15 Pregnancy Moments Expecting Moms Are So Over

Pregnancy is a wonderful experience for most women. Mom-to-be's anticipation of seeing the brand new human being she has created is overwhelming and she just can’t wait to see his or her little face. However, with the growth of the baby bump does come a number of things women don’t look forward to, and mom-to-be is going to have to make some adjustments over the next 9 months.

There are moments during pregnancy that are definitely going to be tasking, tiring, stressful and just downright ridiculous at times. And that's not just confined to the physical parts of recovery, sometimes that can include a full mental recovery as well. After all, Rome wasn't built in a day and neither was the new baby.

There are certainly some women that don’t experience the wallop of physical and mental strain that pregnancy can impart, but for most women, there are going to be times when they wish for the days to pass as quickly as possible. Yes, sharing a body with another human being can be awesome, but there are definitely times when it will be downright obnoxious.

In fact, women shouldn’t be surprised if they find themselves serving their little one an eviction notice at one point or another. Once that 40 week mark starts creeping up, mom-to-be is not only ready to see what she made, but she's also ready to gain autonomy over her body once again. Nine months of sharing an intimate space and mama needs a break!

What are the most annoying moments that are going to try the patience of an expectant saint? Hmm, well there are quite a few, but we did manage to narrow it down to just 15. Here’s a look at 15 of biggest moments that pregnant women are SO over….

15 Cookie Tossing…Every Ten Steps

No, not tossing cookies like you’re a professional baker (that actually sounds fun!), ‘tossing your cookies’ as in running to the bathroom and tossing those cookies you just ate into the toilet. In other words, vomiting.

Morning sickness is one of the most common pregnancy symptoms, and it certainly isn’t a pleasant one. Certain smells may make your stomach churn and the sight of your favorite food pre-pregnancy may make your face turn green. Yes, morning sickness and the queasiness and throwing up that comes along with it is certainly not an enjoyable pregnancy symptom.

And if you experience it, you can be sure that it's going to annoy the crap out of you. I mean, how many times a day is a woman expected to throw up and not finally feel annoyed that she can't even keep down a solid chunk of air!

14 All The Unsolicited Advice That Comes

For some reason, when you’re pregnant, people feel like the need to shower you with tons of advice. At first, you may think that advice is awesome and you totally appreciate it, but eventually you will start rolling your eyes as soon as someone starts offering tips and tricks.

From your own mother to your husband’s boss’ wife, to the old lady in the frozen food section of the grocery store, you’re going to get tons of advice when you’re pregnant. And sure, some of it will be totally helpful, but some of it will be downright ridiculous…

When I was pregnant, someone actually told me that I should make sure not to drink too much water because I could drown the baby! True story! And, even if the advice is great, sometimes, you just don’t want to hear it – especially when you have had zero sleep, you’re due in just a few weeks and you are just running (or waddling) into the supermarket to grab a gallon of milk.

13 Visiting The Bathroom Every Five Minutes

Going to the bathroom is a fact of life. Everyone does it, and does it several times a day; but, when you are pregnant, the need to use the bathroom is really intensified, and it can be beyond annoying… especially when you walk out and have to turn around and walk back in five seconds later.

You can blame it on the out-of-whack hormones and the pressure of your baby pressing up on your bladder, but that doesn’t make the need to use the bathroom a billion times a day any more enjoyable. Feeling the need to pee around the clock can get pretty frustrating.

It wakes you up several times a night and makes you nervous to go out in public because you fear that you won’t be able to find a bathroom when you need it. Yeah, having to constantly use the bathroom is no fun, and something are going to want to bid farewell as soon as possible.

12 Gas So Bad It's Like An Unstoppable Geyser

Perhaps one of the most embarrassing things about pregnancy is all the gas. With all of those changes in hormones, the relaxing of muscles, the pressure of the baby on your digestive tract and those weird cravings (baked beans with ice cream? – yeah, those types of cravings can happen…) gas is an issue that the majority of pregnant women experience at one time or another.

This obnoxious pregnancy moment usually doesn’t start to take effect until the second trimester, and when it does, watch out! Belching and breaking wind doesn’t seem very lady like, and at first, you may be completely embarrassed, but after a while, you may find yourself just riding with the winds of your gas and letting it go without any hesitation.

