15 Pregnancy Predictions Of 2017

The New Year is just around the corner and many of us can hardly wait to share some baby news! Whether mom-to-be is pregnant, planning to be, or hoping to be, there are all kinds of news on the pregnancy front. Have you ever wondered how many babies are born every year in the USA, where they are being born and in which month? How about baby names, what kind of names are the new kids on the block sporting this year? And are you more likely to have a boy or girl this year? It’s time to catch up on the latest predictions in pregnancy numbers, names, genders and so much more.

All curiosities of the newborn baby kind will be answered promptly within. Look no farther, for everything you need to know as a Parent of 2017 is right here. Learn about all the current costs for having a baby including medical fees for your pregnancy and delivery, as well as how much it will be to raise your little one in the first year. Also, the latest trends for conception planning and gender prediction. Not to mention up-to-date info on Celebrity baby bumps, and the latest in medical technology for IVF treatments. Did you know the first 3-parents babies are expected to be delivered this year? Have you heard which 50-year old Celebrity is currently pregnant with her first baby?

A little something for everyone in this comprehensive list of what to expect in 2017 for all things pregnancy related.

15How Many Babies Will Be Born in 2017?

While it can be pretty hard to calculate the exact number of births or even to predict them from the previous years, experts do attempt to do so by examining the trends over recent times. UNICEF estimates that 353,000 babies are born every single day worldwide. In the USA, that number accounts for another newborn every 7 seconds! Some interesting statistics that were taken in 2013 are probably still relatively accurate in the coming year. Over the past 10 years the USA has been seeing a steady decline, and this year it is expected that the birth rates will be almost 9% less than they were in 2007. Still, if you want to have a baby this year, you will be delivering just one of nearly 4 million babies that will be born in the USA in 2107. The state with the highest birth rates is Utah with nearly 81 births per thousand women; the lowest is New Hampshire with just over 50 births per thousand women.

14How Much Will Pregnancy And Delivery Cost In 2017?

Everyone planning a pregnancy or already pregnant must consider one important detail at some point. How much will it cost? 9-10 months is a long time to be pregnant with you guessed it, a lot of medical care will be happening here. Many parents want to know, just how much is going to be…for the duration of the pregnancy, labor, and delivery? If you have health insurance, most of your prenatal visits and ultrasounds should be covered. If not, all of this before the baby arrives, will add to around $2,000 although that number can vary depending on where you live.

If you want to take Lamaze classes, you can plan on fifty to two hundred bucks more. Prenatal vitamins are going to cost you on average $15 per month. When it’s time to deliver, the average hospital assisted, uncomplicated vaginal delivery runs around $9,600. If you need or choose a C-Section, an uncomplicated one is right around $16,000. There is no way to predict changes in fees or insurance coverage, and these estimates for 2017 are complied off information collected from the past years. The numbers could vary in either direction, and can also be influenced by your location and the specific doctor or hospital that you choose. But, in total, just in medical expenses, you can plan on spending between $12,000-19,000 for a healthy, uncomplicated pregnancy and delivery.

13How Much Will It Cost To Raise A Baby In The First Year For 2017?

Having a newborn can be quite expensive, even though it doesn’t necessarily have to be. Parents can save a ton of money by shopping second hand, accepting gently used items, or by simply making a plan to only buy true necessities and sticking to it. But, if you are not the thrifty type and this is your first baby, the dollars are going to add up quickly. It has been said many times, that if parents really knew how it expensive it would be, there would be a huge decrease in our population! Most parents will say that everything costs more than they expected it to. The tally varies a bit according to the cost of living in your area, and according to your income bracket. Basically, the more you make, the more likely you are to spend. And of course, certain products and services reflect what people in the area can afford. That being said, the average cost of raising a baby to the age of one is approximately $10-15,000. This number reflects stuff like clothing, food, bottles, high chair, car seat, stroller, diapers, and well baby check-ups; essentially everything most parents need.

12How Much Will Daycare For An Infant Cost In 2017?

Take a deep breath before you read this one soon-to-be-parents, daycare is expensive. Really expensive! Of course, just like the variables that predict other baby costs, the costs will fluctuate based on your location and the type of services you are seeking. But, overall, statics have now been released that in the long run, in 33 states daycare will cost you more money that you will eventually pay for your child’s tuition if they go to a four-year public school. On average, parents will pay a whopping $9500 this year for childcare. This is about 1/5 of the median income for the country. For those earning a minimum wage income, it could be as much as 2/3 of the yearly income. The lowest childcare costs are in the state of Mississippi, where it costs parents about $400 per month for one child. The most expensive places to pay for daycare: Kentucky, Montana, Oregon, and Wisconsin. In these four states, the cost of childcare is higher than the average rent.

11How Big Will Babies Be In 2017?

Some people have made the assumption that due to the growing epidemic with obesity in America that babies are getting bigger and fatter. But, that information is not necessarily true.

