13Cereal In The Bottle Trick

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In the first few months of a new baby at home, parents are often pulling their hair out trying to get some sleep. Former parents may advise them to put cereal in their baby’s bottle in hopes of having the baby sleep for a longer amount of time. However, this

is not a very good idea. Sure, it could maybe make one’s baby feel fuller and sleep longer, but young babies are still learning how to swallow—meaning that a baby may inhale the cereal and choke on it.

This trick is often employed for babies less than six months old, too—which is the earliest any infant should ever be introduced to solids. Sadly, even some doctors still recommend this outdated and dangerous practice to parents. Does it work? Sort of. It may keep the baby sleeping for longer stretches, but it’s important to understand why.

Babies don’t wake frequently to be an annoying nuisance to their parents. They wake because of hunger cues. They need to eat as frequently as their body tells them to for developmental reasons—not just because their tummy is empty. Infant cereals are void of whole nutrition. So filling baby up on cereal can actually stunt their physical and cognitive growth.

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