15 Pictures Of Women We Can't Believe Had Multiple Kids

Having had two kids, I know the struggle to get the pre-baby body back is real, and sometimes it doesn’t ever go back to the way it once was! This is the reality of pregnancy, we might not be exactly the same after, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. We all work at our own pace to become body positive again, which leads me to write this very inspiring article today.

Looking at these moms who’ve had multiple kids, I can’t help but think, it’s possible to feel confident in a swimsuit again. I am so glad they are showcasing their love for their post-pregnancy bods and they look absolutely amazing doing it! We would never even know some of them have had kids, let alone multiple kids!

We have to give props where they’re due, these moms have found a way to keep fit with little ones running around, we all know how hard that is. They really deserve applause rather than scrutiny and dismissing their success by saying, “Well they’re just lucky.” Rest assured, these mamas on the list worked for those abs! They didn’t come free. I’ve never even had an ab…that might also be because I don’t really workout. Ha!

I will say, however, that some of these ladies are celebs and I’m sure not even they would deny a perfectly constructed meal-plan and expert personal trainer. Those things would definitely be nice to have, we might all be fitness models if that were the case!

15 Maria Kang

Maria Kang, alternately known as the controversial “No Excuse” mom, came under scrutiny when she posted a body positive picture of herself with her three boys. The image was not intended to fat shame anyone, but the “What’s Your Excuse?” tagline, left many moms with a sour taste in their mouths.

In order to bring some positivity back into the equation Kang went on to create a body positive calendar called The Fit Mom Calendar, showcasing moms of all shapes and sizes who love to workout. The calendar features 25 real moms showing off their bikini bods proudly, with Kang amongst them.

With three kids under four, the mom has definitely worked hard to keep herself fit and fabulous, I applaud her and don’t feel she’s trying to make anyone feel badly about their own bodies, she’s trying to show other moms out there, that it’s possible to make time for fitness.

14 Kris Jenner

I have to end with the mother of all Kardashian’s, and I guess I should include Jenner’s too! With a whopping total of six kids, I’m amazed at how composed and refreshed the momager looks, even in her oldest of photos. Good genes or good doctors? It really doesn’t matter! The woman looks amazing!

Kris Jenner doesn’t look like she’s had six kids, she doesn’t even look her age! She’s 61, but hey! Who’s counting? The mom looks absolutely amazing and I’m sure it does help to have all that reality tv money.

You may not be a fan of hers, or her famous family, but you can’t deny that this woman has been through a lot in her life and she’s tough as nails, always pushing forward with a smile. Kris Jenner, while I may not keep up with The Kardashian’s, I do salute you for being one powerhouse of a mom!

13 Heidi Klum

Former Victoria’s Secret model Heidi Klum has had four children with ex-husband Seal. This German-American model is now 43 years old, but barely even looks like time has touched her! She looks even better as she ages!

After returning to the runway a mere five weeks after giving birth in 2009, Klum admitted that her body wasn’t the same as before childbirth, but that she was okay with that.

During that show she was quoted as saying “I embrace that I have more curves right now. I'm definitely one of the heaviest of the bunch of the 30 girls in the show. And I still have 20lb to go. There’s no master plan, but I have a trainer in L.A. who comes to my house.”

It was hard to believe she had any extra weight to shed when she walked the runway in 2009 looking as amazing as always, no one would have even guessed she had a little five week old waiting at home for her.

12 Kate Looks Great

We all remember the TLC hit Jon & Kate Plus 8, which now just starts Kate and her eight children. There is a lot of drama surrounding the family these days with the separation of Jon and Kate still making headlines, but the drama doesn’t show on Kate’s face, she looks younger and better than ever!

It’s absolutely mind-blowing to believe Kate had sextuplets and two children prior to that and looks like she never even had one!

When asked about her ‘secret’ to looking so amazing after so many kids, Kate responded: “It was really just eye-trickery, I think,” Kate continued. "You guys saw me at my worst first, and then I just kind of reversed in front of your eyes. It was nothing amazing, it was just, when you met me, who was that person?"

