15 Pregnancy Pains Relieved By Peaking

Intimacy is the last thing on the mind of a mom-to-be. Her feet are swelling, her back is aching and her bump is seriously weighing her down. She's got pregnancy pains, and is looking for relief – pretty much any way she can get it. Hey mama, revisit the pregnancy intimacy position right now.

Why? Well, because the “Big O” may actually make some of these pregnancy symptoms disappear.

Is that seriously possible?

Okay, okay. So, we all know that a knock the socks off romp makes just about anyone feel good. That is, whether they’re expecting or not. It stands to reason that hitting the big O every now and then would take some of those not-so-pleasant pregnancy pains away.

Keep in mind, an orgasm won’t cure all body aches or make every one of those prego symptoms magically disappear, but it might temporarily make mom-to-be feel less stressed.

Along with the relaxation factor (and what mommy-to-be couldn’t use some of that?) an O may make mom totally forget about those pesky pains, at least for the near future.

Along with the obvious joys of intimacy, another big-time bonus of using the climax to combat those darn discomforts is that mom is going totally med-free. That’s right. she doesn’t have to worry about the adverse effects that prescription (or OTC) painkillers have on both you and the baby.

Think of it as Mother Nature’s way of making pregnancy easier.

Whether couples are about getting romantic, or mom is okay with climaxing on her own, check out the top ways that the big O can relieve some pregnancy pains!

15 Splitting Headaches

Your hormones are going crazy. They’re making your hair seem super-thick and they’re making your skin seem to glow. But, they’re also a pain – a pain in the head that is. Headaches are most common during the first and third trimesters, according to the American Pregnancy Association

. Along with your raging hormones, stress (or nerves), caffeine withdrawal (no coffee for you pregnant mama) and sleepless nights can all contribute to pain in your head.

Treating headaches during pregnancy is tricky. Before you do anything, talk to your doc. The pro can make sure that your pains are a completely normal part of pregnancy and nothing more serious. As long as nothing else is wrong, your next step is to deal with the nagging pain.

But, you’re not about to fill your body with potentially harmful meds. You can exercise, try resting or – get the big O. Yep. In some studies (mind you, these are very limited) orgasm has been shown to reduce or get rid of headaches.

14 Morning Sickness

Okay, so morning sickness isn’t technically a “pain.” Yes, it’s a pain in your day. But, it’s not likely that you physically hurt. Even so, morning sickness can be an all-day affair that you seriously want to get rid of.

Even though it’s called “morning sickness” this part of pregnancy can last all day (and night) long. While you might feel seasick and spend your days hunched over the toilet, morning sickness typically runs its course by the beginning or middle of the second trimester.

Hormones, stress and a super-human sense of smell (seriously, you’ll rival Fido with your nasal abilities) can all add up to major morning sickness. So, you stash saltines everywhere and snack five, six or seven times a day. You avoid those scent triggers and you sip on ginger tea all day long.

Still no luck dealing with your morning sickness? Have you tried sex? The rush of relaxation that you feel after the big O may make you feel temporarily better.

Even though there’s no concrete science to back it up, anything that de-stresses you right now can only help (especially if anxiety is partially responsible for your nausea). And, if that doesn’t work a Gordon Gallup, a psychologist at SUNY-Albany posed a theory that giving oral sex to your guy (and ingesting his semen) may counteract morning sickness.

13 Annoying Hiccups

Even though the expert aren’t entirely sure why pregnant women often get hiccups early on (it’s possibly related to inhaling more air than normal or it may have to do with that constant indigestion you’re experiencing), one thing is clear – they are a pain.

You just want to get through your day without some sort of gas, liquid or otherwise unappealing thing letting loose from your body. But, pregnant has other plans for you mama.

Hiccups happen when the diaphragm spasms and you suddenly inhale too much air. No, not the diaphragm that you tossed out the moment you decided to start the pregnancy sex. It’s the organ in your abdomen instead. While orgasm isn’t a clinical fix for the hiccups, it has been shown to make them go away.

The medical journal the Canadian Family Physician actually chronicled a case study where a man had hiccups for three straight days. Nothing helped, except the big O. If it worked for him, it could work for you too. It doesn’t hurt to try, right?

12 Aching Back

The more that your baby puts weight on the front side of you, the more that the back side seems to feel the pinch. Your back is in some serious pain here. Along with carrying around the extra weight and feeling generally uncomfortable, the baby’s head can out added pressure on your pelvis. This can translate into lower back pain.

