• 15 Posts To Princess Kate's Third Pregnancy

    We all love fairy tales. Prince Charming, magical love, and happily ever after. Fairy tale characters dance with people's imagination, fly beside us on the wings of bravery, and make us believe that we can defeat the monster under our bed. While for some people castles and white horses are only a dream, for the British royal family fairy tales are real. That's right, living in a palace and hosting balls is a real beauty.

    However, fame costs a lot. Celebs can't escape from the public. Often, members of the Royal family face the verbal attacks of today's witches and dragons – today's Internet trolls. It's even believed that Princess Diana lost her life as paparazzi followed her car in Paris.

    In September, the world went mad: Kate Middleton and Prince William announced Kate's third pregnancy. Soon after that, Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, showed her baby bump at an event in honor of World Mental Health Day. Nevertheless, people ignored the good news and the importance of the campaign, and focused on spiteful details, such as the curtains in the Buckingham Palace.

    So let's have a look at some of the worst Insta posts that shamed Kate for something natural, magical, and beautiful: motherhood. Cameras are not allowed!

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    Kate, Admit You Have A Severe Eating Disorder

    Although Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, is a member of the British royal family, people do not hesitate to attack her verbally. Kate Middleton has been shamed numerous times in public. The worst thing is that she's been shamed for the most natural and wonderful thing in life: motherhood. The world went crazy after seeing Kate's postpartum belly, only a day after giving birth to Prince George.

    Strangely enough, after the announcement of her third pregnancy, people had no scruples to shame the Duchess of Cambridge... for being too thin.

    This Insta comment goes too far accusing Kate of having an eating disorder and being malnourished. More comments bombarded Kate: “When Catherine admits publicly she is anorexic and has a severe eating disorder, only then I will take her mental health campaign seriously.” or “It's physically impossible to be as emaciated and malnourished as she is and grow a healthy baby. Doesn't happen.”

    While it's true that the Internet gives people the unique chance to express themselves, we should admit that social media gives birth to Internet trolls and abuse.

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    The Duchess Is Too Old

    People shame mothers not only for their figure and looks but for the natural process of aging. Our society is unhealthily obsessed with young age and magazine covers brainwash us with fake images.

    Although Kate Middleton is only 35, comments like the one above imply women over 30 are old, which is "Yikee." The weird thing is that even teens that have no idea how magical motherhood can be dare to laugh at mothers. At the same time, our society judges mother of all ages and trolls have no scruples; many people shame teen moms as well.

    After the announcement of Kate's third pregnancy, the age of Catherine should be the last thing to be discussed. Isn't the fact that she is an elegant mother and a charitable member of the British royal family enough?

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    There's No Such Thing As Morning Sickness

    While we can agree that people are judgmental, it's really sad to accept that people are mean. It's one thing to laugh at one's outfit, but totally a different situation to abuse one's condition.

    Hyperemesis gravidarum (HG) is one of the worst complications during pregnancy, which is characterized by extreme nausea and weight loss. Pregnant women can't escape from the uncomfortable morning sickness. However, a warning percentage of women may require hospitalization due to HG, or in simple words, due to their extreme morning sickness, which can lead to dehydration and become life-threatening.

    People accused and insulted Kate Middleton of abusing a serious health condition. Some comments became even more ridiculous claiming that “There is no such thing as morning sickness. hg is caused by severe malnutrition and Vitamin deficiency. look it up in Wikipedia.”

    To which we can reply by quoting Einstein: "Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former.”

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    It's All In The Looks

    Perhaps people have too much time so they can get involved in online discussions that are irrelevant or weird. After the announcement of Kate's third pregnancy, the public got divided into two teams: people who attacked Kate Middleton, and people who tried to defend their beloved Duchess.

    Strangely enough, discussions moved away from the topic of pregnancy and people decided to dig into meaningless stories, such as Kate's hairstyle or even the curtains in the Palace.

    Compared to other comments, this Insta post is not too offensive... but it's still mean. It implies that the Duchess of Cambridge doesn't look impressive. For moms-to-be such comments can be upsetting. On top of that, it shows that people expect women to be as flashy as all those models we see on magazine covers, preferably in sexy lingerie.

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    Kate Loves Botox

    After the announcement of Baby Number 3, all pictures posted by Kensington Royal became a target of hate and mom shaming. People criticized not only Kate Middleton's pregnant body but her looks. Out of nowhere, far from the topic of pregnancy, people accused the Duchess of Cambridge of being a huge fan of botox. Some people were so self-centered, that they were more than sure that the Duchess put botox.

    Isn't that ironic? People don't want to see Kate's postpartum belly and at the same time, they hate her thin body. People preach that women who are 35 are too old, while they want Kate to be natural. At least, as a comment goes, “It’s so ridiculous the expectations people have of her (and us) on how to look when pregnant.”

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    Get A Job, Kate!

    After the wonderful event the Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William organized to raise mental health awareness among kids, many people flooded Instagram with hateful comments. Many revolved around the terrible health condition Kate Middleton suffers from. As mentioned above HG can be life-threatening. Instead of appreciating the fact that the Duchess could cope with her condition while performing her duties, Internet trolls attacked her directly.

    Some even said that Kate's condition is not serious and the Royal family abuses it... while enjoying a “beach holiday on an island.” However, there were people who took Kate Middleton's side, people who had to say something more constructive, “The irony of a post reflecting on Princess Kate’s contribution to world mental health becoming a forum for uneducated comments from individuals who use it to criticize her body and pregnancy.”

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    No Class

    There are a lot of online distractions on the net, but when it comes to the Royal family, we can't escape from the influence Princess Diana had (and still has) on people... and her sons, in particular. Many people still love Princess Diana. Therefore, it's kind of natural to draw comparisons between Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, and Diana, Princess of Wales. Comparisons regarding clothes, charity... and class.

