15 Adorable Photos Of Kids Who Can't Even With Their Siblings

Sibling love is such a beautiful thing. There is nothing like the bond between siblings. One moment they can be best friends, the next worst enemies. But in the end there is always a soft spot left in the heart for a sibling.

I loved watching the bond between my two sons develop. It was something special about having a second child that I never fully anticipated. The older son loves and adores the younger one in many of the same ways my husband and I do.

As the youngest of three, I never understood what it was like to welcome a sibling into a family. One day the baby was lying on the floor as my older son sat next to him and professed his love for the little baby. He was smitten. I thought to myself, “Wow. This must have been how my brother and sister gushed over me when I was a baby (cue happy thoughts of being adored).”

Almost before I could finish the thought, my older son flicked the baby in the nose and laughed at the pain it caused the baby. Then I thought, “Yeah, that’s probably more of what it was like with my siblings.”

This list shows that special love-hate relationship between siblings. They might be sweet one moment and sitting on each other the next. Anyone with a sibling or with multiple kids is sure to get a kick out of these not-so-precious moments. Make sure to comment at the bottom with which one rings true.

15 I Can Feel His Brains!!!

Via: Detonate.com

This won’t be the first time the sister in the middle looks at her brother like that.

Sister: “What are you doing? It’s a baby you weirdo.”

Brother: “Someone told me about the baby’s soft spot. I can feel its brains!!! SSIIIICCCKK!”

Sister: “Umm….no. You can’t feel his brains. And you’re not allowed to sit next to the baby anymore.”

This big sis has a long way to go to get her brother in line. Luckily she’s a bit of a mother hen. She can handle his silliness.

The baby brother is going to turn out super chill. He doesn’t have a choice after being nearly dissected by his big brother. Right now he’s doing a great job being propped up, his brother messing with his head and screaming. The little guy doesn’t even wake up. Well really….he doesn’t want to wake up with this goofball messing with him.

14 They're Coming For Me!

Via: dumpaday.com

There’s a hot pursuit between the little guy on foot and his three older siblings. How often do you think they make a game of this? It’s the Big Wheel Run Down.

You can tell the sister is totally determined to catch up. She’s all business. It’s just like an older sister to set up a game like this then to plow you over with her Big Wheel.

Across the street you can see a neighbor watching. He’s wondering, “Should I stop this? Is that runner going to make it? Eh, the babysitter is taking the picture. It should be okay.”

Hopefully this little guy will get a Big Wheel for his birthday so he doesn’t always have to be the odd man out. But you know mom and dad are thinking, “We already have 3 Big Wheels, we’re not buying another one. Someone will outgrow theirs soon.” Not soon enough for the boy running for his life.

13 Have Fun In The Mud

Via: Detonate.com

“Really Bro, you’re going to love being covered in mud! I’ll help you!”

What are sisters good for if not pushing you down in the mud? And ya know what? He probably loves every minute of it. That’s the great thing about older sisters. They are totally pushy and boss everyone around and at the end of the day you still have a blast.

Sometimes you feel like you were bamboozled by them. How do they put you into such a state of confusion? Somehow they trick you, pick on you and still make sure you have fun.

This brother just needed a little push to get out of his comfort zone and have the time of his life. He might not have thought that he wanted to roll around in the mud but now that he’s down there he wouldn’t have it any other way. You have to love the older sisters.

12 The Friend And The Foe

via: Dumpaday.com

Scene 1: You deserve to be punched in the face.

Scene 2: Uh oh. Did that hurt you?

Scene 3: Come here, bro. It will be okay. Shhh….you’re okay, you’re okay. I love you. Quiet down before someone hears you.

Ahh the love-hate relationship of siblings. The older sister knows just how far to push it. Then how to pick up the pieces before mom and dad hear. She’s used to looking out for little brother so she wants to comfort him when he’s hurt. But sometimes he’s just so annoying she can’t help herself.

As a parent, the last picture melts your heart. Even though you know she was the one to make him cry, it’s just so adorable to see her try to comfort him. You just wish they could be best friends without the hitting each other in the face part. Maybe someday. At least you can rest assured that if someone else tries to hurt him, she’ll protect him. If she does, it’s another story.

