15 Pregnancy Pics That Will Give You Second-Hand Embarrassment

The days, weeks and months leading up to the arrival of a little bundle of joy are filled with preparations, celebrations and anticipation. Parents-to-be have a lot to think about, and a lot to look forward to, as they prepare to welcome a child to the world. Many expecting women and their partners choose to document the time spent waiting for their babies to arrive with special photoshoots.

The creativity with which many individuals approach pregnancy pics is unparalleled. Truly, some of the most epic pictures ever taken are of pregnant women posing in all of their glowing glory. It isn’t uncommon to see the father of an impending arrival making an appearance in the shots as well. Whether a mom-to-be chooses to strike poses solo, or with her baby daddy by her side, there are many instances in which pregnancy pics take things...to the extreme. Silly costumes, strange poses and interesting backgrounds are just a few of the things commonly found in pregnancy photo shoots.

Everyone has different taste, and what appeals to one expecting mother may not be right for another. We’ve scoured the internet to bring you 15 of the most amazing pregnancy pictures ever captured. While some may feel the poses struck and costumes donned in the photos that follow are perfection, others may find themselves blushing just a bit as they peruse them.

We’ll let you be the judge. Please enjoy the following 15 pregnancy pictures that might just cause you to feel a hint of second-hand embarrassment.

15 The Circle Of Life

Wow! These two get the dedication award. While some might call this pic a “cat”astrophe, no one can argue with the fact that the amount of work that undoubtedly went into creating this masterpiece is quite impressive.

These two got an idea, and boy did they ever run with it! Not only is their feline-inspired makeup incredibly realistic, the addition of sparkly star-like bursts here and there is simply magnificent to behold. Their facial expressions are so serene and peaceful, it’s almost impossible to tell they’re covered from head-to-toe in thick, itchy body paint.

If one looks closely at this shot, they will notice that the mother has a little kitten painted on her belly. So sweet. So realistic. So dramatic. They way the father-to-be is cradling his baby mama’s tummy is gentle yet protective. These two are going to be the parents killing it every year on Halloween. What a lucky little cub to have such artistic parents. This shot is purrfection.

14 Sneaky Shot

The sly pregnant woman in the photo above appears to be doing something a bit naughty, but we aren’t sure what. Is she sneakily taking her man’s gun out of it’s holster, or is she stealthily putting it back? What does it all mean? Was this photo planned, or did the photographer capture these two in a moment that was supposed to remain unseen?

The man in the picture seems to be aware that his lady’s hand is on his gun, and he doesn’t seem to mind. In fact, his face implies he’s proud of her for being such a spitfire. Other things we love about this photo? The matchy-matchy black shirts, unbuttoned to showcase the woman’s baby bump, and the man’s slightly hairy chest.

Hey, they look happy. In the end, that’s all that really matters. As long as they keep that gun far away from their baby-to-be until he’s old enough to know the rules about firearm safety, it’s most likely they’re going to live happily ever after.

13 Pillsbury Pregnant Woman

The couple above is gazing into each other’s eyes with looks of longing and admiration. So cute. Unfortunately, this shot is not a close-up, and the position of their bodies is not quite as lovely as the expressions reflected on their faces.

Is the father-to-be one of those guys who just can’t resist pushing a button when he sees one, or is he being a meanie and attempting to poke his poor baby-to-be in the eye? Upon closer inspection, the expecting mother in the shot looks like she might be about to burst into a fit of giggles. We don’t blame her. The above pose has to tickle, at least just a little.

As previously mentioned, sometimes a photo idea that appeals to one may not be another’s cup of tea. These two look happy. That’s the goal of every expecting couple, so more power them. Plus, they have created a pose that will go down in history as one of the strangest of all time. We can only hope that the expecting father is able to resist pushing any buttons that he shouldn’t while in the delivery room awaiting the arrival of his little one.

12 Oh, Deer

Haaappy...holidays? Actually, this shot is more along the lines of the Nightmare before Christmas. What in the world is going on here? Our best guess is it’s a prego lady dressed up as Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer, but it’s hard to say for sure. The cattails on the wall behind her add an extremely interesting element the photograph, and definitely aren’t helping to make this pregnancy pic any less terrifying.

The eyes of Santa’s most helpful reindeer are in an awkward location, but we can’t give this gal anything but mad props for the whole-hearted dedication with which she approached this holly jolly shot. She painted her arms brown just to simulate antlers. Now that’s commitment.

Her baby-to-be is one lucky child to have such a fun-loving, not to mention festive, mom. Sure, this picture is slightly on the creepy side, but its heart is in the right place. In the end, that’s all that really matters, especially when it comes to motherhood.

