15 Privileged Kids With Big Bank Accounts


In thinking of the most common things that people worry about, money often tops the list. We fret about paying the bills, avoiding new bills, and saving for unexpected bills. Then, of course, when we have children the worry doubles. After all, it's fine for you to eat ramen noodles for every meal seven days a week because you're short on cash. Add a child to that equation and ramen noodles just don't cut it anymore.

If you're like most people then you understand the value of money. You know how far a dollar can go and how far it can't. Well, some people are void of this knowledge. Actually, not everyone really knows what a "drop in the bucket" truly means.

Take children who grew up wealthy; they have a completely different view on the world and on money itself. Today, we're going to dig a little deeper into the lives of children who grew up wealthy to figure out why they come across as such spoiled brats to most of us.

Here is a line-up of confessions from the richest and seemingly most spoiled brats that we know of. After reading this you might understand why these kids are the way they are. Enjoy!

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15 I Had Loads Of Money, But Hated My Life


A common misconception about rich kids is that they really love their life. Some people even think rich folks can basically buy whatever they want and can therefore, can buy happiness. Sadly, that's not the case at all. The saying, "money can't buy happiness" is indeed the truth according to one rich kid.

He explained that even though he had access to plenty of money, he still hated his life. Admittedly, his parents gave into whatever he wanted and tried to fill the void with new things every time he seemed bored. Each new thing only led to an increased level of boredom. It wasn't enough to have any material thing he could think of. He still felt like he was missing out on life and he hated that.

14 I Have No Clue What I Want In Life


Another rich kid had a different approach altogether. Rather than never being satisfied, she simply didn't know what she wanted in life. It was sort of the "too many choices" syndrome. Although she was intelligent and she could go to any university she wanted, she was at a standstill.

Not only did she not know what she wanted to do in life, but she didn't even really know how to pinpoint her own feelings to figure it out. Things had always been either handed to her or predetermined that she hadn't really made any of her own choices. Now, when she could choose what she wanted, she didn't even know how to do that. With no struggle to realize any goals, she didn't even know how to set them.

13 Feel Like I Can’t Be Myself


It's a shame that name brands and things like that can set us apart so very much. Especially when we're younger. One young man vented about how he doesn't ever feel like he can be himself. For instance, since his parents were wealthy they could afford to pay for college out of pocket.

Most of the friends that he made at college ended up taking out college loans or applying for financial aid. They even rented textbooks or sold them back to make money for the next semester's textbooks. When his friends would vent and complain about the hassle of it all, he just stayed quiet. Obviously, he couldn't say anything. But, more importantly, he didn't want to say anything for fear of being excluded from the group or made fun of.

12 I Still Can’t Wash My Own Clothes


There's always that one friend that seems to have missed out on the regular domestic duties of life. For most people, it's that their parents never taught them how to balance a checkbook or how to keep up with housework or even how to cook. Well, one rich kid confessed to having never been taught to wash her own clothes.

In fact, she didn't even know how a washing machine or a dryer worked. Washing your own clothes is sort of a basic function when living by yourself or on your own, but she made it work without the know-how. Every week or two (because she had plenty of clothes to last that long), she would drop off her clothes at her parents' house and have the maid wash them. If she didn't have time to do this, she simply went out and bought new clothes.

11 I Was Always Expected To “Treat” Others


In most circles of friends, there is a way of doing things that everyone agrees upon. Take eating out, for example. In going out with a group of five friends, either you each pay for yourself or you just split the bill evenly. Usually, most of your friends are in a similar financial place as you are, so this is a pretty fair way of doing things.

Rich kids apparently don't have it so simple or easy.

One young man confessed to always feeling obliged to pay for everyone else's meal when he went out with friends. It didn't matter if they could afford it or not. His family was loaded and everyone knew it, so they liked to take advantage of him. He said that it got to the point where he stopped going out with friends because it got to be too uncomfortable and he just felt used.

10 I Had No Clue How Most People Struggled


Like mentioned in the opening of this post, most people's primary worry is on how they're going to pay the bills. Maybe you're in this same boat. If so, welcome to the club. It's a huge club and most of us understand each other.

You might never have imagined that there are people who truly and honestly don't know what this struggle feels like.

One rich man said that when he was younger, he didn't know that other people struggled to get enough money. He thought that everyone lived like he did and really didn't have to worry about anything. His eyes were opened when he became close friends with another boy whose family wasn't as well off. The rich kid quickly learned what life was like using paper plates, sharing the family car, and waiting until payday to buy groceries.

9 My Parents Are Rich, But I’m In A Lot Of Debt


There is a fine line between tough love and being cruel. One rich child confessed that although her parents expected her to have the best of the best material items and attend the best university, they didn't help her get there. She was basically forced to go to the school where her parents wanted her too, but she had to pay for it.

