15 Pictures That Will Give Mothers Heart Attacks

Motherhood can be scary. Some say having a child is like wearing a heart on the outside of the body. I concur. From the time a woman finds out she is expecting, she'll have an undying, fierce love for her children. A love like no other. As her kids grow, it may irritate them how much we love them. Mom's are also infamous for being scared and freaking out over stuff our kids do.

The freak outs and scared feelings go back to that relentless love we have for our offspring. And that is kind of a no brainer, since all parents have a natural concern for their kids and go through many sleepless nights until they're about 18. Whether the kids are little dare devils or get talked into doing risky things easily, a mother's worry never ceases.

Just listening to the news or perusing through the internet, we see on a daily basis images and stories that would give any mom a heart attack. Images of kids in death-defying acts, being kidnapped or worse. Some are just funny and silly photoshopped photos, upon the first glance are scary to see. From the baby to adult babies, they are always our babies and can cause their poor mama to have a heart attack with a late night phone call or a softball to the face.

It isn't just our kids doing things that give us minor heart attacks often; we also have to worry about the people around them causing those oh so gut wrenching photos and videos. But it comes with the territory people. I have said it before and I will say it again, motherhood ain't for the faint of heart. So hang on tight and prepare to gaze upon some photos of kids giving their mom's heart attacks.

15Dresser Falls On Baby

Many parents don't just have the 'old fashioned' baby monitors anymore. They now have video cameras as part of the baby monitoring system to see what is going on with their little ones when they are alone. Imagine viewing the footage and seeing a giant piece of furniture fall on top of your baby.

And then seeing your other child try to save his twin brother. That is exactly what happened in the picture above. The mom and dad watched footage of the their twin boys playing in their room. A dresser, which was not mounted to the wall, topple over and seemingly crush their son. Miraculously the brother pushed the dresser off and saved his twin.

The parents say they never even heard a cry or thud, and would have never known had they not watched the video.

14It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time

Sometimes we do things and look back on those said things wondering why we did them. Or we look at things our spouses and children do and we wonder why, or what in the heck could possibly be going through their minds. The picture above shows a dad trying to give his baby the best view possible.

Which includes placing the stroller over the edge, and if the baby decided to flip out of the safety belt or unbuckle it, the consequences could be deadly. I can't imagine the thoughts and expletives that went through the mother's brain when she saw this. I chalk this up in the "no harm, no foul" folder. Thankfully the baby is ok, and hopefully, the dad realized that this was a pretty dangerous and stupid idea.

13Bounce House Blows Away

Bouncy castles are the go to for kids birthday parties. What kid, heck what adult, doesn't love a bouncy castle? They are so much fun and entertain the party goers for hours on end. I am ordering the slide/bounce house combo for my daughters birthday in May. But that is beside the point.

Danger isn't something we really associate with bouncy houses. The only dangerous thing anyone ever thinks of is a mid jump collision or someone getting jumped on. Not anything very dangerous. And they are very safe until they decide to float away. Now I know an inanimate object doesn't decide anything, but y'all know what I mean.

Heavy winds and a bounce house that needs more stakes equal disaster. I'm sure the mom's of the children were in shock to see this.

12Mom, I Can Fly!

Children are so full of energy and their imaginations are constantly running. They see their favorite cartoon characters flying and doing other crazy things and think they can too. Sorry kids, you can not fly or do any other super crazy stunts like seen on TV. But that doesn't mean they won't try!

However, trying to tell them that is a whole nother story. That's just we deal with as moms though. We have to be realistic and keep them safe. If they listen or not, well usually they don't. If they would listen there wouldn't be a list such as this because there would be no crazy wild antics caught on film. The little girl above looked like she took off from the couch and was mid-air, just a flying!

11Horse Down

If there are any horse show or rodeo moms out there, y'all know it can be dangerous. The picture above proves that. The picture is of my daughter when she was about five years old. He was an older horse and we found out after this race he was arthritic.

The professional photographer snagged this gem of a photo. While he was taking pictures, I was having a heart attack and trying to jump the arena panels to get to my daughter. It was a scary few seconds! Thankfully, Bones (the horse) only stumbled and was able to pick himself back up and my daughter plopped right back in the saddle and finished her run.

It's a cowgirl thing. She has been riding since she was three, and has given me more scares, and gray hairs, than I can count.

10Michael Jackson Dangles His Son Blanket

Michael Jackson was the king of pop and the king of controversy. He did a lot of crazy stuff that was caught by the paparazzi. He did, or supposedly did, a lot of other bad stuff. Some were never proven, but everyone seems to have an opinion on the man. Whether you loved him or hated him. One thing we can all agree on is he was a little nutty.

Perhaps due to his upbringing in the industry, his family or something else. Whatever it was, it just added to his image. One thing that brought on bad attention was dangling his infant son, Blanket, over the window in an attempt to connect with fans in Berlin. It backfired on him because fans were pissed and their outrage was very vocal.

He apologized and said it was a "terrible mistake." Mother's all over the world freaked the hell out.

9How Did He Get In There?

Just imagine taking your kids out for a fun-filled day at the arcade or bowling alley, and finding your child inside the claw machine! While the picture above is pretty humorous, I'm certain it gave his mom the scare of her life! How did he get in there? How will she get him out? Will she have to pay for damages and all of the prizes he was passing out?

He is one mischievous little boy, and this is probably not the first nor the last heart attack he will give her. At least he is adorable and a giving kid. He reminds me of Robin Hood. Think of all the money wasted in those claw machines, they are usually a rip-off. At least he was kind enough to pass out prizes for the out of money kids. Hopefully, he didn't get in too much trouble!

