• 15 Pregnant Celebs Who Shouldn't Have Left The House

    Most of us women want to look our best all the time, but let's be honest, that takes a lot of energy. Adding in the price of fashionable items and beauty products makes "looking good" much less appealing.

    Then, of course, you have to know exactly how fashion works and where to put this bronzer or that highlighter. AND, you have to have the time and will power to do it.

    Even from my laptop here in the middle of America I can here most of you shout, "umm, no thank you!"

    Apparently, you're not the only one who could care less about being all glammed up. To be perfectly honest, there are not a lot of moms who make this a priority. And rightly so. Raising kiddos requires priorities that don't often include bronzer high on the list of items.

    You may be surprised that there are some celebrities who fall into this "normal mom" category. Of course, they are judged on a slightly different scale because of the career path they've chosen.

    Nevertheless, we're going to check out some of those moms that probably shouldn't have left the house looking the way they did. On the other hand, some of these celebs just tried way too hard to be pregnant and fabulous only to fail on an epic level.

    So, let's check them out. Here are 15 pregnant celebs who shouldn't have left the house. Enjoy!

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    Mila Kunis - A Little Too Confident

    Mila Kunis and her partner Ashton Kutcher are many people's favorite celeb couple. We watched them become lovers on That 70's Show hoping that behind the scenes love was also brewing. Lucky for us, it was...later than we expected, but that's okay.

    While Kunis is undeniably a naturally a gorgeous women, her pregnancy style often swayed to the frumpy side. Between you and me, though, kudos to Kunis! The woman is pregnant and probably seriously uncomfortable (as we all are during pregnancy).

    From the looks of things, all she wants is to be comfortable. She's confident enough in her own skin to wear whatever she wants and that's unlike a lot of celebs. Maybe she shouldn't have left the house wearing some of the frumpy outfits she did, but I'm sort of in love with her a little more because she did. How about you?

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    Jessica Simpson - Her Weight Goes Up And Down

    You didn't think Jessica Simpson was going to be left out of a post like this, did you? No way! Simpson is the perfect target. And here why...

    Jessica Simpson is in no way steady with anything she does. Her weight goes up and down like a yo-yo. Her style is about the same. She is one of those celebrities who, when she does try to look good, tries way too hard.

    On the other hand, when she doesn't try, she doesn't try at all. So, what this means is that she either looks super good and makes some sort of fashion statement (good or bad) or that she looks horrible (aka like a normal human).

    The problem with a celebrity looking like the rest of us is that we've been conditioned to expect more. In this picture, Simpson is definitely "one of us" and that's just not okay with us.

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    Zooey Deschanel - Quirky Fashion Doesn't Translate To Maternity

    New Girl star Zooey Deschanel has a very unique and quirky style. No matter if it's you're talking about her personality, her fashion sense, or her taste in music. She's one of the cutest and most adorable stars out there.

    Unfortunately, her quirky fashion sense doesn't translate into maternity wear very well. There is only one outfit pictured, but most pictures you see of her look about the same. She's not big into the fitted clothing, but she does sway towards the 50s style a lot.

    While not quite all out potato sack, she's sort of flirting with it a little bit. Covering something big with something else that is even bigger doesn't usually radiate petite beauty and Zooey is definitely one to wear clothing built for a petite person.

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    Hilary Duff - Uggs Are Ugly

    Maybe you're a lover of Uggs or maybe you utterly despise them like I do. No matter which side of the fence you fall, it's undeniable that Uggs are best friends with all things lounge-related.

    Sometimes there will be a cute style that Uggs seem perfect for. Generally speaking, though, Uggs are for lounging. They're for going to the store when you don't want to put on real pants, real shoes, or even a bra.

    Just ask Hillary Duff. She's knows exactly what I'm talking about. In this picture, Duff is heading home from a workout session. So, really she doesn't care at all what she looks like. She's just trying to stay fit. I don't blame her one bit.

    But, as a celebrity, we subjects expect beauty from them 24/7. According to that standard, the girl and her Uggs should have stayed behind her front door.

