15 Pics Of The Rich Kids Of Singapore

One out of every 20 citizens in Singapore is a millionaire. For anyone looking for a millionaire to marry, it would definitely be worth ditching the Millionaire Matchmaker and relocating to Singapore instead, especially since the number of millionaire households in Singapore is still growing.

While it may be surprising to hear of the Rich Kids of Singapore, the fact remains that the country is set to bump Switzerland off the #1 spot as the world's largest offshore wealth center by 2020. Singapore also has the highest percentage of millionaires in the world, which is no easy feat, but even more astonishing when you consider the fact that at least one in every six houses you might see when driving around the country would be owned by a millionaire.

It doesn't hurt to dream a little (okay, a lot) and the social media accounts of the richest kids of Singapore is one of the best ways to do it. Fully immerse yourself in the glamorous lives of these rich kids and don’t forget that they all have more daily spending money than an average person might earn in one year. The most expensive champagne, cars, handbags, jewelry… no expense is spared when living the rich life.

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15 Jamie Chua - Queen Of Instagram & Rich Kids

Age is but a number. Despite being over 40 years old, Jamie Chua is nonetheless considered the "Queen of Instagram" in Singapore and is also known as one of the top Rich Kids of Singapore. Kind of crazy when you think about it, but she does look young enough! Despite securing the Singaporean titles, Jamie is actually Indonesian-Chinese and now a mother to two teenagers! So how exactly did she make her star skyrocket to the famous side?

Turns out that when she was just twenty years old, she met Indonesian tycoon Nurdian Cuaca while she was a flight attendant for Singapore Airlines. Despite staying together for 15 years, they eventually divorced, citing "unreasonable behavior". It didn't end there though, as the masterful Jamie managed to freeze her husband's assets and later won $332,000 per month in alimony. In an effort to retain her youthful look, she allegedly spends more than $10,000 per month on lavish beauty treatments to keep her skin looking flawless. As for the rest of the money, she spends it on a lot of designer bags. She reportedly has the largest collection of Hermes Birkin bags, which she keeps encased in glass cases. Don't even get us started on her closet:

14 Calista Cuacua - Jamie Chua's Daughter

We may as well call Jamie Chua a hypocrite because she completely goes against her own statements: “If I pamper my kids by giving them extravagant gifts at the snap of my finger, they will grow up not learning anything. I don’t want to spoon-feed them and watch them grow up to be overly dependent on their parents. It is not good.”

Despite being "not good", she is nonetheless notorious for buying her daughter Calista $5,000 Chanel handbags and of course, lots of other designer things. She even bought a $200,000 Range Rover for her son and countless pairs of designer shoes.

Like mommy dearest, Calista is already on her way to snatching the Queen of Instagram title, though she still has a long way to go. While her mom has 725k followers, Calista has a mere 159k, but even her Insta is enough to make anyone green with jealousy as her parents undoubtedly fund all her rick kids habits. She has learned from the best after all.

13 Kim Lim - Most Connected 'It' Girl

Just look at the gold belt buckles and air conditioning on that airplane. What do you do when your daddy is the 11th richest person in Singapore, with a net worth of $2.4 billion? If you follow his daughter Kim Lim's lead, then you flaunt your wealth relentlessly on Instagram. While her daddy, Peter Lim, is now a stockbroker turned private investor who has famously bought the Valencia Football Club as well as Mint Media, his daughter Kim for her part, as contented herself with posting lots and lots of pics of herself. In some of her pics, she is even seeing casually having dinner with none other than David Beckham. Reportedly, even Christiano Ronaldo popped in to visit her after she gave birth to her son recently.

While her pics may not seem all that noteworthy to the untrained eye, in every single one of them, her clothes, shoes, and accessories are sure to be worth more than any average person's mortgage. She frequently flaunts her designer wardrobe, hundreds of shoes and Chanel handbags to her 215,000 and counting followers on Instagram. Since having her son, who Christiano Ronaldo reportedly dropped by to visit, she has somewhat toned her habits of showing off her daddy's wealth, but her pics used to feature all her private jet traveling, frequent beach vacays and did we mention her Chanel bags? Seriously, the new mom of one apparently has a collection of classic Chanel bags and more than 200 pairs of shoes.

12 Audrey Tay - Car-Obsessed 'It' Girl

When most people keep their cars for at least a decade, Audrey Tay's daddy merely buys her a new top of the line car every two years. To celebrate Audrey's 18th birthday, her daddy Peter Tay gifted her a customized pink Bentley Continental GT. Two years later, for her 20th birthday, she received a Porsche 911 Turbo worth close to one million dollars. Those two are just among the most expensive cars but the self-proclaimed car undoubtedly obsessed socialite has more than just these highly coveted ones.

