15 Pregnancy Pics Of The Kar-Jenners

It seems like whenever people turn around there is another Kardashian or Jenner who is pregnant. In fact, they have all been pregnant except for Kendall. The KarJenners are all becoming mamas! Kim has three kids, Kourtney also has three, Kylie just had a baby girl, and Khloe is expecting her first child!

These 'famous for being famous' celebs strive for perfection. They need to look good all of the time. Well, that seems exhausting to the rest of us. This is why we enjoy viewing some not-so-great pictures of celebrities who usually look stunning and well put together.

There is nothing like seeing a very real photo of a beautiful celeb to remind us that they are just people too!

When it comes to the KarJenners, they will do everything in their power to look their best. They have a hair and makeup team, they may even opt for plastic surgery, and sometimes will stay under the radar to not let anyone see them not at their very best. Could this be why we saw lots of preggo Kim pics but few Kylie baby bump photos? We compiled a seemingly worst of the worst KarJenner pregnancy photos. Read on and remember that even the KarJenners have their down moments when they are pregnant!

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15 Little Bit In Front, Little Bit In Back

If there is one thing the Kardashians are famous for, it may just be their booties! These gals love to accentuate their bottoms, making this pregnant pic of Khloe one that is difficult to look at, yet we can’t look away! This side shot of Khloe makes it look like she may just topple over!

You have to give Khloe some credit. Supposedly, she has wanted a baby for a long time. Now that she is finally expecting, she wants to show off her baby bump. While this is certainly not the most flattering photo of pregnant Khloe, we can agree that it is nice to see her not feeling like she has to cover up her growing belly. She wants to show it off! And rightfully so. But, boy, the other end…!

14 Rare Shot

The news of Kylie Jenner being pregnant shocked just about everyone. People could not believe that this young offspring of Kris was already pregnant. Rumors even circulated that it was all a publicity act, or that it was really a baby she was carrying for one of her sisters (which we now know was not true).

You can bet that Kylie was shocked when she learned she would have a baby. That may account for why she was very camera-shy during her pregnancy. She’s a young girl with a once-hot bod, now it is growing and doing things that she cannot control. Kylie hid under baggy clothes and away from the spotlight as best she could. That makes this photo rare! The one on the right, beautiful. The one on the left, kind of unflattering, and a reminder that sometimes when you are expecting, you cannot control that double chin from growing!

13 Could It Be That Kim Is Just Like Us?!

Pregnancy is exhausting. For so many of us, expecting a baby just wipes us out. We are cranky, tired, hungry, and just plain uncomfortable. This is why this photo of Kim Kardashian is really kind of refreshing. She is not in her typical high makeup, tight and expensive outfit. She looks like, well, one of us! Pregnancy really is a universal feeling.

This may be an unflattering photo of Kim, but it makes the rest of us feel like she might just be a little bit normal. Either way, she was willing to leave her house looking not exactly her best. Of course, Kim is a gorgeous woman, and maybe even looks better as a regular mom-to-be than she does when she gets all dolled up! What do you think?

12 Not The Best, Kourtney

With all the money these Kardashian gals have, you’d think they would only wear the best of the best, right?! Well, Kourtney must have had an off day with this outfit! She is a beautiful pregnant woman, but this dress does absolutely nothing for her. All it does is accentuate all the wrong areas. Is that a marshmallow headed our way or is that Kourtney Kardashian with a very unflattering outfit?! Let’s face it, no one would really look good in that dress.

Clearly, she is not too happy about her photo being taken either. Maybe she was not in the mood, or knew she had an unflattering outfit on that day! But, how cute is it shet her and her son have matching steps?! He's literally following in her footsteps.

11 Kim Monroe?!

Kim Kardashian had a bit of a Marilyn Monroe moment when she was walking around one day. It must have been a windy day, and Kim was already wearing a short dress. She still wanted to look good and stylish while she was expecting her baby, and really, who could blame her?!

Kim probably felt good in this outfit and was having that glowing feeling during this stage of her pregnancy. However, the wind gave her a bit of an unflattering look at that very moment. We know that Kim was like a lot of us during her pregnancies, and she gained weight just about everywhere! If anything, this unflattering photograph might even make us feel bad for Kim, and even relate to her on this pregnancy body that the rest of us get too!

10 That Uncomfortable Look

You have to feel happy for Khloe, who is finally becoming a mom after wanting it so badly for so long. But, like the rest of us, she has her moments where she just feels like crap, and may even look like it too, giving us unflattering photos like this one.

Really, though, she does not look that bad. But the look on her face says it all! She is not a happy camper. She is cradling her baby as if to tell her, stop kicking me - it hurts! Clearly, Khloe was probably in some kind of discomfort, or even in mild pain. It looks like she is angry and uncomfortable, which is a far cry from how she truly feels regarding her pregnancy and her soon-to-arrive baby daughter.

9 One Word- Ouch

Oh, Kim. She wanted so badly during her pregnancies to keep up with the Kardashians - in other words, to keep up her appearances just as they had always been pre-pregnancy! Unfortunately, Kim got a lot of the side effects of pregnancy that so many of us have had the misfortune of experiencing.

