15 Pics Of Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise has had one of the most dazzling careers in Hollywood’s history. As with everyone else, his life is marked with plenty of ups and downs. Although he has done plenty to make his family proud, there are some things he doesn't want his daughter to know about.

Suri is his beautiful daughter with Katie Holmes. On October 6, 2005, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes had announced they were expecting a child. Their daughter Suri was born in April 2006. The couple got married at the 15th-century Odescalchi Castle in Bracciano, Italy, on November 18, 2006.

With Suri is now eleven years old, Tom is surely regretting some of his more rash choices in the past. While sowing their wild oats in their youth, most people don’t think about what their future children are going to think about their actions. Regret comes in a little too late. In this internet era, where digital footprints are marked forever, there are plenty of stories and images Tom hopes Suri will never see.

It is said that Tom told his long time friend Maryanna Carter about Suri that ‘She is no longer part of my life.’ Maryanna runs a Facebook page his honour where fans used to post pictures of Suri. Tom asked Maryann to delete all photos of her. Maryann has confirmed that Tom was concerned about what Suri could find online about herself. Whether he is actively involved in her life or not, every father wants to remain a hero to his daughter.

Tom’s first marriage was to Australian beauty, Nicole Kidman. From steamy images with his ex-wife to crazy punk looks with tattoos and piercings, there are some pictures he wishes he could erase forever.

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16 The Wild Magazine Shoot

Just one sentence. ‘He did it’. We are just lucky to even if we get this kind of images in our dreams. Forget about a photo op. Rarely does a male get away with having his eyes made up and having a snap taken of it. Guns and bombshells. How I envy this guy right now.

Now let us get back to the daughter's viewpoint. “Mom, what's that aunt trying to take from daddy’s pants, and why is daddy trying to push the other aunt away?” Huh! magazine the plight of Katie having to reply to that question.

Though creating ripples and flutters in millions of hearts, the naïve cute daughters fail to understand such implications until much later. So this is a strict no-no pic to be viewed by the adorable daughter of Cruise. But for us we would not at all mind if the particular aunt’s fingers were to go in a little more deeper. Nor would I see the daddy dear complain much about it.

15 No Pain, No Gain

Hmm...he does seem to be experiencing something intense anyway.

A sensational photo that sends imaginations running real wild. How about a broken arm and blood splattered on his clothes? NO way. How about the thought of him dreaming of some curves and fulfilling those inner desires in the handheld way? More apt in this image, I would say. That towel wet at that particular spot to is not helping him much in making us think otherwise, right?

And when these are the parameters of our thoughts, well Suri is growing up fast in a new generation world that doesn’t leave much to imaginations. So I don’t think it’s a pic that any daughter would love to have flaunted for the rest of the world to watch and guess. Daddy dear in an Amazon god costume would have been a better choice. But now where would that leave us. Surely his fans are hoping for more of these kinds.

14 What Is Going On Here?

Stacee Jaxx. Now is there anything about him that we don’t love? Secret agent, Naval officer, Bartender and a long list to go. Another feather in his cap with this Guns an Roses role. We know that this is gonna be a runaway hit.

How does a fifty-year-old guy easily comes out as someone in their thirties? That’s serious dedication. More than this snap, the talk of town would be the steamy hot scenes associated with the movie with Tom in center stage.

Seriously this photo leaves no doubt about the particular characters association with guns, drugs, booze and girls. A perfect recipe for a hit movie. But when it comes to personal life, that’s not that much of a hit recipe. Though the world would admire him for his fantastic performance, back at home your little darlings would fail to understand, why daddy has to run around drugs and booze, where as he could have sported a better image with suits or leisure wear.

13 A Man In Love

All kids love a little comic sense in their father. But when you are a celebrity father, the story is altogether different. Tom obviously has a good sense of humor, undoubtedly not only loved by his family but millions worldwide.

Now if this would have been a toothpaste ad, we could have given a tad little bit credit to it. Alas being comic and at the edge of obscenity, is not one of those moments that a daughter would love to view her dad in.

A figure when well known for his killer looks and dream smile, here Tom must have fervently wished that this pic didn’t do rounds in the media. A split second later and he could have controlled it. But alas, it's not even in the hands of God to control those frenzied paparazzi when they are in feeding mode and once it out on the World Wide Web, there is no looking back. Hope dear Tom has better luck next time with his pic’s.

12 Kissy, Kissy

‘Well, even if he were to be one, I don’t think he will have any shortage of lovers for that matter. But seriously, Steven Spielberg. Really tough time on imaging if that might be a possibility unless he must have offered a 100mil to Cruise for a one night stand. Ridiculous would be my opinion on that one. Their movie ‘War of the worlds’ though not much of a big hit, with the movie losing out on the storylines towards the end, still managed to gross more than 500 million worldwide. Hmm pretty decent for a movie which just ran on both of their fame.

One star studded premiere event and they were ready to rock. But now success of the movie is another part, and what comes in as gossips is another stuff. So when the media was speculating on the relationship angle to bring in a little spice to their stories, it didn’t flair out well. There has been strong rumors on the move indicating Tom to be A part “homosexual”, but don’t think that it would be on level with Steven. Looks like the paparazzi screwed up their reports with this one pic.

