15 Post Pregnancy Products Moms Should Buy (And 5 That Are A Waste Of Money)

As a new mother, there are certain things that we simply cannot live without post-pregnancy. Some products will make life easier and provide much needed relief. But there are also a million marketing ploys out there designed to try to convince pregnant women to buy a bunch of over-priced stuff that they don't actually need.

How is one to know the difference? How is a first-time mom supposed to know which of these items are worth her precious time and money? By listening to the words of mothers who have been here before, heeding their advice and their wisdom. Women have been pushing watermelons out of their tacos for thousands of years, and throughout this process have narrowed things down—from the perfect pair of panties all the way down to the exact specialized cream to rub on all of your tender bits.

We have scoured through mom blogs, reviews, and sought the guidance of many to put together a list for pregnant women and new mothers. We will show our readers what items should be must haves, as well as which ones are best to avoid.

Heed the guidance of those who have gone before and discover what post-pregnancy products to buy, and which products have clearly been thought up middle-aged men who know nothing.

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20 A Mattress Cover

Via: foodette_ Instagram

Yeah, add to that list that you are going to want to purchase a mattress cover. Your post-partum body is going to be expelling a lot of liquids and unfortunately you are not going to be able to control all of them. They are going to seep out of you in the middle of the night, sink through your sheets and straight into your mattress.

A commenter on Baby Center explained her reasoning, stating on the message board, “My mattress is always protected. A waterproof mattress pad isn't pricey and isn't anything like the awful plastic sheets you remember from childhood. If you bf, you also can leak a lot of breast milk overnight, baby can spit up or pee in your bed, etc. A small investment to protect a pricy mattress.”

19 Ultimate Absorbency Pads

Via: JustMommies

I hate to be the one to tell you this but the movies are for reals; there is a lot of discharge post-pregnancy. Buckets full. Picture being thirteen again and experiencing your first period—and then quadruple the amount of liquid. You are going to need some serious pads to sop up all of that gore.

Don’t skimp and buy the thin, birth-control mensie pads. Go big.

Jenny Silverstone from the blog Mom Loves Best will give it to you straight. She says,

“To make sure you’re covered from the mess you’re about to experience, you need to make sure you stock up on the best postpartum pads you can find. For a while, it’s going to look like a crime scene in your bathroom so you have to be prepared.”

18 A Special Squeeze Bottle

If you haven’t had a baby before than you are probably seeing this title and thinking to yourself, “Oh that sounds nice. Is that a bubbly drink? Will it calm my nerves after a long and hard delivery? Can I mix some orange juice into it and serve it to my friends?”

No. You can’t.

A peri bottle is a small plastic contraption that is used after birth to wash all of your lady bits. They will be super sore and tender, and wiping your hoo ha can be pure agony.

The Parent Guide explains, “I still remember my first trip to the bathroom and screaming in agony as I patted myself down with toilet paper. My baby cannon was so sensitive that using ultra-plush toilet paper felt like a belt-sander.”

17 Waste Of Money - New Undies

I know that you want to feel good about yourself right after birth—that is perfectly normal. But buying new underwear to treat yourself is like trying to brush your teeth when you’re eating an Oreo. It is useless.

First off, the underwear that used to be comfortable is not anymore.

You’re likely going to be carrying more weight and your body may be a different shape. Furthermore, your hoo-ha is going to spilling liquids at all hours of the day and even if you are a clean freak, you cannot catch it all. It is going to leak. And it is going to stain.

Ruin an old pair of undies, not new. Give yourself (and your body) a little bit of time to adjust. Then go buy a new thong.

16 A House Cleaner

If you are anything like me than you may have never had (or needed) a house cleaner before. They can be expensive and on top of that mothers feel like they are failing if they need help around the house. Don’t.

Spouses Cleaning Houses details this further; “It doesn’t matter if you are stay-at-home or a career woman, we all have hectic schedules. When you become a mom, a busy schedule is virtually unavoidable. As children age from babies to toddlers and school age, you end up having play dates, art classes, sports practices, etc. We literally become chauffeurs. If the kid’s schedules weren’t enough, we have to fit in cleaning, cooking, laundry, spending times with friends, spending time with our partners (they need our attention too!) and so forth…"

15 Granny Panties

Oh girl, I’m dead serious about this one. You don’t want to ruin your nice panties in the days after you give birth. Things will be coming out of you that you just wouldn’t believe until you saw it. Instead, but some ugly, cheap, big-ass panties that will hold the giant pads that you will have to be wearing.