11 This Was My Mommy First

My friend, Sally, from the sandbox, told me what happens when you get a little brother. Not this time bro. Don’t mess this up for me. I’m in charge. Ya see this finger? It means I’m #1. This was my mommy first and I’m going to stay Number One in her eyes.”

Big Sis can already see the writing on the wall. She knows what a new baby will spell out for the level of attention she receives. The little guy’s only been in the world an hour and already everyone is fawning all over him.

Sister isn’t going to give up her place in the limelight that easily. She’s going to make sure that everyone still notices that she’s around. She’s doing a good job by becoming the center of attention in this photo.

Big sisters are great, aren’t they? They’re always there to put you in your place.

10 Out Ya Go

Via: 9hive.com

“You check it out first. Then if it works out, I’ll follow you. Out ya go now.”

The little guy in the brown has a great plan. Let the brother check it out first, see if it hurts, test if he can fit and find out if there is anything interesting out there before he gives it a try. You can tell the one in the brown was born first—the older ones are always a little more cunning (even if it was only a few minutes difference).

After they took this picture, the parents immediately had to Google, “how to baby proof a doggie door.” Something they never thought they’d have to do before kids. It’s amazing the situations kids can get themselves into.

Today the boys are just exploring a new hole they found. In a few years, they’ll be sneaking out their window together. Ahh..they grow up so fast.

9 Baby Knock Out

Via: TheNoobDad.com

“OHH! Did you like that, Bro? Don’t wake me up from my nap again! Ya got me?”

This baby looks pretty confident in his uppercut. At just a few weeks old, he easily connects with his brother’s nose.

Life isn’t always sunshine and rainbows as a twin.

The second baby will probably get pushed around by his brother for the rest of his life. The only good news is that the punching brother will also protect him to no end from other people. Brothers are funny like that. They’re the first ones to beat you up and the first ones to protect you from other people. It’s like they want to keep you for their own punching bag.

You want to feel bad for the little guy with a fist in his face. Then something inside you says, “You know he was probably getting mouthy.” He probably was all goo-goo ga-ga and it just set his brother off.

8 I Came Out First, I'm In Charge!

Is this how older sisters gain their dominance? Suffocate, crush and disorient the other one so early that they don’t remember what happened? The only thing the other sister will remember after this incident is that she does whatever her sister says. She doesn’t exactly know why but she knows not to cross her.

I have an older brother and an older sister. My brother never really seemed to care that he had sisters (thanks bro) but my sister always has had a hold over me. She acts like the puppet master pulling my strings to make me do whatever she wants (she can still do it today and I don’t realize what she’s doing until it’s too late).

I can see the types of coercive techniques she was probably using while I was still in footie jammies. No wonder she has so much power!

7 This Will Only Hurt For A Minute

Via: detonate.com

Isn’t it beautiful when siblings play together? Wait…wait…is that a real ax? Oh no!

Brothers always have these brilliant games to play. Cut the magician’s assistant in half…Frankenstein surgeries…ax murderer…

That’s all totally normal, right?

The sister seems pretty calm. She’s not trying to get away or shield her body. She’s probably always an active participant in her brother’s next Jason from Halloween make-believe scene.

Is anyone concerned where he’s getting these ideas from? His psychologist probably wouldn’t be very happy about this type of role playing. It sends up a few red flags. If he has is cat in a box around the corner as his next victim we’re probably all in trouble. This can’t turn out good.

Luckily someone at least found the humor in it to snap a picture before he actually snaps. For his safety and the safety of those around him, his family removed almost all of the furniture from this room. Unfortunately, someone forgot to lock up the ax.

6 The Joy Of Having A Sister

Big Sister: “Why do you always have to do this? I always have her following me around, copying off of me. Do you really have to buy the exact same dress for us too? I haven’t had anything of my own since she was born!”

Little Sister: “I love dressing like my big sis. I love everything she does. I want to be just like her.”

Don’t big sisters get it? Their little sisters just want to tag along. They just want to be buds. Could it really be that bad (clearly, I’m the little sister in my family).

