15 Pregnant Celebs Who Shut Down Fat-Shamers Like A Boss

Pregnant celebs are often at the center of fat-shaming ridicule. They’re already in the spotlight. And, that’s not even mentioning the microscope they’re put under when it comes to weight and body shape.

There’s an expectation that the Hollywood elite will maintain a strict size 0. Oh, and that applies to the post-baby body as well. That is, the immediate post-baby body. The amount of weight an expectant mama should gain depends on where she starts. According to the CDC, an underweight woman should gain between 28 and 40 pounds. A “normal” weight woman (that’s a woman with a BMI between 18.5 and 24.9) should gain anywhere from 25 to 35 pounds. And, an overweight woman should gain 15 to 25 pounds. But, that’s not what Hollywood A-listers experience.

Okay, so plenty of celebs put on the pounds when they’re pregnant. After all, they’re just like us. Or, not. The intense pressure that they’re under to stay skinny no matter what is kind of like what us regular ol’ folk feel – times a million. If it seems like every pregnant celebrity ends up on the cover of a tabloid (or, more like, somewhere on an Internet gossip site) with a headline reading, “Fat, fat, fat!” you aren’t entirely wrong.

The moment that a super-slim sub-zero screen queen adds an inch to her teeny tiny frame, the media is all over her. They’re talking about the weight gain, showing belly bump pics and making it seem like she’s obese – even when she still looks bikini-ready.

Whether they’ve experienced it first-hand or are taking a very public stance for all the other mamas, these pregnant celebs shut down fat-shamers like a boss!

15 Jaime King

When this actress took down body-shamers she went a step above and beyond the typical, “Don’t say we’re fat” criticism. King noted that her thin frame has been the subject of much speculation. During her pregnancies people didn’t call her out for gaining too much weight, they did the opposite. After hearing and reading comments that she needed “to east a sandwich,” King fought back in an interview with American Baby magazine.

In the interview King said, “I’ve seen it happen with other pregnant women in this business to -- we’re either too thin or put on too much weight.” But, she didn’t stop there. King went on to add that this isn’t a phenomena that only affects pregnant celebrities, and noted that body-shaming happens pregnant women everywhere. King’s stance is that women have different bodies and need to take care of themselves, adding in her interview with American Baby, “You don’t have to hide anything or try to suck in your belly.” We totally appreciate her outspoken take on body-shaming!

14 Blake Lively

Yeah, she’s beautiful. And, she’s a famous actress. And, her baby-daddy is super-cute too. But, that doesn’t mean Blake Lively was free from fat-shaming during and after her pregnancy.

Okay, so the actress did seem to snap back into pre-baby shape pretty quickly. She starred in the film “The Shallows” shorty after having her first child, daughter James. Sure, Lively’s body was beyond bikini-worthy in the movie. That doesn’t mean she took her post-baby figure for granted. It also doesn’t mean that she thinks everyone else can get back into such fab shape immediately too.

She spoke out when the media pointed to her amazing just-had-a-baby physique, noting that every mama shouldn’t expect to get the same results. Even though she looked amazing, the actress shut down those fat-shaming folks, making it clear that it’s the woman giving birth who should be celebrated. What shouldn’t be celebrated? Just how quickly she can shed those pounds.

13 Hayden Panettiere

Petite Panettiere gained 40 pounds during her pregnancy. That put the media on bump watch in a major way. Instead of recognizing the fact that the star was carrying another human being inside of her, the tabloids focused on her weight gain.

Even though Panettiere may have gained a bit more weight than what would have been expected, every woman is different and every woman carries her baby in a different way. Panettiere was far from obese and didn’t deserve the fat-shaming.

The star could have fought back, screaming and ranting about the unfair comments that were floating around. Instead she did something far better. This celeb shut down the fat-shamers with photos. Like the boss that she is, Panettiere showed off her crazy-cool self-confidence and took to Twitter. She posted pics of herself dressed in a racy bikini – baby bump and all.

But, that wasn’t the only time the pregnant star was pictured in nearly nothing. Panettiere was pictured in her eighth month sporting a barely there bikini while on vacation in Hawaii.

12 Kim Kardashian

She might be well-known for her um, posterior. But (pun totally intended) Kim Kardashian was criticized for more than her backside during her pregnancy. The celeb was at 180 pounds when she delivered her daughter North West, but the tabloids bumped up her weight gain and made it look like she out on even more than she had.

The media had a field day with Kim K’s pregnancy figure. The shaming didn’t stop there. They kept on poking fun at her, and her post-baby body. She spoke out about her experience, noting that she didn’t even feel like smiling for photos – considering the people snapping the pics were the same people who called her fat (even though she was carrying another human being inside of her).