With her parents having so much money, she didn't receive any financial aid. So, she's in loads of debt because of all the things she "had" to have according to her parents. Their goal was for her to make her own way. Rather than teaching her how to do it, they just sort of cut her off one day. She described it as a sink or swim situation. Now, she's not even sure this lifestyle is what she wants, because of how heavy her debt is.

8 I Always Felt Unloved


It should go without saying that material gifts don't equate to love, but not even some adults actually understand that this is true. Sadly, there are a notorious amount of wealthy parents who throw gifts and money in the direction of their kids, but never really offer them anything more than a wad of cash.

When you think about it, it's a cold way to grow up. One rich kid remembers how he felt about growing up this way. He said that although he had any toy or item he wanted that he never really felt close to his parents. He would make up things that he wanted just to talk to his dad. He looked spoiled rotten, but he was lonely and sad for most of his childhood.

7 Being Wealthy Makes It Hard To Date


During the dating game, we all put our best foot forward. Not that we try to be something we're not, but we like to display our best features, per se. You'd think if you were well off that you'd want to put that on display. According to one woman, that's not usually the best approach.

She was not prejudiced against either gender but did make the point of saying that she never told a man about her inheritance up front. In fact, she typically hid her family from any suitors for months on end. There were many dates that never even knew they were talking to an heiress. She found that learning of her wealth changed how they viewed her. She became an asset or a means to an end. Of course, those are two things that no one wants to be.

6 I Buy Cheap Clothes To Fit In


Maybe you had a friend who would rip out the tags of his clothes so no one knew that they weren't a name brand. Many of us have been friends with people like that. For some reason, they were embarrassed for not owning the cream of the crop.

Did you know this works the other way around, too?

One rich kid claimed to have specifically bought cheaper clothes just to feel normal around his friends. He could afford the best clothes, the more expensive shoes, and literally the best of everything. But, people shied away from him. So, he resorted to copying his friends' styles and shopping where they shopped.

5 I Have No Clue How To Handle Money


It often seems that people who don't have much money can make the almighty dollar stretch a lot farther than those who are up to their necks in 100 dollar bills. Although it seems backward, this phenomenon might have stemmed from necessity. If you know you don't have money coming in, you have to make what you do have last.

Kids who grow up rich often miss out this. And further still, they frequently miss out on budgeting lessons altogether.

One woman recalls the first time she actually had to make a decision about what to do with her own money. According to her, she had two panic attacks before figuring out what to do.

4 Most Days, I Feel Like An Orphan


There are those of us who do understand what being orphaned actually feels like. You feel alone and like you have no one who wants you or who you can depend on. It's one of the most debilitating feelings in the world. When you need someone to lean on, no one is there. Not only can this feeling mess with your self-worth, but it can also make you bitter.

Sadly, more than one rich kid has complained about feeling this way. One young man doesn't even remember his parents being present for his childhood at all. He remembers all the stuff they had and the household help, but not his parents. In fact, he went on to say that he regrets missing out on a normal, loving childhood. He claimed that he'd trade his riches for his parents' love in a heartbeat.

3 I Feel Guilty Because I Didn’t Work For This Inheritance


When we see people inherit loads of money, we usually feel a little jealous. It's only natural to daydream about what it would be like not to have to worry about your next paycheck or paying the daycare bill or even paying for college. So, it might seem a little odd to hear a rich kid say they feel guilty about not working for their inheritance. After all, not working for money is the epitome of an inheritance.

Nevertheless, that's exactly the stance one rich kid took when he received his inheritance.

Not only did he feel guilty, but he felt guilty enough to just stash it away and not even use it. He mentioned that he feels like this money is undeserved money because it was given so freely and with no conditions. Rather than feel overjoyed, he bathed in his own guilt.

2 I Feel Like No One Takes Me Seriously

Perhaps this particular headline flashed back images of a certain character named Elle Woods from "Legally Blonde." If you remember, no one took her seriously either. Of course, that was a movie and her life turned out pretty perfect, but not without some hiccups.

One rich man admits to feeling incredibly invalidated because of his wealthy status. You'd think that money would give you power, but that's not exactly how it worked in his case. When someone would discover who he was, they would immediately start referencing him as "so and so's son" rather than talking to him directly. He said to have felt like an avenue, a means to an end, or like a joke because no one thought he had any brains of his own.

1 Making Friends Is Hard And Keeping Them Is Harder

Making friends is hard enough as it is. Really, any age can be difficult. Status only adds to this difficulty. In looking for a friend, you want someone who will accept you for who you are and someone with whom you can share in the ups and downs of life. In short, you want somebody you can trust and who is loyal.

More than one rich kid has spoken out about how difficult it is to make friends as well as keep them.

One woman remembers that not a lot of her friendships made it very long because her friends would eventually want something from her in exchange for her friendship. It turned out, at least in her experience, that it's hard to filter out the superficial friends from the real ones.

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