15 Prenatal Symptoms Moms Never Expect

Most of us are familiar with the classic prenatal symptoms, such as morning sickness and feeling tired all the time, among many others. However, there are plenty of other symptoms that many moms to be never see coming. These prenatal symptoms are not very well known by many newly expecting moms, so they often come as a surprise.

You may become pregnant and suddenly you experience something that you find totally odd. Yet, it may not be strange, it may just be a prenatal symptom that might be normal, just one that is not very common, nor may not be talked about as much as some of the more experienced symptoms are discussed. Some of these symptoms show up in the first, second, or third trimester, or if you are really lucky (ha!) you will experience them the entire nine month journey!

Pregnancy changes everything. We have all heard that. And it rings true very often. Any pregnant woman will tell you that symptoms they experience while expecting can run the gamut. Every woman is different, and every pregnancy is different. Get ready, because you may find out some interesting prenatal symptoms that moms to be never expected to experience!

15 Getting A False Period

You are pregnant, you can't get your period. While that is very true, there is something known as a false period while you are pregnant. It can mimic your period, but it is not actually real menstruation. A false period can mean anything from implantation bleeding, ectopic pregnancy, or cervical irritation.

In the early days of your pregnancy, you may have spotting or light bleeding that might make you think your period is on the way. However, this false period is actually the fertilized egg implanting on the uterine wall. Some women have this mild bleeding, others do not.

If your false period seems to raise a red flag with you, get checked out. It could indicate an ectopic pregnancy, where the fertilized egg attaches to the Fallopian tube, it could mean cervical irritation, or be a threatened miscarriage.

14 Having Nightmares

So much for sleeping soundly. Not only does pregnancy make you exhausted, it may make your night time dreams more realistic or even like nightmares. Some pregnant women experience these odd prenatal symptoms of extraordinarily vivid dreams. Experts say that it is your hormones and all the fluctuating they do, that cause these colorful and amazingly intense dreams while you are pregnant.

We all dream. But how often do you remember what you dreamed? Chances are, only occasionally. However, if you are expecting a baby, you may find your ability to remember your dreams in serious detail one that will make people find you astounding! Your dreams may take you in the nightmare zone, unfortunately. You may find your nightmares too realistic, and even difficult to shake off in the morning.

13 Constant Bouts Of Sneezing

Achoo! Got yourself in a sneezing fit? If you aren't sick and its not just allergies, you may be pregnant! One prenatal symptom that moms never expect is sneezing and other nasal problems. The problem is swelling. It is not just your feet (and any other body parts) that can swell during pregnancy, but your nasal passages can swell inside, too!

Because of the swelling inside your nose, which is due to retaining water while you are pregnant, many moms to be do find themselves sneezing, blowing their nose, feeling itchy up there, and just overall nasal congestion. So if you are doing a lot of sneezing and that kind of stuff while you are expecting, it may not be because you are sick or from allergies, it may be because of baby! Usually it will go away once baby arrives.

12 Drooling Like A Baby

If you are pregnant, you may find that you have more saliva than normal. This is a prenatal symptom that most moms never expect, and one that may pop up before you even know you are expecting! Your body is changing to accommodate your growing baby, and no area is left uncovered! Even your salivary glands can be effected.

We are not saying you are going to be walking around drooling all over the place (although you may do so in your sleep more than normal)! But you may notice extra saliva. If you visit the dentist, they may pick up on it, too. This odd effect of pregnancy, drooling, does not typically last long. It shows up very early on, and should level out by the end of your first trimester.

11 Change In Breast Milk

If you get pregnant while still breastfeeding your little one, be aware that your breast milk may change somewhat. Though this does not happen to every pregnant mother who is breastfeeding, it can happen. One prenatal symptom that some moms never expect is for their breast milk to be effected when they get pregnant. This is something that is important to be aware of if pregnancy occurs and you are still feeding your baby or toddler breast milk.

Again we have pregnancy hormones to thank for causing changes in our breast milk. If you are not breastfeeding you may notice your milk (or colostrum) begin to come in. You may feel sore. If you are breastfeeding, you may actually notice a decrease in supply. The mature milk is making way for the colostrum for your newborn baby.

10 Feeling Like A Turn Table 

Feeling lightheaded can occur during pregnancy. Many women who are pregnant know that they may be a little off balance, but some women are not aware that one prenatal symptom that can happen is feeling dizzy. It is important to quickly sit down if you begin to feel dizzy or faint so you do not pass out or faint, which could cause you to not only hurt yourself but potentially your unborn baby.

This feeling of dizziness is typically more common during the first trimester. Again, you body is going through many changes to help your baby grow. One change that happens is with your blood pressure. Pregnancy can cause changes with your blood pressure, making it drop, thus making you feel dizzy.

9 Metallic Taste In Mouth

One prenatal symptom that many moms never see coming is having a taste in your mouth that makes you think you have a bunch of quarters or nickels in your mouth! This tasting metal in your mouth is an odd sensation for many moms to be. It does happen to some expecting moms, but not all. It may catch you off guard as you wonder why you have the taste of metal in your mouth.

