15 Pregnant Women Who Pulled Off The Craziest Pranks

Pregnancy can be a really tough time for women, both physically and mentally. The exhaustion can wear on you, the hormones will send you on a roller-coater ride of intense emotions, both high and low, and the worry that comes with becoming a mother starts when baby is in the womb.

Mom needs a break from all that intensity; she needs a little fun, a few laughs, and even if they are at someone else’s expense, they can really help lighten things up. Who doesn’t like to play a nice joke or prank, other than perhaps the PC Police? Most of us don’t mind a funny prank being played on us once and while, so long as it’s not dangerous!

Jokes and humor are one the most important things that set humans apart from other animals, and make like worth living. Without laughter and fun, we would be just like all the other animals, toiling for survival, wondering why we are even alive in the first place. Some people get really sensitive about jokes, when they really need to pull the stick out of their...ear…and just enjoy some light hearted fun when it comes their way.

People often say that pranks are ‘mean’, or that they ‘hurt people’s feelings’. Get over yourself, boo. Every joke in the world is at someone’s expense, and every time someone opens their mouth, someone somewhere thinks that what they said was offensive. Pregnant women can be just as funny as non-pregnant ones, and these 15 women sure know how to pull off the craziest pranks!

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15 The Man With Super Swimmers!

One bored pregnant woman was cleaning the house one morning with the radio turned on. It was April Fool's Day and the DJ announced that they'd be playing April Fool's Day pranks on people if you called in and asked them to. Mom-to-be had attended her ultrasound alone, because hubby was busy working, so she decided to call in to the radio station to pull a prank on him (because what loving wife wouldn't?). When she called in, the DJ asked her what kind of prank she wanted him to do on her husband. She told him, "Call him and tell him we're having twins." "Why not triplets?" the DJ asked. "Go for it," she said. The DJ called the woman's husband and pretended to be the doctor with news of the triplets. The husband was obviously in shock. His response to the DJ was pretty funny itself. He said, “I knew I had Super Sperm!"

14 Bored? Prank The Eff Out Of Your Husband!

Most moms hope to not go over their due date, and some of us secretly hope to not even make it to our due date. Not too early, we don't want anything happening to our little bundles of course, but we just hope that little one might want to make an early appearance. This funny mom was losing her marbles when she hit the 40 weeks pregnant marker; she had already packed her bags and was fully ready to go into labor. So what does a mom do when she is waiting for baby to be born? Prank calls her husband—naturally. Wouldn't you? She tells the world that hubs is usually too busy to take her calls when he's working, but not when she's 40 weeks pregnant. All of a sudden he is glued to his phone, and takes all of her calls. She has a fun time with a little word play, effectively tricking him into thinking 'it's time'. But it's really only time to put gas in the car; she's runny on empty.

13 Them's Happy Tears! It's A Happy Prank.

Many moms have a lot of fun with their pregnancy announcements; creativity abounds when moms are attempting to tell the world the happy news, and announcements litter the Internet. One mom wanted to go even further and play a little prank on her husband. Apparently, he’s been dying to have an apple watch, but there’s something he’s been hoping for even more than a watch—he’s desperate to be a father, and there’s nothing better than a man who wants to be a great dad. Mom-to-be gives him a little box and dad believes it’s a watch, but when he opens it, he is so overjoyed the emotions get the better of him. This is the best kind of prank, the kind that ends with happy tears! This man’s excitement over the prospect of becoming a dad is absolutely everything. The world would be a better place If every prank went over this well…

12 Need Prank Ideas? Ask A Cop! Guaranteed To Get The Heart Pumping...

Mom-to-be, Michelle Blackmore, has a healthy sense of humor. She wanted to announce her pregnancy to her husband in a fun, slightly torturous way. Whenever a person gets pulled over for any reason, their heart gets to thumpin'. "Oh crap, what did I do wrong?" Well hubby Wayne, had no idea that he was being punked when an officer pulled him over for not having a license plate on the front of his car. Wayne said it looked dorky, and the officer had this response:

"Irregardless of how dorky something might look, or if somebody else might not think it’s important, the state of Texas says it is. And as a parent, we also have to make sure we're good role models. And seeing as how you’re in that boat now, don’t you think it's important to you do the same?”

