15 Pregnancy Complaints That He Really Doesn't Care About

Aren’t boyfriends and husbands just great? At first a girl’s heart might skip a beat every time she sees her guy, and then she gets more and more comfortable around him, to the point that just seeing his handsome face feels like home. Ah, love… It’s all you need.

Then, by the time many couples have a baby together, they’ve reached a whole new level of comfort. They don’t hide what they’re thinking and feeling at any time. They know they’re in it for the long run, and this is the person with whom they can let their hair down, voice their concerns and worries, and share each and every detail of this weird, wild life.

It’s quite beautiful, isn’t it?

But as time passes, do you ever find yourself sharing something with your main dude and then thinking, did I really just say that out loud to the man I’m attracted to? You know, when you start to openly discuss poops, tell him what you honestly think about his friends, things like that?

Well because pregnancy can be a challenging, if also magical, time for many gals, and because their guys are there steadfastly by their sides, these dudes end up hearing a lot of moaning and groaning.

Surely the best of them will patiently listen and offer help and comfort as they can. But for a bit of fun, let’s brainstorm 15 pregnancy complaints expectant moms keep making that he quite frankly doesn’t give AF about.

15 Let's Get Frank About Farts


Is there anything less romantic and attractive than passing gas? Well, maybe talking about it.

Though you may really feel the need to, ahem, unload on your guy all about just how astonishingly gassy you are during some parts of pregnancy, he may really not love hearing about it.

Of course many couples who know each other well openly discuss anything and everything, and often are able to even have a good laugh about it.

But really, especially in those last evenings spent together before children come along, is it the most appealing thing in the world to discuss at length the various pockets of air that need to make their way out of your body?

But then, it may be impossible to avoid discussion, at least in the form of many eruptions of “excuse me” as the hours pass.

14 "I Keep Busting Out Of Brassieres!"


It’s true that some guys really do appreciate bras. They can lift and fill out and flatter and showcase a chica’s chest in quite magical and alluring ways, can’t they?

But when it comes down to things like size and shopping for new ones, is your dude super pumped to hear about it, or to come along, or to do it for you? Maybe not so much.

Now, everyone’s different. And actually, now that I really think about it, I used to work at a lingerie store, and boyfriends were sometimes along for the shopping trip, perhaps to happily give a thumbs-up and a “Yes, let’s buy that one” in the fitting room.

But have you noticed that when guys hear a problem, they just want to fix it and move on? If you keep complaining that “My bras won’t fit anymore,” might he wish you’d just go ahead and order some new ones?

13 Mom's Natural Fur - Not So Fun


Quite frequently in our generation, women shave or wax off, like, everything. I live in the land of skimpy bikinis, too, so it could actually get a little awkward, even, if you didn’t.

Do you find yourself complaining, or even pointing out in awe, all the new body hair you find sprouting up all over the place while pregnant?

It doesn’t necessarily affect everyone noticeably when they’re pregnant, but many gals find a new trail of it leading down their abdomen from their belly button. Some notice new growth on their arms or their faces! Some simply complain of existing body hair (think arms and legs) appearing darker and thicker – and growing back much faster.

What fun, right?

Do you find yourself (over?) sharing about all of that new and abundant body hair?

12 "Too Tired" To Go To Town


Hopefully, if you say that you’re “too tired…” he does give AF. He is your loving and understanding partner in this journey, after all.

But if we get a little honest with it, do you think dudes love being told their gals are “too tired,” like, allllll the time?

I’ve recently heard of Whisper, an app people can use to confess anonymously their secret thoughts, experiences, and feelings, and bros confess by the dozens (at least) to being frustrated at the dry spell they experience during pregnancy (and after).

They are humans, after all.

Surely, a committed and understanding partner will just want a gal to get the rest she needs. He’ll support all of her choices and do everything he can to make her feel comfortable, rested, and well.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean he’ll love everything about the situation.

11 "Babe, It Burns!"


Ah, acid rising nastily in your throat, that feeling like you might gag and vomit and cringe in pain all at the same time…

Some chicks get heartburn during pregnancy, to the extent that they have to begin taking careful steps to avoid it. They eat small meals, drink fluids before and after meals but don’t chug them amid eating, and even sleep propped up on pillows at an angle. (It’s that second they lie down at night that things can really get nasty, for some.)

These sensations can be quite annoying and disgusting, really, and while a pregnant gal’s partner may indeed feel bad for her that she’s having to experience this, we can at least imagine that he may not be thrilled to be woken up (again) just after he drifted off to hear all about it.

10 "Is Large Lovely?"


Did you ever have a friend, say in junior high or high school, who was constantly seeking reassurance that she looked okay? At first you may have been happy to pay her the compliment she was seeking, and to help to her to feel that she really had nothing to so obsessively worry about. Maybe you even helped to guide her to realize that things like looks and size and shape were not all that mattered in this beautiful life.

Well consider a woman’s poor partner if she starts to fall into this pattern during pregnancy, constantly being down on herself or seeking reassurance. It can be a time of dramatic changes to a gal’s physique – and it should be!

Eating a healthy and balanced diet, getting some exercise throughout each week (with the doctor’s OK), and speaking to friends and professionals as necessary about any psychological issues regarding body image might all be good steps for a gal to take.

Incessantly asking her guy if she looks okay might not exactly be the best course.

9 "I Can't Get It Out!"


I’m not sure I’ve ever encountered a couple that thought it was attractive and interesting to hear about their other half’s poop.

It’s true, though, that as we get a bit older and a lot more comfortable with someone – and after we’ve lived with them for a little or a long while – any pretense that girls don’t actually do that goes right out the window.

Well apparently, pregnancy can be a time of change for some women when it comes to issues related to the number two.

More specifically, they sometimes become constipated. Slower digestion can mean some changes to, um, the flow of things.

