15 Pregnant Celebs Who Tried To Stun Us With Their Fashion

During pregnancy, the last thing moms-to-be are concerned with is stunning people with their hair, makeup, or fabulous fashion choices. Honestly, my co-workers at the time were lucky if I showed up wearing anything other than maternity leggings or pants that didn’t have buttons or zippers.

On the flip side, I am also not a celebrity that is being chased by paparazzi all day or showing up at red carpet premieres or events. Yes, I totally agree that although these women are celebs, the trials of pregnancy do not discriminate. It has to be tough to have to deal with an ever-changing body while in the public eye.

All of the women on this list are talented in their own right, and I am sure they dealt with balancing style and an endlessly expanding belly the best that they could. The thing about styling yourself during pregnancy is that the shapes and cuts that worked pre-pregnancy aren’t likely to look as good during pregnancy. That one piece romper is perfect before pregnancy but once that baby bump starts to grow, that same romper can look like an ill-fitting onesie.

Here are 15 celeb mamas and how they chose to style their baby bumps.

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13 Khloe Kardashian Didn't Fear The Jumpsuit 

The Kardashian family is known for their fashions style. The three sisters (along with Kendall And Kylie Jenner) have their hand in every type of fashionable business that you can think of and their young fans literally buy anything with their name stamped on it. So it comes as no surprise Kourtney's style would necessarily change when it comes to her maternity style. I totally understand it though. With an ever-expanding body and growing belly, it can be hard to be stylish and comfortable. I am sure that if Kourtney Kardashian put on this exact jumpsuit without being pregnant, and she would be totally on point. I think jumpsuits can be quite flattering when it is the right cut and fabric.

12 Mila Kunis Goes Satin

The best part of being pregnant and styling your bump is showing it off to the world. On the other hand, there are times that being pregnant and carrying around a human is not the easiest thing to do and... dress. I totally get both ends of the spectrum. For moms like Mila Kunis, throwing on a loose-fitting dress is the easiest and most comfortable option - even if you are walking the red carpet in front of the paparazzi. Mom's body is always changing and growing at a rapid speed. Wearing a shapeless dress might not be the look for showing off the beautiful shape of your bump but it's understandable why moms opt for this choice. Mila Kunis is beautiful, naturally, and is usually well-dressed. 

11 Holly Madison’s Midi Dress

Holly Madison first hit the scene as one of the Bunny tycoon and one of Hugh Hefner’s girlfriends. She was young, pretty, and full of giggles. She is all grown up now and is married with a baby.  First, let me just say that her pregnancy body was outstanding. Her bump was large in the most glorious way and she seemed to keep the rest of her body in shape. I totally get why she would want to flaunt her beautiful pregnant body with a skin-tight midi dress as seen in the picture above. Her dress is camera-tight and paired with brown-heeled boots. She also added a long, cotton sweater. Props to her for clearly being very pregnant and still mustering up the energy to get dressed.

10 Laura Dish’s Bare Belly Look

If you’ve ever seen the show Catfish on MTV, then you know Nev’s face quite well. Over the last year or so, Nev has gotten married and he and his wife welcomed a super adorable baby girl. Back when his fiance Laura was pregnant, they walked the carpet for the VMA’s. Nev showed up in his outfit - dark colored shirt and pants - while the very-pregnant Laura stunned in an odd choice of an outfit. Firstly, I can totally appreciate how the two showed up in his and her outfits. That is swoon-worthy. She also dressed her bare belly with a body chain and double sided sticky tape to keep her jacket from flying open. Showing off your bare baby bump is fine. I did it. But, if you do it on the red carpet at an awards show will definitely get the internet talking.

9 Kim Kardashian Goes Floral At The Met Gala

During her first pregnancy with little North West, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West went to the 2013 MET Gala as expecting parents. While it is totally true that the MET Gala is usually a time for celebs to dress a bit more eccentrically than they normally would at a red carpet event, Kim K took it to an entirely different level. The thing about being pregnant is that your belly can distort your natural body shape, making you look a bit more round than you normally would. This is the case for many pregnant women, myself included. So, when you throw on a head to toe, polarizing floral pattern, it can easily make you look very pregnant.

8 Amber Rose's Street Wear

Amber Rose is well known, now at least, for her work in the feminist community and for being the notorious ex of Kanye West. After her relationship with Kanye, Amber went on to marry the rapper Wiz Khalifa and became pregnant with their first and only child, a baby boy. Before her pregnancy, Amber played up her hair, makeup and fashion choices fearlessly. Her online persona included a wardrobe of short dresses and barely-there tops. I am all about being comfortable while pregnant, so while Amber's maternity fashion might not be everyone's cup of tea, it is totally understandable why she grabbed this outfit from her closet. Her oversized striped shirt-dress and paired with a pair of running shoes screams 'I am taking it easy today.'