This condition is known as dysegusia. Dysegusia is the term for a change in the sense of taste. During pregnancy, often in the first trimester, hormonal changes can account for dysegusia, and make pregnant women taste metal in their mouth. However, it often does not last, and can be counteracted by taking prenatal vitamins, rinsing with salt water, or eating citrus fruit.

8 Get Away From Me

Chances are, when people find out you are pregnant, they are going to gush all over you. A new baby is so exciting, and family and friends often enjoy sharing in that excitement. As the mom to be, you may also love the attention and affection you receive while expecting, but you may also be surprised at another feeling that may pop up.

One prenatal symptom that moms never expect is just wanting to be left alone. We have all heard about the hormone changes that can cause mood swings, some that are crazier and more extreme than any you have ever experienced before. It may surprise you to really have the desire to be left alone. You may want to shut out everyone- your partner, your mom, your best friend. Take a break from everyone if you need it, because once baby arrives, there is no break!

7 Heart Palpitations

Another prenatal symptom that many moms never expect is the feeling of your heart racing. We all know this feeling, but when it occurs while you are expecting a baby, it can be a bit scary. Heart palpitations are when it feels like your heart is beating too fast. It can also give you the sensation that your heart is fluttering or even skipping a beat. Not a feeling pregnant women want to have!

It is not necessarily abnormal to have heart palpitations while pregnant (though you should always see your doctor if you are concerned). When you are growing a baby inside of you, your blood flow increases. This can cause a pregnant woman's heart to beat as much as 25 percent faster than normal, which can cause heart palpitations.

6 Voice Changes

Have you noticed your voice changing ever since becoming pregnant? Well, it can happen! Those lovely hormone changes and fluctuations are again to thank for causing changes in our body while pregnant, including our vocal cords. Increases in body fluids, swelling, and/or decrease in lung capacity all take a blame for voice changes during pregnancy, as well.

Many pregnant women never expect their voice to change, so this is definitely a prenatal symptom many moms to be never see coming. During pregnancy, your voice may get deeper, raspier, or you may feel like you run out of breath before you can finish your sentence. If you are expecting, do not be very surprised if your voice starts to change, after baby is born it should go back to normal!

5 Constant Sleeplessness

Most of us are very aware that pregnancy can bring all kinds of sleep problems. But one sleep problem that catches many pregnant women off guard is insomnia. Insomnia is defined as habitual sleeplessness. The American Pregnancy Association reports that as many as 78 percent of pregnant women suffer from insomnia at some point.

Insomnia is the inability or difficulty falling asleep, staying asleep, or waking up not feeling refreshed. Hormone changes, body aches, anxiety, those crazy dreams, and more can all contribute to insomnia while pregnant. It is best to treat your bedroom as a sleep only zone, and make it as comfortable as possible. Body pillows designed for pregnant women often help. Relaxation techniques can work wonders, too. And, as always, speak with your doctor if you are really having trouble sleeping.

4 Bloody Nose

If you get a nose bleed while you are pregnant, it may not be cause for alarm. While a bloody nose may frighten some of us a bit, it is something that can be experienced during pregnancy. This is just another prenatal symptom that moms never expect.

You know your body is changing dramatically for your unborn baby. As we have learned, every inch of your body can experience changes. No area is left uncovered! Blood flow in pregnant women is increased. This causes blood vessels to expand, including in the nasal passages. Because of this, the increased blood supply can cause these blood vessels to rupture, causing nose bleeds. Therefore, nose bleeds may not be fun, but they are more common during pregnancy and nothing to typically be concerned about.

3 Sensitivity To Color

One prenatal symptom that moms never expect is not only changes in their vision, but sensitivity to colors! It is quite a phenomenon that pregnant women see these differently. Most of us are aware that hormone changes can cause our eyes to be dry or our vision to get blurry, but it can also make us see differently.

There have been studies done that show that pregnant women are more sensitive to certain colors or hues than their non pregnant counterparts. This shows us particularly in foods, such as bananas that are overripe. Many of us would find overripe bananas unappetizing, but a pregnant women may be much more sensitive to the sight of the overripe banana. It is beyond just food aversion. It is the way the expecting mother sees the color of the banana. Fascinating, and unexpected!

2 Feeling Itchy

Feeling itchy is a prenatal symptom that many moms never see coming. There are many prenatal symptoms out there, but feeling itchy is not one many expecting mamas think about. However, it does happen. When you are pregnant, your blood flow is increased, including to your skin. This can cause some pregnant women to feel some itching.

Not all itching is normal though. It should be mild, and not over consuming. If the itching is unbearable, it could signal a more serious condition. Extreme itching is a symptom of a liver condition called obstetric cholestasis, a build up of bile fluids in the skin. So get checked out if your itching goes from a little bit to a lot so you can get the treatment and relieve you need while you are pregnant.

1 A Bond Before You Even Feel A Kick

One lovely symptom of pregnancy that many moms do not expect is to feel connected to their baby almost immediately. You know you love your baby but some moms to be do not realize just how strong the bond with their baby can be until they experience it firsthand. It can be quite emotional, too.

When you first get pregnant, besides some prenatal symptoms, like the ones listed here, you may not even really feel like you are carrying a baby around in your belly. But you suddenly feel this deep connection. A bond like no other. While many of us know that we will feel this bond, it may come as a surprise to feel it so soon, before you even feel your little one giving their very first kick!

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