15 Pregnant Celebs Who Make Him Wanna Be A Daddy

Babies, they’re everywhere! The store, the restaurant, the street corner... no matter where he goes, they’re there. The snot, the screaming, the crying, the diapers—there just doesn’t seem to be enough to entice a man to want to be a daddy. It doesn’t matter how many times the guy’s wife or girlfriend asks; he wants his sleep, free time and clean shirts. The baby clothes, the spit up, the long hours—it’s all too much.

The Daddy-free life is perfect! His friends and siblings have kids. That’s good enough for him.

However—as he’s standing in the grocery line with his booze and snacks in hand—the gossip magazines catch his eye. So-and-so celebrity is pregnant and showing off her best style yet as she’s out and about strutting that bump. The class, the style, the natural born beauty—it’s just enough to give him pause. He takes a moment to flip through the pictures of lady after lady—apparently, it’s baby season because page after page is filled with pregnant celebrities one after another. The longer he looks, the more his interest is aroused. If pregnancy looks this good, surely what comes next can’t be bad at all!

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15 Rachel McAdams—The Ultimate Love Story Addition

Via: Google Images

The leading lady in The Notebook, Rachel McAdams exudes a romantic air and elegance in everything she does. The 39-year-old is seven months pregnant and hiding her baby bump—a secret for her and her alone. Instead of flaunting her joyous bundle to be,

she modestly covers it up with baggy clothes so it is something only she and a few select others can revel in.

Still, the curve of her smile and the glow in her cheeks has her looking lovelier than ever. Leisurely romantic boat rides with his own leading lady—listening to her proudly talk about the sweet baby she is carrying—is the perfect way to spend a lazy Saturday afternoon before their baby makes its appearance. A discreet pregnancy, romantic trips just the two of them—her pregnancy is sure to turn him into a doting father.

14 Khloe Kardashian—Style, Class & A Life Of Laughs

Via: People

Sultry and curvaceous, Khloe Kardashian stands above all others with her impeccable taste in style. Eight months pregnant and flaunting it, this 33-year-old is setting standards. Pregnancy isn’t slowing this lady’s class or style. From form-fitting clothes to stiletto heels, she turns the heads of everyone in the room when he walks in. He knows he will be the envy of every man she meets—each of them wishing she was on his arm instead.

Whether it’s a fabulous dinner party or a personal vacation, she makes sure to turn every situation into a fun and unforgettable one. Her blunt nature and the way she strives to always be laughing leaves him knowing that parenthood with her will be a classy adventure full of laughter and fun.

13 Jessie James Decker—The Many Hats Wearing Country Girl

Via: Google Images

Bronze skinned, flowing curls, and a voice to move the masses—Jessie James Decker is a multi-talented country girl. Pregnant with baby number three, this stunning lady takes on her many roles seriously. Singer, songwriter, reality star, designer, and mother, she can do it all. Her confidence and grace as she tackles everything is infectious.

It reassures him that no matter what comes their way—good or bad—she’s got it handled. She’s a partner that can be relied on.

It's a trained talent that makes her all the more desirable. She wears her motherhood hat with pride—letting nothing slow her down or stop her confidence. Her conquer-all nature is appealing—giving him a sense of security in how parenting with her is approached. With her by his side, he can’t fail.

12 Kate Middleton—The Modest, Pretty Duchess

Via: Google Images

She met a prince, became a princess, and gained the title of Duchess. The ever-elegant Duchess of Cambridge is pregnant with baby number three. Due in April, this lady is the definition of grace and beauty as she makes her presence in public. She is a queen by nature—her manners perfect, her nature sweet.

Setting herself apart, she dresses up her baby bump in lusciously modest clothing. Soft colors, high necklines—this prim and proper Duchess will class up his arm everywhere. Her modest nature will make him feel like royalty as she makes him and their baby-to-be the center of her world. It becomes impossible for him not to want to treat her like a Queen as they wait for their little prince or princess.