Wayne probably took a few minutes to process that statement, what with cop-in-the-vicinity-brain. We’re sure he was happy when his brain started working properly again.

11 Mom-T0-Be Moana Parody

Some moms are really great at making fun of themselves—those are the kind of moms I want to know. Parodies are known for being humorous and mock either the song that the person is parodying, or something else. Who doesn't love a good parody? This mom is basically mocking the fact that pregnancy in itself is like a prank—a prank on the poor unsuspecting mother. No pregnancy is predictable it seems, and to get through it, we all need a good laugh session, or complaining session. That's because pregnancy is not fun. It's a long arduous process of growing a baby, and it's really tough. So when we see fun videos like this, or we read a really funny article, they make us feel a little bit better. That can't be underestimated, because feeling like there are others out there suffering through the same thing you are...well, it's heartening.

10 Pranking The Fam Bam Is The Best!

Doctors had told Tabitha Schroeder when she was very young that she would have a tough time getting knocked up, if at all. She and her husband Dan had a difficult time conceiving, as expected, and just when they were about to begin fertility treatments they learned they had conceived the natural way. Overjoyed with the news, they couldn't share this information with their family in any old ordinary way, so they decided to do a little prank. They told their family that they were participating in some trendy Viral Video challenge, and that they had to tie adult shoes blindfolded. Instead though, the family members were given little baby shoes. You would think they would catch on a little sooner after feeling the tiny shoes in their hands, but it took a while. Still, once the family figured out the prank—they were giddy with excitement, and couldn’t believe it—obviously happy for Tabitha and Dan.

9 Not Technically Pregnant, But Still Funny!

Okay, so this chick is not actually pregnant; I’m ignoring that detail, because this prank was so funny I still wanted to share it. Here we are in, I believe it's Paris, and this woman has decided to prank a bunch of passersby by pretending she's pregnant and needs a bit of help over to a bench in the park. All of these kind people do their duty and take her over to sit on the bench—gotta help out pregnant ladies, right—and to pay them back for their good deed, she is going to let them touch her large baby bump. Unfortunately for the unsuspecting strangers, the bump is not real, and this 'pregnant' woman pops the balloon under her shirt, scaring the bejesus out of these peeps. I'm pretty sure she almost gave one poor old woman a heart attack. Even though this lady isn't really pregnant, this is one of the best 'fake pregnancy' pranks I've ever seen!

8 Pregnant Woman Impersonates April The Giraffe

The end of a pregnancy can be a pretty boring time for women. They are too big and uncomfortable to do much for very long, they have a whole slew of things they aren't 'allowed' to engage in, and they are in a constant state of anticipation as they await the birth of their child—almost like the state the entire country was in, as we all awaited the birth of April the Giraffe. I'm not sure why this video is so hilarious, but this woman in the throes of late pregnancy pranking a Giraffe charmed millions. I think it's more interesting than the actual live feed of April the Giraffe, but then again, I'm not that into seeing human birth, let alone animal birth. I might be alone in that though, because apparently everyone else was eagerly awaiting the baby Giraffe. Clearly this mom was bored out of her mind, and spoofing kept her mind off her own highly anticipated delivery.

7 Beyonce Betrayed This Mom-To-Be

Now, here's a fun mom-to-be that I want to get to know. She knows how to pull off a prank, and that’s what we all need! She's having a little fun with all the hype over Beyonce's pregnancy announcement, and that's exactly what it is—fun! I'm not sure if she's pranking herself, Beyonce, or the Internet at large, for making such a big deal out of Beyonce's announcement, but ya know what? I don't care. I love when people make the world take itself a little less seriously. We need people to lighten the mood, and give us all a little laugh. This woman pretends she's upset that her BFF, The Queen Bee, has one-upped her by announcing her pregnancy first. They were supposed to be doing the announcement together, darn it! What kind of BFF does that? This woman's photo is really a pretty good imitation, if you ask me. Great prank, zotheysay!

