump filled with babies, know you might be next...

7 Quintuplet Pregnancy Looks About To Burst

Quintuplet Pregnancy Looks About To Burst

I'm going to go out on a limb and assume this quintuplet mom is about to give birth. That or she is about to explode through her belly button and little aliens are going to come out and conquer the world.

Look at that face. It appears she is not exactly enthused about having her picture taken while she's draped in a hospital gown prepping for labor. This might shock a lot of husbands or grandmothers, but women in labor don't take too kindly of having their pictures taken.

I don't really blame this photographer, though. When you see something enchanting, you have a knee-jerk reaction to snap a pic, and this woman is mesmerizing. Five babies are living in that belly ready to meet the world.

While she may be in pain now, live is about to get a heck of a lot more demanding when she has five new mouths to fee. I can't even imagine...

6 Jessica Simpson Rocked A Giant Baby Bump

Jessica Simpson Rocked A Giant Baby Bump

They say black is always slimming, but Jessica Simpson wasn't hiding a thing during her second pregnancy.

The mom said she tried not to give in to her cravings, but when you're as petite as Jessica, any extra pound on her or the baby shows tenfold.

She didn't let her expanding body slow her down, however, this pop star and fashion mogul appeared on countless talk shows during the entire pregnancy. A feat that is exhausting for the average person, let alone an enormously pregnant mother.

Though she may be full of energy during her pregnancy, Jessica said she is no longer planning on having three babies -- two is more than enough.

"I really hope that it stops. I think originally I had wanted three [kids] and now that I have one and another one on the way," Jessica said.

5 Woman's Baby Bump Measures 55 Inches Around

Woman's Baby Bump Measures 55 Inches Around

Look at that smug look on Dad's face. Just proud as punch of his prized heifer heading into slaughter. Wait, no, that's just his baby mama who's rocking a bump over 55 inches around.

Laura Carpenter-Beck gained nearly 100 pounds during her pregnancy. It appears ever last ounce went directly into her stomach from the conception on.

"At just 12 weeks people were asking me when I was due – I was that big," the 29-year-old artist said. ‘And my bump just kept growing and growing."

This was Laura's first baby, so she had nothing to compare her rapid growth to, but doctors warned her diabetes played a role in the giant bump.

"It was my first pregnancy so I had no idea what to expect but I knew it wasn’t normal to grow at the rate I was," Laura said.

What's even more shocking, Laura lost ever last extra pound within a year of giving birth. Mad props, Mama.

4 Mom's Tank Top Ain't Restraining That Bump

Mom's Tank Top Ain't Restraining That Bump

Oy vey. I always loved that point in pregnancy when the maternity tank tops -- that promised you they would keep you covered through your third trimester -- start creeping up your belly to the point you have a little peek of gut hanging out the bottom.

This mom-to-be looks one wrong move away from constantly wearing maxi dresses or muumuus and keeping herself locked inside her home for fear of not having anything society-appropriate to wear to the grocery store.

By this point in our article, we should realize that maternity clothes aren't cutting the mustard. Sure, we've come a long way from the bib overalls and tents disguised as sailor dresses, but let's step up our game a little bit further. Or, we can all just wear bikinis and say screw it all. I'm down for either one.

3 Mom Rocking Bikini And Major Bump

Mom Rocking Bikini And Major Bump

The confidence level of a pregnant woman in a bikini is every woman's goals. Some poo poo the idea, thinking we should be in hiding during our baby-making, but I would like to sing from the rooftops -- wear the two piece!

Look at how gorgeous this woman looks. I mean, yes, her stomach is enormous but would a one-piece suit really hide it? I think she'd need a heck of a lot more than some Spandex over that thing to hide it.

Also, major props to this woman for being 465 months pregnant, snapping herself into a swimsuit and then sitting in the sun. My pregnant ass was in air conditioning 100% of the time during each pregnancy -- and I had one November baby in there.

We're all crying with you a little bit over how much pain you're probably in, Mama, but we are envious of your self confidence. We could all use a lesson from you.

2 Tiny Woman Filled To Brim With Babies

Tiny Woman Filled To Brim With Babies

Look at that glow on this woman carrying triplets. Like I said earlier, the tinier you are, the more you "pop" during your pregnancy. This sparrow of a mom popped three times over.

I see she is in bed in a nightgown. I'm hoping that is where she spends most of her days because I couldn't even imagine setting myself on the toilet with all that weight setting me off balance.

Maybe she just pees in the backyard and her husband hoses her off out of love? Not because she's a farm animal, but I would have taken my husband up on a yard hosing in a heartbeat during my last trimester. Sometimes, you just need a kiddie pool and and outdoor water supply to get through those last days. Well, that or a bed.

Whatever it is this woman needs, for the love of all things holy, please give it to her. My hips are splaying just looking at her.

1 Mom About To Tip Over From All That Weight

Mom About To Tip Over From All That Weight

How do women make it through pregnancy this packed to the gills with infants without: falling down the stairs, slipping on the ice, tipping out of their chairs or just not being able to get up from all that weight?

We are some mighty beasts -- this woman especially -- who can walk around with people inside us and never bat an eye. Sure, we might need to wear diapers before the babies are born and our feet look like two baby seals, but we do it anyway.

Why? Because nobody else can.

So, we strap up our maternity bands, slip on our Crocs, pull down our too-short tank tops and waddle our ways throughout the day. Not all superheroes wear capes, after all.

Dads, go home and give your ladies massages tonight. While they might not have been this big, they still deserve to be showered in gifts 24/7. Trust me, I'm an expert.

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