What’s the fix for pregnancy-related back pain? Sit down (or lay down) and relax. Get some rest, relax and maybe even snuggle up with a heating pad. Okay, so you don’t have time for that kind of leisure. It’s not like a quick 10 minutes of kicking back will get you up and going again.

But, what about a quickie of another sort? Orgasms cause the release of oxytocin. This chemical enhances positive emotions and lets your body relax. In the short-term it may help to ease that aching back too!

11 Groin Pain

Your ever-growing uterus is putting pressure on everything down there. As your baby (and her cozy, comfy surroundings) expand, your groin may start to become a real pain. The uncomfortable pressure you feel in the area just south of your abdomen isn’t getting better and you’re looking for ways to put this pain behind you.

So, you try sitting down. You give up your yoga class. You get a special pillow to sit on during your work day. And, nothing happens. You’re still in pain.

The doctor has ruled out anything major (that is, other than the other human being who’s growing inside you) that could impact your health. Meds are out of the question at this point, and you’re starting to feel hopeless. What now? Go to bed. No, not to take a nap.

Go to bed with your honey. That oxytocin that your body produces when he gives you that big O will help out all of your aches and pains, including the one in your groin area.

10 Antenatal Depression

Um, mood changes anyone? Of course! Between the hormones (estrogen and progesterone), fatigue and all of the added stress, it’s no wonder that your moods are swinging in a major way. One moment you’re bursting with joy, and the next you’re in tears (and not the happy kind).

Even the most upbeat girls can have a bout of depression during pregnancy. Keep in mind, there’s a difference between occasional sadness and constant feelings of hopelessness or depression that lingers (both in and out of pregnancy).

If you’re feeling sad more often than not, you need to talk to your doctor about it immediately. Only a medical professional can evaluate you and make a diagnosis.

But, if your depression only strikes here and there (and doesn’t interfere with your daily life), the big O may help you to push through it. The endorphins and oxytocin that are released during orgasm can improve your mood and even help you to relax.

9 Dryness, Down There

Again, your hormones are likely the culprit here. Okay, maybe your stress level and low libido are at work to. Most likely, your vaginal dryness will increase around childbirth and after the delivery day (not forever though). When estrogen levels start dropping, you might feel more dryness down there than usual.

During pregnancy estrogen is on the rise. It’s helping your baby to develop, and rapidly rises during the first trimester. When you give birth, it decreases. As this happens, you might notice that things dry up – down there.

Whether stress is drying you during pregnancy or hormones are taking their toll after delivery (that is, after you have the all clear to get back to business with your honey), an orgasm can get things going again.

Of course, you’ll need some extra attention to (or an additional lubricant to get started). Having a big O regularly keeps the blood flow going on down there, relaxes you enough to ease any dryness-causing stress and may make lube not so necessary.

8 Tons Of Tiredness

You’re sleepy. Not just normal sleepy, but majorly tired. You’ve only been at work for a few hours and it seems like you’ve put in all 40 hours already. Your eyes are closing, your body is exhausted and you need a break. And the kicker is, you got a full night’s sleep.

Instead of hanging with your girls and tossing back Shirley Temples to the wee hours, you went home, crawled into bed and got enough shut eye for five people. But, you’re still tired.

That’s completely normal. Fatigue, especially in your first trimester, is a common (and entirely painful) part of pregnancy. How do you cure your massive tiredness? Well, you could sleep some more. You try it, and nothing happens. You still feel like you’ve barely closed your eyes – even though you’ve been asleep for eight hours.

If you can stay awake long enough to get busy with your guy (or with your vibrator), the big O can perk you up and add that special little bounce to your step.

7 Sleepless Nights

After making it through the sleep-filled part of pregnancy you’re suddenly not so tired. You’ve got energy again (with or without an orgasm) and are ready to get back into your regular routine.

You go to work, spend time with friends, have romantic date nights and do everything that you did in your pre-prego days (minus the cocktails and mini dresses). You’re feeling fine and your nightly sleep is perfectly restful.

And then comes the third trimester. You’re painful sleepless. Between peeing every 15 minute (that baby is infringing on your bladder) and the added worry that you might feel, you just can’t sleep. You lay down in bed, pull up the covers, close your eyes and try to drift off.

But, every time sleep creeps up so do “the” thoughts. “What will labor and delivery be like?”, “Will it hurt to have a baby?”, “Will my baby be okay?” You need to relax. Either that or get used to not sleeping at all. An orgasm (and the oxytocin it lets loose) can help you to calm down and get back to bed (in a totally sleepy way).

