15 Pregnancy Rules The Duggar Sisters Already Broke

For the Duggar children, there is only one goal in life: having a big family! That seems to be the only agenda for the Duggars. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar had 19 children of their own, just shy of their ultimate goal of 20. They now have their hearts set on 100 grandchildren. Yes, you read right. That is 100 grandchildren!

They are 1/10th of the way there, but still have lots of young children who are yet to grow up and get married to help them meet their ultimate life goal. Odds are that the Duggars will get to 100 grandchildren at some point.

But are all of the pregnancies going smoothly? Not exactly, according to the Duggar rules. We all know the Duggars have strict rules and ideas about getting married and raising children. But they also have some strict rules in place for pregnancy and childbirth.

Unfortunately, their daughters (most notably Jessa and Jill) seem to be ignoring (or breaking) their family's rules and striking out on their own. Jim Bob and Michelle must be pulling out their hair out over this; with a smile on their faces, of course.

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15 Going To The Hospital Instead Of Having A Home Birth

In Duggar land, home births are preferred. Everything about childbirth is supposed to be totally natural and almost medieval. There are no medical interventions, no medicine, no doctors, and no hospitals. You do it all at home on the bed or on the couch with your family around you and maybe a midwife. But not all of the Duggars are keeping to that rule. To be fair, both Joy and Jill, who have given birth at the hospital, started their labor at home.

But after some complications, like realizing that Joy's baby was in the breech position, they were taken to the hospital and the babies were delivered there.

Jessa has had both of her babies at home but even she had to get transported to the hospital after Spurgeon was born, due to excessive blood loss.

14 Not Giving Their Kids Names With The Letter J

By now, everyone knows the Duggars are famous for having 19 biological children. Even more impressive? Each one of those kids has a name that starts with the letter J. You'd think they would have run out by the time they got to the 7th or 8th kid. But nope! Jim Bob and Michelle got all the way to number 19 without missing a beat. Their kids' names are Joshua, Jana and John-David (twins), Jill, Jessa, Jinger, Joseph, Josiah, Joy-Anna, Jedidiah and Jeremiah (twins), Jason, James, Justin, Jackson, Johannah, Jennifer, Jordyn-Grace, and Josie. But not all of their kids are following suit.

Jessa has broken from the alliterative naming scheme and named her boys Spurgeon and Henry. Jill also did the same, naming her sons Israel and Samuel.

I guess they ran out of names beginning with J?

13 Not Choosing A Biblical Name

Josh Duggar managed to get the naming thing right. He stuck with the alliterative trend and even gave his mom, Michelle, a shout-out by giving all of his kids M names. His children are Mackynzie, Michael, Marcus, Meredith, and Mason. Point for you, Josh. Unfortunately, he didn't opt for biblical names. That's where sister Jill, with Israel and Samuel, and sister Joy, with Gideon, trump Josh. Israel, Samuel, and Gideon are all very important characters/places in the bible. Even Jessa's odd pick of Spurgeon is a nod to a famous Christian preacher. Josh went more secular with his names. But it would be hard (though not impossible) to pick only one letter and also stick to only biblical names, especially if you have as many kids as the Duggars seem to.

12 Finding Out The Gender Ahead Of Time

Deep down, the Duggars don't really believe in finding out the baby's gender ahead of time. It goes against their choice for a natural pregnancy and childbirth with no medical intervention. They want everything to be done the old school way without doctors and tests that would reveal a baby's sex ahead of time. Michelle wouldn't find out the sex of her babies ahead of time, choosing to let it be a surprise.

But many of the Duggar children have chosen to reveal their baby's sex ahead of time.

Joseph and Kendra, the newest married Duggar couple, did an extravagant reveal complete with a colored smoke bomb. A few years ago, Jill did a reveal for the series by showing off a pair of cute blue booties. This definitely makes decorating the nursery easier!

11 Not Finding Out Ahead Of Time – Bad For Ratings!

At the same time, the Duggars also do want you to find out the gender ahead of time. Confusing, I know! As much as they don't want you to undergo tests and have any medical intervention during a pregnancy, they also understand that a baby reveal is great for ratings. And at this point, ratings are crucial. The Duggars are pumping out as many big announcements as they can. It seems like every episode someone is starting a courtship, getting engaged, getting married, announcing a pregnancy, or having a baby. And doing a gender reveal is one more thing that can be put on the show. Jessa and Ben chose not to reveal their baby's gender for either pregnancy. But they did tell a select few from the family, making the secret a closely guarded one and keeping the good stuff for the cameras.

10 Taking Their Families Off Air

Here's one that is big in the Duggar household: you gotta be on TV!

The Duggars made all of their TV money and fame based on their huge family. The show would suck if 12 of the 19 kids didn't want to be on camera. The whole point is watching this big family grow and try to navigate life. Now, with Counting On, the show is based on all of the developments (engagements, marriages, and babies) of the eldest Duggar children. Unfortunately, they seem to be dropping like flies. After Josh Duggar's huge scandal, TLC pulled the plug on the original 19 Kids and Counting and banned Josh from the show. There goes the Duggar's eldest and his growing family. And now, poor Jill and her growing family are also off of the show - after her husband, Derrick, made some less than kind comments about I Am Jazz, another TLC show, they got the boot.

9 Not Having Children Right Away

The biggest rule in the Duggar household: go forth and multiply! You can break almost any other rule when it comes to pregnancy and childbirth. You can have your kids in the hospital, name them whatever you want, and choose whether you want to reveal their gender or not, as long as you are having kids! The worst rule breaker here has to be Jinger. Jinger married Jeremy Vuolo in November 2016. However, they didn't announce that they were expecting until late last year and won't be welcoming their baby until summer 2018. In Duggarland, this is a very long time! Other Duggars, Jill, Joy, and Kendra, all announced their pregnancies right away, likely making them honeymoon babies. In the Duggar family, it's weird if you're not a mom by your first wedding anniversary.

