15 Pregnancies With The Most Tragic End

The life of a woman can be a pretty interesting and emotional thing. In any woman's life, there is bound to be plenty of highs and lows. This can be said for men, as well. That is how life works. It is a mixture of good and dark times. For many women, one of the best times in their life is when they become pregnant. That is pretty understandable since a woman is about to welcome a new baby into the world and become a parent. It is typically a very happy time. However, not every woman is guaranteed to have a safe, good, or easy pregnancy.

Pregnancy is something that needs to be taken very seriously because things can go wrong at any stage. In fact, it is not all that uncommon for a woman to have some kind of issue while she is pregnant. However, issues are one thing, but some women’s pregnancies are down right tragic. They are tragic for a wide variety of reasons, but the one thing these women have in common is that something life changing happened while they were pregnant. Here are 15 stories of women's tragic pregnancies and how they happened.

15 Low-Risk Pregnancy Turned Tragic

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In many ways, no two pregnancies are the same, as many women will verify. A pregnancy can go several different ways. Sadly, that sometimes means a pregnancy can go fine but the actual birth can be tragic. This was the case for a woman identified only as Stacey.

She claims to have had “a beautiful, low-risk pregnancy." The problem was her son was born with fatal birth asphyxia. To make a long story short, Stacey ended up having to have a C-section when giving birth. However, when her son was born, he was not breathing. They attempted to get him to breathe for several minutes, and finally, he did. The only problem was he had been without oxygen for too long and ended up not making it, which just goes to show that no matter how good a pregnancy goes, there is always a risk of danger when it comes to actually giving birth. Every mother needs to be aware of that.

14 Twins Born Dangerously Early

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It is fairly common knowledge that a full-term pregnancy normally lasts around 9 months. It is when a pregnancy lasts less time, and the mother goes into premature labor, that there is a problem. The mother in this story suffered through miscarriages and major fertility problems for years before she was able to conceive her twins. However, her pregnancy problems continued when she went into premature labor.

At 6 months, this struggling mother went into labor. She was so concerned about the condition her babies would be in from being born so early that she was not even sure she wanted them to survive. Sadly, her fears were largely justified. Her twins were born weighing less than 2 pounds, a dangerous weight for any infant. And while the twins did manage to survive, they will likely have serious lifelong medical problems.

13 Neonatal Nurse’s Tragic Story

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Giving birth is quite possibly the most common medical practice on Earth, not to mention a miraculous one. However, that does not mean that it is not serious business. There is always a chance that something could go wrong with not only the baby but also the mother.

Take Lauren Bloomstien, for example. To say things did not go well for her and her family is a huge understatement. She died after giving birth to her daughter. What adds to this tragedy, is that she was a neonatal nurse. Furthermore, it turns out that the U.S. has the highest rate of mothers dying during childbirth than in any other developed country. The good news, however, is that the rate of infant deaths is at a historic low. As for Lauren, her death was the result of preeclampsia, a condition that can very quickly turn fatal.

12 A Tragic Birth After A Successful One

No matter how many times a woman becomes pregnant, she must be aware that every pregnancy is different. If one pregnancy goes well, there is no guarantee the next one will have the same outcome. That is very much the case for the next mother. Her first pregnancy went nice and smooth, and she gave birth by C-section successfully.

Her next pregnancy was a different matter altogether and ended with her daughter not surviving. It all started with the mom having a difficult and painful delivery, worse than she had experienced the first time. It turns out that the woman's uterus ruptured, which is a very rare occurrence.The delivery ended with the baby not surviving. What makes this story particularly tragic is that the rupture likely occurred, at least in part, due to her scar from the C-section from her first pregnancy.

11 Pregnancy Ends With Painful Loss

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While having a baby as an unprepared teen is hard, having a child as a ready adult only to have it die is even harder. This mother of four was elated to learn she would be having her fifth child. But not all happy beginnings end with the same joy. In this tragic story, the baby was born with a rare and deadly condition.

The problems began after the mother was about 16 weeks pregnant and realized she had not yet felt her baby move. Also, the baby did not seem to be gaining any weight as it grew. When the baby was finally born, it was determined that it had a genetic condition known as Edwards Syndrome. As a result of this, the child died shortly after she was born to the utter heartbreak of her mother and father.

10 Mom Passes After 24 Hours

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It has already been mentioned that a baby is not the only one at risk when pregnancy is involved. There is also a chance that the mother is in danger as well. That became painfully apparent for one woman’s family after she died 24 hours after giving birth. The poor woman died from an unexpected pulmonary embolism.

A pulmonary embolism is a blockage in one of the pulmonary arteries in the lungs. The pulmonary embolism stopped the mother’s heart instantly without warning. What might be most shocking about a pulmonary embolism is that they are not uncommon and there are no signs or symptoms that are specific to the condition. It's also been discovered that some women are more at risk for pulmonary embolisms than others. The one positive note to this story is that the baby was born perfectly healthy.

9 It Came Two Days After She Lost Her Husband

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Sometimes there is nothing tragic about a pregnancy; mom and baby are both healthy. What can be tragic is the unforeseen circumstances soon to surround the pregnancy. For example, the story of a grieving woman who found out she was pregnant only a couple of days after her husband died. It is the husband's death that is tragic and not the pregnancy itself.

Everything started out normal the morning he died. The only issue he noted was his chest hurt. Sadly, this turned out to be no small thing a mere few hours later. Then, in a bit of tragic irony, the grieving wife would discover she was pregnant with their child only 2 days after his death. She was, of course, very heartbroken to be forced to go through the pregnancy without her husband by her side.