7 Snooki’s Jersey Shore Inspired Look

Nicole Pizzoli, otherwise known as Snooki, was the reality television star of my late teen years. I watched her get arrested for public intoxication, roll around in the sand, and take shots of Fireball for breakfast. Her life was what I imagined adulthood to be like. With such a wild lifestyle, the entire world was blown away when she broke the news that she was expecting her first baby with her now husband. Snooki’s personal style choices during that time were never all that wonderful, to be honest. But, most of her wardrobe was passable pre-pregnancy. The outfit she wore after revealing her pregnancy screamed reformed Jersey Shore celeb. From the nails to the belt tightly buckled above her belly, the entire outfit is exactly what we knew Snooki as.

6 Adele Exarchopoulos' Goes Back In Time 

You may or may not know this rising star. Adele Exarchopoulos is a French actress that was expecting her first child last year. I don’t know much about her personal style choices outside of maternity wear but it is clear that she is beautiful and pregnancy seems to be treating her well. However, if I didn’t know Adele was pregnant in the last year, I would think this was an outfit from the early 2000s. The shoes and the dress are an interesting match that seems like they should go with two totally different outfits. The top netting reminds me of the clothes I used to beg my dad for when we went school shopping at the mall fifteen years ago. Adele is, without a doubt, an incredibly beautiful woman that has a talent that has taken her far. 

5 Blac Chyna - Which Maternity Clothes?

Blac Chyna hit the scene as the dancer girlfriend of the rapper Tyga. Now, if you don’t know about the bizarre family tree and how she is now a part of the Kardashian clan, try to keep up. Tyga, Chyna’s ex, started dating the youngest of the Kardashian/Jenner family, Kylie. Chyna then started dating the only Kardashian son named Rob. They became pregnant with a baby girl who they later named Dream Kardashian. Their relationship did not last very long after Chyna gave birth. During her pregnancy, Chyna did not change her wardrobe to accommodate her growing belly. Her clothes, most of the time, were always tight and revealing. As seen above, this brown velvet-like dress has a front split and reveals ever part of her pregnant body. 

4 Heidi Montag’s Goes Green

Another reality starlet of my youth, Heidi Montag is well known for her frenemy role on the series The Hills. One minute she was the BFF everyone wished they had and, after a few seasons, she was the ex-friend no one would ever want. During her time in the spotlight, she went through major plastic surgery to transform her appearance. During the last year, she and her husband welcomed a baby boy. During her time on The Hills, her style was exactly the way you would assume it would be for a mid-2000s reality show star. During her maternity, Heidi decided to go for a different look. I am all for unique maternity shoots as it is a magical time in a woman’s life. Heidi's green tulle shawl was definitely over the top.

3 Beyonce’s Unrelaxed Ensemble

Let me start by say that I absolutely love and admire Beyonce. There are few artists that are on her level today. Her music, her creativity, all of it is mind-blowing. If I ever was afforded the opportunity to meet her, I’d fangirl myself into a heart attack. During her pregnancy with her first daughter Blue, the queen kept her pregnancy a bit more under wraps. However, with her last pregnancy with twin babies Rumi and Sir, Beyonce was all around town. At this basketball game with her husband and baby girl, Beyonce wore a pair of tight-fitting jeans with holes up the leg, and paired with black heels and a white shirt. I was holding my breath every time she walked around with that super long jacket though.

2 Anglea’s Empire Waist

Angela Simmons is one of the rap legend Rev Run’s daughters. Although she has her hands in a few different industries including reality television, a sneaker line, and more behind the scenes productions, Angela is the most well known for being vocal about saving herself for marriage. However, the 30-year-old socialite broke her own rule of waiting until marriage last year. Almost instantly, she found herself pregnant and engaged to her son’s father. Though that relationship fell apart, her little guy is totally adorable and motherhood fits her. Of all of the pregnant celebs, Angela was usually styled well. The dress she's wearing in the picture above doesn’t seem to be from a maternity store so the empire waist is hitting her in a strange place.

1 Mindy Kaling’s Galaxy Style Dress

Who doesn’t adore Mindy? She is that funny and sweet girlfriend everyone wants to have. She is absolutely beautiful and talented. Mindy’s style is different from many other actresses within her age range. For the most part, you will see her dressed in more modest options that have quirky or vibrant color and pattern combinations. I typically like that about her. It allows her to stand out amongst the ever-growing crowd of young Hollywood actress hopefuls. Mindy announced her pregnancy and everyone was surprised, me included. She hadn’t been known to be dating anyone and didn’t name the father of her child. She maintained her modest dressing style through the nine months which is totally fine. The issue with this dress is Mindy is much too youthful at heart for a fabric like this.

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