The answer seems fair enough, and perhaps the most realistic of replies, she’s had many years now to recover from pregnancy and perhaps now that the kids are a little older, has a little time for herself too!

11 Angelina Jolie

Having had three children herself, with now ex Brad Pitt, and adopting three more, it’s a marvel that Angelina has time to look as awesome as she always does! Perhaps running after six children can be enough of a workout, but what I’m most amazed at is how she never seems to look exhausted!

She’s a mom, actress and a Good Will Ambassador for the United Nations, she truly is a mom that does it all and then some. But being a mother to Shiloh, Maddox, Vivienne, Zahara, Knox, and Pax, has always been her first priority.

She has always been into yoga, martial arts, and kickboxing, and most likely these workouts were used to prepare herself for action roles, such as Tomb Raider and Salt. Action roles can be very demanding, but Angelina doesn’t seem the time to back down from a challenge. She is a strong woman who definitely knows how to throw a punch!

10 Tori Spelling

Now expecting her fifth child with Dean McDermott, Tori Spelling will have a new little bundle of joy to introduce to the world of reality television along with her other four children: Liam 9, Stella 8, Hattie 5, and Finn 4.

The former 90210 actress has had multiple reality television shows about her life, and even she’ll admit inviting the camera into her home added extra pressure to look great on screen all the time.

The mom of four was scrutinized for her weight loss and finally came clean admitting that for several months she couldn’t exercise and was terrified that her scar would open up again, she also didn’t really work out much to begin with. She’s quoted as saying: “I took weight the old-fashioned way. I like to call it the Just Keep Your F***ing Mouth Shut and Eat Air diet. It's all the rage.”

Hopefully this time around people will cut Tori some slack, she looks amazing for having four kids and one on the way!

9 Diary Of A Fit Mommy

Let’s get real a second; chances are if you’re super fit before your pregnancy, you’ll most likely bounce back faster, but two days? Wow! This fit mom of two was able to look like this a mere two days after giving birth! If you met her on the street you would never even know she had had a baby!

Diary of a Fit Mommy blogger Sia Cooper made waves after posting the picture seen above on Instagram. She actually documented her entire pregnancy to show her progress and the results are mind-blowing! She had her pre-baby body back in about ten days! Yes you read that right!

This fit momma worked out throughout her pregnancy and immediately after, she’s a fitness machine and I give her kudos for being able to even get out of bed after having a kid! Seriously, that’s a miracle in itself! Wait to go fit momma, rock those abs!


The simply stunning Jennifer Lopez had twins Emme and Max back in 2008 and she’s worked that famous booty off in order to get back into shape. The 47 year old admits that she gained 50 lbs. with the pregnancy and “loved her weird jiggly belly” wearing it as a badge of honour.

She also admitted: “When I got pregnant I remember watching my back, belly and butt grow and thinking, "I will never be the same again,”

Well JLo had absolutely nothing to worry about, with training for a marathon six months after the birth of her twins and dancing up a storm on and off stage, she’s managed to look even better now than before the babies came along. She’s one calliente mama and she’s worked hard for that body that can rival some women twenty years younger without children. I think JLo deserves a high five!

7 Victoria Beckham

Former Spice Girl and current fashionista Victoria Beckham is celebrity royalty, not only because she exudes class, but because she looks so darn amazing after having had four kids! This mom to Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz and Harper knows how to keep life balanced, we don’t know how she does it, and we envy her for it!

Nearly every picture of her with her children looks as though she were walking the runway. I don’t know how she does daily mom duties in heels; I would be tripping all over myself trying to grocery shop! But not Miz Beckham, she can rock a seriously high heel doing just about anything!

You can say it’s just genetics when it comes to Victoria Beckham bouncing back after babies, but the truth is, she’s a cardio-aholic, hitting the gym six days a week and runs daily. No wonder she looks amazing after four kiddos!

6 Gwen Stefani

Rockstar goddess Gwen Stefani has always had killer abs, making anyone around her pause and wonder if she really had those three boys herself. Mother to Kingston, Apollo and Zuma, she one busy momma and celeb! With a band, her own solo albums, fashion line and guest hosting The Voice, you wonder how this momma has the time to work out like she used to.