8 Having A C-Section

Seeing as the Duggars don't want to involve hospitals or doctors in their birth, a c-section is obviously against the rules as well. So far, it seems like Jessa is the only daughter to get this one right with two home births (even though she did have to go to the hospital after her first birth). But both Jill and Joy have had their deliveries at the hospital and both via c-section. This must have been even more upsetting for Jill since she's a trained midwife. But at the end of the day, it's all about the numbers for the Duggars.

Even though they don't like the idea of a hospital birth and a c-section, as long as it gets them another grandbaby, they're fine with it.

Fingers crossed that Jinger can delivery at home and make them really proud.

7 Not Letting The Cameras Film The Birth

One of the best parts about a homebirth for the Duggars, besides being around family, is letting the TV crew in. It's much easier to have cameras and a production crew around in your own home where the crew is used to filming. It's much harder to convince a doctor about to perform an emergency c-section that a bunch of dudes with cameras from TLC need to be there. So once again, Jessa is the big winner in this category. Both of her births were filmed and viewers got to see every moment. Sadly, when it comes to hospital births, viewers often miss out as the mamas are taken behind closed doors. Now that doesn't help with ratings, does it? Maybe pregnant Duggars Kendra and Jinger will be able to share more of their childbirth journeys.

6 Wearing Pants While Pregnant

Once again, we have Jinger as the big rule breaker of the family. One of Jinger's biggest infractions is her new habit of wearing pants. Growing up, the Duggar girls are raised to only ever wear skirts or dresses that are at least knee-length. They also must have their chest and shoulders covered. But ever since marrying Jeremy, who is obviously more relaxed with these rules, Jinger has been blatantly breaking the Duggar dress code.

She wears pants and sleeveless tops.

What's she going to do next? Buy a bikini!?!? While she usually won't wear her dress code violations on camera, we have to assume that she's still rocking the pants and sleeveless tops while pregnant. After all, being pregnant in the summer in Laredo, Texas would be really painful in a long skirt and covered top.

5 Getting Pregnant Before Marriage?

This is a huge no-no in the Duggar household! Intimacy is strictly reserved for married couples. In fact, Duggars wait to have their first kiss at the altar. And they don't even hold hands until they're engaged. So the idea of a Duggar doing the deed and actually conceiving before marriage is totally mind-blowing. But many fans think that is exactly what happened with Joy and Austin, and maybe even Jill and Derrick. When Jill announced her pregnancy immediately after her wedding, many fans thought the timing was suspicious. But with Joy, fans were even more convinced. In shots where Joy claims to be only a few months pregnant, she is looking much bigger. Plus, she and Austin moved up their wedding date by a few months - possibly to cover a pregnancy scandal?

4 Putting A Limit On How Many Kids

You know the old Duggar mantra: have as many kids as God will give you. So basically, throw away your birth control and just let God do the counting. For Jim Bob and Michelle, that resulted in 19 kids. And with their eldest children already getting busy, it's possible that some might get up to 19 or even beat it. But not all of the kids think that way. Jinger, who didn't announce her pregnancy until January 2018 despite getting married in November 2016, obviously isn't rushing to push out as many kids as possible.

And even beloved couple Jessa and Ben have stated on camera that they only want 7 (him) or 8 (her) children at home.

Isn't it strange to be part of a family where 8 is actually a small number of kids?

3 Using Anything Other Than Prayer To Get Through Childbirth

In a Duggar preferred home birth, you don't have access to any medical interventions or medications to help you get through. There's no such thing as an epidural or anesthetic. All you have to get you through is prayer and your family all around you. No matter how bad the pain, you have to get through it. You can't curse and you can't put on something more comfortable (you have to stay dressed modestly). But not all of the Duggar ladies have followed this path. For c-section moms like Jill and Joy, they obviously had to rely on more than just prayers to deliver their children. This must have been upsetting to Mama and Papa Duggar. But it would have been upsetting for Jill and Joy too, who had both planned to have home births.

2 Not Letting Mama Duggar Be Part Of The Birth

One of the best parts of a home birth for the Duggar clan is that Mama Duggar gets to be a part of it. She is right there at the home, coaching her daughter and welcoming the little one into the world. After all, Michelle is the expert!

But with hospital births, it seems like Michelle is way less involved.

Obviously, the doctors aren't going to let Michelle actively help with the delivery. And she might not even be in the room during a c-section. So clearly, this doesn't make Mama Duggar happy. And what about Jinger and Jeremy's baby? Even if they opt for a home birth, they live so far away. How will Michelle make it there on time? I mean, she does have a son who flies planes so I could totally see her flying over as soon as Jinger goes into labor.

1 Wasting Your Childbearing Years

The most important thing in the Duggar household is to get married and have babies. Even if you break all of these other rules, as long as you're having babies, you're doing it right. Sure, the Duggars must not have been impressed that Jinger and Jeremy put off parenthood for a year. And they probably didn't love it when Jill's family got taken off camera or when Joy had to have a c-section. But all of that is forgivable because at least those daughters are having babies. You know who isn't? Jana. Jana is the eldest Duggar daughter and fans have been baffled as to why she is still single. And being childless and unmarried, poor Jana seems to get stuck doing all of the gardenings, watching the little kids, cooking, cleaning and helping her sisters out with everything. Fans even call her the Cinderella of the Duggar household and are asking the Duggars to #FreeJana!

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