Data compiled from last year, shows that the average baby born in the USA weights 7.63 lbs, and that number vary between 6.8 lbs and 8.12 lbs for babies born between the 38 and 41 weeks gestation. And for length, overall babies born between 38 and 41 weeks are on average between 19.6 and 20.3 inches. Experts say that length has very little bearing on predicting the health and is largely related to the genetics of the parents. As for obesity concert, there is some speculation that the tendency to be overweight can begin in utero, but so far, the numbers don’t reflect that assumption, and American babies are actually slightly smaller by barely 2 ounces than they were a few decades ago.

10Fun Ways To Predict A Due Date For 2017

If you haven’t been deterred from having a baby in 2017 based on the cost alone, then you’re probably ready to start considering WHEN you want to get pregnant. If you aren’t leaving it up to chance, there are all sorts of fun and trendy ways to plan for your due date this year. Some parents like to plan their pregnancy around a desired due date, others like to plan it around astrology and zodiac signs. Something to consider is the most common time to have a baby. The highest percentage of babies is born in August…on a Tuesday or Thursday. This might be something worth evaluating if you are aiming for a certain due date or are scheduling your delivery. Hospitals and Birthing Professionals are extremely busy on that last month of the summer. If want you to avoid having your baby in the high season, aim for anytime outside of July to October. Otherwise, there are all sorts of charts out there for you if you want a Capricorn baby, a Spring baby, or a baby with an emerald birthstone. Some women even believe that they can deliver a “gifted” child if they pick the right conception dates according to Vedic Indian Astrology.

9Names Of Those Most Likely To Get Pregnant in 2017

Every year around the holidays, new reports come out that claim the likelihood of certain people to get pregnant in the following year. The census for 2017 is already out, and it includes names for both women and men! The list is compiled of specific names that are apparently shrouded in fertility for the coming year. Are you on the list? For Women: Jessica, Amy, Jade, Rebecca, Charlotte, Hannah, Lauren, Sophie, Emily, Sarah, Ashley, Haley, Megan, Heather, Samantha, Katie, Melissa, Danielle, Rachel, Chelsea. Maybe it’s just ironic, but it’s seems to me that these may be generational names that just might be common names of today’s women of childbearing age. Otherwise why are more than half of them the names of girls in my graduating class? And for the men: Christopher, James, David, Daniel, Michael, Matthew, Andrew, Richard, Paul, Mark, Thomas, Adam, Robert, John, Lee, Benjamin, Steven, Jonathon, Craig, Stephen. The second “study” revealed that my suspicions were true, as the method in which the names are chosen is revealed. First, the average age of both and men and women when they have their first child is determined, in this case the age for men is 32.6. Then, the study goes back that many years to 1984 and simply lists the most popular names of that year. And there you have it, somewhat scientific evidence for determining who will be a parent in 2017!

8Locations Most Likely To Get Pregnant in 2017

Gathered from census data relevant to how many babies are born to each woman in each state, city and country comparable to the rest of the USA or world, we can reveal WHERE you are most likely to get pregnant this year in relation to your physical location. Information is predicted based on the current numbers for the previous year. If you live in the US, you are most likely to get pregnant in 2017 if you live in Utah. Utah has 17.6 births per 1,000 women as compared to the rest of the country with an average of 12.5 births per 1,000 women. Of US cities with populations greater than .5 Million, Memphis currently ranks the highest with 107 births per 1,000 women. In relation to the entire globe, Niger, West Africa is the country where women are most likely to get pregnant this year. Today, 46 out of 1000 women in Niger give birth each year and each woman gives birth to average of 7 children.

7Cool Ways To Predict The Gender In 2017

Now that we know who is having babies, when and where; naturally what comes next is gender prediction. Science has long since told us that we can’t effectively predict the gender of a baby…although we can make a pretty good guess from the incredible ultra sound photos after 24 weeks. But, that hasn’t stopped centuries of pregnant women from developing all sorts of ways to predict the sex of their unborn child. Some really interesting ways that the modern moms attempt to predict pink or blue: by Numerology, Chinese astrology, Vedic Astrology, and even Lunar Predictions. If you haven’t heard of all of them, it’s worth checking into for a whole new guessing game sure to entertain every generation. Aside from the trendy stuff, you might be interested to know that you are more likely to give birth to a boy in 2017, just like all women have been more likely to conceive a boy for the past 77 years. For reasons unknown, birth rates for boys have been slightly higher since 1940 in the USA, giving the growing population a 1% edge toward the male side.