11 Orange You Glad This Photo Was Taken?

A few things become apparent when looking at the above photograph. First, it’s pretty clear the expecting mother posing serenely with a sword and a stuffed animal loves the color orange. So much so that she opted to have everything in the pic be black and white except for her awesome two-piece ensemble and the cuddly creature perched atop her medieval weapon.

She’s holding her sword in a very non-threatening way, leading us to believe she’s not in warrior mode. The cold steel is resting atop her belly almost as if it’s there to protect her baby-to-be in the event of a zombie apocalypse or other dangerous event.

Pretty sure there’s a metaphor present in this pic, but we’re having a hard time figuring out what it is. Maybe this mom just loves orange and swords. Stranger things have happened, but, let’s be honest here, few pregnancy pictures are stranger than the one above.

10 Cling Wrap Diva

Work it, girl! Now here’s an expecting mama who exudes confidence and charisma. She’s wrapped in uncomfortable-looking plastic and posing in front of some sort of wind machine. Some might find this odd combination slightly cumbersome, or even something they wouldn’t be caught dead doing--especially while growing a child, but not her.

She’s channeling her inner goddess, and rocking her recyclable wardrobe like it was made by Gucci. Additionally, she’s striking a pose worthy of appearing on the cover of next month’s issue of Vogue magazine.

More power to this fierce mama for owning her cling wrap dress like she’s about to step onto the red carpet at the Academy Awards. She’s sure to be one of those moms who strut their stuff whether they’re walking down the frozen food aisle at the local grocery store or chasing after their tots at the playground. If she makes plastic wrap look this good, we can only imagine how amazing she looks in mom jeans.

9 Hats Off To This Father-to-be

The dude in the photo above is so excited, so joyful, we can’t help but feel his enthusiasm oozing out of the shot. An impending arrival is one of the most exciting things in life, and this guy appears to be as giddy as a schoolgirl about the fact that he’s about to be a daddy.

Alternatively, he’s about to bite into the stomach of some poor, unsuspecting pregnant woman. We’re going to assume the former since the other option is more than a little unsettling to think about.

Now that we’ve cleared up the confusion about whether this guy is happy about his baby-to-be or preparing to eat human flesh, let’s move on to the Russian hat. The main question we have about it is...Why?! The baby belly in this shot is bare, as are his shoulders. If it’s warm enough to be traipsing around naked, a furry hat made for folks that live in Siberia kinda seems like overkill. On the other hand, if it’s cold enough to need a hat like that, someone get the pregnant lady a blanket and some hot chocolate, ASAP!

8 Just Clowning Around

Those who harbor a fear of clowns won’t appreciate the above shot, but those who think red noses are the best thing since sliced bread may want to recreate the pic above at their earliest convenience.

The couple in the photo above are obviously fun-loving, carefree people. It’s almost certain they’ll be stellar parents. However, a few thing about their pose must be addressed. First, the clown-doll guy hugging the mom-to-be’s belly is just plain out of place. Does he represent her unborn child, her conscience or is he just another example of how much this couple loves clowns? Whatever the reason for his presence, he’s out of place. Secondly, the woman’s outfit choice seems a bit out-of-step with the whole clown theme that seems to be going on. Her sarong invokes images of island life, sandy beaches and palm trees--not really something most people relate to circus tents and flowers that squirt water.

In the end, this random shot may be confusing, but it’s sweet because the two people in it seem thrilled to be there. If they’re happy, we’re happy. Being a pregnant is most definitely rough, so if donning fake red noses and beach attire made the expecting mom above grin like The Joker, it was worth it.

7 Hockey Mom

What in heaven’s name is going on in the photo above? Is it a pregnancy shoot, a team photo or a spooky snapshot of what happens to little boys who don’t clean their rooms?

The two children in the pic above are decked out in hockey gear. They are either just getting out of practice, or they’re wearing protection to avoid the pregnancy rage that ensues when their mom discovers they finished off the last sleeve of Oreos without her. Their mom, dressed in a sports bra, white socks and the strangest pair of shorts we’ve ever seen, is either their hockey coach, a supportive cheerleader for her sons’ passions or a random lady who photobombed their hockey photos.

The pose may be the most confusing thing about this shot. The mother-to-be has the most peaceful look on her face. It’s almost like Brad Pitt is the photographer or something. Her hands are resting gently yet protectively on the heads of the two boys, neither of which look very happy to be there. We’d need more information to ascertain what exactly this shot is all about. We’ll have to settle for assuming this family loves sports, itty bitty sports bras and awkward poses.

6 Role Reversal

Sometimes, when roles are reversed, it’s super sweet. Other times, it’s just confusing as heck, as in the shot above. The color scheme is on point. It’s impressive how the watercolor background perfectly matches the shirts of the woman and the man as well as the orange color of the ball. Impressive stuff. Now that we’ve focused on the positive aspects of the shot, let’s delve a little deeper into the parts that are causing all of us to scratch our heads just a bit.