Oh wait, I get it. Either people will think they are both adorable or they’ll think the little sister is adorable. There’s little chance that tons of people would opt to fawn over the older child (let’s be honest a certain amount of cuteness wears off as kids get older) when there’s a smaller, more adorable version dressed exactly the same. When you look at it that way, it is kind of a set up for the big sis.

5 I'm Not Touching Her

Via: dumpaday.com

“See, I’m not touching her. How did I know she was going to freak out, slip and hit her head on these slippery rocks?”

This is a classic case of annoying brother. He’s probably been following her around the entire hike with his finger floating just centimeters from her face.

Finally, she lost it. It looks like she just cracked her head open on the slippery rocks. She probably even went under water because her hair is all wet. The brother, on the other hand, looks as dry as can be…and still primed to annoy her some more.

Don’t worry, the person taking the picture will take care of it. Umm yeah…that person that decided it was best to snap a picture of this moment instead of administering first aid to that gash on her head. Sorry little girl, looks like it’s going to be a tough trip for you.

4 What Is This?

Via: detonate.com

“This is….what? It came out of….where? I did not think THIS is what I was signing up for when you asked if I wanted to be a big brother.”

Ah the joys of becoming a big brother. Did he think the baby was going to come out as a 4 year old—someone he could play with? Maybe he was hoping for a puppy instead. Whatever he had envisioned, he seems a little confused by the result.

He might be wondering if this is it. Are there any more features to this baby? Does it do anything other than just lay here?

Well he’s in for a surprise. The baby will do a lot more than just lay there. At first she will cry quite a bit and take away mom’s attention. And before long she’ll be playing with his toys. He doesn’t know what he’s in for but life as he knows it will NEVER be the same.

3 I Needed Somewhere To Sit

“This is a perfect place to watch my show. I’ll just sit here if you don’t mind. Ahh….that’s great.”

Luckily this little girl is a sound sleeper. She doesn’t seem to be disturbed at all that her brother has turned her back into a chair. The little brother didn’t want to give up his seat in front of the TV either. Who would want to sit more than a foot from the TV to watch their favorite cartoon anyway?

It would be great to have a kid that is such a heavy sleeper. Of course, she may wonder why her back is sore in the morning but otherwise she’ll have no idea. I definitely don’t have kids that just fall asleep anywhere like this. If I did, I wouldn’t need a bean bag in my living room. Too bad neither of mine double as a cozy place to curl up to watch my favorite show.

2 I've Got A Whole Bag Of Shush

Via: detonate.com

Don’t these two siblings look like they love each other so much? This won’t be the first or last time they have the exact same argument.

Sister: “Get back here. I wanted to you to do exactly what I said when I said it. Listen to me!”

Brother: “No way. Just stop talking and leave me alone.”

Right now they’re 4 and 2 years old but the same argument will persist throughout their lives. The sister is always trying to be bossy and tell the brother what to do. Meanwhile, the brother is just trying to escape.

When the parent walks in, who do you think will get in trouble? The brother of course! And here he is just trying to get some peace and quiet. What was he supposed to do? The little sister wouldn’t stop talking long enough for him to get a word in. This was the only way she’d get the message.

1 The Grocery Store Meltdown

Via: dumpaday.com

Just another grocery store meltdown. Brother looks totally upset about the situation and little sis doesn’t seem to care. She’s not at all put off by her brother screaming his lungs out right next to her. Think she’s used to it?

Thank goodness for the mom’s sake it’s only one having a complete meltdown in the grocery store. But anyone who’s ever tried grocery shopping with two kids knows it’s only a matter of time before the other one loses it too. What would be a shopping trip without screaming children? (Really, I mean does it happen? It’s been so long since I’ve done my shopping without drawing the attention of every person I pass.)

Their cart isn’t even close to being full yet. This is just meltdown #1. Someone still needs to spill something, try to climb out, grab stuff off the shelf and say something offensive to another shopper (like why does he smell so bad?) before this shopping trip will be complete. Have fun Mom!

Sources: Dump A Day, 9 Hive, Detonate

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