Getting some exercise (with your doctor’s approval) and eating a high-fiber diet, as well as staying hydrated, may help your situation if this is you.

Complaining about it to your guy may not (help, that is).

8 Minus The Shoes

While your guy may appreciate the site of you in high heels, do you think he would really notice or care if you were no longer able to wear them? Probably not in any very significant way.

While we can sometimes have a love affair of sorts with our shoes, and go through anything from minor discomfort to significant suffering to wear the more strappy, high-heeled, and beautiful pairs, our guys might not completely understand. And certainly not if we tell them how much each pair costs.

But they probably don’t know how much we obsessed over each set of shoes – or how much cash we discreetly dropped on them – so they may not quite understand when we sadly complain that our favorite cute shoes no longer fit, or that we just can’t safely or practically wear them anymore.

(And they may never fit again – as some women’s feet grow larger during pregnancy and never quite return to their previous size.)

7 "OMG My Face!"


The finer points of your skincare and skin woes may be of interest to your pals, and maybe your doctor (your dermatologist, any way), but does your main dude seem very interested when you complain of your acne coming back again?

It happens quite frequently. Which time commonly brings on acne for those predisposed to it? Puberty. And when might it return that they may have never even considered? Pregnancy.

What do both of these have in common? Hormonal changes!

Not all women find themselves thrilled at the onset of the trademark “glow of pregnancy.”

Others are more like bummed at suddenly oilier and / or blemished skin, whether it is just their face or their chest and back, as well.

Though you may be disappointed, it’s probably mainly noticeable – and of interest – to you.

6 "It Just Keeps Falling Out!"


Unless your guy also happens to be your hair stylist, is he absolutely captivated by your various hair woes?

Some women find the changes to their hair to be quite nice – think thicker, more luxurious-seeming locks.

Those who already had thick or hard to manage hair sometimes find that it becomes even more so.

Your guy probably thinks you look great no matter what, right? Do you catch him absently nodding along and glancing at his phone again as you complain about how thick and unmanageable your hair has suddenly become?

Here’s a side note: After pregnancy, when many women go through sort of a shedding phase, he may begin to understand what you were talking about. Especially if your guy is responsible for any of the vacuuming, and especially if you have particularly long hair, it may be almost impossible not to notice that it’s been shed about the house and collects on the carpets fairly quickly.

5 "The Girls Aren’t A Go..."


Well, he may not mind hearing you talk about your breasts, but he may not love hearing that they are suddenly, and without a doubt, off limits.

“My boobs are sore,” you may complain, or your “complaint” may come more in the form of a firm nudge away.

When (and if) he signed up for this whole you-being-pregnant thing, I bet he didn’t quite consider that, huh?

On the flip side, they do sometimes become quite nice (read: gigantic) to look at during pregnancy…

But that can make it even more frustrating to be scolded to “look but don’t touch.”

Plus, there’s not really anything he can do about it, so if you are complaining of being in pain, it can be frustrating to your poor honey bun to not be able to do anything to fix it, to make you feel all better.

4 "Ugh, My Feet Huuuurt!"


Here’s a great pregnancy routine to fall into: Have dinner, sit on the couch, and swing your feet in the direction of your guy, the easier for him to reach them and subsequently rub them.

If for the eighth day in a row you nudge him with your toes expectantly, or complain, “Babe, my feet hurt…” he may begin to roll his eyes.

But hopefully, he’ll happily oblige anyway.

You’re carrying around quite a bit of extra weight, your posture is shifting, and shoes probably just aren’t as comfortable for you as they once were. The feet can actually spread out a bit during pregnancy, as well.

A nice foot rub can be the perfect way to help you unwind and feel much more comfortable, and perhaps more ready to catch some of those illusive Zs…

3 Urine Trouble


It can be hard for others (and by “others” I mean those who are not currently or have not ever been pregnant) to understand just how much peeing can come to dominate your life when you are expecting a baby.

And it starts right away a lot of the time. Look up common symptoms of early pregnancy, and surely “frequent urination” will come right up.

Then the baby grows bigger and bigger, and there’s one more factor contributing to you needing to run to the toilet on and off throughout the entire day (and sometimes night, as well).

And of course you must stay hydrated – and all the water you (wisely) sip throughout the day has to make it’s exit eventually.

It can be a bit overwhelming, for you – and for him. He’s probably heard more times than he can count by now, “I never don’t have to pee.”

2 "I Can't Handle The Stress!"


Whether you experienced anxiety to some extent before you were pregnant or not, once you’re with child, it can be prime time to feel, well, worried. (Please do be sure to discuss your mental health concerns with a professional, family, friends, or your partner – maybe some combination thereof.)

There are hormones at play. There’s sleeplessness (which can make everything seem worse, like it’s even more scary or stressful). There’s the fact that your whole life is about to completely change as you either become a parent for the first time or add a whole new person to your family.

And if you feel really comfortable with your guy and really trust him, it can be easy to unload all of your worries on him, like all the time. Sharing is great, and surely he does care, but hopefully you mix it up with some other conversation every once in a while, too…

He’s already probably worried, too!

1 Dreaming Of Dreamland


Here’s the thing about complaining to your partner that you can’t sleep: He was probably already asleep, or maybe just on the verge of drifting off, when you decided that it was absolutely vital that you share this information with him.

Rather than letting him doze and get the rest he needs to prepare for his big expectant-dad day ahead, you nudge him with your elbow, groan or – and this is the best one – sigh loudly, and generally find a quite obvious way to convey that while he’s nodding off or snoozing happily, you’re lying there struggling to find a comfortable position, or perhaps settling in all over again after getting up to pee for the 12th time since you went to bed half an hour ago.

Maybe give him one night without complaining, “I can’t sleep.”

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