15 Pregnancy Tests Ranked By Accuracy And Value

Pregnancy is an exciting (and nerve-wracking) time for all women, but the wondering and uncertainty that comes before confirming a pregnancy can be just intense.

Remember that scene from the Seth Rogen movie when Alison (Katherine Heigl) and her sister run to the pharmacy and buy every type of pregnancy test in the store? That’s a real thing that some women do. In a frantic and excited state, who has the time or patience to read the specs on each test, especially when there are so many of them? Taking multiple different tests for reassurance can get quite expensive, and can actually lead women to see things that might not actually be there – referred to as ‘line eye’ in pregnancy forums.

At-home pregnancy tests have come a long way, and are actually quite accurate today. In fact, they are just as sensitive as the tinkle tests a doctor uses in his or her office. This offers women convenience and discretion when testing for pregnancy, because they can do it from the comfort of their home.

Whether a mom's pregnancy was planned or a surprise, this list breaks down the cost, sensitivity, and accuracy of some of the most popularly used pregnancy tests, and can help moms choose the right one for her.

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15 Wondfo: Accurate, Low Price (But Harder To Use)


If you’re a tried and true TTC-er, you have most definitely come across this brand of pregnancy tests – and it’s no secret why.

These tests have proven to be cheap and reliable. Available on Amazon for about $10 for 25 tests, they’re the perfect option for anyone who finds themselves testing more often than not. Their sensitivity measures 25 mIU/ml, which is standard for most home pregnancy tests, and has a 98.6% accuracy rate.

With Wondfo tests, you are trading convenience for cost, but most women don’t seem to mind the extra step. To take the test, you collect your sample in a cup, dip the absorbent tip in for 3 seconds, and wait 5 minutes before reading the results. Two lines for pregnant, one line for not pregnant. Simple enough!

The test is highly recommended across all the mommy, pregnancy, and trying-to-conceive forums, with many women claiming they have gotten positive results 6 days before their expected periods.

If you are trying to get pregnant, and want to know sooner rather than later if your cycle has been successful, these are a great option for you. They’ll save you some money and have been the go-to test for women trying to conceive across the world.

14 First Response Early Response: Not Cheap But So Convenient


First Response is the golden standard of pregnancy tests for most women. Even women using the cheaper tests from the Dollar Store or Wondfos from Amazon turn to First Response to double check results and for reassurance.

You can buy First Response pregnancy tests at almost any store – drugstores, supermarkets, online, etc. They come in different package configurations, including a 2-pack for $8.99 or a 3-pack for $12.99.

This is much more expensive than the above-mentioned Wondfos, coming out to an average cost of about $4.40 per test. But with the cost, comes convenience.

Instead of having to collect a sample in a cup, then dipping the test, First Response tests can be taken by inserting the absorbent tip directly into your urine stream while using the bathroom. Two lines for pregnant, one line for not pregnant.

There has been some controversy in the TTC forums regarding the newly designed test. First Response recently changed the test design from a straight handle to a curved handle. When the change first came out in 2015, a lot of women were experiencing what they believed to be false positives. The issue was due to what is referred to as an “indent line” which is a colorless second line in the test window. This problem seems to be mostly user error, and complaints have slowed down regarding it.

First Response has an accuracy of 76% 5 days before your expected period, 96% 4 days before, and 99% 3 days before your expected period. The tests have a standard sensitivity of 25 mIU/ml, but have been found to be able to detect hCG hormone levels of 6.5 mIU/ml in some cases, making it the most sensitive test on the market.

13 Clear Blue Rapid Detection: A Little Cheaper But A Lot Less Accurate


Another well-known brand of pregnancy tests, Clear Blue is a trusted favorite. If you’ve ever scoured a pregnancy forum, you’ll find that most women prefer pink dye tests, like First Response, over blue dye tests, but that doesn’t stop Clear Blue from being popular. This test gives you a positive or negative visual, with a plus or minus sign in the results window.

It is another mid-stream test, in which you insert the absorbent tip into your stream for 5 seconds to collect your sample. The absorbent tip turns pink, letting you know that you have used the test correctly, and you read the result after 3 minutes. It’s a little bit cheaper than First Response, coming in at a 2 pack for about $7.98, depending on the retailer.