A reviewer on What To Expect got real saying,

I got myself a couple of black all-cotton granny panties for $.99 each at Walmart (classy, huh?). Actually, they were high-cuts, not briefs, but still. I had to send for 2 more afterwards. They were sooooo comfy. Plus, no one was getting busy down there for a couple of months anyway, so comfort was the priority. I didn't have to worry about stains..."

14 Waste Of Money - Bath Salts

Via: YouTube

Bath salts sound nice in theory, right? You can picture your post-pregnancy self sitting in a bath filled with warm water and delicious aromas.

But I have to tell you something—this is not realistic for most of us. Infants require a lot of time and attention. Most of us operate like mom-zombies after birth, rarely remember to wash ourselves at all, let alone take the time to take a bath.

New motherhood can be rough. One mom on Circle of Moms confessed, “I have no time to myself, not to take or bath or even use the potty. How do I breath{sic}?

Why set yourself up for failure by spending money on something you are not going to use any time soon? Why not buy yourself a milkshake instead.

13 Nursing Pads

I thought nursing pads were bogus at first—why waste money on some disposable thing that goes into your bra, right? Wrong.

Erika Froese from Mother-Ease details, “When you choose to breastfeed, you need to be prepared for your breasts to leak milk in between feedings or anytime you have gone a few hours between a feeding. It is also common for your milk to leak if you hear a baby crying or it is close to the time your baby would normally feed. "

"Also, while your baby is nursing on one breast, the other will leak – this is because your let-down reflex happens in both breasts at the same time. It takes a little while for your milk to become regulated so expect to wear nursing pads for at least a few months,” she continued.

12 Waste Of Money - Kegel Exercise System

I don’t know who these women are that are finding the time to use a full blown kegel exercise system. Why can’t you just do them while you’re picking your nose like the rest of us? Why does there have to be a complicated system that requires insertion and has to be washed afterwards?

Talking about kegel exercise products, one Amazon reviewer wrote: "I’ve used it only once and it’s already starting to rust. Poor quality." Another complained: "The pack I got did not look to be new. Very bad."

A third reviewer wrote: "Cannot use the single unit, let alone the double even after liberal smearing of water-based lubricant as per instruction. Total waste of money. Yes, box is quite lovely but I bought the product for strengthening kegal muscles, not for nice packaging."

11 Nursing Bras

Via: Youtube

Nursing bras sound like a gimmick; you already have a drawer full of bras so why bother buying a new one? Because lady, these things are going to save your life. It might seem like a mundane thing, but a regular bra requires a lot of adjustment when you are flopping your baby-feeders in and out. Nursing bras are meant to expose your boobs—and fast.

Breastfeeding Needs reasons, “It makes breastfeeding easier. I know it seems like maybe you can pull your bra up or down, or pull your breast out of a regular bra, but it’s not that easy. And you are going to do this many times a day. Nursing in public is also easier when you are not fiddling with pulling your breast or bra up or down.”

10 Cream For The Milk Dispensers

Your poor nipples are going to be in for a beating if you nurse your baby. To combat the dryness and cracking that ensue, turn to creams like Lanolin which help to relive your pain.

Becky Flora from Mother and Child Health explains, “In recent years research has concluded that not only is a 100% pure lanolin ointment or cream soothing to new mothers’ nipples but it can also prevent nipple trauma by maintaining the internal moisture of the skin. For this same reason, it may also speed healing when nipple trauma is already present. An additional benefit of lanolin is that it does not have to be washed off prior to nursing as it is non-toxic and safe for the baby. Most babies seem to have no difficulty with any “after-taste” after lanolin application either.”

9 Waste Of Money - Brazilian Body Wraps

There are all sorts of products out there that will pray on new moms and their post-pregnancy bodies. They will make big promises that are not realistic, and serve only to get your hopes up.

Take the Brazilian body wrap, which claims to get rid of belly inches “the safe and natural way.” The makers claim that wrapping your body in clay that is infused with volcanic ash will melt away your fat. It also claims to make your skin firmer and infers that you will get “sculpted”. Um, what?

One reviewer honestly posted on Amazon, “Does not work, followed the steps and instructions but for some reason, I never get the expected result, it doesn’t even warm up or anything! It gets cold right away before u even get to wrap it.”

8 Mommy-Only Shirts

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Post-pregnancy you are going to look at your closet in a whole new way; you are going to pick up shirts and think about them with reason: will the collar stretch enough to allow you to breast feed? Are there pokey things that are going to rub against babies face as she lays on your chest? What solves this issue—a shirt that is MADE for nursing.

Donna Murray from Very Well Family explains, “Breastfeeding fashion has come a long way. Nursing shirts and blouses come in so many different styles and colors. Nursing tops may have sides that pull over, button down or pull up. There are also styles that don't look nursing tops at all. You might even continue to wear some of your nursing tops long after you wean your baby.”

