15 Pics Of The Weirdest Most Terrifying Baby Bumps

We are BIG fans of the bump around here; we love to talk about how to dress for the bump, how to hide the bump, or how to take proper care of that tiny human growing inside the bump. Most women are very conscious of their growing bellies during pregnancy, since this is the part of their bodies that will grow the most (that’s where the baby is, right?).

Many will want to come over and touch mom’s bump to feel the baby’s kicks, mom and dad like to rub the bump a lot, and lots of people like to comment on how far along they think mom is (they probably shouldn’t).

Lots of women even take monthly pics of their growing baby bump; a sort of diary used to document the baby’s growth. There are many wonderful pictures of the bump available on the Internet and social media, but there are a few bump pics that aren’t so adorable. Some of these bumps can’t help being terrifying, it’s the nature of mom’s unpreventable situation, but some of these weird bumps just can’t be explained away—they might even freak us out a little.

If you or someone you know is self-conscious about their bump—maybe they think it’s too big, maybe they think it’s oddly shaped, or maybe their bump gave them a weird belly button—just show them these 15 pics of the weirdest, most terrifying baby bumps and they are sure to feel so much better about their own growing bump.

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15 Demon Baby

Don't get me wrong, folks, I love Halloween as much as the next person. Halloween is actually my second favorite holiday, and I swear I have a sense of humor, but why would anyone do something like this? This is beyond delightfully scary to utterly terrifying. I'm not sure if this is a painting, or some bump cover you can buy at the Halloween store, but this is really giving me the creeps. When you think of your baby belly, aren't you supposed to be thinking warm thoughts about your baby? Like, shouldn't those thoughts be full of sparkles and rainbows and fluff, not demons and blood and sharp teeth. Yikes! Well, I guess everyone is different, so I suppose if mom thinks this is fun/funny, fine. But this has to be one of the most bizarre pics of a baby bump (Halloween or not) that I've ever seen. Pretty sure I won’t be sleeping tonight.

14 Is This Even Real?

Obviously, mom is going to get huge when she's having multiples. This fact is non-negotiable if you are going to have healthy babies, and even when mom grows ginormous, those babies still come out very small. We all understand this, even if we've never known anyone who has had triplets or more. Even twins cause their mother to gain an enormous amount of weight, and their bump will grow to accommodate that extra little human. Still, knowing something to be true and seeing the reality of it, are two very different things. The size of a woman's bump that is carrying multiples, well, it just doesn't even seem humanly possible. It defies reason, and it looks weird. And quite frankly, it's terrifying. Having multiples is a risky situation no matter how many babies are in that bump, but when there are enough babies to make mom’s bump look like this, it's absolutely horrifying.

13 Zombie Bump

Here's another delightful Halloween bump pic, and it's delightfully disturbing. I'm thinking that the zombie mom eating her own baby after tearing it out of her bump, still attached to the umbilical cord no less, is going to win the Halloween Costume Contest for Worst Mom Ever, hands down! I think the most frightening thing about this picture is how utterly realistic it looks. Whoever created this costume got a little too into it, if you ask me. If you are this good at creating a mother who is perfectly happy nibbling on her own baby's flesh and flood, there might be something wrong with you. I’m not judging or anything, I'm just saying that a trip to the therapist's office never hurt anyone. Give it a go, see what come’s of it. Hopefully your next Halloween costume won’t be quite so weird and terrifying. You know, maybe a nice Minions costume or Little Mermaid, something like that.

12 Creepy Alien Baby

We've all ooohed and ahhhed over babies kicking in their mamma's bellies, and there is something truly miraculous about the experience of feeling and seeing the movement beneath the skin. It seems so strange when you watch it, like the baby could just pop out of the skin's surface at any moment (there is actually a frog species where the babies actually do dig out of their mom's skin, creepy, I know). Even though we are in awe of the situation, we are also a little freaked out. Even when I was pregnant with my own children, when they got really big and were moving around a lot, it weirded me out a little. This baby is really going crazy in mom's belly, and it is super weird to watch, and a little terrifying—like there's an alien in there. Even though I know the baby is not going to pop out of the surface of mom's bump, I can' t help worrying about it.