    Unfortunately, some Internet trolls speculated that Kate had no class. “What class? Going to university to score a prince and not working for about a decade so she could be at his back and call?” Some people even said that Kate's pregnancy was the perfect excuse for the Duchess to stay away from work.  But can't people see that she keeps organizing campaigns and performing her duties?

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    Really, Pregnant Again?

    After the announcement of Kate's third pregnancy, the Internet went wild. People exploded and flooded the net with comments and confusion. “Kate is up the duff again.” “Maaan, the royal family is breeding faster than the Lannisters,” “Can we please have a day off for this one?”

    Maybe the whole social media madness around the Royal family can be represented by one Insta post:

    That's a common phenomenon: when people hear the good news, not many can celebrate the fact that a new life is on the way. People can bombard you with questions about the father, the gender, the name. But nobody can say “Congrats! I'm happy for you!” It's like the whole world has gone egocentric and alienated... and pregnant women are a second-hand topic.

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    HG Is Not Horrible

    As mentioned above, many people criticize the Duchess of Cambridge for being too thin and for speculating with her health condition: “morning sickness is horrible but not HG” is perhaps the worst Insta post about Kate's third pregnancy as it shows not only lack of concern but total ignorance. HG is a serious condition and many expectant women require hospitalization as the situation can worsen and lead to fatal outcomes. Some extreme cases of HG may make a woman vomit up to 50 times a day, so saying that HG is not horrible is really... horrible.

    At least, other people feel more empathetic, “I’m sorry Kate you’ve had to go through HG again but it’s nice to know that even princesses can suffer trying to bring a beautiful baby in the world.” We all feel you.

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    So Ugly

    After Kensington Palace announced that Kate Middleton and Prince William are expecting another baby, the Duchess of Cambridge attended a reception at Buckingham Palace in honor of World Mental Health Day. Many people ignored the importance of the event and attacked the Duchess, her small baby bump... and her outfit.

    Kate was dressed in a blue Temperley dress to mark her first public appearance after the announcement of the good news. Although Temperley London is one of the most influential boutiques in Europe, the public accused Kate of being outdated and ugly. “Lately her dresses are awful.” Again, many people compared the Duchess to Princess Diana.

    Some Insta posts suggested something else. Does the blue color of her dress mean that there will be another baby Prince in the British royal family?

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    She Should Have Popped Sooner

    Kate Middleton has been shamed for her postpartum belly, for her health condition, and for her tiny baby bump. After the announcement of her third pregnancy, Kate's first public appearance triggered a lot of discussions: “She’s so thin. I hope she’s doing better.”; “I can’t believe she’s prego, she looks too thin.”

    Society today has so many expectations and even pregnant women feel the pressure to be who they are not. People should remember that one model can't fit them all. Each body is unique and each pregnancy is different, so let mothers be who they are. They are free to be big, thin, physically active or stay-at-home moms. In the end, princesses or not, moms are the ones who bring a new life into the world.

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    Who's The King?

    The announcement of Kate's third pregnancy became an arena where people could attack the Duchess and her body. At the same time, the new royal baby triggered many questions about the succession of the British throne.

    As we know Queen Elizabeth II is the head of state. Her son Charles, Prince of Wales, will inherit the throne, followed by Prince William, Duke of Cambridge.

    Then, it's Prince George, followed by his sister, Princess Charlotte. With the new baby, Prince Henry of Wales will be sixth in line. Some comments went: “There goes any chance I had to be king.”

    People not only joked about Prince Henry but attacked his personal life. “Harry, go find yourself someone like Kate... Not like that social climber MediaMeg.” Meghan Markle is the popular American actress who's been dating Harry for over a year now.

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    Like A Film

    In fact, not only Instagram but Twitter exploded. Some people joked about Kate's third pregnancy and presented the whole story around the British royal family as a film:

    And “Royal Baby: Tokyo Drift” are some of the funniest reactions to William and Kate's Royal baby. With all the sequel analysis, people can't wait for the next film to see if there will be a princess or a prince. Also, the audience can't wait to see if Harry will stay sixth in the line, or who knows: maybe soon he'll be seventh?...

    Of course, some people showed a huge interest in the sexual life of William and Kate, and asked: “Another one? Don't the Duke and Duchess have a television?” Let's keep watching!

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    William, Use A Toothbrush

    Of course, Prince William couldn't escape from all the media madness around the announcement of Kate's third pregnancy. Although many people like Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, some Insta followers focused on his appearance. On “William, you might want to use a toothbrush... Kate's the one kissing him.”

    The world loves the cliché that the British have really bad teeth. Note that some people think that Americans have artificial smiles. It's believed that the Duke of Cambridge has his mother teeth (according to experts, the incisors are big). On the other hand, Prince Charles has yellow teeth, and in fact, he appeared on the cartoon series The Simpsons.

    Although British teeth and William's smile have nothing to do with Kate’s pregnancy, such discussions show that people love to gossip. We should agree! We do!

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    Football Time

    Okay, we know that England is proud not only of the British royal family but... football. My bad, soccer! Europe goes crazy about soccer, it's something in the blood - blue or red, it doesn't matter.

    That's why it's not surprising that many Insta posts and Tweets greeted the good news with a smile and sporting spirit. “If you get your missus pregnant in the next week or so, you'll get 2 weeks off for paternity when the World Cup is on. Think ahead lads.”

    We all know that the first two weeks with a newborn are crazy. But so is the World Cup. Note that 2018 FIFA World Cup will take place in Russia, which is famous for its beautiful opening ceremonies.

    So for all moms-to-be, 2018 is the right time to score a goal of love.

    Sources: dailymail.co.uk, mirror.co.uk, thesun.co.uk, vanityfair.com

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