15 Sinister Scams Pregnant Women Almost Got Away With

Being pregnant naturally garners a little sympathy; people will typically give up their seat for a pregnant woman, people ask to help her reach for things and lift things, and more people even seem to hold doors for her. The belly brings some special treatment with it, there’s no doubt about that.

There's something about pregnancy that pulls people's guards down, and unfortunately there are some women who are willing to take advantage of that fact! The women in this article are some pretty sneaky con artists; some of them are actually pregnant, while others use pregnancy as a way of gaining access to money or your valuables, because you just wouldn't think a pregnant woman would steal from you, right?

The victims in this article were bamboozled by the belly and I’m sure many of us would have fallen victim to the same crimes because we simply can’t picture being conned by someone carrying a little being inside their body. We simply don't associate pregnancy with deceit, instead we see pregnant women as nurturing and perhaps a bit ethereal and angelic since that pregnancy glow is a real thing. If you think about it for a moment, pregnancy seems to be the perfect cover up for a crime.

15 Double Trouble

Twins from Charlotte, North Carolina, were spotted panhandling while rubbing their fake pregnant bellies. People started to notice the giant stacks of cash - tax free cash - the women were getting and began to wonder if it was a scam or legit. After seeing photos of the pregnant panhandlers, neighbours identified them and confirmed that they were neither homeless nor pregnant!

Meghan and Brittany Penniger already had quite the rap sheet at only 27 years of age, and they certainly added to it with this rather heartless con. The sisters had pretended to be pregnant and used bundled blankets and towels under their shirts in order to mimic a baby bump. Officers stated that the women were making about $100 an hour, it was easy money and they weren’t exactly remorseful about it.

14 Pregnant Panhandler

Speaking of panhandlers, here's another! The only difference is that this woman was actually pregnant and a lot less discreet with her deceit. Apparently this mom had been pulling this con for a while because people had seen her all over town collecting cash from dozens of generous people who only hoped to help. One woman managed to spot something that looked pretty fishy and she decided to investigate.

The pregnant panhandler stood at the corner with her son and it seemed like there was a car sitting and watching them, naturally someone would feel alarmed, thinking perhaps the onlooker was thinking to harm them; but what she saw next was not a kidnapping, instead the witness saw the pregnant panhandler and her son jump into a Mercedes Benz with her son. Once inside she began to laugh joyfully and show off all the cash to the driver. The man in the Benz was her husband.

13 New Phone Scam

Phone scams are the worst! It seems like there's more and more of them every day! People seem to get very creative when they know they can hide behind a phone or a screen. This latest phone scam involves threatening families using pregnancy as the focal point. Apparently scammers are now taking to calling parents especially elder ones and telling them that their son has knocked up their daughter or niece or girlfriend, whomever they decide to be that day.

This con takes a terrifying turn when the victims are told that if they don't offer up some money fast that they will personally find and beat their son to death! They terrified family members are then told to drop the money at a specific park or roadside, so that bank accounts could be avoided and the money would become untraceable.

12 Selling Positive Pregnancy Tests

We all take multiple pregnancy tests when we suspect a pregnancy, mostly because we may not believe the preliminary result, we need to see it a few more times before it sinks in. This woman found a way to turn those pee pee sticks into golden ones! Turns out there is a market for positive pregnancy tests and this Florida mom tapped into that without hesitation.

The woman took to Craigslist of all places to post the ad, selling positive pregnancy tests for $25 a stick or 2 for $35! I wonder if she has sale days too? Although the selling of urine is not exactly illegal, if the test is used to commit fraud, that person will be seeing some jail time. This mom, however, will get away scot free without even a slap on the wrist for this odd, yet completely legal con.

11 Adoption Scam

Adoption scams are so heartbreaking. Couples looking forward to adding to their little family have their hopes and dreams ripped away by these greedy scammers who are only in it for the cash. Tracy Leann Bess-Thacker has not only conned one couple but two! She's been busted for faking a pregnancy twice in order to extort money from the excited couple.

Tracy would take money from the couples who were hoping to make her pregnancy go as smoothly as possible, in return she sent them ultrasound photos from a previous pregnancy. Tracy was later caught and convicted of stealing $3000 from couples in 5 different states! Although Tracy was arrested the first time, there wasn’t enough evidence to hold her, and as for an arrest for her second crime, well they still can’t find her!

10 Stolen Meds

A woman in Little Rock, Arkansas heard a knock at the door and was surprised to find a very pregnant woman begging to use her bathroom. The mom-to-be explained that her car was overheating after taking a little tour of the neighbourhood, which she was hoping to move to shortly, and she asked to use the washroom. The homeowner didn’t even think to refuse, how could anyone deny a pregnancy woman a bathroom? It seemed like a simple favour and the pregnant woman was soon on her way. What the homeowner noticed next was that the pregnant woman walked over to her neigbours home and began knocking in the same manner, this caused her to check the washroom, and as she suspected, meds were missing! She quickly took a picture of the woman and her license plate and called police.

9 A Costly Error

Okay so this mom isn't exactly a pregnant scammer, but the sports store she was shopping in certainly thought she was trying to pull something! This pregnant momma was accused of shoplifting a basketball! Yes, you read that right! Pregnant women surely feel like they have a basketball attached to them at all times, and unfortunately it also feels much heavier than one, and they certainly don't need any extra grief about the belly!