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    Blac Chyna - Squeezed Out

    There is a saying that when you have curves you should flaunt them. It seems that Blac Chyna has taken this saying to heart. Sometimes, she takes it to heart so much that it looks like her own heart will be squeezed out of her chest by all the tight clothing she wears.

    During her pregnancy, Blac Chyna wasn't in any way shy about showing us her figure. She wanted us to see her cute belly, her enormous breasts, and that godzilla caboose she calls a tush.

    The problem is that we kind of don't want to see all of that. Yes, she's a really pretty girl, but there comes a point of tightness that is just too tight. She doesn't seem to get that. We all sort of want her to go home and try on some clothes that are more her size.

    Or at least wear clothes that have the opportunity to wrinkle. Right now, that's just not possible.

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    Beyonce - Frightening Frills
    Vera Wang - Front Row & Backstage - Spring 2012 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

    Queen Bey just never quits. She always has something up her sleeve whether it's a business deal, a new song in the works, or a bun in the oven. There's a saying that goes something like, "always keep your next move to yourself." Then there is this one, "Don't tell people your plans, show them your results instead."

    Beyonce has mastered this. I mean just look at this outfit!

    As you may have guessed, she's trying to appear eccentric and incredibly artistic. What is really happening here is this - there is a pregnant belly under than frilly balloon of an outfit. You can't see it because of all the weirdness going on, but it's there.

    She just wasn't ready to tell the world her business yet, so she decided to execute Plan Baby Incognito.

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    Mia - Polka Nightmare

    Maybe you've seen this picture 100 times like I have. I've written about it just as many times, too. Here's the thing about Mia and her decisions to dress her boobies and her baby bump in polka dots and sheer - it can't be unseen or forgotten.

    Maybe it was cute and fun in the moment, but is she still going to feel the same way years down the line? I don't know. Maybe there is something we're missing that she obviously has. Maybe there is an adventurous element to life that she tapped in to when choosing this outfit.

    Maybe she just really doesn't care how many times I say how ridiculous this outfit is or any other writer, for that matter. Maybe she wore it so that the 101st time I tell her to go home and change that I will realize rather than disliking her outfit, I admire her bold spirit.

    Now, go home and change...okay, it might take 102 times.

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    Kourtney Kardashian - The Table Runner Look
    Women's Health Hosts Hamptons 'Party Under The Stars' for RUN10 FEED10

    Kourtney Kardashian is one of my very favorite Kardashians (if I have to choose), but this outfit was an epic fail. The color is a wonderful choice for Kourtney and the lace isn't bad either. The shape of the whole thing is what gets me.

    As you can see, it's dragging the floor so her seamstress didn't get that right. Poor Kourtney is vertically challenged anyway, so this only adds to her problems.

    She's carrying this baby rather high, so the tug going on around her private area is pretty severe. It sort of gives you a wedgy just by looking at it. She's one of the most beautiful women alive, but this outfit makes her figure look oddly shaped.

    She probably should have done a double take before stepping out of the house in this fashion statement.

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    Ciara - T-Shirt Dress Dilemma
    Safe Kids Day

    Firstly, Ciara has that brilliant glow that we all wish we could have. Pregnant or not, the woman illuminates the world around her. She's just a shiny kind of person.

    Secondly, she sort of had a challenge dressing her baby bump. There were several times that her pregnant style just came across as bulky as her outfits would sort of hang on her.

    This maternity T-shirt dress was one of those times. Not that it looks awful, but it really doesn't do her figure justice. She does win my heart over with her impeccable taste in those stylish red shoes, though.

    All in all, maybe she was feeling a little uncomfortable with her body and decided to cover it as she felt best. Then to save face, she turned to what she knows best - shoes.

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    Amber Rose - It's A Shirt,  It's A Dress...It's
    Amber Rose pregnant and pretty in LA with friends

    Speaking of unique, that brings us to our Amber Rose portion of this post. This mama is well-known for being featured in a Kanye West music video.

    After her two-year relationship with West, she later met and married (and later divorced) Wiz Khalifa. They share a son named Sebastian.