Nevertheless, gas is definitely something that you can expect to get fed up with – and rather quickly – when you are pregnant.

11 Insatiable Cravings Of The Bottomless Pit

Cravings are just, well, weird… Prior to becoming pregnant, you may have thought that hearing about those women who crave ice cream covered with sardines just seems purely ridiculous, and you may even think that those weird cravings you’ve heard so much about are made up.

But, once you have your own bun in the oven, you realize just how weird those pregnancy cravings can be… and how serious they are. And when I say serious, I mean SERIOUS! Like, you need to have a piece of white bread topped with whipped cream and pickles, and you need to have it ASAP.

They come out of nowhere, and some of them seem utterly ridiculous, even to you, the person who is craving them. When a hankering for mashed potatoes and waffles hits (that was a major craving that I had, and I know it’s weird and sounds disgusting, but it was so delicious and I needed to have it,) you just have to give into it.

It’s because those cravings can be so ridiculous, they come out of nowhere and they must be fed that they become something that you are going to get frustrated with when you are pregnant.

10 Doctor Visits That Only Increase In Frequency

Though they are a vital part of pregnancy, and at first, they may be exciting, but eventually, you may find those prenatal doctor visits totally annoying.

Sure, hearing your baby’s heartbeat and seeing images of your little one on a screen is moving, emotional and may even move you to tears, but after a while, they can become tedious and downright painstaking.

I mean, there is absolutely nothing enjoyable about peeing in a cup, being asked a string of super personal questions, stripping down to your birthday suit and putting on a paper gown and having someone get up close and personal with your lady bits while you’re lying on an awkward examination table.

Your modesty goes right out the window at those doctor visits, and it’s really just awkward.

9 Getting Constant Name Suggestions

Picking out a name for your little one is one of the most important things you are going to do as an expectant mom (in addition to the million other things.) You want to choose a name that you will love and one that your child will be proud to be called as she grows.

For some people, picking out a name is a cinch, but for others, it can be daunting. There are so many choices, and it the hunt for the perfect name can get pretty overwhelming.

One of the most common questions you are going to be asked when you are pregnant is, “Have you picked a name yet?” And if your reply is “No,” don’t be surprised when you are bombarded with suggestions. It's totally normal for your bank teller to drop a few suggestions.

Yes, you may love some of the names that people offer, but don’t be surprised if you start to get annoyed with the suggestions. To avoid this annoying pregnancy moment, just tell people you have chosen a name – even if you haven’t – and when they ask what it is, tell them it’s a surprise.

8 When Complete Strangers Get Handsy

“Can I touch your belly?” is one of the most annoying questions expectant women are asked. When you hear it, you wonder to yourself, “Is this person actually serious?”… Especially when it is someone standing on line in front of you at the grocery store, or a random person at a restaurant.

For some reason, people feel the need to get all handsy when they see a pregnant woman. It’s as if your belly is this big piece of tactile art and people just have to touch it. But dang it, you are not on display at an art museum and your belly certainly isn’t a work created by some artistic genius (though it is pretty cool and you are pretty brilliant…)

Though you may be sharing your body with someone else when you're pregnant, that doesn’t mean that you have to share it with everyone! If you’re cool with people touching your belly, more power to you, but if you aren’t keen on letting strangers touch you, that’s your prerogative. You should never feel like you have to let other people touch your belly.

7 Everyone Thinks Mom Is About To Pop

What’s the next most annoying thing that pregnant women are so over hearing after being asked if they can have their stomach touched all the time? … “You’re about to pop!”

Feeling like you’re an over-inflated balloon that is about to burst is bad enough, but then to add insult to injury, you’re going to hear people say that you actually look like you are about to pop. Yeah, it’s annoying, and in fact, it’s downright insulting.

I remember going to have my hair cut when I was 32 weeks pregnant with my first son and the hairdresser said to me, “Wow! You’re about to pop! Just don’t let your water break in my chair!” I rolled my eyes and gave a giggle that let her know that I was clearly annoyed by her statement. I started hearing it so much during my pregnancy that I actually started making nasty remarks back…

6 Nosy Questions About The Conception

When you’re expecting, people really start to let their filters drop and start asking really personal questions.