8 She Was Accidentally Given An Abortion Drug

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One of the most tragic things that can happen when it come to pregnancy is to have it come to an unexpected end. What makes that even more tragic, is it happening by an avoidable mistake. That might sound a little hard to believe, but it actually happened to Mareena Silva. She was accidentally given an abortion drug.

A pharmacist accidentally gave the young woman methotrexate, which is a chemotherapy drug but can also be used to terminate pregnancies. The mistake happened because two patients at the pharmacy had the last name of Silva. The only upside to this is nothing has happened to the baby yet. Unfortunately, the mother will just have to wait to see if she has a miscarriage or if her baby is born with any birth defects due to the drugs which were accidentally given to her.

7 She Had A Rare Heart Condition

It is always sad when something happens to a pregnant woman. However, there may be an extra bit of safeness when something happens to a pregnant woman who also happens to be a doctor. That is likely because people do not tend to think of doctors as having medical problems. Nevertheless, it does happen, and it happened to Marlene Dominguez-Hicks.

She was in her fourth year of medical school. She suffered from a condition called peripartum cardiomyopathy or PPCM. It is a rare heart condition that occurs in the last stages of pregnancy or up to 5 months after giving birth. Tragically, this condition ended up killing Marlene before she gave birth. Her husband found her passed out on the bathroom floor one day, and she could not be saved. Her baby was delivered by an emergency C-section. However, the baby was without oxygen for too long and did not survive. The mother and child were buried together.

6 A Cerebral Hemorrhage Took Her Life

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Obviously, when a woman is pregnant and carrying a child, the child is dependant on the woman carrying it. That means if anything was to happen to the mom, it is usually bad news for the baby as well. That was the case for Robyn Benson who died of a cerebral hemorrhage when she was 22 weeks pregnant.

However, she did not die right away. At first, she collapsed, and her husband insisted she be kept alive on life support, but not for her sake. He knew the baby she was carrying was actually okay and needed more time to grow and develop. The baby was eventually delivered 6 weeks later weighing over 2 pounds. The mom was taken off life support and subsequently died. The baby, however, is healthy and doing well despite the tragic circumstances surrounding his birth.

5 Preeclampsia Almost Ruined Everything

Pregnancy is a life event many people often plan in advance. It’s good to be prepared for such a life changing event. However, the only true plan is realizing not everything goes according to your plans. This can even be the case for someone who is somewhat of a pregnancy expert. That is very much the case for the woman identified as Karassia B.

She knew a thing or two about pregnancy, having worked as a Doula for many years. Nevertheless, things did not go according to her well thought out plans. To be fair, hers was not the most tragic of pregnancies. She developed preeclampsia at 37 weeks, causing her labor to be more intense than she ever imagined. This goes to show the only thing that can be expected when it comes to pregnancy is the unexpected.

4 Pregnant At Puberty

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Ideally, pregnancy is something only mature adults should experience. After all, pregnancy does end in having to take care of a baby. The harsh reality is, adults are not the only ones who become pregnant. Teens sometimes take on a responsibility they are not prepared for. No matter the age, however, tragedy can still strike.

It started the way you might expect, a young fourteen-year-old and her boyfriend decided to have intercourse one night. Fortunately, it is not all sad news. Both the mom and baby are doing well. However, the mom is still a teen who has a long road ahead with its fair share of hardships. Both mom and dad are already having to work to support the baby, while also caring for it. These two kids had to grow up fast to take care of their own child.

3 Too Young For Twins

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Perhaps the saddest thing about teenage pregnancies is how common they are. In 2015, a total of 229,715 babies were born to women aged 15–19 years old. Because of this, there is no shortage of teen pregnancy stories. One such story involves a 15-year old that ended up pregnant with twins.

It started after her and her boyfriend had sex one night after a school dance. Things did not go all that smoothly for this mom-to-be. Her parents were understandably shocked. Her boyfriend left her when he found out she was pregnant. Other kids at her school made fun of her. It was a hard dose of reality for the young mom. Eventually, she and her boyfriend worked out their relationship and got married. Nevertheless, things were pretty tough for her while she was pregnant with twins.

2 She Didn't Even Know

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A sad reality of teenage pregnancy is that the couple is young and the girl might not even realize she is pregnant. Some may see this as unrealistic, but it has happened. Take the case of this next mom who became pregnant at the age of fifteen. She did not know she was pregnant until later in her term. The girl's mother had passed away and she was not taught the consequences of having sex.

What makes this case particularly sad is that she was sexually abused as a child and into her adolescent years. She discovered she was pregnant by going to the doctor for an unrelated issue. Upon learning she was pregnant, she did not change her life much. With no true role model to help her cope with the pregnancy, this girl continued her daily routine and continued going to school.

1 An Unstable Situation

There may be no sadder case of teen pregnancy than one that occurs when a girl first becomes a teen and mother at the age of 13. That is what happened to this next mom. She lost her virginity at 13 and subsequently became pregnant as a result. She did not actually realize she was pregnant for a long time. Naturally, when she did finally find out that she was pregnant, she was shocked.

When it came time to have the baby, her delivery was not the easiest. To make matters worse, once the baby was born, her boyfriend demanded she take a DNA test to prove the baby was his. It was, but that did not stop him from cheating on the girl shortly after the baby was born. The two broke up, but are still friends. The girl now faces being a single teenage mother.

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