That’s $3.99 per test. It has the common standard sensitivity of 25 mIU/ml, but its accuracy rates are much lower than First Response.

56% accurate 4 days before your expected period, 88% accurate 3 days before, and only reaching 98% one day before your expected period. Those rates pail in comparison to First Response, but that hasn’t kept Clear Blue from being a worthy competitor, and the go-to choice for some women.

12 Clear Blue Digital: Removes Guessing, Surprisingly Inexpensive, But Not The Most Accurate


If you want to skip the wondering and uncertainty of trying to decide if your pregnancy test lines are positive or not, Clear Blue Digital is definitely the test for you. There is nothing more nerve-racking than taking a pregnancy test and not being sure what the result truly is. The Clear Blue Digital pregnancy test puts your results, clear as day, in words: pregnant or not pregnant.

Surprisingly, this test isn’t that much more expensive than a 2 pack of First Response or Clear Blue Rapid Detection, costing about $9.99 for a 2 pack, depending on the retailer. If you don’t want to be left wondering, the point-blank results of this test are well worth the increased price.

It has an hCG sensitivity of 50 mIU/ml, and is a mid-stream test, though some women collect a sample in a cup and use the dipping method. It has a 51% accuracy rate 4 days before your expected period, 82% 3 days before, 90% 2 days before, 95% one day before, and 99% accuracy the day of your missed period (and there after). If you’re one to test early, this isn’t the test for you. It’s less sensitive and more costly. But if you’re past your expected period date, or perhaps you just want to see your result in words, then it’s definitely worth a try.

11 BFP: Very Cheap, Very Sensitive


A popular choice among women who test for pregnancy frequently, BFP stands for ‘big fat positive’ which is a common term in the pregnancy forums, used when someone gets their long awaited positive test.

These tests are available on Amazon and FairhavenHealth.com, with the better deal coming from Fairhaven Health. Depending on the quantity you buy, each test can cost between $0.55 and $0.75. That’s a little bit more expensive for an ‘internet cheapie’ strip test, but the price comes with a perk over other internet pregnancy strip tests – the sensitivity is 20 mIU/ml instead of the standard 25 mIU/ml.

This means that a BFP test can potentially give you more accurate results if you are testing for pregnancy before your missed period.

That extra little bit of sensitivity might be a deciding factor for you in deciding which pregnancy tests to use. I mean, who wouldn’t want a more sensitive test? They are also available as a bundle including ovulation test strips, for those actively trying to conceive.

Of course with these types of strip pregnancy tests you are trading cost for convenience, but collecting a sample of your urine in a cup is a small price to pay for a cheap and accurate at home pregnancy test.

10 SurePredict: Cheap And The Most Sensitive Home Test

Another ‘internet cheapie’ test, you can order SurePredict tests on Amazon for about $10.47 for 20 tests. That comes out to $0.52 per test. Like Wondfo, ClinicalGuard, and BFP, they are dip strip tests, but the SurePredict test claims to be much more sensitive.

The company states that these test have the ability to detect 10 mIU/ml – that’s super sensitive for an at home cheapie pregnancy test, considering most doctors’ offices consider hCG levels 5 and below to be not pregnant.

A test with this level of sensitivity can be a great tool for women who might need to catch their pregnancies early on if they need to supplement hormones, like progesterone, to help sustain the pregnancy.

The results appear as 2 pink lines for pregnant and one pink line for not pregnant, and they are usually ready to read after 2 minutes, though some women believe that waiting longer (sometimes up to 10 minutes) gives a more accurate result.

As with most products, reviews on this test are mixed, with some women praising it and others being not so impressed, but considering how inexpensive they are, if you are testing early and often, their 10 mIU/ml sensitivity is certainly worth taking into consideration.

9 First Signal: Good Price But Inconvenient


First Signal pregnancy tests are a Walmart brand product. For women who find themselves testing a lot, they are a good option. They are $1.48 per test, which is an attractive price for those who fondly refer to themselves as “pee on a stick addicts.” But like Wondfos, there is a trade of price for convenience.

With these tests, you must collect your sample in a cup then use the provided disposable pipette to place 3 drops of your sample onto the cassette’s testing area – making the box’s claim to be a ‘one-step’ pregnancy test fall short of expectations.

