15 Pregnancy Features That Drive Him Wild

Many women worry about how their partners will react to their changing bodies when they start moving through their trimesters. They get concerned that the men they love won’t find them attractive anymore. This is understandable when you feel like you’re turning into a whale. Mommies-to-be need reassurance sometimes that they are keeping their man’s attention.

Little do most of these women know, their partners have never been attracted to them more than they are when they are expecting. Seriously. While there are men out there that think every woman looks better when she’s pregnant, our individual partners tend to find us incredibly attractive when we’re carrying their child.

There’s something about pregnancy that bonds a couple. Part of it is likely the anticipation and excitement of this new life they’ve created together and all the planning that goes into that. But the other part is the constant flow of change and newness that pregnancy brings to our lives. Suddenly, our Friday nights are funnier when Dad has to travel across town to get the only kind of chocolate chip ice cream that sounds good. He finds these things endearing.

It’s not all about the female body. Yes, men do think about more than our curves. When a man is in love with a woman, he’s in love with her quirks, her scent, and her behaviors, too. Pregnancy is such a special time because he gets to fall in love with a whole new version of the woman he’s already crazy about. Most expectant mommas are totally unaware of what their man is really thinking when she’s expecting. This might shed some light on that.

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15 All About Those Curves

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I think it’s pretty clear that men love curves, but do you know why? No, it’s not because he doesn’t have them. He isn’t a boob guy just because he doesn’t have boobs. Trust me, no guy wants his own boobs. Do you want testicles or a scrotum? I rest my case.

The science behind it speaks to the S-shaped curvature of the spine. Yes, there really is scientific evidence that men are drawn to the S-curve. This is why women wear high heels! They want that boost on their backside to make things look lifted and rounder. Much of this goes back to having that big ol’ booty.

Research has shown that men prefer the look of a female profile that boasts a 45-degree angle from the derriere to the spine.

Breasts? It goes back to evolution. In addition to being for babies, they are sexual organs. Hence, their erogenous zones. They are mysterious. They are soft and comforting, and many men form early attachments to them when they are breastfed themselves. Shhhh! He doesn’t need any reminding of that though if you’re looking to keep him in the mood.

14 Loves Those Birthing Hips

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Sure, anyone who has studied the seemingly abnormal anatomy of celebrities like Mrs. Kardashian-West and Nicki Minaj knows that there’s no way to balance out all that booty without expanding those hips and packing on a little extra flesh. Don’t worry, you’re really going to shed pounds when that baby comes out.

Until then, delight in the fact that your body knows the perfect places for each pound.

Just as breasts and a larger booty catch a man’s eye, so do wide hips. Yes, wide ones. Women with narrow hips are more likely to be glossed over by male suitors; I kid you not. Deep within their hardwired brains, men are always seeking women who are optimal mothers. They are looking for the body that says to them I will birth many babies for you.

Your hips will naturally widen during pregnancy to prepare for the baby’s big arrival. They may even stay extended afterward. Don’t be surprised if you lose all that weight postpartum, but you’re still a new pants size. The good news? He won’t mind!

13 Oh The Pheromones

The science of pheromones is pretty ridiculous. Not that we don’t buy it. It’s a proven phenomenon. We all release a natural scent from our bodies that is produced by our hormones. These scents are what cause us to be attracted to our partners in the first place. It’s not what you think, though. You won’t walk by a guy on the street and find that he naturally smells of musk and vanilla. It’s subtler than that.

When a woman is pregnant, her hormones multiply. Progesterone is made at higher amounts than she ever makes outside of her pregnancy. Their male partners definitely take notice of this. They are innately more drawn to her, even if they themselves cannot explain why.

As the pregnancy progresses, those hormones only rise higher and higher. In the last ten weeks or so, estrogen starts producing at heavier amounts, and that may lead to an increased sense of attraction between the couple.

12 Blooming Bellies

For the majority of all men, pregnancy isn’t something they think much about until they’ve encountered it. They just aren’t wired like we women are. They don’t tend to dream of the day that they have children, and they it doesn’t bring tears to their eyes thinking about how it will change their future wife’s body.

In fact, most men are a little put off at first by the sudden changes. What was once a stomach he probably spent some pretty intimate moments with is transformed into an incubator almost overnight. They might not know right away if it’s safe to touch or lay against that growing belly.

Part of them will marvel at the biological change in the female body that grows to accommodate its new tenant. The other part is a total teenage boy that wonders what is going on, just how curvy that curve will get, and how much he’s allowed to play with it.

