15 Practical Reasons To Be Selfish During Pregnancy

During those nine long months, it is often all about the baby. Well, it does not have to be that way. Nor should it be that way. Mothers-to-be deserve some time to themselves and they deserve to do things the way they wish as they await their little ones. Selfiness and pregnancy should go hand in hand, and for good reasons, too!

As you take care of the unborn baby, you are taking care of yourself. Eating right, taking vitamins, exercising, and trying to get a good night's sleep are all the name of the game. Being pregnant is an amazing experience, yes. However, those expecting do often make some sacrifices for their little ones. Sacrifices that the average, every day person may see as a big deal.

All women give up something little once it is revealed that a baby is brewing. From minor things such as drinking only decaf coffee to more major issues like giving up drinking alcoholic beverages, it varies as to the desire and intensity at which a woman adjusts to these changes meant to better the health and well being of her baby.

Regardless, not only is pregnancy a huge life adjustment, but it is basically a job! One that should not be without a proper reward (besides that cute baby, of course!).

Pregnant women give up a lot, that cannot be argued against. They do it all for their babies. While three trimesters may not seem very long, anyone who has been there will tell you that it is much longer than one can imagine! That said, those carrying our future deserve to be selfish in some areas before the baby arrives!

There are plenty of reasons why an expectant women should be selfish, so check out the list below.

15 Because Making People Is Hard Work

There is nothing more amazing than what a woman is capable of doing. Being able to grow a human being inside of you is certainly a big deal! This person making ability is a huge reason as to why any pregnant woman should feel no shame in wanting to be a little selfish during those long nine months.

Whether it is more sleep, not wanting to cook, lying on the couch all day, eating some cake, or whatever else one wants, selfishness should be allowed.

Not only is pregnancy incredible, but a growing baby is not very comfortable, sometimes right from the get-go. You are sick, you feel tired, and that belly is not getting any smaller. Being that uncomfortable for almost an entire year is reason to be a little bit selfish. Anyone with a giant, growing, kicking basketball in their belly deserves some selfish time!

14 Because No One Else Suffered Like Me

During the first trimester, many women feel run down and sick. This early on, most pregnant women are barely even showing. Throwing up every hour and you look at your belly and there is really no evidence of the baby, yet! Morning sickness can be evil to the newly pregnant mom, and can make her life miserable, sometimes throughout the entire pregnancy.

Any pregnant woman who has a horribly sick, awful first trimester deserves to be selfish. In fact, sometimes there is not much else to do this trimester except be selfish! Those who get really sick are going to have a difficult time keeping up with friends and family, cooking dinner, or even going to work. Sure it may come and go, but it is round the clock (so add no sleep to that list as well!). When one is this sick, a selfish pass is a must.

13 Need A Distraction From All The Worrying 

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When a woman finds out she is expecting, she is typically overcome with joy. A baby will soon be joining the family! It is an exciting time to know that in just a few times time she will welcome a newborn baby.

That said, those few months can be some selfish months for the mom-to-be, and rightfully so. She needs to do the things she wants to do before her baby arrives, because once baby is born, it will be all about the baby.

Pregnancy does not limit any woman. Sure, morning sickness happens and might stop one from doing certain things. But while you are expecting, you should expect to do many of the things you love, whether it is hiking, swimming, shopping, and more. Taking some me-time during pregnancy should not be seen as selfish. Any one who has a baby can say, that me-time goes out the window once a new baby is in the picture.

12 Soon There Won't Be Any Time For Sleep

One of the earliest signs of pregnancy is feeling tired, really tired. It does not take long before exhaustion sets in. As the pregnancy progresses, it does not improve much either. Not to mention most moms-to-be have difficulty sleeping, whether it is because they feel sick or because they just cannot get comfortable. It is often hard for many women to overcome this type of exhaustion.

Being tired all the time is not easy. Expecting mothers should not feel guilty being selfish, even if it means trying to catch up on your zzzz's. Some doctors want pregnant women to stay away from all caffeine too! It can be a dare to anyone to try to function on a daily basis without a cup of coffee or any caffeine in any form for that matter.