6 Pregnant Woman's Creepy Belly Button Trick

So, this video shows a pregnant woman with an umbilical hernia, and it's just gross enough to make us all a little queasy. Although not really a prank, it's creepy and funny and sort of like an awesome trick. Sometimes we all have to take amusement where we can get it, and this belly button is amusing—I can't look away. Pregnancy causes a lot of weird things to happen to a woman's body, but this is one I've never seen before. I'm betting this woman spent a lot of time entertaining herself and others with this 'trick'. I'm also betting that she did use it to prank people, showing them her normal belly button, before freaking them out by somehow pushing out the belly button. How she does it, I've no idea, but I just know she showed it to anyone who would watch. Guaranteed, they were all just as creeped out by it as we are!

5 Pretend The Water Just Broke!

I'm sure pregnant women everywhere have done this prank, but we all need a little inspiration sometimes. If you're currently pregnant and need a great spoof to play on your partner or family, this seems like a good one that is easily accomplished. Get a balloon or bottle and fill it up with water, then you must make it appear your water broke, right in front of everyone! You've got to be able to keep a straight face if you want to extend the prank. You can take it as far a you want, even have the fam drive you to the hospital if you want, or you can admit right away you were only joking. You're sure to get a few laughs, and a few arm punches, but it would still be fun. I think the longer you extend the prank, the more pissed people will be. You must decide. But, if you don't want to be like the Boy Who Cried Wolf, best not to do this prank more than once!

4 Prank The World With A Crazy Baby Name

A lot of celebs love to prank their followers, just a little. They throw out jokes here and there, or try to put people off their trail, probably with the hopes of a little privacy. Fans are like rabid dogs waiting for scraps, so they'd probably soak up anything their fave celebrities say. Really, if you could prank your entire following, I'm surprised more celebrities don't do it on the regular. Or maybe they do... Food for thought. Well, Amber Tamblyn and her husband David Cross decided to have a little fun with their fan base by sharing a truly wacky name for their baby: "David and I are proud to announce the birth of our daughter, Dauphinoise Petunia Brittany Scheherazade Von Funkinstein Mustard Witch RBG Cross Tamblyn-Bey Jr. #TheFutureIsFemale" The couple declined to reveal the real name of their child. With all the weirdoes out there, can we blame them?

3 Fake Labor Prank!

Pregnant women have to entertain themselves somehow, and what better way to do it than to torture your husbands? This woman decided that on April Fool’s Day, the very best day for pranks, she was going to send her husband on a wild hospital run. I have to give this woman some serious credit. She doesn't just fake labor for a couple minutes while at home, and then laugh and yell 'April Fools!' like the rest of us. No! She makes her spouse get in the car and drive her to the hospital. That's some dedication to the craft of pranking, and she has him fooled a million times over. She doesn't drop the façade either, not until they are nearly there. He's none too pleased with her, either. But, much to his dismay I'm sure, she's captured this well-executed prank on camera, for all the world to see. Nice going, mama!

2 This Pregnant Woman Gets Spoofed!

Sometimes the pregnant woman is the one to get pranked, and in this case that's exactly what happened. A woman goes in for an ultrasound, but someone is whispering in the ear of the ultrasound tech, telling her silly things to say. It's a hoot to watch, and it's always funny to see how people handle awkward situations. It took quite a long time for the mom-to-be and grandmother to catch on to this prank. Either that, or they were just trying to be polite to the tech that obviously seems crazy. The tech also has a crazy ultrasound image on the screen and the baby does some strange things such as clapping and picking his nose, and even flipping them the finger, which the mom and grandma are totally buying. "I didn't know they stood up," says grandma. "This is the best," says mom-to-be. Funny is funny and pranking this woman was totally amazing.

1 The Ultrasound Prank

Here's a prank that has been gaining popularity in recent years with the advancement of technology. There are actually websites that you can go to nowadays, and you can pick from amongst an array of 'fake' ultrasound pictures to prank your family and friends with. Pretty genius, right? Want to trick the family into believing you're having twins? Easy peasy, just pop your name and date into the ultrasound pic, and presto! Instant prank! Why not go for triplets, or even quadruplets? If your name is slapped on the ultrasound, it will seem pretty believable, right? So far, people still seem to be falling for it, because they trust you! They won't trust you much longer, though, if you keep pranking them. Still, if you're looking for a good prank to pull while pregnant, this is a pretty reliable one. It’s sure to succeed—at both fooling your family, and getting them to not want to speak to you for a while. Win, win?

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