Kim worked hard to whittle down her post-pregnancy physique and got to a completely healthy weight. During her second pregnancy she showed off her super-star self-confidence and tweeted just how much weight she had gained. At that point, with six weeks to go in her pregnancy, she was up 52b pounds. Her total transparency showed those fat-shamers that she’s the boss – and not them!

11 Jessica Simpson

The singer, actress and reality stars weight has been known to go up and down. When she was pregnant with her daughter Maxwell Drew she admitted to indulging. Yeah, Simpson didn’t exactly eat a super-healthy, clean diet. But, she went with what she was craving. Come on, raise your hand if you did that during your pregnancy. Plenty of us mamas have!

After giving birth the star worked hard to shed the weight. Of course, it wasn’t easy. It’s not for any woman. At least, not most of us. Four months after giving birth to her daughter Simpson became a spokesperson for Weight Watchers. The singer made sure to let her fans know that Weight Watchers wasn’t pressuring her to lose the weight immediately. They (like Simpson) believed in a healthy weight loss – and not fat-shaming a previously pregnant woman into dropping the pounds fast.

While Simpson didn’t exactly get up on a soapbox and stick it to those fat-shamers, she did show women that post-baby weight doesn’t have to melt away moments after delivery. And, that’s a lesson we can all take to heart.

10 Kate Hudson

She might be in fab physical shape right now. But, that wasn’t the case after her pregnancies. Hudson, who now has an active wear/athleisure company, put on some serious pounds during her pregnancies. Hudson admitted that she felt scrutinized during her pregnancy weight gain. This led her to think that she needed to lose the weight quickly.

Hudson told People magazine, “And it was actually emotional ‘cause I couldn’t lose the weight. You plateau. Anybody who’s had that moment in their life, it just sucks.” The actress didn’t cave to the fat-shamers. She could have cried, curled up and gotten out of the public eye. Instead, she lost the weight (obviously – look at her now) in a healthy way. The now super-fit celeb has also written a book “Pretty Happy: Healthy Ways to Love Your Body” to help everyone out there get to where they need to be without the pressure of perfection running their lives.

9 Chrissy Teigen

The former Sports Illustrated swimsuit model is someone who we all kind of envy. Not only is Teigen beyond beautiful, but she’s also got a super-sweet guy and what seems like a charmed life. Along with all of that fabulousness, Teigen also seems pretty real. She’s not shy about putting down her shamers and often opens up publically about her feelings.

When it comes to those pregnancy fat-shamers, Teigen doesn’t think it’s realistic to adopt the celeb, “Oh, I just had a baby two minutes ago and now I’m a size 0. And, I did it all myself” approach. She told Today, “Anyone in the public eye, we all have all the help we could ever need to be able to shed everything. So I think people get this jaded sensation that everybody’s losing it quickly, but we just happen to be the ones who are out there.” She went on to note that celebs have access to nutritionists, trainers and other people who help these mamas drop their baby weight in a totally hasty fashion.

8 Molly Sims

You’d expect this leggy supermodel to stay stylishly thin throughout her pregnancy. Well, she got the stylish part. But, Sims did manage to gain 85 pounds. Of course, the fat-shamers were all over the model’s pregnancy weight gain. When a celebrity gains any weight, pregnant or not, it catches the eye of just about everyone. When Sim’s pregnancy size grew past what some people expected, everyone was surprised.

So, the expectant mom went through some serious suffering. Not only was she gaining weight at what seemed like a record pace, but she had the spotlight of the media on her. This makes an already challenging, stress-filled, anxiety-producing time just that much more difficult. As it turns out Sims had an undiagnosed thyroid condition which was preventing her for losing all of the weight.

When the model and actress went public with her pregnancy problems she showed those shamers that they were being unjust, unfair and just plain mean.

7 Zooey Deschanel

The petite actress’s slim frame certainly expanded when she was pregnant. Hey, everyone’s does. It didn’t seem to bother her one bit. Deschanel has never felt the need to be that size 0 girl. Of course, that’s not saying she’s ever been heavy. But, she’s more into being healthy than being teeny tiny. And, she’s not afraid to share her views publicly. The “New Girl” star isn’t letting anyone tell her that she needs to lose the baby weight or how to do it.

Snapping back into pre-preggo shape isn’t anything that Deschanel expected – of herself or any other mama. In an interview with Redbook magazine the actress said, “To expect someone to look like her pre-baby self immediately is odd. Because you just grew a human and birthed that human – there’s a lot that needs to go back to where it was,” It’s statements like this that show how Zooey is shutting down those fat-shamers in a major way!

6 Kate Winslet

Body-shamers? Who cares? Not Kate Winslet. She’s totally comfortable with what she’s got going on. It’s completely normal to stress out every once in a while about your body’s shape. Everyone does it. But, when someone else makes you feel like you can’t even look in the mirror, there’s a problem. Winslet has publicly made a point of telling it like it is, and letting those mamas out there know that she isn’t overly concerned with conforming to an imaginary Hollywood picture of perfection.