11 The Oprah Fiasco

Cute? Weird? Funny? Pompous? Mentally deranged? Pathetic? Lost in choice of words for those particular actions on the show. Well to be realistic, that particular video has been taken down by many sites and blogs. Under whose instigation or pressure is kind of hard to say. Scientology? Might be. Toms weird actions on Oprah’s show did on win any hearts on to the fact that he was admitting to the so called love to Katie Holmes.

What was weirder was the fact that he was there to promote his movie “War of the Worlds”, which he practically didn’t do. Wow. The actions on the show looked like some too much overdone script, which was enacted out very poorly.

Nowadays it’s not much of a secret as to Tom’s infatuation with Scientology and how they were the ones to rope in Katie to be the future Mrs. Cruise. After all this fiasco, kind of sad to see that the mother and daughter are no longer with him.

10 Pranked On The Red Carpet

Well now this is a seriously different definition to the word getting pranked. Who would love to get wet on the opening premiere day of the movie the A rated director Spielberg? Well not me, had I been in the movies. I would have taken more necessary actions then and there. Movie premiere ‘War of the Worlds’, mega blockbuster and you dressed up in an Armani. There comes in four dashing mongrels from Channel 4 film crew, and decides Tom is the next victim in line.

Dumbo’s picked exactly the wrong time, date and occasion to carry out their prank, LOL. Not only did the prank go horribly wrong but also they got a whiff of their medicine gone wrong. Mr. Cruise got seriously pissed off and got into a scuffle and verbal tact’s.

If that in itself was not enough, all the four have been booked for Assault. Wow. Now that’s fantastic, considering all they had to invest in creating the prank was some ounces of water. Looks like all four are going to be drinking a lot of water on the days that followed.

9 He Divorced All Three Of His Wives When They Were 33

“33”, I consider that to be a cute figure in all manners, from age to sizes. Reminds me about a lot of googling done for that number. But for Tom, now that’s another highlight. Wonder why 33 is such an unlucky number for Tom?

Mimi Rogers, Nicole Kidman and now Katie Holmes, well one thing is for sure no lady can lie about their age when they get married to Cruise. All you have to do is wait till they get divorced and then calculate her age. Seems almost true about the fact that Scientology also has got a big hand in all these incidents.

Their involvement can’t be ruled out, as per the reports out from various authenticated sources. Seems like 33 has got a different kind of meaning for Scientology, with Tom already having pledged millions into their causes worldwide. He must be by now the biggest beneficiary of this group. But lady luck doesn’t last with Tom above 33. Now here is where I come up with my own thesis. How would look like if he were to get married to someone above the age of 34? Might last I guess. Unless he plans on having more kids.

8 His Bromance With David Miscavige

David Miscavige, father of Scientology, the Religious Technology Centre, boasting of more than 8 million followers, with prominent dignitaries among them and Tom being the most sought after advocate to the cause. Few needs too much of an intro about this guy.

With news doing rounds of his own wife (Shelly Miscavige) out of social picture for more than a decade now and doubts whether she’s still alive. This chap according to reports holds a big clout in Cruises life. It’s believed that he was the sole reason to evict all three wives from his life, and also an Iranian love affair.

Though on the verge of getting seriously exposed, Scientology looks like it has regained control over itself, and back to work again. It’s even suggested that they are on the lookout for the new Mrs. Cruise, for which the selection process itself is tougher that getting selected into the Navy Seals. Not to be taken as a joke.

Some blogs state the fact that to be Toms wife, the particular lady in question has to be proficient with the system of ‘Threesome’. Wow, now that’s a real tall order. The brain behind all this, Mr. David is heard to be one tough old goose to please, and Tom has got implacable faith in him. Who’s the next on list to be his wife? Guess only David holds the key to that question.

7 His Infamous Interview With Matt Lauer

Now that’s food for thought. Who is this world would love others to know that they are on Antidepressants. Can be used for social mileage of course. But this particular interview back in 2005 is not something Matt Lauer is going to forget till his last breath. Now something else to be wondered is the fact that, all major type of controversies associated with Tom seemed to appear just before the release of ‘War of the Worlds’, his movie with Spielberg. Toms been advocating Scientology for as long as history itself. His very life is monitored by the system at RTC and David Miscavige.

So when Matt started with Tom on this particular topic, he was in for the fries and wrath of God Tom. Hehe . Ridiculous though it was, but still enlightened to know from the horses own mouth that Brook Shield was on drugs for depression. And to top it all getting called a “Glib”, by the MI actor was not that good for matt on national television. But time does heal a lot.

On a recent interview of Matt with Andy Cohen, though they played around with the psychiatry and anti-depressant topics imitating the actor, Matt actually stood up for Tom to say enough that he was a great guy. Hmm. Now wonder where this all is leading to. Does Scientology have a hand in this?.

6 Fake Marriage To Katie Holmes

For the lesser mortals of this world, they are TomKat. The most sought after power couple. Cutest in the industry. Nonetheless Gods of the industry. And with the introduction of Suri, it was nonetheless magical in all the sense. But has it ever occurred to anyone to wonder how did all of this happen in such a fast pace.