Perhaps one of the most personal questions you will be asked when you are pregnant is, “Was the baby planned?” And I’m not talking about the people who are closest to you asking this question, but people you have never met you before in your life and most likely you will never see again… Like the woman standing in front of you at the post office…

It’s a totally personal question, and one that completely catches you off-guard. When you hear it, you can’t help but wonder why in the world someone would ask you that. Even if you are only asked this question once, once is certainly enough! Who needs to know this information, and why does it matter? Seriously?

5 There's No Sleep, Only Tossing And Turning

It’s totally cool when your pregnant belly starts to become visible, and it’s even cooler when you can start feeling your little bun moving around inside your oven. but what's not so hot is the more your belly grows and the more your baby moves, the less sleep you start to get – and that’s totally not cool.

Tossing and turning throughout the night is one of the things that can drive any expectant woman up a wall. It’s tough to get comfortable with all of that extra weight on your front end, and if you’re normally a stomach sleeper, forget it. Not only it is impossible to roll over onto your stomach, but it’s downright dangerous.

Add to that the constant kicking, punching and flipping your little one starts doing (which always seems to happen when you lie down to get some shut eye,) and you are guaranteed to spend your nights tossing and turning. It’s so frustrating that every time you hear someone say, “Get your sleep in before the baby comes!” you want to sock it to them!

4 People Asking If Mom Is Ready To Have Another Right Away

So, there you are, carrying around a beach ball in your belly, waddling around and holding your back because it aches so badly… And then someone asks you, “Are you going to have another?” Umm… What?

You haven’t even had the baby you are currently cooking and people are asking you if you are going to have another? The nursery isn’t even done yet, you still have several weeks to go before you deliver, and you are dealing with the rush of emotions and side effects of your pregnancy. Having another baby is the furthest thing from your mind! You just want to have the one that is taking up residence in your belly now!

When people ask you this question when you’re expecting, nobody can blame you for giving an eye roll and a sassy reply, so feel free to let it out!

3 Baby Becomes An Expert Thai Boxer Inside

As mentioned above, it’s absolutely amazing when you start to feel your little one moving around inside your belly. It really solidifies that you are actually have a human life growing inside of you, and it’s downright life-altering.

As your little one grows, the more active and powerful she will be, and the less space there will be inside your womb. Eventually, those tiny little kicks, punches, flips and stretches turn into full-blown belly blows, and they can really start to get on your nerves.

Sometimes those movements can be so powerful that they literally make you jump, and you can’t help but wonder if your little one will be the next great heavy weight champion! Take a look at your stomach when those movements are happening and you may wonder if your heavy weight champion is part alien, too!

2 Hearing All The Horrible Bloody Birth Stories

The idea of giving birth is joyful and exciting, but it can also be downright scary. You’re doing your own research about the whole labor and delivery process, wondering what yours is going to be like, and getting a little panicky when you start to envision it all… And then, to add to your nervousness, other mothers share their own birth stories with you…

As if you weren’t already nervous enough!

Mothers share a sense of comradery, and they want to share their advice and experiences – especially with expectant moms. That’s totally cool, but there are some things that you just don’t want to hear about when you have your own bun in the oven--like other moms birth stories.

Some moms will get really graphic, too, and won’t hold back a thing, and as they tell you their stories, you are horrified when you hear the words “tearing,” “contractions,” “episiotomy” and “forceps”…

1 Everyone Stressing How Much Life Will Change For Mom And Dad

Having a baby is wonderful and joyous, but it’s also demanding and at times, overwhelming. Even if this is your first pregnancy, you are certainly aware that your life is going to completely chance once the little one arrives.

With that said, for some reason, other parents feel the need to let expectant moms know just how much their lives are going to change once the baby does come. Every time you say you’re tired, stressed out, overwhelmed or even when you look like you are having fun, other parents are going to feel the need to throw in their two cents and say, “Just wait until the baby comes!”

What does that even mean? Are they suggesting that you don’t know how challenging having a baby can be? Or, are they implying that having a baby is the worst thing in the world? Whatever this statement means, you can be you are going to get over hearing it real quick when you’re pregnant.

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