    Amber is known for many things. She keeps her hair super short for fashion reasons. She has a very unique sense of style. And if you think you're putting lipstick on correctly you haven't seen this women do it.

    One thing can be said and that is she shouldn't have left the house in this outfit. I'm not really sure what it is exactly - shirt, dress, what? The shoes don't exactly add much to this odd display either. It's Amber Rose 100%, though, and that's really all that matters to this strong independent women.

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    Jaime King - No Slip For You!
    Burberry "London In Los Angeles"

    Does she know it's see-through? I'm not sure that anyone told her. As Jaime King was growing Taylor Swift's god-baby, she may have forgotten to check the transparency of her outfits. This one specifically.

    The color is absolutely gorgeous and honestly the dress is right up her alley, too. The boots are cute and her silhouette is flawless. The only problem is that it looks like an accident. What I mean is that it looks like she might have been operating from "pregnancy brain" and forgot to slip on a slip.

    I know that she didn't actually forget, but that's how it comes across. The green furry thing throws it over the top. It's just too much. She can pull of the uniqueness of the dress and boots, but the furry thing should have stayed at home.

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    Candice Swanepoel - A Little Too Ethereal

    What is so horrible about this outfit, you ask? Well, nothing. It's perfectly perfect in every perfect way that it can be perfect. The problem is that it IS so ridiculously perfect. You are never going to see this outfit in real life. It looks like a picture in a magazine.

    Of course it does. And there is a reason for that. Candice Swanepoel is best known for her work as a Victoria's Secret model. In reality, she is a picture in a magazine. She has been dating fellow model Hermann Nicoli for over a decade now.

    So, what we have here are two models growing a little baby model. Much like stars, super-models like to live larger than life. Most of the time, this means displaying themselves as larger than life, too. In Candice's case, it means displaying herself as a pregnant and very ethereal goddess.

    Be honest, if you saw this coming towards you on the sidewalk, you're going to wish she has just stayed home.

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    Fergie - Is She Wearing One Huge Tattoo

    When you are a rockstar, you can get away with a lot more than the rest of us can. I'm not talking about partying, drugs, sex, or any of those things people relate to rockstars. Although those things can apply, what I'm talking about is fashion.

    Both women, Fergie and her friend, look the part. Her friend's hair looks like mine after I've scrubbed the floor. Also, the toga thing she has on is not going to guard her from a sunburn, let's just say that.

    Fergie, on the other hand, looks like she's wearing one huge tattoo. The geometric shapes on her fitted dress are very Fergie-like. Her blue nails match perfectly, as well.

    There was probably only one dress in this style that was actually purchased and it was Fergie who purchased it. It's just not something you're going to see at your next fancy event...although you might see the toga.

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    Snooki - Poor Waist Belt
    Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi And Jenni "JWoww" Farley Visit The Elvis Duran Z100 Morning Show

    This Jersey Shores star as come along way since her days on the popular show. She's another one, much like Jessica Simpson, that tends to try a little too hard. She is one to over-accessorize as you can see by the jewelry dangling from every part of her body, the hair bow, and the larger than life belt.

    You probably won't get many more opportunities for new pictures like this one, though. Snooki has cleaned up her act in more ways than one.

    She's not the hot mess she was on Jersey Shores. Although she might still try a little too hard to be fashionable, she hits the mark more often than not. But here, she shouldn't have walked out her front door. We still love you Snooki.

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    Kim Kardashian - Overflowing In Her Heels

    Yes, Kardashian #2 - Kim Kardashian West. You can't deny that the woman had a rough pregnancy. It seems that voluptuous women tend to be voluptuous pregnant women. Apparently, not many of us can handle that concept.

    Still, Kim knows herself and her body better than anyone else. Day after day, she consistently chose shoes and outfits that she could have spilled out of.

    Her shoes in particular are a huge no-no. For her own comfort and for the sake of our eyes seeing something so uncomfortable-looking, she should have stayed home.

    When you look at pregnant Kim you look at what sculptures are modeled after. The curves, the booty, the femininity - it's gorgeous, but please stop wearing those shoes!

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