11 Budding Bosoms

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Speaking of curves. For women who are already blessed with a larger chest, they may not look forward to the sudden influx in breast size that pregnancy can bring with it. Usually, it’s a matter of preference. Some women wish they had a larger chest. Others wish they could give half of their stock in cup size away. As they say, the grass always looks greener from the other side.

On average, women can gain up to a cup size during pregnancy. Most breast growth occurs in the beginning months. Yes, with that comes stretch marks for many ladies. Somehow ladies, our men look straight past these. All they can see is the new cleavage you’re boasting and the way you appear to be busting out of your bras like a Victoria’s Secret model who’s purposely wearing a size too small.

Relish it. Post-breastfeeding, they don’t quite look the same.

10 Lush Locks

You’ll need new hair to go along with those new Dolly Parton boobs. Pregnancy won’t disappoint. Well, sort of. That limp and lifeless hair you’ve been shoving into a messy pony will emerge into something else, for sure. What that is cannot be determined ahead of time. For some ladies, they’ll suddenly have the shampoo commercial model hair they always hoped for.

If you think men don’t take note of this kind of thing, think again. Gentlemen may or may not prefer blondes, but they definitely like thick locks. They are a sign of health and fertility and biologically, men are wired to seek women with just such hair types.

All that extra estrogen will produce more hair — and not just on your head unfortunately for you. Still, those same hormones will increase sebum production, and that leads to shinier hair, too. Revel in it while you can, though, because it will fall out like you’re balding postpartum. Eek!

9 His Lover’s Libido Goes Sky High

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Remember, that estrogen is the same hormone that revs you up for ovulation. So, don’t be surprised if you’re returning those same emotions to your partner. If you’re noticing egg white cervical mucus during your pregnancy, that’s a strong sign that your body is producing copious amounts of estrogen.

Those sex hormones keep your motor running, and your baby developing. Yes, even growing baby boys need estrogen from their mothers while in utero. The excess hormones will be expelled from the baby in the initial weeks following birth.

Believe it or not, some women are so down for getting down when they’re pregnant, that their partners start asking to opt out and tire of the behavior! Sure, we expect men to be at the ready all the time whenever a woman gives the green light, but they have jobs and responsibilities, too.

Sometimes, they’re tired and have trouble keeping up with a pregnant woman’s hormone-induced desires. Try to hang in there, momma, and encourage him to enjoy the ride. Once that baby comes along, sex will be few and far between.

8 She Becomes A Bootylicious Babe

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Many of the women having babies in this day and age grew up in an era that taught them some critical lessons about the world: everyone is judging the way you look, and you’re apparently supposed to look a certain way.

We don’t subscribe to that theory, but any woman who grew up with knowledge of Cindy Crawford’s beauty mark, Pamela Anderson’s breasts and now Kim Kardashian's derriere knows what I’m talking about.

Why do we relish these physical attributes? For two reasons: they’re curvy and they aren’t common. That’s why. As soon as breasts went out with the nineties, booties seemed to make their way into the world of all things trending.

As women age, their backsides tend to fall a bit flat and more toward the floor. Pregnancy hormones add back some of that youth and vitality. They bring with them excess fat that plumps the booty region and makes things look just a little bit lifted and rounder. In case you didn’t know, men like lifted and round! It screams fertility goddess to their inner manhood!

7 Birth Control Is Already Taken Care Of

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One of the biggest fears men have before they settle down and decide to be a father is having that choice taken away from them. With each partner they have, they worry about the likelihood of an unintended pregnancy.

Men are providers, and as such they like to have all their ducks in a row and bank accounts flush before they try to pay for another human being to exist in the world. So, birth control is paramount in most of their minds.

Even when they settle down with the right partner, kids might not be immediately at the top of the list. So, birth control remains there. When it finally happens, and momma is pregnant, he can finally breathe a sigh of relief. It’s the only time in his foreseeable future — and likely the first time ever — that he hasn’t had to worry about getting you pregnant. The mission has already been accomplished, and he probably feels like a rockstar for it, too.

6 That Glowing Skin

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Men aren’t known for their acuteness. They aren’t often in tune with the minor changes we women make. They might not notice that you started getting honey-hued highlights. They probably don’t notice when you change your nail polish, get new undies, or whiten your teeth. You know what they do notice?

When they feel sexually attracted to you. They don’t break it down the way women do. They simply think you’re hot.