One day he’s divorced with Nicole, and the next he’s already with Katie heads over heels in love, and Suri born 8 months before the nuptials. Might seem a little out the way, but can’t entirely rule out the involvement of Scientology behind all this.

If rumors are to be believed then they have been training Katie hard enough to be the Mrs. Cruise. and whatever charade that we have watched them perform on TV looks like mostly scripted. It’s difficult to not mention at this point the interview of Katie with W in presence of Jessica Rodriguez, believed to be her Scientology chaperone.

Again comes in a mentioning from the memoirs of Leah Remini, about the events at the couple’s wedding. But to top it all, the best was the way in which Katie handled the divorce settlements to the finesse of a French chef in concluding all the process in just a span of 11 days, leaving everyone stunned, not to mention Tom

5 When He Didn't Show Up To His Daughter's Wedding

Now, where have we heard this word before ‘Scientology’. Looks like it just revolves around the Cruises family. Isabella Cruise, up for adoption at the church of scientology and where cleverly placed onto the hands of young Tom and Nicole to be raised.

Now the explanation that daddy dear had given for not being available on the wedding day was so as not to steal the limelight away from his precious daughter’s biggest day. Is it true? Or did Scientology just deny him that privilege.

It’s again worth mentioning the fact that both of his adopted kids are great Scientology followers and actually do stay nearby in respective nations. Sad on that day is the fact worth mentioning that Nicole way there in London for a shoot and was not aware of her daughter’s wedding, nor was she invited. Its public knowledge that she has been disowned by Scientology over her father’s profession issues.

4 When He Was Accused Of Abandoning His Kids

Can’t stop here from mentioning the names of Gary Morehead, former security head for Tom and John Atack a former Scientologist. Imagine the plight of the daughter who has not seen her father for more than 1000 days. Wow. This guy really needs a proper lashing. His own excuse is that of faith.

And as supported by others it’s an open secret that David has asked Tom to cut all ties with Katie and Suri as they clash with the beliefs of the Church. Freaks I would say. Now there are rumors of Tom getting interested in enrolling Suri with the School for Scientologist kids and redeem their bond.

But Katie is strictly opposed to that thought. I would say good for her. Don’t want to see another bonehead scientologist around. Consider it as good riddance. Not worth it when a biological father is controlled by someone else and has forgone the relationship.

3 Choosing Scientology Over Everything

Now there is weird and then there is super weird. Religion is for bonding among people. But in this case, is about baseless ideologies. An ardent follower of the church of scientology for over 30 years and being in blind faith of David Miscavige is not a secret anymore on the fact that it’s the church that controls Tom’s life.

Belief is good for all. But when it comes at the cost of family, and that too not once or twice, but a lucky thrice with marriage and two prominent love affairs. Now naming them all would take a lot of space, but that courtesy of late was extended to his own biological daughter also. Great, this guy has some serious issues.

When a spouse for is chosen after tested by the church and trained by them, is this the height of pevertism. Can you imagine being subjected to a threesome as part of training? Well clearly how much so ever his movies farewell, and how much millions he has in fan followings, he clearly is not slated to enjoy family bliss. No. 33 is or holds different ideals in scientology. Well it gets weirder than this. Stay posted.

2 The 90s Fashion Fail

We might say it to be slightly awkward. But then again, who’s Tom? When a millionaire dresses up in beggar pants, that fashion. It’s not like seeing all those homeless people on the street dressed in rags. Those very rags are the rage in fashion industry.

The homeless wear that out of necessity, and the same is available in stores for $500 apiece. Hard to digest the fact right? When it’s about celebrities, they have a moral responsibility towards the common man, to be dressed up all the while. They are the icons that we follow.

This kind of a dressing sense from Tom is not at all appreciated. Millions of kids look up to him as an image to be followed. So we wouldn’t want our kids dressed up in those kind of upper loin clothes every day. Right? He could have made a better basketball outfit choice, at least for the basketball fans out there. Well now Tom’s Tom, and we can’t blame him much too. After all the ladies do agree that this is not a big fashion disaster. So we forgive him for just this once.

1 His Baby Mama Suffered From PPD

For those who are unaware, it’s Postpartum Depression, clarifying myself, and which requires effective treatment on time. Well there have been a whole lot of lucky humans who have effectively got it treated. But Katie, with the oodles of money she’s got and star studded husband, might have been denied this treatment. Thanks to the ideologies of the Mr. David’s church. A load to think about.

After Toms ranting on interview with Matt in 2005, where he advocated against the use of antidepressants and psychology for use to masses and knocking actress Brooke Shields on her usage of the same, it doesn’t look like he would have allowed Katie to get administered the doses. Sad, because she had been viewed with those baby blue symptoms and insiders’ knowledge on how she fears for her child’s wellbeing doesn’t help much.

Well, we can gladly say that the past is behind her now. And she turned out to be bold enough to stand against the Church of Scientology as were Mimi and Nicole before her. Hope these three ladies join forces and teach David Miscavige a lesson or two on family values.

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