If you are testing early, results can be difficult to read, as it may be hard to decipher a faint positive result over a colorless indent line, due to the depth of the result window. According to the baby forums, results also take longer to develop than other tests, some women having to wait between 5-10 minutes for an accurate result. Some women don’t mind these mild inconveniences, favoring the lower price.

Like most home pregnancy tests, the sensitivity of the First Signal is 25 mIU/ml. Information regarding accuracy by days before your expected period could not be found, but the company claims 99% accuracy – probably from the day of your missed period.

8 Up & Up Pregnancy Test: Lower Accuracy But Convenient


With all of our frequent (and sometimes unnecessary) trips to Target, this is an easy and convenient test to pick up. Up & Up is a Target brand, which means they are usually just a little bit cheaper than the big name tests like Clear Blue and First Response. They ring up at $6.99 for a 2 pack, which is $3.50 per test. Not a bad price for an in-store test.

They are a blue dye pregnancy test, making them less favored, but per the sensitivity and accuracy in the instruction, it should work just as well as a brand name test. Up &Up tests have a standard sensitivity of 25 mIU/ml, and a 99% accuracy rate from the day of your missed period. The box claims you can test 5 days sooner, with accuracy of 53% 4 days before your expected period, 74% 3 days before, 84% 2 days before, and 87% one day before your expected period. After collecting your sample, your results are ready to be read after 2 minutes. The structure of the test is different from others, in that the test line appears in its own window. A vertical blue line for pregnant, no line at all for not pregnant.

While the accuracy of the test before your missed period is a little lower than other test, the price and the accessibility of them make them worth your consideration.

7 Easy@Home Pregnancy Test: Standard Accuracy But Inconvenient


These tests come in both dip-strip form like Wondfos, or in an encased mid-stream version. The dip-strip form costs about $8.75 for a pack of 20 strips, which comes out to $0.43 per test, and the encased version is about $9.49 for a 5 pack ($1.89 per test).

To use the strips, you dip the absorbent tip into your sample for 3 seconds, lay the test flat and read the results in 3 minutes, but not after 5 minutes. The mid-stream version requires you to hold the absorbent tip in your sample for 10 seconds. The test results can be read in as soon as one minute, but for the most accurate reading, you should wait 3 minutes before reading. Both tests will show two pink lines for pregnant, or one pink line for not pregnant.

Easy@Home pregnancy tests have a general sensitivity of 25 mIU/ml and a 99% accuracy rate on the first day of your missed period. Information regarding accuracy days before your period is not available, but per user reviews, the test can also be used days before your missed period with accurate results.

If you have an Amazon Prime membership, both versions of these tests are worth consideration on the price alone.

6 E.P.T: Trusted But Not Cheap

E.P.T stands for early pregnancy test. With a name so simple and direct, it has to land a spot on the list! The company has been around since 1977, so it is a long trusted brand of women testing for early pregnancy at home.

Like most home pregnancy tests, E.P.T. has a sensitivity of 25 mIU/ml and 99% accuracy from the day of your missed period. Its accuracy rates are 53%, 74%, 84%, and 87% 4 days, 3 days, 2 days, and 1 one day before your expected period, respectively. It is a mid-stream style test, but you can also collect your sample in a cup and dip it, if that’s your preferred method. The results show up as a blue plus or minus sign, indication a ‘+’ for pregnant and a ‘-‘ for not pregnant, and can be read within 2 minutes.

The test is available online or at Walmart, and will cost you about $8.98 for a pack of 2 – that’s $4.49 per test, making it more expensive than the leading brands, First Response and Clear Blue. But considering that the company has been around for a few decades, if you’re looking for a test you can trust, it may be worth the extra cash.

5 New Choice: Cheap And Available At Dollar Stores, But Needs A Couple Steps


If you’re someone who finds yourself testing for pregnancy multiple times during your cycle, New Choice is a fan favorite of veteran TTC-ers. This test is usually available at dollar stores (Dollar Tree, Dollar General, Family Dollar, etc.) costing…$1 per test! The accessibility and cost of the test make it easy to see why so many women choose to use them.

It is a cassette and pipette test, so you will have to collect your sample in a cup to take it, but what’s a little inconvenience when you’re saving a good amount of money?

New Choice claims that it can detect pregnancy up to 5 days before your expected period, though the accuracy is only 50% at that time. They also state that the sensitivity is 25 mIU/ml, but per user reviews, some women have said it has detected between 10-20 mIU/ml, which would make it just as sensitive as First Response.