So, work that pregnancy for all it’s worth, momma. Glowing skin is a great advantage you’ll have during pregnancy, and likely once you can make the most use of since it shows up before most any other sign of pregnancy does.

All those pregnancy hormones we’ve been talking about do their job by flushing your skin with super-circulation and keep you looking fresh and young like a teenager who’s ready to go. So, don’t be surprised if he is — a lot!

5 It’s HIS Baby

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While there are a few men out there who seriously dig a pregnant lady, most of them would never dream of rubbing up against a woman who is pregnant with someone else’s baby. That would just feel… wrong. But when it’s his baby, that’s a whole other story.

You are carrying his child. To quote Leo, he’s ”king of the world”. There is literally nothing he has ever done in his entire life before this moment that will compare to what he’s done by impregnating you. Seriously, we’re pretty sure they all pat themselves on the back when they find out you’re expecting.

That’s his baby in there. All of the awesome changes that are occurring to your body are because of his kickass genes. He might not expect you to give him credit, but trust that he’s thinking it in one way or another. While you are certainly deserving of just as much admiration, if not more, he’s pretty proud that that he’s produced an heir to his throne — even if it’s just a La-Z-Boy.

4 Knockin The Boots With Mommy

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Whether you were well-endowed in that bottom half region before or not, you will have a little more cushion for the pushin’ now and you’d be a fool to think he hasn’t noticed and doesn’t want to get up close and personal and see what that’s all about. Don’t be afraid to flaunt your new attributes!

You’re pregnant. You’ve got new boobs, and a new butt. Your hips are rounder. Your skin tone is changing. Your hair is different. You might even be feeling warm and fuzzy and ripe for the picking a lot more often than you usually do. Don’t expect that he will just ignore these changes. You’re pretty much a new woman.

That means he pretty much gets to do the deed with a new woman. What guy wouldn’t jump at the chance to have that experience without breaking any rules?

3 He Feels Needed, And That's Hot

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There are a few cardinal rules about being pregnant. You need to ask for what you want. So, when you really want that coconut cream pie in the middle of the night, make sure he knows to bundle up before he heads out in that Winter storm to get it for you.

When you decide the nursery needs to be repainted, make sure he knows he’s the only person you trust to get the job done right. All those expensive baby swings, ring slings, wraps, and breast pump supplies will add up. No doubt, having a baby costs a lot. Take the time to remind him how much it means to you that he works so hard to provide for his family.

Sometimes, when a woman is pregnant, the love of the partner can get lost in the mix as everything turns into being all about the baby. Don’t forget to show him some affection and let him know how important he is to you and how excited you are to be having his baby. He’ll love feeling like you and his new child need him so much.

2 He’ll Never Be Knocked Up

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To be blunt, pregnancy is so damn awesome to him because he’s never going to do it. It’s never going to happen to him. He will never be the one to carry the baby in his belly. He will never feel the first kicks. He’ll never know what it feels like to have another human being inside of him with a developing brain and beating heart.

He will never see his own body grow in fascinating ways in order to offer life support to someone else. He will never produce body fat on purpose to help his child thrive, or make milk to feed them. He won’t ever have anything cause these changes to happen to his body, and for that reason, he’s going to continue to find it remarkable that it’s happening to you — the closest person to him.

1 Fetishes Come In All Shapes And Sizes

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Believe it or not, there are a lot of pregnant women out there who have been hit on during their nine-month journey to motherhood. Most of the time, it’s completely shocking. Imagine, you’re just standing in the line at the grocery store or shopping for new maternity pants at the mall and suddenly, some stranger — a male stranger — is complementing your appearance.

Wait, did that just happen? Yes! It happens quite a lot as it turns out. Sure, it could be that this stranger also noticed the S-shaped curve of your backside or the new bazookas you’re packing, but it’s unlikely if he noticed those that he didn’t notice you’re carrying some other man’s child. Yet he’s all about that bump. Why?

Fetishes are totally normal. Nearly everybody has one, even if they haven’t figured it out yet that they do or what theirs is. For some people, pregnancy is the fetish. They revel in the curves that a growing baby brings to a woman’s body and feel liberated by the lack of need for birth control should they be lucky enough to get lucky — with you.

We know, it walks a fine line between normal and creepy. But hey, strangers still find you hot when you’re feeling your largest and waddling everywhere. It’s only a bad thing if you choose to look at it that way.

Sources: Daily Mail

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