11 Amber Portwood—Full Of Youth & Livelihood

Via: Google Images

Reality TV star, Amber Portwood rocked pregnancy once and now she’s doing it again. The Teen Mom star—due Mother’s Day 2018—shows off her pretty little baby bump with pride. Young and fun,

she breathes life into becoming a mother again as she pursues her dreams and doesn’t let anything get in her way.

Building up her own boutique and working to be a strong role model for her 8-year-old daughter, the young star proves she’s got a handle on life. He knows that there is never a dull moment when being a parent—with her by his side, he knows they’ll take it head on with no hesitation. He’ll learn to not let parenthood slow him down and learn to retain his youth with every passing year.

10 Miranda Kerr—Modelesque Motherhood

Via: Google Images

Australian model Miranda Kerr conquers both the modeling world and the mothering world with a level of grace that’s unbeatable. This Victoria’s Secret angel is the picture of fashion and sheer style as she doesn’t let pregnancy slow down her love for looking good everywhere she goes.

From little black dresses to leather and lace, this lady looks fantastic in all situations. He knows that his clean clothes will remain this way and at every chance possible he’ll get to show up in style—even with the baby in tow. From matching outfits to the happiest of smiles, they are guaranteed to be the model family—and the envy of all their friends. When motherhood looks this fantastic on someone, it’s hard for him to not want to be a daddy.

9 Chrissy Teigan—All Sass & All Class

Via: Google Images

Model and Twitter queen Chrissy Teigan takes on pregnancy once again in a way that leaves all the ladies envious. Losing none of her classy model fashions, this mama of one is more than ready to become a mama of two. From her teasing and outrageously funny tweets on twitter to dorky videos on Instagram, this gorgeous mama aims to have fun and laugh.

With a mama like her by his side, he knows his days are going to be full of laughter—both from mama and baby.

Her unwavering wit and ability to poke fun at the simple stuff means life will never get too serious. This attractive trait draws him in and eases his mind—all those parenting worries seem just a little less daunting when this mama keeps the mood light and uplifted.

8 Kirsten Dunst—Days Of Simplicity & Smiles

Via: Google Images

Beautiful and simplistic, Kirsten Dunst shines as she shows off her first-time baby bump. Actress and entrepreneur, she brings her love for creativity into everything she does. It’s only natural to know that she’s going to bring her love for the arts into motherhood as she goes. From her style to the way she approaches everything she does, it’s all simplicity all the way with her. There’s no need to complicate life even more.

Hand-in-hand with this lovely first-time mother, he will be reassured that every day will be fun and games—fostering creativity even in the mundane. Life will be uncomplicated and simple—fun and silly. The focus on making sure smiles are in everything will show him the foundation of happiness in parenthood.

7 Candice Swanepoel—Angelic Grace & Poise

Via: Google Images

Victoria’s Secret model Candice Swanepoel is the epitome of grace—and she isn’t afraid to flaunt it. Pretty and petite, she is the picture of perfection and motherhood only amplifies that. The glow of pregnancy amplifies her natural, homegrown beauty. Whether it’s poise on the runway or gracefulness on the beach, she’s got it conquered.

The level of confidence she has when she approaches anything speaks volumes to the kind of partner she would be—and it’s guaranteed to help ease his mind on becoming a father.

She’s got it handled and she’ll make him feel like he’s on top of the world.

No matter what parenthood throws at him, the grace in which she approaches things rubs off on him—making him the master of daddy-hood. It’s exactly what he needs to breeze through the experience.

6 Eva Longoria—Southern Belle With A Brain

Via: Google Images

Texas native, Eva Longoria is no longer desperate for her own little bundle of joy as she’s expecting her first baby this May. With a love for learning, this southern belle flaunts more than just her looks—she has a science degree as well! Nothing will stop this beauty from conquering this new world of motherhood. From creative approaches, to learning, to adorably fashionable outfits, she’s got motherhood in the bag.