11 Really Scary Bump Painting

So, bump painting is a thing (it’s kind of like face painting), and I like the overall idea of it; decorating that bump means celebrating your changing body, and celebrating your soon-to-be-born baby. Pregnancy is an exciting time in a woman's life, one where they can look forward to the future and count down the days, while watching their bellies expand. That's why it's pretty genius to start painting that bump, at the very least do it for special occasions, and I hope this trend will really catch on, even more than it has. That being said, even though the concept is awesome, there are still many, many bump painting fails out there—and this is one of them. If you are going to paint your bump, do it with pretty designs and fun colors, but don't do this. This woman has a painting of a baby in-utero on the outside of her bump. The results are odd and just a little disturbing.

10 Pregnant Man

This man named Thomas Beatie has carried and given birth to three children! Okay, there is a catch...he is a transgender male. Still, it's pretty impressive that this dad decided to carry the children when his wife was having trouble conceiving. Thomas had already had upper surgery to alter his appearance when he found out his wife couldn’t conceive, but he still had all his female reproductive parts. He decided to give it a go so that the couple could have kids. Even though we love this story and think it’s great that he decided to carry the children himself, the picture of a man with an enormous bump is strange and a little difficult to take in. If you don’t know the whole story, it might even freak you out a little. But, you have to hand it to this guy! This dad will do anything for his kiddos, including carrying them to full term.

9 Shark Attack Belly

Here's another weird and terrifying bump painting, although it's a little more artistic than the first one we've seen. Sharks fascinate me also, so I can see why mom likes them, but putting the face and shredding teeth of a shark on your baby belly is a strange choice. They say that tattoos can really say a lot about a person: they show what kind of person you are, they show your interests, and they tell a story of your life. Tattoos can both add to a person's identity, and they can also scare some people away. This is only a temporary painting, but it's definitely scaring me away from this mom. Like, run away screaming kind of scaring me away. Please moms: if you are going to paint your bump, which is a really great thing, can you paint it something nice, that isn't going to have the world questioning your future parenting choices?

8 The Kicker

I absolutely love this picture of baby's tiny foot! I so wish I could have been able to capture a pic like this of my own kids when they were squirming around inside my bump. Even though I love this pic, it's still a bit creepy when you think about it. I'm speaking, of course, of how thin is the wall of skin that is all that separates the growing baby from the outside world. Any time I think about babies and all the processes that go into growing them right, it does seem a perfect miracle to me. How does all of this work together to make a living creature, in such a reasonably short amount of time (it is short—ask an elephant)? And in most cases, everything works out the way it should. That's pretty amazing. But, the miracle of life is still a bit weird and freaky, also. The fact that this picture can be taken, shows how delicate that balance really is. We are just skin bags with a whole lot of blood sloshing around in there! Terrifying!

7 Mossy Baby Bump

Remember we talked about earlier how moms just love to take bump pics? They often take one picture of their growing baby bump every month, just to track the baby's progress, and often share these fun pictures with family and friends. Many women will even participate in pregnancy photo shoots, similar to engagement photos, so that they can have a few professional shots to remember their pregnancies by. Some of these photo shoots turn out to be absolutely stunning, but as is the case with many photo shoots, some of them turn into absolute fails. I'm afraid the above picture falls into the fail category. This mama is naked and has covered her body in moss, leaving her arms and bump bare. This doesn't really look natural or ethereal (the way it was probably intended to look), and instead resembles a moss monster that just captured its prey. Weird picture…and a little scary.

6 Pincushion Baby Bump

Oh Halloween…such a fun holiday. People really get their creative juices flowing trying to come up with interesting costume ideas, something that's never been done before. Many pregnant women have the added challenge of working their bump into their costume idea, and sometimes they really win and sometimes they really fail. All in all, I think this costume is totally brilliant. I mean, come on! How many pincushion costumes have you seen? I can't think of any! The only thing that makes this costume weird and scary is that mom is using her baby bump, as a pincushion! This one is difficult to wrap our minds around because, "Hello! There is a baby in there! You can't put pins in the bump, you'll stab the baby!" We realize this is a costume, and as such the pins aren't real, but the mental image of twenty pins entering the bump and piercing the baby is what makes this bump pic weird and creepy.