Just to give you an idea of how ungratefully rich she is, Audrey actually had the audacity to complain about her first car after getting the second: "After a couple of years with the Bentley, with the car being a bit on the large side, it can be hard to find parking, more difficult to manage, and not as sporty as I'd like."

That's not all though. Her social media accounts are filled to the brim with pics of luxury watches, handbags and especially a large collection of designer bags, most notably from Hermes, Dior, Chanel, Givenchy, and Saint-Laurent.

11 Mae Tan - Image-Driven 'It' Girl

Although you won't find any reference of her on Jackie Chan's biography pages online, Mae Tan is reportedly his goddaughter. This little tidbit of information is actually quite shocking when you consider the fact that the beloved actor has shunned his own daughter Etta Ng, who was the result of an affair he had with actress Elaine Ng Yi Lei, while still together with his wife Joan Lin.

For her part, Mae Tan is the daughter of a major businessman in Singapore and although she has done some modelling for Urban Decay, she mainly falls back on showing off her expensive clothes on Instagram. In 2016, she was named Singapore's Most Stylish Woman, but it's kind of hard not to be fashion-forward when your parents buy all the latest and most expensive styles, isn't it? Let's just say her Insta is loaded with edgy-looking pics of drool-worthy food, blinged out accessories (quite literally).

10 Kane Lim - Most Outrageous

Despite being the most outrageous out of all the rich kids, Kane Lim is also very different. In an interview, he confided: "Sometimes, my mum nags me for overspending. But I make my own money and pay for them myself. If I lose everything tomorrow, at least I am happy now."

In effect, he apparently started his own business at just 17 years old and made his first million by 20. As we all know, starting a business isn't exactly a cheap endeavor and most usually go heavily into debt before any hopes of turning a profit, so as much as he may have done this on his own, we're willing to bet that mommy and daddy probably helped considerably to get his business going. He has since graduated in fashion from a California University and has amassed over 70k followers. He is also one of the few Rich Kids who truly shows off as much as possible, with his Insta being filled with drool-worthy jewellery, Hermes wallets, Franck Muller watches, fierce-looking clothes, celebs... basically, anything that comes to mind when thinking about a spoiled rich kid lifestyle. Let's just say that even Rihanna follows him.

He also has an unhealthy (or healthy?) obsession with designer shoes that he posts about a lot.

9 Willabelle Ong - Most Traveled 'It' Girl

Why go to school when you can travel the world? Known for traveling every week, Willabelle Ong has been to more places than most people could dream of. Her earlier Instagram posts are filled with stunning pictures from the Dubai desert, New Zealand, Venice, Paris

It's clear that all her pics are heavily staged, but that hasn't stopped from her amassing over 139k followers, but that's also probably due to her photographing skills. Despite all her pics are truly beautiful and carefully thought out, her wealthy lifestyle still shines through as staging all these pictures wouldn't be cheap. It's definetly hard not to look at her posts with jealousy as she has been incredibly lucky to have had stinkin' rich parents who preferred to see her acquiring knowledge through travel and life experiences. Among all the travel pics, the many Louboutin, Dior and Hermes shopping bags definitely also stand out.

8 Arissa Cheo - Wears The Crown In Singapore

Not only considered a Singapore It Girl, Arissa Cheong is also most grandly seen as one of Instagram's It girl with over 353k followers! She is perhaps most accurately described as a "Singaporean socialite turned online entrepreneur", although on her Insta, her description reads: "anti-fairytale héroïne, approximately; the stars have fallen from my crown".

Like all the other Rich Kids, it's clear that Arissa too lives in her own bubble separate from the rest of the world as the stars on her very expensive crown are still firmly encrusted. From the thousands of her posted pictures, there's no denying that she has never experienced not getting what she wants, never once hesitating to buy the most outrageous Dolce & Gabbana outfits, thousand-dollar Stella McCartney shoes, and pretty much anything else money can buy.

She recently started her own ready-to-wear fashion line called Arissa X Collection No. 1.

7 Yumi & Miko Bai - Twin Sisters From By2 Pop Duo

Unlike all the other rich kids on this list, twin sisters Yumi and Miko Bai don't owe their fortune to their parents. They have instead made their own money through their pop group By2, when they pursued singing careers at just 15 years old.

Despite humble beginnings, they were quick to embrace the lavish rich kid lifestyle and don't think twice before flaunting their wealth on their social media accounts. All things considered, most would probably do the same in their shoes. Aside from sparing no expense and getting all the expensive shoes they want, they also love to posts lots of workout videos and pics showing off their enviably lavish lifestyle, complete with expensive cars and lots of parties. After all, what do you do of your days when you will never need to work a 9-5 kind of job?