Results, two pink lines for pregnant and one for not pregnant, can be read after one minute, making New Choice the fastest developing test on the market. Considering the price, accessibility, and user reports on just how sensitive this test can be, New Choice seems to be a good choice for anyone.

4 ClinicalGuard: Cheapest And Reliable


ClinicalGuard tests are ‘internet cheapie’ tests that are similar to Wondfo. They are tiny strips that you dip into your sample that you’ve collected in a cup, reading results after 3-5 minutes. A positive test showing 2 pink lines and negative test showing one line.

It’s another test that will work your Amazon Prime muscle, and is available on the Amazon website for $7.99 for 25 tests – that’s only $0.32 per test!

If you are a woman who is testing often, you likely won’t mind the extra work of having to collect your urine in a cup to take the test, and the price makes it a very attractive option for women who fall in the frequent tester category. The ClinicalGuard test has the common specifications of 25 mIU/ml sensitivity and 99% accuracy from the day of your missed period. It also has a 4.5 out of 5 star rating out of over 3,000 reviews on Amazon, which can be reassuring of the test’s reliability.

This brand is $0.08 cheaper than the popular Wondfo brand, and they are just as sensitive, making them a good choice to get early results while saving a little bit of money.

3 Equate: Great For Cost, Accessibility, And Convenience


Another easy-to-pick-up test, Equate is available in most of your local Walmart stores. They will run you about $5.94 for a pack of 2, costing only $2.97 per test.

This makes the Equate pregnancy test the cheapest mid-stream test available in a physical store. Equate has accessibility, cost, and convenience on its side.

There are two versions of the test, the One Step version showing results with a plus or minus sign, and Early Results version showing 2 vertical lines for yes, and one for no. To take either version the test, you insert the absorbent tip into your urine stream for 5 seconds, or dip in a cup for 20 seconds, then lay it flat to develop. For both versions, results are ready to be read within 2 minutes, and share the same varying accuracy rates of 53% 4 days before your period, 84% 2 days before, and 87% 1 day before. All similar accuracy rates for most pregnancy tests.

All the positive aspects aside, the Equate test is a blue dye test, which is sometimes less desirable because blue dye is considered harder to read. But if that isn’t a concern or bother for you, these are still a great option!

2 Rite Aid One Step: Not Cheap But Easily Available


Rite Aid brand is a good option as far as accessibility goes, since there are a lot of Rite Aid Pharmacies around. As with most store-brand items, going with this test will save you a little money.

The test rings up at $11.24 for a pack of 3 tests, which comes out to $3.74 per test.

Like Equate, Rite Aid pregnancy tests come in two different versions: One-Step and Early Result. They are both blue dye tests, and the difference between the two tests is that the One Step version shows the test results as a plus or minus, while the Early Result test appears as 2 lines for pregnant and one line for not pregnant – much like the 2 variations of the Equate brand.

They are both mid-stream tests with results ready to read in just 2 minutes. It follows the same standard accuracy rates on days leading up to your period as most tests. It also shares the sensitivity of 25 mIU/ml, but some women have reported it being much more sensitive, and able to pick up as low as 10 mIU/ml, which is definitely something to keep in mind if you are actively trying to conceive and are eager to know if your cycle was successful.

1 Blood Test

After the sometimes painstaking work of choosing the right pregnancy test, taking it, and determining the results, you might be left unsure or in disbelief of your results.

The only way to be 100% sure is to make an appointment with your doctor to have a blood pregnancy performed.

There are two different types of blood test your doctor can run to confirm your pregnancy: a qualitative test, that simply checks if there is the hCG pregnancy hormone in your system, or a quantitative test that actually tests for how much of the hormone is in your system. Quantitative tests are usually repeated 2 to 3 times, to ensure that your hCG hormone levels are rising and you pregnancy is progressing.

The cost of getting a pregnancy blood test done will vary depending on your insurance or doctor’s policy.

It might be more work, having to drive to your doctor’s office, give blood, and await results – and maybe you’re someone who doesn’t like needles, but this really is the best way to confirm your pregnancy. And if you are, indeed, pregnant, this puts you in touch with your healthcare provider, allowing you to get the good prenatal care that is vital to you and baby’s life.

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