7 Extra 'Seasoning' To Help You Go

You would think that after birth you would only have to worry about one of your, ahem, holes. But unfortunately this is not the case.

Lara Simondi from The Bump explains, “There are a few different reasons why new moms take stool softeners. One, of course, is because you’re constipated, something that can be made worse by iron supplements that your doc may have given you if you had significant postpartum blood loss. Constipation can also happen if you’re dehydrated or haven’t been eating well. Another reason is, well, to make pooping more comfortable. Some moms get hemorrhoids during late pregnancy or from pushing during delivery — others have tears or incisions (down there) that are sensitive — and a stool softener can make for less straining and less discomfort when you go.”

6 A Little Pump Action

Breast pumps looks like weird robots but they can become your best friends. There are a variety of reasons why nursing mothers may pump, including going back to work, being able to have a date night, letting daddy feed the baby, and allowing your breastmilk to release if you are not with your baby.

Breastpumps have become so necessary that there are places where insurance companies are required to give their patients pumps.

Ameda Direct states, “When you can’t be there for your baby, your breast milk still can. Using a quality breast pump will help you maintain your milk supply when you are away from your baby or if your baby is too premature or sick to breastfeed. There are also manual options in case of emergency, power outage or an unplanned situation.”

5 Witch Hazel Pads

No, this is not a concoction that was made by a witch covenant. It is an actual medical product that will save your lady bits post-pregnancy.

Witch hazel has hemostatic porperties which can help stop bleeding and sooth the affected area. It provides quick, instant relief and is safe to put on a region that you hold so dear.

A genius mother confided to Parents.com that she soaked her maxi pads in witch hazel and froze them in her freezer overnight. "I made padsicles!" she says. "I'd stick it in the mesh undies I took from the hospital. It was a huge relief."

See, this is where we take on the wisdom of those brave women that have come before us; we learn from their mistakes and we copy their ideas when they strike gold.

4 A Recurrent Monthly Subscription

If you don’t have Netflix and are living in a cave somewhere, it is time to join the rest of us in paradise. (I promise Netflix didn’t pay me anything to write this.) You are going to need some entertainment in the early days of your post-pregnancy and trust me when I tell you that TV and movies are going to help.

You can’t read a book very well while holding and nursing an infant. But you can stare like a zombie at the glowing screen in front of you and watch re-runs of Friends or an episode of Cake Wars.

Alvin and Elizabeth Eden from How Stuff Works have confided: “The postpartum period is a time to reset priorities and decide what is really important to you personally.”

Turn of your brain for a bit and indulge.

3 A Body Shaper

Don’t believe all of the hype—a body shaper is not going to magically turn your post-baby stomach into abs of steel. BUT it will help tuck it in so you feel “normal” wearing a shirt again and can also help posture.

One Amazon reviewer states, “I had a baby about just over 3 mths ago and I have a stubborn belly to get down. I bought this item to help me with that. It must be worn while doing some sort of physical exercise. I have been using it for about 6 days thus far. No weight loss just yet but I like it. It doesn't bunches up when I workout and the velcro keeps it very secure. I do see some sweat after I use the treadmill or elliptical at the gym…

2 Baby Carrier

51990240 Model Brooklyn Decker and her son Hank are spotted out and about in New York City, New York on March 7, 2016. Brooklyn and Hank just got back from a vacation to Mexico with some family members. FameFlynet, Inc - Beverly Hills, CA, USA - +1 (310) 505-9876

If you want to start a war between new mothers than walk in to the middle of a mom’s group and shout, “The Ergo baby carrier sucks!

Not every woman will agree on the exact brand of baby carrier but this newfound invention is a life saver. It will keep you sane. The straps are comfortable, you can nurse in many of them, and they keep your hands free to do things like pick your wedgie or eat a sandwich.

Baby List votes, “No matter how cozy a swing or bouncy seat is, babies like being cradled in your arms best. But toting your love around all day isn’t really feasible unless you have arms of steel and a bunch of minions to do your daily tasks. That’s where a baby carrier comes in handy.”

1 Waste Of Money - Massage Gift Certificates

A gift certificate for a massage sounds like a really nice gift, right? You picture a new mom  escaping for an hour, listening to the sound of rain, and having some rando rub the stress out of her aching shoulders.

But let me give you a little dose of reality—unless that masseuse is coming to your house, your chances at escape are slim to none. Most of don’t have a breadth of family to call on in those first months, and getting away can be tough.

Furthermore, the actual logistics of lying on a massage table are complicated. If you are nursing than your baby-feeders are going to be really sore. So sore it hurts to lie on your stomach.

Getting a massage may end up more painful than relaxing…

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