14Public Embarrassment

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While public embarrassment seems to be a fairly effective source of punishment for children who act out, is it really a good idea? Some parents think that it is a very extreme parenting style and that it will only teach children to humiliate others in the future. In addition, there

is some research that shows it can lead to strained parent-child relationships and cause the child emotional trauma that lasts.

Some people feel that public embarrassment is emotionally harmful to children. However, it usually works as it is a lesson that children will never forget, but is that necessarily a good thing? Things like hugging one’s mom in public, telling stories about one’s child when they were younger in front of friends and other “embarrassing stuff” parents might do to intentionally or unintentionally embarrass their kids do not fall into the same category as making one’s child wear a sign in public because they stole something or “roasting” one’s child online. The latter two are much more likely to cause psychological distress in the future.

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