6 Painful Constipation

Your digestive track is slow. Seriously slow. Hey, that’s part of pregnancy. The hormones your body releases to help your baby grow also relax your muscles. Great! Um, not so much. All of your muscles are getting the hormonal relaxation treatment now.

This means that the intestinal muscles are also relaxing. The more that they relax, the slower your digestion gets. This can lead to indigestion, heart burn and constipation.

Along with your super-slow digestive tract, the added pressure of the baby on your pelvic area may make the constipation worse. What can you do? Drink plenty of water, eat fiber-rich foods (just don’t go overboard, as this can have the opposite effect) and try some light physical activity.

What, get active? Even though you may not feeling moving, activity may work in your favor.

So, you could go for a walk. Or a jog. Or you could get in some activity of the more romantic kind. Sex, and the resulting O, can work in a way similar to light exercise.

5 Aching Feet

Whether you’re standing on your feet all day or sitting behind a desk, chances are your tootsies hurt.

Even though it’s entirely healthy to gain weight during pregnancy (you’ve got a baby inside of you, not to mention the amniotic fluid, other water weight and more), it throws off your center of gravity and can make your feet feel not-so-great. The more you stand, the more the pressure on your feet can get to you.

Obviously, getting off your feet is the first step to feeling better (along with choosing flat, comfortable, supportive shoe). But, you may find that your feet still hurt for some time after you lift them up. Well, you’re probably in bed anyway – so why not make the most of it? Get your love’s attention and get to it.

Again, the oxytocin release will reduce some of that pain. Possibly enough to get you back standing again. Then again, why not just stay where you are? After all, you’re already feeling good.

4 Emotions And Anxiety

Depression isn’t the only mental pain during pregnancy. Between your roller coaster-like hormones and worrying about your/your baby’s future, it’s no surprise that many pregnant women feel some level of anxiety. This can seep into everyday life, making it tough to get anything done.

What can you do? Hit the sheets! That’s not to say that an orgasm can prevent anxiety totally. But, it can reduce stress. This may take some of the pressure off and decrease your anxiety level. Why is this important? Stress and anxiety reduction are part (but not all) of a healthy lifestyle.

Like depression, anxiety can become serious. If it persists, you are worrying more than you’re not or your anxiety level just doesn’t feel right, talk to your doctor right away. Your OB can refer you to a specialist who can evaluate and treat your symptoms.

3 Baby Brain

Pregnancy changes your brain. Really, it does. Recent research published in the journal Nature Neuroscience found that women loss gray matter volume during (and possibly for up to two years after) pregnancy. This doesn’t exactly make you less intelligent.

It may actually increase your social awareness and boost the bond you have with baby. But, “pregnancy brain” isn’t the same thing as the real research. When a pregnant mama says that she locked her keys in the car, put on two different shoes or put the remote in the fridge and the milk on top of the TV stand, she’s talking about “pregnancy brain.”

Losing your memory might not make you ache on the level of a migraine. But, it’s certainly a pain of pregnancy. Orgasm may increase blood and oxygen flow to your brain. This can help improve your memory, and may combat some of that “pregnancy brain.”

2 Pelvic Pain

Intense cramping and pain in your pelvis isn’t normal during pregnancy. If you’re cramping on a period-level, you need to see your OB pronto. But, some light pelvic pain is fairly common. Your expanding uterus and growing baby are putting pressure on your body.

That’s what’s responsible for those pesky back and groin aches (and plenty of other post-conception body annoyances).

Along with the other lower body pain you may start to feel a pinch in your pelvis. The abdominal pain (again, normal abdominal pain and not anything extreme) may go away with the big O. The endorphins that your orgasm causes your body to release are a major pain killer.

In your pre-pregnancy days you may have noticed that your PMS cramping eased up when you had sex. This was due to the endorphins. The same principle is at work when it comes to your pregnancy pain as well.

1 Whole Body Bounty

Your entire body hurts. It’s not even a specific pain. It’s more of a full-on ache. From head to toe everything feels, well – kind of like a truck filled with hot garbage just ran you over. You’re not into taking meds to ease the aches. Even if you did, you’re not entirely sure they’d cover all of the assorted prego pains.

An orgasm would hit the spot night now. Or, it would hit all of the spots. That oxytocin your O lets loose de-stresses your body and changes your pain threshold. Research shows that a woman’s orgasm can improve her pain tolerance by more than 74 percent and increase the pain detection threshold by over 106 percent.

After an O you might not just feel better, you might not notice the pain. Will it make you super-tough and numb your body? Not entirely. But, it may help you resist some of those soon-to-have-a-baby aches.

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