The mom-to-be had looked around the store but hadn't found anything in particular and then left to look in a store across the street. Apparently a cashier told her manager that the woman had snuck a basketball under her dress. The manager and a security guard brought the woman back to the sports store to check her, where the mom showed off an authentic bump! The mom later sued the store for damages and got quite a bit of money for the store's ridiculous error.

8 Not So Pregnant With Twins

35 year old Roxanne Janel Jones was found guilty of scamming 14 couples in and around the Kansas City area. She had told the couples that she was pregnant with twins, and naturally the couples were excited to be able to adopt not one but two children to add to their family. She conned these excited families out of thousands of dollars with the promise of babies that would never be delivered. Authorities said that she not only received cash from the couples but that she also got grocery cards, meals and even massages! The families came forward and Roxanne was soon arrested which offers the victims a taste of justice, but certainly not enough to heal their heartache. Roxanne ended up pleading guilty to fraud and is set to face about 20 years in jail for her crimes.

7 Three-D Ultrasound Scam

The ones being scammed in this story are the pregnant women themselves! It seems that any and every big event in your life will have a scam-worthy element to it. There's always someone looking to cash in on your happiness because as con artists know very well, happiness is quite blinding, and you won't necessarily know you're being conned until it's too late. These moms decided to get 3D Ultrasounds of their babies, something very exciting as it gives you a better glimpse at what happens in the belly.

Women took home a snap from their appointment but what they soon found out after sharing the snaps online is that all the ultrasound photos looked exactly the same! Upon further analysis it was discovered that the ultrasound technician had in fact been giving the moms the exact same photos! The company claimed it was a glitch, but that seems like a pretty big glitch!

6 Lying Surrogate

Cheniya and Peter went on Dr. Phil to confront the surrogate they hired to have their baby. They had found Audrey online and thought their prayers had been answered. Audrey claimed to be a nurse, a mother of 4 and an experienced surrogate. All of this sounded so ideal, almost too good to be true? Right? Well unfortunately it was. Audrey had never intended to carry any child, she confesses that she just wanted to take the deposit and then tell them she had miscarried, but the monthly payments became too tempting and Audrey never told them anything.

She admits she was in a bad place during this time, that she was taking pills and made the wrong choice. The apology isn’t enough for Cheniya and Peter who were expecting much more.

5 Attempted Insurance Scam

This scam involved up to 10 pregnant women who were hired to simulate a traffic accident and then collect money from insurance companies. They weren't going after small bucks, instead they were going in for massive injuries claiming that the accident caused them to miscarry. The women in this scam were all legitimately pregnant and they all lost their pregnancies but not because of the curated accident, instead it was due to the drugs they were using at the time. The car crash would explain their loss and the money from the accident would get them more drugs that would help fuel their addictions. They were caught and about 19 arrests were made. The group conspired to get some quick cash, but the cops caught wind of their plotting and ended their scam before it really even began!

4 Grand Theft Mommy

A pregnant Trinidadian woman was charged with stealing a Mitsubishi Evolution, a rather pricey high performance car, so she clearly knew what she was stealing. People were shocked not only to find out that a pregnant woman had stolen a car, but that she was in fact nearing her due date! Sharice Joseph was 8 months pregnant when she committed the crime. Sharice had stolen the car and managed to magically make it disappear, the authorities would never retrieve it, it had vanished!

She was taken in on car theft charges where authorities also found that she had a pretty clean record besides having a pending matter about firearm possession. Sharice was able to make bail for quite a large price tag but would head back to court shortly after. I wonder if the theft ended up costing her money rather than making her any.

3 Church Thief

How can anyone steal from a church or charity? This is something I will never understand. Wouldn’t your conscience be yelling at you forever more? Well a 24 year old pregnant woman by the name Joana Rose Salles didn’t seem to have an issue with robbing a church-goer while inside of St. Augustine’s Cathedral. The victim didn’t expect to be accosted by a pregnant woman who stole her bag and the cash intended for the church. The 19 year old woman had been praying when she noticed pregnant Salles coming to find a seat beside her; next Sales forcibly took her bag. The woman tried to hold onto her bag, but Salles told her that a man was waiting outside with a gun and if she didn’t give her the purse, then she would be killed upon exiting the church. Salles didn’t get too far before police apprehended her.

2 Credit Card Scam Has A Sad End

In a crime spree gone wrong, a pregnant woman lost her life. Demytrya Gibbs was 27 and 6 months pregnant when she decided to commit a crime that would ultimately end her life as well as the child she had been carrying. Gibbs had been using bogus credit cards for a while, but on this fateful day she used a fake credit card to steal from a Sephora store in order to stock up on some make up. Gibbs met up with her getaway driver who also happened to be her baby daddy and in a panic he drove their getaway car the wrong way on the Long Island Expressway. 27 year old Courtney Corbett would only discover his error once cars began driving towards him, smashing the car and taking Gibb’s life.

1 The Pregnant Wedding Planner

Wedding planner Lisa Holt will be giving birth to her twins behind bars thanks to some wedding scamming that cost couples thousands of dollars! Her firm was taking cash from couples planning their weddings, but they failed to provide any of the services they had promised. During her wedding planning days, Lisa had scammed over 150 brides, and if you’ve ever met a Bridezilla, then you’ll know they weren’t about to let this slide! An online campaign was started to find her, expose her and get justice for all involved! Lisa and her husband were eventually caught and both of them were sentenced to 3 years in jail. Lisa, already a mother to 2 children, will also be having 2 more while in prison. Hopefully her wedding scamming days are behind her.

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