So being a little bit selfish, and doing things for herself during her pregnancy should be no problem at all, even if it means going to bed before the sun sets.

11 There Will Be No "Me Time" In The Near Future

Before long, a baby will be born and the new mom will have to be anything but selfish. Babies require a ton of care, and rarely can a brand new mother put herself first, her baby will be always be a priority. There is no better time for a woman to put herself first than when she is expecting! Those nine months will seem to both crawl, and fly, by.

Take the opportunity to be a little bit selfish because soon enough you will have essentially zero time for yourself, caring for a newborn is a lot of work!

Think of it almost as a last chance. Though a pregnant woman is really caring (and eating!) for two, she is still her own person up until the baby is born. Nothing like last minute for a woman to be the selfish person she deserves to be. Mothers-to-be everywhere should take those nine months to spend a little time whether it is pampering themselves, taking a vacation, or just catching up on some sleep!

10 No One Knows Exactly How It Feels

Every pregnancy is different, and no one can possibly know how you are really, truly feeling. Sure, they may sympathize and other mothers will likely share their pregnancy woes, but it may not mean much since nobody can be in your shoes and share your exact experience. Whether you feel amazing or like crap, it is up to the mom-to-be on what she wants to do for herself.

Selfishness can take various forms, and is totally okay no matter what the expecting mother wishes. Feeling just super and full of energy? Well, lucky you! Go ahead and do things you want to do, take a walk, go swimming, climb a mountain, dance the night away, it is all for you. Feeling down and out and awful? Sleep, eat that ice cream, boss the father-to-be around, do it because you can be selfish during this time.

9 Because Constantly Eating Right Is The Worst

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As an expecting mother loads her plate with veggies and prenatal vitamins, it is wonderful for the baby, and of course all mothers want to do what is best. It can still be hard though. Sometimes, pregnancy makes you want to eat everything in sight. Other times, your growing baby is going to cause an upset stomach and aversion to basically every food imaginable.

Pregnancy is about sacrifices, sure. Trying to eat healthy, drinking water, and staying away from the junk food is important. Being self-less in this manner allows any mom-to-be to be selfish in other ways. She is allowed to indulge in that chocolate cake from time to time (who cares if she eats the entire thing!). She can take moments to herself because she is doing all she can for the health of her baby, and that should be rewarded.

8 I'm Seeing My Doctor On The Side

Early in pregnancy some doctor appointments can be fun. New parents-to-be get to hear the baby's heartbeat, find out the gender, and see those the baby moving through that amazing ultrasound technology. However, after a while, especially in the third trimester when most women are at the doctor almost weekly, it can get old and exhausting. If the mom-to-be wants to go shopping or take a nap when she gets home, that type of selfishness it great!

On the flip side, sometimes selfishness can be sneaky. Sometimes, to a mom-to-be, especially when she has other children, the doctor's office can serve as a sanctuary. She can put her feet up, read a magazine, and not have to wait on anyone else. So if the expecting mother makes her appointments for a time she prefers and wants to head there solo, more power to her.

7 Because 9 Months Of Sacrifice Isn't Easy

It has already been said that with pregnancy, brings sacrifice. Ask any mom-to-be, or a mother who has been there, and they will rightfully tell you that pregnancy is beautiful, but can be tough. It can be a long nine months, with both ups and downs.

So what if the expecting mother wants to catch a movie or would rather stay home with her feet up. For the duration of her pregnancy, it should be her call, no one should have any qualms on how she runs her life during the gestational period, as long as she is taking care of her unborn baby.

For women who are doing it right and giving it their all, that needs to be the focus. If she wants to dig her spoon in that pint of forbidden chocolate ice cream (with a pickle on top!), that is fine.

6 Because Hormones Wreak Havoc

Crying, anger, disgust, overjoy all in a matter of minutes? Yep, pregnancy will do that to you. One second you are crying, the next you are angry, and there may be no real reason why you feel that way. An expecting mother's emotions are all over the place thanks to your growing belly. Pregnancy and hormonal changes go hand in hand.