Gwen credits a lot of the weight loss to nursing her boys, stating it made the weight come off and her metabolism was like “whoosh!”

She also admits that she’s been careful about her food most of her life, stating that it was all about being able to wear the outfits she would make, and she definitely works them! The only time she splurges is now and then on pizza or dessert. I suppose you’d have to lay off the sweets to have killer abs like that!

5 Tanya Smith

This story had me in tears, I’m so proud of Tanya Smith’s journey. She’s someone who fought her demons and won! She started her weight loss journey after having three kids and losing her mom to cancer. She was tired of being unhappy and worried constantly about her health. At her heaviest of 280 lbs. Tanya admitted:

“Even simple things fatigued me. This included walking to the other side of the house. Just getting up from a chair felt like my knees were going to explode. Even bending down to bath my kids strained my back and knees.”

Finally it came time to beat the weight and win! And win she did! She used the free app My Fitness Pal to track calories as well as work out, taking it day by day. She admittedly forced herself to workout daily, it was never something she enjoyed and it was hard at first, but once the results started rolling in she felt a confidence like she had never known.

She’s a mom fit for fitness mags now!

4 Jennifer Garner

Jennifer Garner has had three children with former husband Ben Affleck and she still looks like she can kick some serious butt! The former Alias and Daredevil star has always been a bit of a workout junkie, but these days she’s taking it easy and putting less pressure on being perfect.

Jen admits that she still feels pressure to have a perfect post-baby bikini body in Hollywood. Everyone expects celebrities to bounce back faster than anyone else, and she has some advice for new moms:

"Take [pressure] off yourself. Nobody can take it off for you. And don’t be on [social media]. If you’ve just had a baby — don’t look at your friend’s hot beach picture… just don’t do it,"

Jen is always hilariously candid and down to earth. She understands that confidence is easy to break when we don’t feel our best, but she urges moms everywhere not to dwell on this. She knows that the real focus is the kids and the rest will follow.

3 Zoe Saldana

Zoe Saldana looks amazing after having twins, but she’s always candid about the struggles and pressures surrounding motherhood. Having to bounce back for her role in Guardians of the Galaxy has been difficult, but Zoe is not going to beat herself up about it, stating:

"I've gone through a lot with it [my body] and I'm just embracing the place where I'm at. When I was superfit I was missing something important in my life, which is my partner and motherhood. And now that I have it, I don't want to take it back so I'm willing to accept everything as it is."

She encourages other mommies: "don't beat yourselves if you fall off the wagon and eat like teenagers.” She’s realistic about goals, and that it’s all one step at a time. She urges women to embrace their curves and realistic goals and we love her for that! Zoe looks amazing after having twins, if I didn’t read the tabloids, I would have never guessed!

2 Sophie Guidolin

Australian fitness advocate, national body-building champion, and mom to four had quite the surprise when she realized she was pregnant for the third time with twins! After having a difficult pregnancy and recovery with her first two children, she was determined to change things this time around.

Her first two children had already taken a toll on her body and she worried two more would really leave her confidence levels low. So Sophie Guidolin decided to become proactive with her fitness and eating regiment. She was determined to maintain her super fit lifestyle. She utilized things around the house for workouts, such as chairs and stairs. As for eating habits not much changed for Guidolin who’s always eaten fairly clean avoiding processed foods, soft chesses, or even drinking alcohol.

All of Sophie’s hard work has definitely paid off, the mom of four is in the best shape of her life!

1 Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian has been highly scrutinized by the media for her weight gain during pregnancy, which is just awful! No one should be teasing a woman about her weight during pregnancy! Kim has since lost all the weight and looks better than ever after having her second child, so I guess Kim gets the last laugh after all!

She gained 60 lbs. during her pregnancy with Saint West and she admits the journey wasn’t an easy one. She teamed up with Atkins alongside working out daily. She admits there is nothing easy about losing the weight and she’s not afraid to be candid about the struggle. She’s not a quitter and I love her body positivity at every stage of her body transformation, proving you can be a sexy mom at any shape and size!

These days she’s looking so good you wouldn’t believe she had a kid let alone two!

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