While Kim’s white outfit makes her look like a giant marshmallow in these photographs, our comments are really more about her feet being unflattering than about her dress choice! In fact, her feet really distract from that way too tight, way too white skin tight outfit she’s got going on. Kim suffered from the swelling of her feet. But, good god, Kim, why did you squeeze your feet into those shoes anyway?! We know you have more choices!

8 What's With The Baggy Clothes, Kylie?

Kylie strung us along for some time with the questions as to whether she was really pregnant or not. Of course, we all know now that she had a baby girl named Stormi, but if there is one thing I will say about Kylie, it's that she did not have much of a desire to show off her bump, much less even admit she was expecting!

At first glance, this looks like a typical unflattering photo of Kylie just because she is wearing very baggy clothing. But, we now know that she was wearing this strange outfit choice because she was trying to hide her growing baby bump. If you look closely, you can almost make out the bump. She tried. She failed. And she did not look that good in the process!

7 Kim Is Not Happy

The Kardashians are known for their killer bodies. That is what keeps them famous, basically. Kim very publicly struggled with her weight and body image throughout her two pregnancies (her third child was carried via a surrogate).

The thing about Kim, though, is that she had a pregnancy body like so many women do and did. It is not uncommon for an expecting mother to gain lots of weight, have her feet swell, and just look and feel like a house! That is everything Kim went through and more. So, seeing these unflattering images of her just makes her seem more real. She is obviously not happen about it, especially in this side shot that showcases her worst assets, but to us, it makes her more human, wouldn’t you agree?

6 Anyone Missing Their Tent?!

Kourtney Kardashian is a very petite woman. So pregnant three times over, she is going to look big no matter what! However, it is a bit hard to find a truly unflattering image of Kourtney expecting any one of her children. Her worst offenses are really her outfit choices!

In this image, we see Kourtney as she goes shopping wearing what appears to be a tent. It is not a very flattering shot of this soon-to-be mama, mostly due to the dress she thought would look nice on her. It didn’t. Kourtney K was lucky, unlike her sisters, to basically keep her body in shape, and really only have a baby bump. If she chose better outfits, she would have looked like an amazing pregnant lady! Where's the Kardashian stylist in her time of need?

5 We See You And That Bump!

Kylie shied away from the public eye during her unexpecting pregnancy. She probably felt like so many of us do when we are pregnant. We feel fat. We feel gross. We feel like a disgusting mess. Kylie does not look bad, but these images are unflattering for her.

Sure, Kylie gained weight, just like the rest of us do. So what if she gained some on her face and chin. It happens to the best of us. She didn’t want to embrace any of that (same thing with us, Kylie!), so we end up with this unflattering snapshot. Not to mention her clothing choices. Throughout her pregnancy, before she really hid from the cameras, Kylie wore these huge t-shirts. Clearly, they did nothing for her, and yes, Kylie, we can see your bump!

4 At Least She's Comfy

Khloe is not too afraid to get out there and strut her pregnant body. But, what is with her outfits? Is she taking some advice (or borrowing clothes) from her little sister and new mom, Kylie?! She’s got the kind of pregnancy style going on that Kylie did for a majority of her long nine months.

Khloe has been photographed looking amazing with her belly bump on proud display. Yet, we get photos like this one, which are unflattering when we know how good she truly looks as an expecting mama! But, you know what, we get it Khloe. It is important to stay comfortable when you are pregnant, so if you want to wear some sweats in between those other outfits you look fabulous in, go for it, you do you!

3 Ten Sizes Too Big

Try to look at this photo of a pregnant (yes, pregnant) Kylie Jenner from the bottom up. You have some crazy hot boots, leather pants, and then, what the heck?! Did Kylie accidentally stumble into her grandpa’s closet? What in the world was she thinking when she picked that outfit to put on? Did she even look in the mirror?

This unflattering picture of Kylie is just another example of her wearing super big clothes to cover up the tiniest belly bump. She was not dumb. She knew that the paparazzi, and people in general, were trying their hardest to get the slightest glimpse of a bloated belly. So, in that sense, you cannot blame her. Instead, Kylie should have just embraced it all! Maybe next time (if there is one).

2 Everything Looks Good, And Then...

What would you say is Kim K’s biggest asset? You guessed it - her behind! Everyone knows this too, right?! Kim is very proud of her asset, pun intended! And it seemed that when she got pregnant, a certain area of hers got bigger along with her belly. In fact, it was like a competition between belly and bum, who would get bigger first?!

This is quite the unflattering photo of Kim, though. She is only a little bit pregnant and barely has a bump. She might even still be trying to fit into her old clothes, not wanting to move on to the maternity section just yet. And as a result, we see her from the back and cringe. The stuffed sausage look is not a good look for Kim!

1 Which Side Is Which?!

Here we have an unflattering photo of Khloe while she is expecting, and it is a lot like one of her sister, Kim’s. Both girls have big bottoms, which they are proud of and enjoy showing off, let’s face that fact! But when pregnant, it starts to not look so great after all. A growing belly and a growing bottom is not really the best combination!

In this photo, Khloe is relaxing in her sweats, headed who knows where in that outfit and, are those furry things on her feet slippers?! While she looks okay from the front, when she turned to get into her car, wow! It could be the outfit, the pregnancy, the angle, who knows what it was, but you might be able to see it from space!

Reference: TMZ.com

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