An expecting mother cannot possible go through the entire forty week pregnancy without having mood swings, or obvious hormonal changes. And chances are, spouses and close friends and family notice as well! Growing a baby takes quite a toll on your emotions.

For the moms-to-be who cry because they ran out of toothpaste or get angry when their husbands tell them they are pretty (and not fat!), do something for yourself. Indulge in selfishness! Go to the hair salon and get a new 'do, have a few gals over for some mock-tails, or take that mid-morning nap.

Being able to relax and enjoy something that you want can help with those raging hormones and emotional roller coasters. So release that energy any way you can.

5 Mom Is Always Last On The List

After baby is born, a new mommy may automatically put herself in last place, and please everyone before worrying about yourself. That is completely normal, as her desire to care for her newborn may also fuel her need to please her entire family. It is typically well known that many times women do forget they are a person with needs and wants just like the people they are caring for.

Mommy guilt is real, and if a mom-to-be knows (and wants) to be the primary caregiver after her baby arrives, no shame in that. Instead, she needs to take the time now, during her pregnancy, to indulge in what makes her happy, before her bundle of joy is born.

Date night with the hubby, girl's night out, nature walks, visiting museums, and more can be considered a necessity for the expecting mother to experience, and should not at all be seen as being selfish. Because the second that baby is born, the new mom will be anything but selfish.

4 Absolutely Everything Hurts, Ugh!

It goes without saying that pregnancy can bring some aches and pains to many women. From morning sickness to swollen ankles and aching joints and even that awful pain when the baby jabs under your ribs, basically it all hurts. Feeling your sweet little one kick is lovely, but boy can it be painful!

Women are made to carry babies, many people say! Okay sure, that may be true, but prenatal massages exist for a reason! No pregnant lady, no matter how far along she is, should feel like she is being selfish by going for that soothing massage or anything else that may help ease the aching. In fact, moms-to-be everywhere should be encouraged to go for a massage.

Or better yet, physicians offices should have a prenatal masseuse on hand so everything expecting mom gets one at each appointment, now wouldn't that be nice?!

3 Because We Want Help, Dammit!

We as women are empowered, we are strong! Even when we are carrying a baby in our belly! Well, despite that, there is no shame in wanting and hoping someone will help you. Especially when feeling exhausted, sometimes it is just better to be a little selfish and allow help, as little or as big as it may be.

Stopping and picking up milk, eggs, and bread, cleaning the house in the sections you cannot bend down to, bringing over dinner, or even taking your other children for the day are all ideas on how one can help out without a mom-to-be feeling as though she is being selfish.

Those close to you should want to help you while you are going through the pregnancy. Your partner, your close friends and family, they all may want to help out. If they do not offer, ask them. Especially for mothers who have been pregnant before, they know what it is like. No one is going to judge and think that you are being selfish by asking for assistance, heck, you actually should be selfish during this time!

2 No Coffee, No Likey!

Or alcohol for that matter! There are many lifestyle changes that can occur once a woman finds out she is with child. Pregnancy is a time for adjustment for many. Hence, the need and desire to be just a little bit selfish. No caffeine (or limited amounts) and sometimes no alcohol (no, never) can be a difficult thing to give up, for some.

Avid coffee drinkers will feel the effects when going off the dark stuff so quickly. Therefore, selfishness ceases to exist with a pregnant woman. Giving up one thing she loves, can be replaced by something else, maybe even something completely different (remember, pregnancy makes you hormonal, too!), and that is a-okay!

Of course, it is not only limited to coffee (or alcohol). Any time any person, not even one who is pregnant, has to give up something they do on a daily basis, that takes not only guts but dedication. Expecting mothers have no choices, they do it for their baby. Indulging in some selfishness, as long as she is still caring for her baby, should really be encouraged.

1 It's Just Hard To Be Pregnant, Sometimes

That said, the word selfish should never be in a pregnant woman's vocabulary, nor should any one person ever utter that word around her. Pregnancy is amazing and absolutely wonderful. Moms-to-be everywhere need to know and remember that they can do whatever they want before their baby arrives without feeling the tiniest shred of guilt. So go ahead, head out for a fun time and eat that chocolate lava cake!

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