8Kidnapping Victims

This picture is absolutely terrifying to any mother. This is a mother's worst nightmare. The boy and girl in the picture were kidnapped and never heard from again. However, this picture surfaced in a gas station parking lot in Florida in 1989. The girl is thought to be Tara Leigh Calico, who went missing from New Mexico in 1988.

The boy remains unidentified. The first time seeing this picture and reading the story behind it made my heart hurt, and it still does. This is an absolutely horrific picture and brings up so many thoughts and fears for mothers everywhere. No matter who these kids are pictures, somewhere their moms are still hurting and wanting answers.

The scariest part is it could happen to any of us. We live in a scary world and there are predators that prey on our children. If this picture doesn't make your heart stop, then you need to get one.

7Harambe And The Boy Who Fell In His Cage

In May 2016 a four-year-old little boy fell into an endangered gorilla's habitat at a Cincinnati zoo. The gorilla was 17 years old and was shot and killed. The story stirred up much debate throughout the country and people were mad about the fate of the gorilla. I saw the picture and felt sad for the mom.

The backlash she would face, and for the fear and heart-stopping trauma, she went through. As a mother of what I like to call a "runner", my child would take off the minute my back was turned. Some kids just are more curious and like to go off exploring. An event like this could happen to anyone unless you keep your kid on a leash.

Which I tried, but received so many dirty looks I stopped using it. This is definitely a picture that would cause any mom to have a heart attack.

6Spider Baby

Well, this is pretty crazy. If I walked in my living room and saw my kid crawled up the wall and was hanging out by the ceiling I would one of two things: he is possessed by a demon, or he is spider baby. Either way, I'm sure this gave his mom quite the start.

At least it wasn't enough to deter her from snapping a picture before safely getting him down. And he does have a couch beneath him, so if he fell it wouldn't hurt. Kids are so funny with all of their crazy antics and places they get stuck or climb up. Where do they get their energy? And where do they get these bright ideas? I suppose it doesn't matter, it brings us hours of laughter and viewing pleasure.

5Baby And Snake Face To Face

I don't know about y'all but I am not a fan of snakes. And the only thing worse than coming face to face with some big poisonous snake is it coming face to face with my child. The baby above came face to face with a cobra that is as big as the boy. I would have had a massive coronary. I am sure his mother is someone still frozen from fear because this is some scary sh*t yo.

One of the most innate primal feelings is to protect our children from danger. That means protecting them from things we are scared of. I hate snakes no doubt about it, but if I saw one next to my child...well, that would be one dead snake. I would have no qualms about chopping its head off with a shovel. Then I would go pass out.

4Kidnapping Attempt

If you have social media, then you've probably heard about this not too long ago. A mom was in the grocery store with her baby when she noticed an older man talking to her baby, which isn't uncommon for people to do. What was weird was after he walked off, and the mom thought he was gone she continues to shop, but turns around to see the man trying to lift her baby out of the basket.

He was reported to have said something along the line of, ''I tried to take you when your mommy wasn't looking." Creepy much? The mom grabbed her baby back and later informed the police. This is a truly terrifying event. And seeing the images from the video surveillance does nothing short of giving all moms out there heart attacks.

3Baby Burglar

When reviewing the images of your sleeping baby, no one would ever expect to see that they had a burglar in their home the night before, without their knowledge. They certainly wouldn't expect to see the burglar stopping to admire the sleeping baby.

My heart would fall right on out of my chest if I had seen this. I can't imagine the pain and fear the baby's mom felt when looking through this surveillance video. Thankfully, the baby and family were not harmed and due to the video monitoring system. It helped police apprehend the man who broke into the house.

I am sure the baby did not sleep alone for some time after this. An image like this strikes fear in the hearts of moms. None of us are safe from the dangerous world that lies outside our home.

2Settle Down Satan

Satan needs to stop sending his demons to possess babies in the middle of the night to scare their parents. I know that is not literally what is happening, but that is the backstory I made up for all of the images I see of baby monitors capturing the demon eyes. This would freak me the hell out if I saw this image when reviewing my precious little one sleeping.

Monitors have always been something to cause a little fear among parents. Before the videos and we just had the audio monitors, they would pick up weird stations and CB radios. Never knowing what you would hear could be a little freaky. But not as freaky as seeing your baby with demon eyes. It would definitely give me a minor heart attack to see this.

1Dangerous Playground Equipment

This picture was taken by yours truly of my daughter falling off the slide. I had my phone set to some setting so it took continuous pictures. When I realized she was falling off the slide I took off to try and catch her and somehow captured this picture. It's a great action shot and thankfully there was sand underneath her to land on.

I didn't make it to her in time to catch her and it was a good distance to the ground. It scared me to death. She was and is one tough cookie. She got up and went back down the slide again, no tears or anything. I was more upset than she was. It was still a scary mom moment though. It's weird but I am glad I caught it on camera.

There are certainly some scary images listed here. Some scarier and more terrifying than the others and some just light hearted scary. No matter what though, moms will be scared over and over due to their children, and for the rest of our lives. Being a mother doesn't change when our children grow up and move out.

Moms will never stop worrying about their children. It's a blessing and a burden, our cross to bear. The more athletic, outgoing, adventurous or rambunctious the child, the more their mom will worry and stress.

I am not trying to make it sound bad, it is not. Motherhood is wonderful, not all of the time, but a lot of the time. It just takes some getting used to, and getting used to having the living daylights scared out of you takes some getting used to as well. With every call from the school, every skinned knee every prank, we face our fears each time and that is a big part of being a mom right there.

It also teaches us to be stronger. There will always be things for us to fear when it comes to our children. Illnesses, kidnapping, and death are some of the biggest fears of any mom. There are also little fears like our kids getting their head stuck in the banister, or being bullied.

While we can't protect our kids from everything, we can damn sure try. The images above, some funny, some too real, are great reminders that motherhood is the scariest hood you will ever go through.

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