6Celebrities Due In 2017

Speaking of pregnancy trends, have you heard who’s due in 2017 in Hollywood? This one sounds like an especially fertile year in deed, with a very long list of Celebrities who have already confirmed their pregnancies. Proud First time Moms: 50 year-old Janet Jackson, Peta Murgatroyd, Amber Tamblyn, Alison Pill, mean-girl Amanda Seyfreid, Brie Bella and Sports Illustrated Model, Irina Shayk. With one previous pregnancy already under their belts, these ladies are on their 2nd run: Natalie Portman and Ciara, Marion Cotillard, Gal Gaddot, Sophie Hunter, Audra McDonald, Lake Bell, Bristol Palin, and Sarah Roemer. Genevieve Padalecki and Kayte Walsh will be having their third babies this year. The lovely Katherine Heigl will be giving birth to her first child, although she does have two adopted daughters as well. And Torri Spelling will be expecting her FIFTH baby in 2017! Can we say baby boom, boom, boom?!

5In 2017, American Parents Will Name Their Kids After God

Although America isn’t one of them, some countries apparently have a list of banned baby names, names that are considered inappropriate or unallowable within the jurisdiction. Most of the names that are banned are outed because they are too official, too extreme, or too offensive. Sources from Australia say that the country is preparing for an onslaught of less than ideal baby names that will likely originate in the United States. It is believed that the recent trend of naming babies after mythical deities and supreme beings is expected to rise to epic proportion in 2017.The critics say that Americans will continue to push the buttons and defy convention; they will begin naming their babies in blasphemy against religion. And they might be right. Over the past year, five American babies were literally named God, 20 were named Lord, 27 were called Savior, and a startling 1,500 were given the name Messiah. But, Australia stands tall in their stance of no way, no how…will this ever happen in their land. Such names are officially banned, and will continue to be prohibited for birth registration.

4Expectations For 2017: Babies Will Be Born With DNA From 2 Moms

Now that we’ve talked about statics, predictions, and trends…how about a little science? There is a huge medical breakthrough with plans to officially launch in 2017. Very recent news from both Great Britain and Mexico is shaking up the IVF world by revealing plans to go public with the technology that will allow the first babies to be born this year with DNA from not two parents…but three! But, it’s not quite what you think and the process has absolutely nothing to do with the LGBT community. Both labs are doing the procedures with the same intent, to help reduce the chances of certain genetic conditions; most specifically mitochondrial disease. One baby was already born in 2016, and in now 8 months old. He appears to have no known side effects of the treatment. The final decision is yet to be made, but if all goes as planned, as many as 20 couples with be conceiving with the help of a 3rd party female donor this year. If approved, the experts caution, this will not be a widely used practiced but will be reserved for cases of particular need. The couple who brought home the first triple DNA child, were parents to two previous babies that died from a mitochondrial disease. Selection for the program will require evidence of similar circumstances.

32017 American Babies Will be More Ethnically Diverse Then Ever

As far as society goes, in the coming year, America will prove to be more ethnically diverse than ever. According to the Population Association of America, in 2017 the Hispanic population of the United States will reach an all time high of 17% Latino, African Americans will make up 13% of the population, and Asians will account for 5%. This is only the beginning of a trend that is expected to increase as the youngest generations show the strongest number of diversity, and with it more interracial and interethnic babies than ever will be born this year. In the past year, Census and Bureau statics have revealed that the ethnic minorities have now surpassed the non-Hispanic white majority in birth rates, accounting for just a few points over the 50% mark. Research says the so-called minority groups have higher birth rates; more kids at younger ages, than the non-Hispanic white population, thus causing a rise in births from other races and ethnic backgrounds. Who’s the minority now?

2In 2017: Scotland Will Give Every Newborn A Take Home Baby Kit

Outside of the US, other countries are making all sorts of changes, some that seem to blatantly support the new crop of child-bearing age parents. Scotland announced earlier this year, its plans to take initiative from Finland, to start sending out baby boxes to support new mothers and parents. The boxes will include essential items in an effort to support all mothers postpartum. The exact contents haven’t been revealed yet, but the country plans to mimic what Finland has been doing for the past 80 years. This is part of the plan by the First Minister Nicola Sturgeon to overhaul Scotland’s childcare system. The point of the box according to her is “to the level the playing field” for all children. The policy is predicted to begin promptly on January 1, 2017. In Finland, similar boxes filled with diapers and clothing that have been used for decades, are credited for reducing infant mortality rates and for supporting new mothers.

1In 2017, The UK Will Limit Tax Benefits To Just 2 Kids

In relation to Childcare policies, the UK is in for some big changes, too. Tax Free Childcare will be introduced in 2017 as a replacement for Employer Support Childcare. The government will even contribute up to 20% of the first 1000 pounds. Parents will also receive 15-30 hours of free child care for every 38 weeks that they pay for, if the child is between the ages of 3 and 4. While that sounds like good news, bigger concerns lie under the adjustment for Tax Credits for supported children, as the allowance has been reduced to 2 children per family. This means that regardless of how many kids you have, families will now be limited to tax credits that only apply to two of them. This could have huge implications on the number of pregnancies for the year and in the future. Some families are outraged, saying the policy change will make it impossible for their families to maintain the same lifestyle levels with changes that are debilitating for larger families.


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