5 What's With The Tentacles?

A pregnant woman with a painted baby on her belly takes part in the Movement for a Humanized Childbirth demonstration, at Paulista Avenue in Sao Paulo, Brazil, on Februrary 3, 2013. People protested against the new regulations of two hospitals --Pro Matre and Santa Joana-- which will allow women in labor to have only one person in the delivery room, forcing patients to choose between a family member and a doula --a woman who provides emotional and fisical support. AFP PHOTO/Yasuyoshi CHIBA (Photo credit should read YASUYOSHI CHIBA/AFP/Getty Images)

I feel like the painted baby belly just keeps getting worse as we go along. Here we have another woman who has decided to paint the perceived image of her child on her stomach—only thing is, there is something seriously creepy about it. I'm not even gonna say anything about the fact that her bellybutton makes it look like the baby got shot through the head (oops, I just did), but then we have some strange turquoise and greenish-yellow substance floating around the baby. What is that? As far as I know, the amniotic fluid is not a fluorescent color, or are those the tentacles of some baby-eating alien inside this woman? I don't understand this painting! Is it supposed to be some sort of symbol? Someone help me with this one! Whatever this woman was going for, I'm not on her wavelength, and this picture just comes across as odd and a little unsettling.

4 Octomom...'Nough Said.

It's a tough job caring for one or two children in this world, let alone eight. Feeding them, keeping them alive, meeting all their needs, raising them into decent human beings. I struggle to get everything done with two children, and sometimes I still wonder: Am I doing enough? Will they turn out okay?

Well, love her or hate her, Octomom has definitely taken pregnancy to an extreme level, in my mind an impossible level, and I don't want to play. Her bump terrifies me more than any of these other pictures, because there were eight babies inside that thing! The risk involved with multiples is scary enough, and the absolutely massive size you have to get to in order for those babies to thrive in the womb, well, it’s mind bending. Despite this freaky pic, Octomom is a legend in carrying multiples. So far all her children are still alive, so that’s encouraging.

3 Pregnancy Rash

All pregnancies are different and sometimes there are symptoms of pregnancy that can be scary, uncomfortable, or even life-threatening. Unfortunately, some symptoms aren't preventable, and it really all depends on your particular pregnancy and how your body reacts to it. I had no weird symptoms with my first child, but with my second I developed a strange skin condition called 'pregnancy mask'. It was a little embarrassing, but not actually harmful. It's basically a pigmentation condition brought on by all the hormones raging around in there. The skin pigments on my face changed colors, and I ended up with a sort of raccoon mask around my eyes. The woman in the above pic can't help this horrible rash that she's developed. It could be the result of some medication she's taking, or her body reacting to the pregnancy, but it is weird and makes us all a bit scared it will happen to us.

2 What Even Is That?

The woman who's having multiples is going to have a weird baby bump no matter what she does. There is nothing she can do to prevent that...it's gonna be enormous and it's going to be oddly shaped. It's also going to be frightening because of the concept of having so many babies at one time. The picture above is clearly of a woman who is having a great deal of babies. The shape of this bump has to be the strangest I've ever seen. It just pokes straight out, and for some reason it reminds me of the process of filling water balloons. Still, this woman looks healthy; as though she’s doing everything she can to take good care of herself, and those babies. It's not her fault that the size of her belly is so overwhelming for the people viewing this picture. It's not her fault that I never want to see this picture ever again!

1 Bella Swan's Baby

If you've ever read the Twilight books, or if you've seen the movies, you will know that in the last book/movie, Bella Swan becomes impregnated with a half-human/half-vampire baby. The baby grows at an alarmingly fast rate, and for some reason it leaves horrible bruises all over her abdomen. Oh yeah, and it only can survive on blood (half-vamp, remember?). So Bella has to drink blood in order for the fetus to grow—can you say 'yum!' I know right, madness. And half the literary world was obsessed with this series... Yes. I read the books. Don't judge. Anyway, when it comes time for the baby to be born, which is only, like, two weeks after conception, Bella and friends are worried that the baby is going to eat its way out of Bella's body. Yep. This is definitely Bella Swan and that's her baby. Seriously weird and seriously freaky.

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