6 Michelle Liya - All About Appearances

There's obviously nothing more natural than walking your car in a lingerie-style top perfect for a night out on the town and a long open leg skirt. It's hard to see but it's almost 99% certain that she also has high heels on and the Audi TT in the back is also no coincidence.

That's not all though: Chanel earrings, Dior handbags, Roger Vivier heels, Manolo Blahnik flats... there is absolutely no shortage of labels in the pics that she posts. It's unclear who exactly her parents are, but it doesn't matter. The girl has enough spending money to easily pay for anyone mortgage and student debts combined and instead of doing something productive, she spends her life spending it with the sole intent of showing off online.

5 Karen Ng - Queen Of Flaunting

What does Karen Ng do all day long? When you have enough money from mommy and daddy, then the only logical thing to do is post an illogical amount of pics online of yourself strutting around as if life is just one big fashion show. Seriously, in 95% of her pics, Karen is street walking around as if she was casually (and very professionally) photographed by paparazzi.

The self-made star only has about 27k followers, but the smallish number hasn't stopped her from showing off how she lives the high life. All her pics feature the most notable accessories to any filthy rich kids: private jets, high end clothes, expensive shoes and most off all the appearance that she couldn't care less about all the money. Who are we kidding, none of these rich kids care how much they spend.

4 Yoyo Cao - The New "Singapore Girl"

Despite not exactly being a "kid" anymore, Yoyo Cao is still another Singaporean lumped into the Rich Kids of Singapore category, primarily because of her heavy Instagram influence. Sitting with over 322k followers, Yoyo has carved quite the followers base with over 322k followers and counting, posting the kinds of pics that most of us could only dream of ever attaining. Most of her pictures consist of fancy photo shoots, which undoubtedly helped to land on Harper's Bazaar's "Ones To Watch" in terms of fashion sense and style, as well as securing two "Golden Peacock" awards by New York Magazine's The Cut.

Despite her glamourous lifestyle, there is still something to be said about just how staged each picture is. There is no denying the fact that the breakfasts and expensive-looking meals in her pics would have long been cold before she even had a chance to take a bite. So is putting in all the effort to show off your lavish lifestyle worth it?

3 Ming Jun Kuok - Also Known As MJ Kuok

Although he's the grandson's of Malaysia's richest man, Robert Kuok ($11.7 billion net worth), Ming Jun Kuok is considered a Singaporean rich kid as he lives in one of the most advanced cities in the world. He stands out from other rich kids by trying to pave his own way, rather than following the financial advice of his parents and taking the entrepreneurship route. Despite studying communications and digital media studies at Stanford University, Ming Jun Kuok pursued a career in music and became a finalist on the third season of Singapore Idol.

He now goes by MMXJ in the EDM world or MJ Kuok and has been quoted saying: “I think one thing that constantly drives me is I feel very fortunate and very blessed to come from a good family, where everything has been very easy. Honestly, compared to a lot of people, I have gone through minimal hardships, I just feel like I want to prove to myself that I can start something up, and also contribute back.”

2 Dhillon Lee - Selfie King

Despite having a little more than 200 Instagram posts, Dhillon Lee has managed to have nearly 100k followers and is actually considered one of the top influencers in Singapore. But how and perhaps, most importantly, just what exactly does this Rich Kid of Singapore do for others to look up to him with envy? Judging by his pics, all he pretty much does of his days is scuba dive, skydive, take luxurious cars for a spin and just have a lot of fun enjoying his wealthy life. He also clearly enjoys taking a lot of bathroom selfies.

As the son of a Singaporean multi-millionaire, his life is definitely made and it doesn’t actually really matter if he gets good grades or not. The chances are good that his business portfolios have already been set up for him since before he was born. On the bright side, he has also posted a couple of pictures of himself doing charity work at a hospital, but it's probably just for show.

1 Elroy Cheo - Arissa's Brother

It's probably not the most fun thing for Elroy Cheo to be more famously referred to as Arissa Cheo's brother, but he's still a Rich Kid of Singapore in of his own right. Despite having just 200 posts on Instagram, he has still accumulated over 124k followers, so that definitely counts for something! It's clear through his limited posts though that he's one teenager lucky to have rich parents. From party pics, all the way to travel pics, days at the beach, expensive shoes, motorcycles, it's hard not to let your jealousy run wild.

He's at least semi-aware of his bragging behavior as he posted the above pic with the accompanying caption: "Obligatory douche shot". In other pics, he merely poses looking the most bored and depressive possible as if having all the money you want to do anything you want is the least joyful experience possible.

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