With her as his partner, he knows he’ll be learning all the latest parenting ins and outs. He knows she’ll make sure he’s a-okay when it comes to being a daddy. Whether it’s parenting news or learning how to best change that diaper with a baby boy, not a thing gets left out as they prepare for their new little one.

5 America Ferrara—The Not-So-Ugly Betty

Via: Google Images

Ugly Betty showrunner America Ferrara is tossing aside the ugly stigma and glowing like no other in her new role of motherhood. Expecting her first, she’s brings stunning to a whole new level. Despite her weight concerns, this mama is rocking out with an absolutely fabulous baby bump. With a mind for maintaining a great well-being, she puts the utmost attention into taking care of herself and her bundle to be.

From good foods to spa trips, this pretty mama is sure to make sure he’s taking care of himself as he’s getting ready for fatherhood.

It’s not just all about her, after all—she’ll want to make sure he’s in his best health as he approaches being a daddy. Her attention to this little detail gives him all the chances to enjoy every moment becoming a daddy has to offer—now or fifty years from now.

4 Michelle Branch—Rock N’ Roll Mama

Via: Google Images

Rockstar Michelle Branch is singing her way into motherhood all over again. Mother of a lovely little girl, this rock star mama is ready to rock being a mother to two little ones. It’s no doubt her days are filled with songs—from nursery rhymes to originals. Days are brighter and more exciting when filled with music.

Whether he’s at home all day or away at work, he can know that his child’s life will be full of fun. He knows bedtime will have little lullabies and meal times will be full of song attempts to coax good eating habits. As his child grows, he knows music will be in everything they do. He knows with this rock star mama life will be a quirky, exciting adventure. After all, a house full of music is a happy one.

3 Tia Mowry-Hardict—The Energetic, Fashion Mama

Via: Google Images

Chic and colorful, energetic and full of life. Tia Mowry-Hardict is taking on the world of baby bumps a second time. There’s no way this fabulous mama isn’t prepared to dress up or show off the sweet babe she’s growing. Whether flaunting in a bikini or covering in a lovely dress, she’s got this—and she’s already got one child as is.

His world will be glam and on-the-go as he enters fatherhood with this glamorous mama as a partner.

Whether it’s a day full of family activities or a simple run to the market, this mama will look fantastic doing so—something he’s sure to enjoy showing off. Heads will turn when she shows up and he’ll know everyone is gawking at how amazing his lovely lady looks.

2 Ali Fedotowsky—That Sweet Gal Next Door

Via: Google Images

Television personality and blogger Ali Fedotowsky is about to have a whole lot more to blog about as she takes on the world of being mommy to two. From mommy fashion to baby fashions, this sweet mama next door takes the spotlight with her everyday mama chic style.

Sundresses and simple t-shirts showcase how much focus she puts on her family. His family comes first and it just makes her all the sweeter. Her attention to the little things and focus on her children assures him that with her, he can’t go wrong. Their family will always be taken care of.

They’ll be the family that everyone envies. He knows his days will be filled with games and home cooked meals—the simple pleasures of the family life. She’s his all-around American dream.

1 Bridget Regan—Glamour Mama All Over Again

Via: Google Images

TV bombshell Bridget Regan has revealed once again that she’s expecting her second child—and it’s not slowing her down. The public reveal was everything she is: glamorous. From the form-fitting dress to the perfectly lovely baby bump, she’s nothing but impressive. Her impeccable taste in fashion isn’t going to be slowing down despite her expanding belly. This energetic mother is all about what can she do to remain absolutely fabulous.

Partnering up with this mother takes glitz and glam to the next level.

She makes being a parent the assurance of feeling human. It’s not all spit up shirts and worn down jeans. He knows he’ll have the chance to showcase his style every place they go! A night out on the town with her as his best accessory is just what he might be dreaming of as he closes the tabloid fodder and proceeds to pay for his groceries.

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