Yes, Winslet did lose her baby weight (after each pregnancy). That doesn’t mean she was worried about it. After the birth of her third child, Bear, she told Harper’s Bazaar UK, “There’s a big part of me – now, more than ever before, actually – that feels a sense of responsibility for how other women view themselves.” She went on to add, “Take having a baby, for instance. Have I actively been on a diet to lose my baby weight? No, I haven’t. I genuinely bloody haven’t. I so didn’t want to be one of those “Oh wow, she’s back in shape after 12 weeks!” women.”

5 Drew Barrymore

Child star. Movie mogul. Amazing actress. Mom. These are all titles that Drew Barrymore holds. Even though the celeb admits she was self-conscious about her baby weight, that didn’t last long.

Obviously, having grown up in the spotlight, Barrymore isn’t exactly new to the scrutiny and pressure that celebrities feel. Even though the actress is used to the body-shamers, it doesn’t mean she’s immune to the destructive message. She tried going gluten-free in hopes that she’d shed the pounds. But, that didn’t do much. Barrymore was unhappy, and had to change course.

Barrymore gave up trying to fit into the Hollywood post-baby body mold and put her priorities in order. She’s openly talked about her feelings, putting those who want to shame – well, to shame. The celeb mama told People magazine, “I never looked good in a bathing suit, so now I look worse in a bathing suit. I have cellulite. But I would much rather have my kids and look a little worse in a bathing suit!” We agree.

4 Leah Remini

The actress and outspoken former Scientologist gained roughly 80 pounds during her 2004 pregnancy. Remini noted that she was disappointed in the way that everyone only seemed to talk about how big she’d gotten. Focusing on her weight instead of the baby inside her (or the way she got back into shape following her pregnancy) was obviously frustrating for the celeb.

Remini told Working Mother, “I wanted people to look at me and say, “Wow, she snapped back real fast!” But it took me three years.” With the help of a customized plan called 1st Personal Diet Remini lost the weight and showed the haters that she could do it.

Even though the actress was eventually able to lose her extra 80 pounds, it still seemed like some people were focused more on the “80” number than the amazing job she did getting back into shape. But, that didn’t stop Remini from feeling good about herself and focusing on being healthy.

3 Hilary Duff

When you’ve always been slim, people start looking for you to get back into shape right away after having a baby. Former child star and current awesome actress (and singer) Hilary Duff was no different. Duff told Health, “There is way too much pressure on women these days. It took me a whole 10 months to build a baby.” That’s so right!

Duff admits to being food-obsessed and too skinny in her teen years. Even though she has a naturally athletic frame, she spent too much time worrying about whittling down her figure. The actress didn’t want to go back to those body-conscious days during her pregnancy or post-baby. Even though the media had their eyes on her, Duff didn’t fall prey to the fat-shamers. She told Health, “I had the best, healthiest, strongest pregnancy. And I feel good about myself.” A healthy dose of self-esteem goes a long way when it comes to shutting down body image haters.

2 Jenny McCarthy

Imagine the pressure that celebrities feel to stay thin. They starve themselves, workout to excess and do whatever it takes to be thinner than the next girl. Jenny McCarthy was no different than everyone else in Hollywood. When McCarthy found out she was pregnant a switch flipped and she went for it – eating, that is.

By the end of her first trimester McCarthy had had already gained 20 pounds, her doc wasn’t as concerned as she was, citing her pre-pregnancy super-skinny frame as the reason for gaining so much weight so quickly (in that she was making up for what she didn’t already have). By the end of her pregnancy McCarthy weighed more than 200 pounds. She admits that she totally took advantage of this time to eat, writing on Chicago Splash, “In show business, we’re all vain, so I figured why not eat? I would be forced to lose the weight anyway due to the media’s bullying. So all I did for the next two trimesters was eat.”

Jenny beat back the fat-shamers by posting her very pregnant 200 pound pic. Putting it out there didn’t leave anything to the imagination. And, it showed just how confident she is.

1 Jessica Alba

During the first go around Alba (and her husband) both packed on the pounds. Neither ate perfectly low-cal or even perfectly healthy throughout her pregnancy with daughter Honor. This led to Alba gaining more weight than she wanted. Like any other mama-to-be eating not so healthy treats, snacks and meals will equal more weight gain than eating a healthy plan. Alba admits to letting herself go during her first pregnancy. But, she didn’t repeat her unhealthy ways when she was ready to become a mommy again. What better way to get back at all of those fat-shamers than to have a healthier weight second pregnancy?

Alba stuck with low-carb foods and kept active with prenatal yoga and walking during her second pregnancy. This doesn’t mean that she dieted or went workout crazy. She kept things healthy and but the shamers to shame with her healthy preggo body.

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