We’re glad Dad is taking a turn on the labor ball. It’s good for him to be aware of how wobbly that thing can be when he’s helping Mom through the laboring process. It’s also great for Mom to be aware of the quad burn that can result from squatting next to a laboring someone on an exercise ball.

Looks like the role reversal has done its job. Can they switch back now, please, cause the baby Photo-shopped onto the guy’s bulging belly is creeping everyone who sees this pic right out.

5 Tough Mother

This no-nonsense mom-to-be appears to know exactly what she wants. When her photographer said, “What props would you like to have with your in your pregnancy photo shoot?” Her calm and collected answer was probably something along the lines of, “A watermelon and a handgun, of course! What else would I want in a picture documenting the time I spent growing new life? I can’t believe you even had to ask!”

She’s one tough mother-to-be. It appears the giant fruit she’s cradling isn’t phasing her one bit, even though she’s got a baby about he same size kicking her from the inside. She’s holding her firearm like a pro. Best not to mess with this mom. The expression on her face is telling us that she probably doesn’t have time to deal with any sort of funny business.

One question we’d love to know the answer to: after the above photo was snapped, did the expecting mom shoot the watermelon, eat the watermelon or do fifty squats all while holding the watermelon? Based on how un-phased she appears to be by the huge, heavy, green oval she’s holding, we’re guessing the third option is the most likely.

4 Walking On The Wild Side

Nothing is more intriguing than a pregnancy photoshoot in which a couple dons their wildling costumes and cozies up in a cave made of dirt. The why and the how of this pic don’t matter. They’re the parents. They get to pick how they want to document the time leading up to their child’s arrival. Case closed.

Their costumes are sultry, as are their come-hither stares. The leather and netting and fur that have come together to form their costumes has created quite a visual. Once again, there is likely more to the story behind this photo than we can gather from gazing at it.

We could infer that these two are huge Game of Thrones fans, cave people who were discovered living on a remote island or simply two excited parents who wanted to do something unique for their pregnancy photoshoot. Whatever the reasons behind their wardrobe choices, we’re sure they’ll be awesome parents due to the obvious dedication they put into making the pic above one that will never be forgotten.

3 Belly Bump

Awe. How adorable! These two lovebirds are bumping bellies at the same moment they’re sharing a sweet smooch. They’ve lifted their shirts to show us just how eerily similar their bumps are. Who knew skin to skin was a thing that could be done before a baby even arrives?

These two were obviously made for each other. Their baby is arriving to a mom and dad who may be a little over the top with their public displays of affection, but are sure to be doting parents.

Props to the dad in the shot above for owning his bulging belly and helping his wife feel loved and showered with adoration during her difficult pregnancy journey. Maybe this pose should be a required for all expecting parents. The love these two have for each other is apparent. Maybe they keep the spark alive by bumping bellies on a regular basis. We just hope their baby has a cute little belly too so the three of them can continue this tradition after the birth. It’s just that cute.

2 What's Going On Up There?


The above picture is nothing short of confusing as can be. What are the father and daughter in the shot looking for? Are they hoping for the mom-to-be’s water to break all over them? Is she in labor? If so, those two should know they’re doing no good whatsoever looking up at her birth canal from the ground. Is she pretending to be in labor? If so, there is once again no valid reason why her family members have decided it’s not degrading to gaze at the private area between her legs from below.

If the intent of this strange pose was to be funny, we’re not sure it’s having the desired effect. If it’s just a candid shot that was snapped after a pregnant woman went into labor during a planned photoshoot, it’s disturbing on many levels. Why? Well, for starters, because it’s weird to look up at a lady’s bum from the ground...especially when she’s great with child.

1 Gloomy Parent Photobomb

It’s not uncommon for the first child in a family to have a hard time when a new baby arrives. Suddenly, they are no longer the center of attention, and may take their frustration out on the newborn. The sweet little boy in the pic above looks happy as can be about the impending arrival his family is awaiting. It’s his parents that appear to be experiencing some sort of doom and gloom. They are looming in the background of the shot above with stoic looks on their faces.

Are they excited? Maybe. If so, they sure have a funny way of showing it. They take some lessons from their first born and cheer up. The lucky little fella is in possession of a cool train that says “Baby” on it. Maybe he can share his toy with his new brother or sister after he or she arrives, or maybe he should share it with his parents. They look like they could use a little sunshine in their lives.

Cheer up, Mom and Dad! Your pregnancy photo has been dubbed one of the most intriguing ever taken.

Sources: AwkwardFamilyPhotos.com

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